Game of Thrones 8x02 Breakdown! Jenny of Oldstones SONG EXPLAINED!

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Game of Thrones 8x02, "A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms," gets a full scene-by-scene breakdown by Erik Voss, who analyzes the hidden meaning of the music, dialogue, and visual details! How much does Bran know about the future? Where is the Night King, and is he setting a trap for Jon and Bran with a giant misdirect? Will Dany try to kill Jon now that she sees him as a threat to her claim to the Iron Throne? Who is the Jenny of Oldstones character from George R R Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire books, why is Podrick's song about her significant, and how is it a secret homage to The Lord of the Rings? Why are the crypts of Winterfell actually the least safe part of the castle? And what is the hidden meaning of the title "A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms"?
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Nathaniel Bass
Nathaniel Bass 5 天 前
In the Night King’s transformation, scene does anyone else think he looks exactly like Putin in the close-up?
Eclectic Cerebro
Is it a fact that the song is a mirror of the Lord of the Rings song because, the melodies are pretty different...
Axel Foley
Axel Foley 14 天 前
There can be only one...May it be, Ser Duncan McTall
Christopher Smith
The knighting of Brien isnt informal. It is official
Shaun Wright
Shaun Wright 19 天 前
Brans the one that's going to turn on them all
baby girl
baby girl 20 天 前
Lannister is in 💘
Mohzart 21 天 前
Not really sure why you keep making fun of Bran because of his personality. I'm sure once you've seen Every single memory ever existed you'd be indifferent to your feelings too, and very desensitised to what's happening to others.
Love is love, love, love is love, love.
Sofia Kanelopoulou
Romance with a eunuch, it s not going to work
Harsh Thanvi
Harsh Thanvi 21 天 前
15:00 from where did you got that clip???? That clip belongs to Episode 3 @newrockstars
pao Canieso
pao Canieso 22 天 前
"A tree on wheels " 🤣
TheSlimeFactory 22 天 前
I enjoy the taste of my own semen
mattkeflowers 22 天 前
Some might say that the scars remind us... that the past is real. I'll see myself out
Finch359 22 天 前
Great job!
Prayon Kreutz
Prayon Kreutz 22 天 前
The Night King (Control) wants the 3 eyed raven data(sphere)...the dragons should just open a worm hole so they can travel 900 years in the future! See...its a Medeval Targaryen Discovery
Kaname 22 天 前
not braime not braime not braime not braime not braime
mike cal
mike cal 22 天 前
Bran didn't tell everyone there is no "after," he only told Jaime. That is also why Bran helped Jaime get spared by Dany's court. Bran knows Jaime will die fighting the army of the dead.
SirGeeeO 22 天 前
Bran said multiple times that he can see what's happened and what is currently happening. Unless he's lying and has a secret agenda, he cannot see the future
Sena Clarke
Sena Clarke 22 天 前
Will M
Will M 22 天 前
Mao Zedongs four olds are not comparable to the death of memory spike of by Sam, the four olds relate to reactionary values and ideas that are harmful for humanity, not history as a whole
the_HoWeY_ channel
Was I the only one who finished off tyrions sentence with Jamie.
Shaun W.
Shaun W. 22 天 前
Ignoring the potential hint that Cersei and Jamie are Targaryans(Mad king potentially had sex with their mom) making Jamie a direct descendent of Egg(Aegon Targaryan) and Brianne an official descendent of Dunk(Sir Dunken the Tall)
Jonathan Stern
Jonathan Stern 22 天 前
Jamie, Tormond, Davos, Melisandre, Jora, Theon, Grey Worm, Mesande, Berrik (sp?), Varys, One of the Dragons, not quite Jon (though he'll be mortally wounded), and sort of Brann (worgs into an unkindness of ravens as the Night King kills his body)... maybe Podric. 90% of the unnamed characters.
Tarek Cherif
Tarek Cherif 22 天 前
bran will die and the long night will start
OldskoolNP 22 天 前
I don't think Thormund was drinking milk from that horn? Plus, how are the dead Starks in de crypt gonna break out of their tombes if they would get resurrected? When they brought a wight to King's Landing it couldn't even break out of a wooden chest...?
Mrs Willy B's Organics
Jenny's song sounds like time in a bottle
SpeciousDennis 22 天 前
Bran cant see the future, only the past and present
SpeciousDennis 22 天 前
as far as i know
DnkVendetta _3
DnkVendetta _3 22 天 前
Pet Sematary: We just killed and resurrected nearly all our main characters Night King: Hold my beer
Nel Leo
Nel Leo 22 天 前
I m really nervous just thinking about this episode 3. I absolutely sure things won’t play out as planned and it’s truly going to be freaky.
Noah Hastings
Noah Hastings 22 天 前
Grey Worm and Missandei are doomed even if they survive the battle. Naath is home to a particular species of butterfly that poisons and kills anybody that isn't a native after a few hours. That is why Naath hasnt been conquered. The slavers figured them out and only raid at night, when the butterflies are asleep.
Pieces2thePuzzle 22 天 前
Nice vid. A bit long, but great overall analysis.
Bolt in a bottle
Bolt in a bottle 23 天 前
Nobody missed the Shireen detail.
Bamsie 23 天 前
Which one of the knights is most likely to die? Whomever we like the most, more than likely.
SiJunior Live
SiJunior Live 23 天 前
People who dislike videos like these are really just looking for attention
Jason S
Jason S 23 天 前
Why don't everybody just give back each other swords.... everybody's got everybody sword.. Jaime Lannister's has the Stark swords... Jon Snow has Jorah Mormont sword.... Jorah Mormont's has Sam Tarly family sword... Arya has the dagger that used to belong Tyrion
The Man From Volantis
Also, if the Night King wants Bran and always knows where Bran is then.... A) Why did he go to Last Hearth? It's not really on the way. There is a considerable detour involved. B) Why don't they send Bran to Kings Landing? Then the army of the dead would march further south too. Hopefully taking out Cersei's army on the way.
Rich Broderick
Rich Broderick 23 天 前
@OP There are spells that keep the evil spirits of winterfell in the crypts. Also, every male tomb has a sword on it, ready to defend the crypts. Something big is going to happen down there.
Jason Epps
Jason Epps 23 天 前
Ghost is a puppy
A.R. Partie
A.R. Partie 23 天 前
FYI, Netflix blocks VPN’s. You can’t stream anything while it’s running.
Selina Mills
Selina Mills 23 天 前
Not only is the crypt full of dead, but they are also armed with swords.
KiddsockTV 23 天 前
It is also at Night
Lana Avery
Lana Avery 23 天 前
I know this is not relevant but you are so hot
KrwawaMery11 23 天 前
Am I the only one who remembers that Melisandre has forseen in the dire the "great victory in the snow by Winterfell" ? It clearly wasn't about Stannis against Boltons...
Valentina Manukian
Wasn't that quite the episode where Brienne actually first ever smiled?!
What's to stop the corpses from rising in the crypts? Isn't that what the iron swords placed atop them are for?
Frøken Glattbarbert Stillas-sikkerhetsinspektør
The dorian mode used in Pippin's song sets a much better tone
Sexual Chocolate Robbie
Three eyed buzzkill.
Amanda Brown
Amanda Brown 23 天 前
when it turns out podrick is rhaegar targaryen
UglyhoodRAT 23 天 前
i hope the books story does not end up like this. this atrocity bad writing.
Yajna007 23 天 前
27:16 Dany's claim would be lesser than that of Jon even in the case of gender-neutral rules too. Infact, Jon's claim is better than that of Daenerys' elder brother Viserys {the Beggar King} as well. Jon is the child of _Crown Prince_ (Rhaegar Targ) while Dany & Viserys are only siblings of that Crown Prince [albeit Viserys and Dany are off springs of the then incumbent King who is also the father of that _Crown Prince_ Rhaegar]. The King's grandchild will have higher claim to the throne than the King's own children,, provided that this grandchild happens to be born of the Crown Prince and not any simple\normal Prince or Princess. Viserys is a normal Prince; Dany is a normal Princess. But,,, Rhaegar was the very Crown_prince of the realm. I hope you can understand what it is exactly that I am trying to convey.
Yajna007 23 天 前
Viserys' claim is lesser than that of Jon. Dany's claim is lesser than that of Viserys himself. Thus, Dany's claim is much lower than Jon's claim.
Yajna007 23 天 前
25:50 So I am not the _only person_ to have noticed, that, the starting of Podrick Payne's song sounded a lot like Peregrin Took's song which he sang to the Steward of Gondor i.e. Denethor during Faramir's futile charge towards Osgiliath.
Calvin Barrett
Calvin Barrett 23 天 前
I keep thinking wouldn't it be cool if the white walkers actually won?
Ivo Zanette
Ivo Zanette 23 天 前
Wow Night King going after King's Landing and Citadel wirh Viserion, never thought about that, but it could happen.
Jeongmin Hyeong
Jeongmin Hyeong 23 天 前
yeah i totally got that LOTR song vibe as soon as i heard it
RYXZ 23 天 前
A Tree on Wheels... Such honor :D
Yuval Mei-Dan
Yuval Mei-Dan 23 天 前
Where the hell did Ghost appear from after so long?
ChaoticGood 23 天 前
Dany saying “the dead are already here” in the trailer scares me omg. Like it would be too obvious to mean to wight army. Like we all know the dead have arrived and the characters already know that. Please don’t kill Gilly, Sam and Sansa 😭
MrVhatever 23 天 前
I talk with my mouth WIIIIIDE OPEN.
GAME4WAR 23 天 前
Notice that a Kingslayer knighted another Kingslayer That was symbolic to far society has fallen in Westeros since soo many have died leaving the worst of the worst Kingslayers to protect the people.
Will Hodor make a return? You know, since the Night King WAS there when he died.
Hemang Halvadia
Hemang Halvadia 23 天 前
Brianne is dead for sure.
Connor Lambert
Connor Lambert 23 天 前
I have Amazon prime and the first couple hours of the release I swear to God the title of the episode said "game of thrones 69"
Syd Niad-Stearns
Syd Niad-Stearns 23 天 前
is Arya running from a reincarnated Ned Stark in the trailer?
Major Mayhem
Major Mayhem 23 天 前
Ned Stark got no head
jim ewok
jim ewok 23 天 前
why do you call brienne's knighthood "informal"?
John Schneider
John Schneider 23 天 前
Not a fan of the blue background. The GOT clips are so dark that it has to be adjusted to a brighter screen and then boom, the blue background comes after and it is extremely bright. Not ideal to watch before bed
AvenjaNinja 23 天 前
Shireen: I smell like beeeeeef
CoinOpTV 24 天 前
zombies in the crypt - that's gonna mess with everyone's betting pool!
Jordan Côté
Jordan Côté 24 天 前
only death can pay for life. Melisandre's magic is like Mirri Maz dur's. If Shireen did not burn, Aegon Targaryen would not be resurected
Daði 24 天 前
I love these videos but I wish you wouldnt reference trailers and next episode previews since alot of people including me dont like to watch those. Thanks
Stella R
Stella R 24 天 前
Really wanted Bronn to be with Jamie...it would have have been great to see Jamie..Tyrion..Podrick and Bronn reunion...it would be good to hear what Bronn has to say while fighting alongside the unsullied...
Textfield 24 天 前
Can they ressurect the crypts tho? I thought only if they are killed by the nightwalkers that they get ressurected? No?
VagrantSoulZ 24 天 前
What if Jenny was really Melisandre.
Torgo3000 24 天 前
Scene blocking and rack focus are "missable details"? I thought that was just, um, filmmaking.
I can't believe it's not Bleach
What if they defeat the night King, but take extremely heavy losses and then the left over characters from the battle have to face cersei and the golden company. Probably won't happen but that's my theory.
YouWhat? 24 天 前
I’m getting increasing anxiety as episode 3 gets closer. Who will survive and who won’t?
Martin Battilana
Martin Battilana 24 天 前
Bran does not predict the future. He has never predicted the future. He sees what is happening now, and what has happened in the past. More like Beljoxa's Eye than anything else.
young20something 24 天 前
THANK YOU! I spent ten minutes of this episode shouting "What about the corpses in the crypts!?"
Sammy Ariel
Sammy Ariel 24 天 前
I live in the UK & Netflix has banned the use of VPN's, believe me I have tried them all. As soon as you try & to route your location through something Netflix stops working & a message pops up preventing you from continuing to watch. Tbh I assumed it was a worldwide Netflix restriction but now I kinda feel like us British are the only ones stuck with a smaller library.
David Singh
David Singh 24 天 前
A tree....On wheels...made of...trees?
Mike Hofer
Mike Hofer 24 天 前
i thought all the Starks are cremated?
JahJahTrooper 24 天 前
Everyone that got something in this episode will die in the battle.
MansterBear 24 天 前
Brienne just staring as Jaime's crotch the whole time lol
Menace Boy
Menace Boy 24 天 前
Jenny of old stones knight of the Seven kingdoms
Gustavo Nicolas Kraayenbrink
maybe the spiral form drawn by the white walkers with ned umber´s body shows their battle tactics. its how they get to their objective, the umber boy for example. this theory is supported by how the umbers castle surroundings looked like in the second episode opening screen, and how the wights surrounded jon snow(aegon targaryen), and the other folks when they went beyond the wall to get one wight. another clue is the construction of pits all aorund winterfell, compared to the battle board where the walkers are placed in a straight line...what do you think?
Serpher 24 天 前
"A Tree, on wheels..." I lost it xD
celt4 life
celt4 life 24 天 前
The 3 eyed raven was a previous apprentice before waiting for Bran to be his apprentice.
Nikki Dolce
Nikki Dolce 24 天 前
How come no one thought to have Melissandre make a shadow baby to assassinate the night king?
Gray Fullbuster
Gray Fullbuster 24 天 前
A tree. On wheels
bettermedal 5711
bettermedal 5711 24 天 前
Jamie: need a push Bran: no but i could use a hand
mysterkleppka 24 天 前
So to sum up, Bran is: a tree on wheels, a wet blanket, Three-eyed buzzkill, Three-eyed Plant. Love your work! :D
Michelle De Conceicao
But aren’t the dead people in the crypts buried under stone
julian t
julian t 24 天 前
Wodinn 24 天 前
good play on them for having jaime fight for Breanne. bring the two pieces of ice back together for one last fight against winter.
Brandon Thorpe
Brandon Thorpe 24 天 前
The hound is just a really violent hippy, it seems like. Of course he hates "titles"
Luigi Fan998
Luigi Fan998 24 天 前
Phasma will always be a TOTAL BADASS to me!
Liv Sdw
Liv Sdw 24 天 前
When sam talks about the memory of the world and what death means we can see danny's shoulder out of focus probably because he 's also thinking about his father and his brother
SwaggerSoulS 24 天 前
Jenney's is probably a reference to Jon's parents the way the targaryen snuck around and married the stark and starks built the wall and may be descendants of the children
Annie1962 24 天 前
my question is.. will Tyrion get to finish his joke? honeycomb and jackass .............
PapaPius61 24 天 前
from what movie is that picture at 23:12?
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