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Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3 Trailer, The Battle of Winterfell, Jon Snow, Daenerys, Night King Theory, Bran Stark and Character Predictions ► bit.ly/AwesomeSubscribe
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Emergency Awesome 2017 Hype Trailer ► bit.ly/2iD2GVL
Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3 is the big battle of Winterfell with Jon Snow planning to end the Night King and White Walkers with Bran's help. I added notes for which characters I think are wearing the thickest plot armor.
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Emergency Awesome
Here's my *Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3* Trailer video. The Battle of Winterfell. Press "F" for your favorite characters. I'll do a new Q&A video Wednesday, because I'm allowed to post my Non-Spoilery Avengers Endgame Review Tuesday! It's going to be an amazing week.
Legboo 21 天 前
I hate to think that Tyrion will betray them, but you know GOT.....they will do what you don't want them to do.
Gi Lee
Gi Lee 22 天 前
+Aby agreed!!! I want tormund to die too lol! Btw could u check and give a little feedback on my recent game of thrones episode 2 easter eggs video Thanks
B's MadMoney
B's MadMoney 11 小时 前
The theme "Winter is Coming" , was misinterpreted. "Night King is Coming"!!!
Paw Zyl
Paw Zyl 11 天 前
This season is so Lame ;/
TarTar Sauce
TarTar Sauce 12 天 前
This is the worst night battle strategy that ever done on tv history.
Lion Heart
Lion Heart 12 天 前
I thought the episode was exciting despite some very cheesy writing which is pitiful looking at how much money this series has generated. It is most obvious that they are trying very hard to rap shit up! I find it totally unbelievable that Dany the usurper survives without a scratch! She has never fallen or been hit by any arrow ever, only her dragons. The seen where Raegal dies he's hit three times in a row and not one hit Drogon, Even as she dive bombed them not one bolt was fired until Euron did which sailed just passed her head and she turned and halled ass with bolts following. She's even seen using a sword along side Jorah. She's never had to fight anyone head on but, she survives. What makes it worst is the actor they chose, Emilia Clarke falls short of what is portrayed as a Targaryen woman in the world of ice and fire.
GARLAND XX3 16 天 前
Excellent episode.
John Dyer
John Dyer 17 天 前
This analysis video is hilarious off of what happened. So funny
Michelle Schobert
I love your reviews and predictions better than anyone else on you tube
Timothy Coleman
Timothy Coleman 18 天 前
Well, you were close but WAY OFF at the same time. Lol. None of us seen this coming...it was AMAZING
Big Boi Slum
Big Boi Slum 19 天 前
Hi I’m from the future, this episode is pure garbage
John Dyer
John Dyer 17 天 前
Big Boi Slum if you think episode 3 was “garbage” you are an idiot and should stop talking. Obviously you have no comprehension of how to tell a great compelling story while making it believable
Brandon Duff
Brandon Duff 19 天 前
Is it strange that they didn’t show Lord Royce a single time in Episode 3?? Additionally, what are the chances Lady Grayjoy brings the Second Suns over for reinforcements against Cersei in final battle??
JenniJB 20 天 前
“The little bear is probably safe”.... lol
Bojan Simonovic
Bojan Simonovic 20 天 前
I can say that we can all agree that Brian had the beast seat in this show :D
Omg thank god they didn’t make the love triangle with Arya.
John Veloso
John Veloso 20 天 前
Night King is scared of Jon Snow.
Vigi Reiff
Vigi Reiff 21 天 前
Maybe dynarys will kill snow ..whether by accident due to the white out by the Nightwalker's...
Joel Smith
Joel Smith 21 天 前
Arya and brienne are my favorite characters, if you wouldve told me id say this three seasons ago id laugh.
Paul McGinn
Paul McGinn 21 天 前
Get killed by the least likely character..... I see that isn't suggested for the night king
pedro ochoa
pedro ochoa 21 天 前
am i the only one thinking that was super dark i couldn't see anything, and to be honest i have seen better battles, apart from that was cool
niteshmurti 21 天 前
Do you think Bronn will kill Jaime or Tyrion?
iwannabefrag 21 天 前
anyone? any link :V im poor
Alish poorf
Alish poorf 21 天 前
This episode had two weaknesses: 1_ More brightness 2_ Must be more of the main characters killed (Jaime Lannister, Samwell Tarly, Podrick Payne)
MrGrifft 19 天 前
Pod has to claim the iron throne, he's going to duel Euron for Cersei with his magic cock.
Jundi Shalahuddin
Me after watching episode 3: laughing at your content. Hahaa
eduardomperez92 21 天 前
Safe in the crypts my ass
hope bchande
hope bchande 21 天 前
Game of thrones it's a series I like
Jim Chacona
Jim Chacona 21 天 前
Great overviews
Max Tib
Max Tib 21 天 前
If one thing was consistent throughout the show, it's your predictions being off :D
Meño 21 天 前
it was terrible
Firestorm 308
Firestorm 308 21 天 前
personally, i think drogon would die before any of the other dragons... but im just hoping they all die
Sentry service Service
Gotta take it on the other side
Jacqui Adam
Jacqui Adam 21 天 前
Значит наши ютуберы перевели все что ты сделал , блять , это ведь такой труд , и тут у тебя все забирают , я бы кинул страйк !!!
Michaell Stone
Michaell Stone 21 天 前
This bitch has not inside info jcust a bitch
Serena Sanchez
Serena Sanchez 21 天 前
Spoilers Theon Jorah lyanna mormont melisandre edd and beric all die along with most of the unsullied and dothraki die then will arya kill nk then the wights die along with all the the other wigth walkers
NonEstDeus 87
NonEstDeus 87 22 天 前
OMFG........just watched ep 3...................................shocked......................................i can't wait to watch your video about it!!!!!!!!
Dakota Freeman
Dakota Freeman 22 天 前
That was an amazing review although I don't think little bear will make it
Joe Duis
Joe Duis 22 天 前
Ok rumor has it there is more than the 3 dragons winterfells dragons are supposed to be in the crypt? And y did they not show Danni and drogos baby. What if they pop that baby and he rides winters dragons? According to the history on dragons that I watch not too long ago there still a dragon that's missing and knowing that the dragon that is dead under the red keep live to be over 200 years old so put two and two together on this one that's my theory there is a reason why I say Winters dragons because the dragon's fire always mimics the colors of the Dragon look it up in the history of the Dragon I know I did
Eli G
Eli G 22 天 前
Bran doesn't think anything. He's a tree who sees things. He has no character anynore
Toxic Pixie
Toxic Pixie 22 天 前
J.Bjelan 22 天 前
This preview is showing the last 5 minutes of the episode 3. The majority of ep 3 will foreshadow westeros and Kings Landing
HOCKEYBEAST 445 22 天 前
wait but wern't the dead people in the crypt given a proper burial so they wouldn't turn
jon snow
jon snow 22 天 前
Is this a channel for the blind? I can see the trailer for myself. Or maybe this just a channel for idiots.
SynCrowBRE 22 天 前
I don’t think the Night King is going to bother with Winterfell. I think he’s going to attack somewhere like the Iron Islands or maybe all the way up to King’s Landing. I think he’s going to go where there’s no dragons to oppose him
mata tahtu
mata tahtu 22 天 前
melisandrei will not come at this battle
havsvajajaja yeahy
Everybody knows that Hodor Will kill bran. Or bran Will take over nightking brain and burn all the white Walkers with the dragon.
Famous Danish
Famous Danish 22 天 前
Melisandre will show up with the second sons all armed with valerian steel , which she discovers in valantas.
Japan Patel
Japan Patel 22 天 前
4 hrs and 27 mins to go ... can’t wait 😅
Happy Joker
Happy Joker 22 天 前
How long is going to be this episode?
Der Barbar
Der Barbar 22 天 前
Some of the theories here sound like good old Vince Russo WCW booking ;-)...
Alltime productions
Can’t wait to see the night king in battle
Omar_ Jnr
Omar_ Jnr 22 天 前
He'll be going to the citadel
Jason Gabbard
Jason Gabbard 22 天 前
Sansa comment about being heroic likely refers to admitting that they're going to lose and retreating
Bryan Phipps
Bryan Phipps 22 天 前
Will Brohn be there ?
Brian Ventura
Brian Ventura 22 天 前
I feel like this would be too perfect to happen, but what if, after all is said and done there are 7 remaining main characters that embody the new gods? Mother = Dany Father = Jon or maybe Davos b/c I think Jon will die Smith = Gendry Stranger = Arya Warrior = Hound Crone = ??? Maiden = ??? (there aren't any maidens left besides Brienne, are there? LOL)
Anthony_T78 22 天 前
Calling it now, the Night King will make Cersei the Night Queen.
James Willock
James Willock 22 天 前
I just noticed that the White walkers are carrying spears like one that to down Visarion.
Stephen Czawiak
Stephen Czawiak 22 天 前
The little girl asking the Onion Knight for soup looks a lot like Stannis' daughter. Could this be Mellisandre using her shape shifting abilities to gain access to the crypts and pull at the heartstrings of Sir Davos?
iamplay 22 天 前
stannis saves winterfell with the 20000 mercs cerse8 kindly braught over sea for him the iron bank had decided to support stannis remember that and now the lanister dont owe them nothing its been paid off and we never saw stannis die we seen brien trust but thats all we seen thats the big plot twist,and thats why the red woman went west remember stannis is a master strategist,and brien doesnt strike me has someone who would kill a wounded man thats my prediction
Victoria Pitao
Victoria Pitao 22 天 前
a breath taking episode.. 😨😱
Chris N
Chris N 22 天 前
Melisandre needs to redeem herself for her horrible past deeds and I believe this battle will be her time to do that (and potentially die while saving the remaining people). As you say, I think the Night King is off to bigger and better things (Kings Landing?) and potentially with a large part of his army. What a better way to distract these armies in the North while going for more target rich areas.
Spanishjazz 1
Spanishjazz 1 22 天 前
I am so excited about to start getting ready for tonight's specials
declan gibo
declan gibo 22 天 前
o my god the red woman gets killed by arya she will closeher eyes for ever , come on people
declan gibo
declan gibo 22 天 前
jesus nk does not have to do shit he has all the dead in there home or under it to fight from the insdie
Camps907 22 天 前
So exited !!
Brian Velazquez
Brian Velazquez 22 天 前
Bruno Kerhoni
Bruno Kerhoni 22 天 前
Arise, Brienne of Tarth, a Knight of seven Kingdoms. Gived me chills! Hope She and Podric survive a battle, they are awsome characters in GoT
Man I'm so hyped for this battle
Ali W
Ali W 22 天 前
I have a feeling that Greyworm, Theon and Brienne will die but praying Jamie will survive it!! Expecting a dragon battle in there...with possibly the Night King on it...but I also have a feeling that he will somehow make it to Kings Landing...although I'm so hoping that this is the end of the Night King and White Walkers! Not expecting M to turn up just yet!
Crystal Lees
Crystal Lees 22 天 前
I too am so excited for tonight’s episode! When I watched the Battle of the Bastards, I was awed by the scene and I can’t wait until tonight’s episode! So many thoughts about who dies and lives, long live Winterfell!
Junito Lopez
Junito Lopez 22 天 前
Guys don't underestimate Sansa, she learned plenty from Cersi. At the end, she might betray everyone. She enjoys power, and wants separation from the realm****
Manoj Sandoori
Manoj Sandoori 22 天 前
I am expecting major character deaths though in episode 3 itself !
Richard Rodriguez
While battle is going on in Winterfell, Night King goes to Kingslanding.
Total Kaoss
Total Kaoss 22 天 前
Everybody that was sitting in front of fireplace in episode 2 dies
Sƿĕcial Onĕ
Sƿĕcial Onĕ 22 天 前
I wonder if nissa nisda procphecy would be real
Isaiah Short
Isaiah Short 22 天 前
Bran and Sansa and a couple others will flee Winterfell and travel to King's Landing. Maybe Arya and the Hound. I'm calling it.
S M 22 天 前
From first season E1 night king showed to all what he wants . Only a tree . Tree of gods , winterfel . Brain don’t have any plan for night king . He wants defend tree . Becuse night king wants to take tree . He don’t follow Brain to kill . I belive nightking don’t wants to kill all of ppl . Only a tree is he’s reason . Brain is a real enamy , no nightking .
Candice Webster
Candice Webster 22 天 前
They will come before dawn.... That doesn't mean dawn will ever come. They bring the long night.
khushboo gulati
khushboo gulati 22 天 前
Bro. You can clearly see the trail of night kings army. And get the size of it. Also. In the crypt shot. You see a person with a dire wolf. That should be enough to make a guess on where they are in the crypt.
Expose the Democrats
Sadly, I would not be surprised if Gendry dies. This is why the ... scene had to happen last season.
Debbie Burton
Debbie Burton 22 天 前
I'm already view nervous about this ..i I'll think your right that only drogon survives... That why in the preview trailer Jon is on the ground and Danny on dragon.. I'll be gutted if ghost dies to
Ryan Holliday
Ryan Holliday 22 天 前
I say knight king flies down to the Citadel and burns it to the ground, erasing the written history and creating whites to start heading north while growing in numbers. Then the living gets slammed on both ends or cut off if they retreat south.
Zachary Graham
Zachary Graham 22 天 前
I'm expecting something similar to happen in these last few episodes that happened in Lord of Rings 3, when something unexpected happens that saves the good guys' asses
meh Kulio
meh Kulio 22 天 前
Edd dies ;_; Lord Royce dies, so that Sansa has absolute control over Vale as in the books. Pod dies, Brienne cries. Beric dies. Hound sad. Wounded Gendry is killed by Arya, because Martin Wrote her as Azor Ahai. Faceless men knew this. As does Bran. Humans defeat zombies Jon dany burn bodies Cersei troops arrive, shoot dragon, they were lurking and have joined the chat now Jon dany retreat Golden company fully surrounds winterfell, our heroes are fucked It looks hopeless Bran smiles NIGHT KING Is here bitches SURPRISE MOTHERFUCKERS Night king rapes entire cersei army it was beautiful sansa Bran tells them we need to leave Everyone runs away Dumb cunt Lyanna and House Mormont hold the gate Gates fall Jorah makes a last stand, HERE WE STAND, Lyanna cries and runs off like the bitch she is NK Has taken Winterfell.
Charles Rayburne
Charles Rayburne 22 天 前
Bran will have theon peirce his heart with dragonglass so Bran can worg the army of the dead for the living which snows army will rival the queen and the queen will go mad and be killed. So Brann, Tyrion and Jon will be the 3 dragonriders
CHECKOUT MY Game Of Thrones Season 8's Episode 2's Easter Eggs and Ep 3 Predictions based on famous youtubers Theories narrowed down into only 5 main Points!!! Im a NEW CNvidR and I would appreciate your thoughts on the theories I narrowed down! I hope you guys give me the opportunity to check out my work and give me feedback;D Thank you EmergencyAwesome People lol ;D
Margaux Callaghan
I want HBO go !!
FlaviusJulius 23 天 前
brooke 143
brooke 143 23 天 前
If we can’t have direwolves or elephants please give us an ice spider.
shooglechic 23 天 前
Nigh King** isn't there, only half his legion is already at the North. I feel the main place NK wants to destroy is Kings Landing as it is the point of reign for Westeros. Visyerion might get injured from the Scorpion, which would allow Dany and Jon to rip apart. NK will show up flanking north and south Winterfell. Dead will rise upon NK return and those safe in the crypts will no longer be safe untill all that remain escape to the wiewoods in which will be the last stand.
Allio04 The Golden Network
Well done amazing
TokyoBlue 23 天 前
I REALLY don't want to see Ghost die, we've already seen enough direwolves die (still sad about Summer)
TokyoBlue 23 天 前
I do think Melisandre will show up this season but not at The Winterfell battle. She will probably bring red priests/priestesses to do some magic against White Walkers
Gian Vergara
Gian Vergara 21 天 前
didnt age well
Mr Velic
Mr Velic 23 天 前
Wow that white walker with long hair missed the Leg day for the past 20 years
Der Barbar
Der Barbar 22 天 前
Good old "leg day" jokes ;-)...
Cami 23 天 前
Most theories are cool but there's obviously not enough episodes for that. It will end in Winterfell but next episode the Night King won't appear, at least until the very end.
R Coleman
R Coleman 23 天 前
Hound bran and Sansa will survive, my opinion
Jade Howard
Jade Howard 23 天 前
Hi, you mentioned a video about the crypts of winter fell you made and I can’t find it. Is it possible to tell me which video it is. Thank you!
John Doe
John Doe 23 天 前
Arya, running through the crypts, is holding half of her spear....
Noemi Lopez
Noemi Lopez 23 天 前
Maybe eelephants ARE the answer
Sydni Taylor
Sydni Taylor 23 天 前
My death predictions for the next episode: Jorah, Varys, Grey Worm, Missandei, Podrick, Tormund, Ghost, Rhaegal, Davos, Dolorous Ed, Theon, and Bran. I want to add that I think it's stupid that they are willing to fight the dead on the battle field I think it's best if everyone fought them from higher ground because it would buy them more time and when you don't have the numbers to defeat your opponents on your own it's definitely best to do it from higher ground. It's smart that they have catapults and trebuchets and archers from within the castle but I wish the dothraki could've built like 10 foot benches to stand on and to shoot arrows from higher up. I bet more than have of Jon and Daenerys forces and the Vale will get slaughtered in this first battle.
the lukeinator
the lukeinator 23 天 前
cant wait to see what happens i think the stark kings will be resurected as well as the dragon
Sydni Taylor
Sydni Taylor 23 天 前
It would've been awesome if they had wildfire. It's a shame that most of Westeros is not even participating in the great war 5 Kingdoms aren't participating (Dorne, Westerlands, Crownlands, Stormlands, and the Iron Islands). All the armies in the 7 Kingdoms needed to be united to fight the army of the dead.
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