Game of Thrones | Season 8 | Official Trailer (HBO)

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The trailer is here.
The Final Season begins April 14 on HBO.




2019年03月 5日






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princessgrimes 6 小时 前
I enjoyed the first 3 episodes so much! The others were slow as hell. I think every outcome that everybody wanted, if it had happened everyone will still complain about something, it’s what people do when a TV show is ending just because they don’t want it to end. I watch a lot of TV shows and a lot of them have ended and every reaction to the end of these shows is the exact same as GOT even tho the endings were pretty decent.
athebadplus gaming
athebadplus gaming 8 小时 前
this season could have been great. All it needed was 10 episodes.
Danny Mangen
Danny Mangen 12 小时 前
Season 8 was terrible. They could have done so much better. Wasted 2 episodes. Killed the nk in such a boring way and destroyed so many good characters. It was the disappointment of the year and of the entire serie.
Val Cook
Val Cook 16 小时 前
This trailer was epic when it came out now looking at it i feel realy sad.
Ashly McGarity
Ashly McGarity 18 小时 前
anybody else come back here and keep getting upset how the trailer was so much better than the last season :(
m ax
m ax 22 小时 前
This trailer is a masterpiece, yeah, it was able to hide what would become the biggest disappointment of the decade and make us think it was going to be good
El F
El F 23 小时 前
not quite Hawk the Slayer
waquar abid
waquar abid 天 前
1) why was sansa so cold n judgemental w.r.t daenerys from the moment she saw her. Was it right on her part considering the fact that she herself faced so many things in life. 2) sansa tried to manipulate jon snow w.r.t daenerys and Jon almost fulfils sansa's desires in the end. 3) The actions of daenerys in the finale is not true to her character. After all she is the breaker of chains. A lady who has the conviction to sit in the fire, who is so certain about her Destiny n greatness can simply not go about burning innocents' by the thousands'. She never can.. 4) Jon snow being one of the most honourable characters' cannot simply stab the lady he loves, the queen whom he has sworn his loyalty to.. 5) Did daenerys have such a negative streak or such an unstable mind? We all know she lost her dragons n her close aide, but we must not forget she has seen worse. 6) why did her guards leave her alone when she ventured near the iron throne ? Where were the unskilled? 7) Tyrion the imp, though fully knew what daenerys was capable of, has varys executed, then why did he not think twice before suggesting Jon to kill daenerys 8) Bran is the raven n it's implied by his character that he has renounced the world. Then why did he agree to become the king. .... the list goes on.. # I have written alternate ending to the finale which I feel may be a bit more acceptable, atleast I am convinced of it. I will share with u guys if I get enough likes. Moving further , I have also written a sequel to it, which may also be pleasing to many.. give a like, if u wanna know about it...Tq
Baeyens Raphaël
The trailer gave the impression that the night King was the main course for this season
*The trailer is a legend!*
天 前
Watch the whole series here ckk.ai/Z8o4Q
The Lukester
The Lukester 天 前
They fit 20 episodes worth of story into 6. It didn’t work and characters are destroyed.
TheBass SOL
TheBass SOL 天 前
Everything but the writing was phenomenal
ଳଳଳ ଚଚଚ
They never tell you how the show shit itself, Ed Sheeran never writes that in the songs. Remember the first few seasons? God's was it strong then.
bl bl
bl bl 2 天 前
What evryone thoght its gonna be agood season if 7 was trash
Mariasol Caldoza
All episodes for season * of GOT was amazing. Specially if you are watching and eating delicious spaghetti, try this ckk.ai/rVbn0 you will never regret cooking Filipino Spaghetti.
Where is the last dragon go? I thought it will end up with Jon Snow
I want see Night King ambush King's Landing but duhh..so short
Ad Victoriam
Ad Victoriam 3 天 前
What if on the original timeline the Night King just sends it's pawns to the Winterfell and attacks the King's Landing with his undead dragon instead. And after they successfully defend the Winterfell, they just receive a report from the King's Landing that the Night King attacked there and turn the entire city to his army of the dead. Then the north gathers all the possible force on the Westeros to end the Night King resulting an even more epic great war but resulting on the demise of Bran/3 eyed raven. The 3 eyed raven might have manipulated the Night King to force it's way on the Winterfell as he is warging all the time for they know they will defeat the Night King there and attack the King's Landing later on. To think the 3 eyed raven plotted all these events the entire time to get through the iron throne to gain control on everything it desires.
that's better plot
Jeon Jungkook
Jeon Jungkook 3 天 前
I love it! This is my style!!! You might want to check this video ckk.ai/ScLw4 how to cook chicken curry.
Luis Ponce
Luis Ponce 3 天 前
LJS Pranks & Gaming
S1-S7 Was so good En then came S8 One word: Sad
LJS Pranks & Gaming
@I AM LOOΠΔ 🐼 only season 8 richt 1-7 where very good
just finished watched all season in this week..yeah, sad.
Gie 2009
Gie 2009 3 天 前
Congratulation... its awesome trailer,,,,, but makes me feel hungry too please drop by in this video too to have a good food, its nice to watch movie when our tummy is full too ckk.ai/bjSGQ... try by your self.... have a great day.
Andre Montoya
Andre Montoya 3 天 前
People defending S8: "If you think this has a happy ending, you haven't been paying attention" Everyone, especially the Starks got a Disney-esque fairytale ending. The only death in the finale was Dany, and her character was betrayed the most.
Daenerys Targaryen
What a shame... they had a diamond in their hands and they turn it to shit I waited 2 years for this... this crap, i feel like someone betrayed me. I hope we'll know an ending, a better ending with the books
Black Toad
Black Toad 天 前
If he can finish them. He's almost too old to finish them. While I want to read them badly, it might not happen
duygu türkmen
duygu türkmen 4 天 前
Тайным фейком об тейбл
We need 9th season!
Francisco Soto
Francisco Soto 4 天 前
fransico Soto
ArcaneTuber 5 天 前
The audience remembers...
Killer Snow
Killer Snow 5 天 前
They ruined it fucking hell
Tatevik Kyandaryan
Ethan Bulger
Ethan Bulger 5 天 前
I thought it going to be all about the wight walkers
emil posselt
emil posselt 6 天 前
What a load of shitty crap season 8 is O M F G !
Tushar Soni
Tushar Soni 6 天 前
Wish there were only 3 episodes in season 8😞
Ice 6 天 前
When are we gonna get the REAL season 8?
TheChosen2030 6 天 前
It would have been better if the went lord of the rings style. Jon crowned as the king of the seven kingdoms. Daenery as his queen
TheChosen2030 6 天 前
A great looking trailer. Shame the season was the worst
Yasar Beg
Yasar Beg 7 天 前
If there is anyone who has started watching GOT for the first time there is one great advice for you : for fuck sake dont watch this season just dont😂😂😂
just finished all seasons this week.I like the storyline but the ending not much.
Paul Lannister
Paul Lannister 4 天 前
Just stop watching after season four ;)
Aritz Arrieta
Aritz Arrieta 7 天 前
Worst season ever
duygu türkmen
duygu türkmen 7 天 前
Flawless 😍
duygu türkmen
duygu türkmen 7 天 前
Perfect 😍
Halfdan The Black
oh gooood wtf ewwww, noooo
Mindaugas Z
Mindaugas Z 7 天 前
Sorry for my english. Very sad about this movie which has ended. I will miss a melody of this movie, I will miss all those actors. I liked a war againts deaths ( even so many soldiers - black dudes were been defeated so easily, hmmmm ). About the end...why ? Who made this terrible history that dragon queen cant be with Jon Snow ? After so many years of uknow so who cares ? The first time dragon queen was so in love with Jon but he were changed and made so terrible thing...in one minute I were thought: yeah !!! , but in the same minute: noooo !!! After this part I didnt wanted to watch.
deadoralive cowboy
62 million views !! LOL :D
Nabakumar Banerjee
I don't care what others think I enjoyed s8 very much... At season 7 we all get to know the mad side of Danny... But after Everything... I think s8 is much loveable 😊😊..i don't care about others.... My opinion is mine...
Arezki Oudachène
People who were critical of season 6 and baffled by the b.s. of season 7 always knew season 8 was NEVER going to be good. There was no way the show would have a good closure. Everything was pointing towards this disaster the casuals and the normies who were cheering the spectacle all this fucked up seasons the show was serving them also came to this realization way too late. GoT was on the verge of greatness. It could've gone down as the greatest TV show ever made but it crashed its landing and it's a wreck of its former self
burningSunset78 7 天 前
Sigh... only 4 months ago, when we were full of hope.
Plank 7 天 前
Who still comes here just to remember how good was that feeling when we thought Season 8 was gonna be the best thing on TV ever?
Plank 7 天 前
They said... "yey, season 8 is gonna be the best!!" Inserts *oh my sweet summer child...*
Bhavik Parekh
Bhavik Parekh 7 天 前
I personally think the two biggest crimes this season committed was (1) The Anti-climactic death of the Night King, I mean I was so excited cuz they build the white-walkers for 7 seasons only to be killed off in the 3rd episode by Arya. (2) The "John Snow/Aegon Targaryan" story line. They couldve done alot of cool shit with that and all we got was "sHE iS maH qUeeN" and quickly stabs her at the end. Ohh well hopefully the books are poles apart from this season