Game Theory: How to BREAK Mario! (Mario Tennis Aces)

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Step aside bob omb. Keep on flying Bullet Bill. There is a new weapon causing damage in the mushroom kingdom, and this one is fuzzy, round, and squishy. One of Mario Tennis Aces coolest features is allowing you to break a players racket. But just how fast would you have to hit the ball in order to do so? And what other consequences would arise from that much force? Well that is what we're about to find out.
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2018年09月 8日

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Dark Megumin
Dark Megumin 3 个月 前
Its confirmed! balls are the strongest weapon in Mario tennis aces, including... Some other type of balls...
Oreagle 3 天 前
7300 likes NOICE
Gamer Forever
Gamer Forever 9 天 前
nicola Humphries
nicola Humphries 27 天 前
If metel Mario is one part how does he move?
hate m8
hate m8 个月 前
Dude the mass of the ball is being changed by magic
Nicola Ingham
Nicola Ingham 2 天 前
Peach:Oh hoodoo Me: shut up and stop holding dat blood soaked tennis ball
idk how honey works, it works for mexico? i want to buy some tacos, mmmmmm tacos
7DeadlySSJG's 10 天 前
Goku would be able to Dodge that ball though. So this theory needs film theory counterpart
Hayden Blakey
Hayden Blakey 10 天 前
I know I'm kinda late to this but what if the rackets are made of plastic (which is what it looks like to me) and not the professional materials like titanium? Would they still die?
Marcel Claudiu Pirvulescu
my theory is just its just a game and its magic you saw mario make fireballs out of his hands and how he make iceballs out of his hands and how link can take a sword out of a stone that will make him time skip his holl childhood away and how kirby can eat something bigger so yeah its just a game but i like your vids keep it up
Lyn Ris
Lyn Ris 12 天 前
I hated learning momentum and impulse, WHY IS IMPULSE J! WHY! It confuses me like displacement being X! I'm such a confused boi
Mila Burhanzai
Mila Burhanzai 14 天 前
❤️well...If only people played tennis like that.....that’s horrific.
Stew-A-Rew 14 天 前
IT'S OVER 64 newtons
Mikky 14 天 前
7:25 we really lose half points from using the wrong units
little piggy gaming
it was 6 clicks!!!!! I am suing you!!!!
BlueRose 14 天 前
When you said partical accelerator I thought of The Flash.
The despacito Whisperer
None of this changes the fact that the AI is BULLSHIT
Thebladeofgrass212 Aka lwestphal on Minecraft
Innopropraite matt pat sheesh you have a son how would you like him to see your Luigi vid
Jade Black
Jade Black 16 天 前
A game trying to get away with being unrealistic: sneaky sneaky Game theorists: you will not get away
James Parker
James Parker 16 天 前
Ti-83? What happened to the Ti-84?
Tord Red
Tord Red 17 天 前
I did ask my math teacher to make the class watch this and having a cool teacher said he was already planning to-
Noah Poldberg
Noah Poldberg 17 天 前
Who else just listens
NoviRanger83 17 天 前
Do one on the Falcon Punch!
James the awsome
James the awsome 18 天 前
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Ian 51
Ian 51 18 天 前
There will be a smash 6
Waluigi 4Life
Waluigi 4Life 18 天 前
We love you Waluigi! WAH!!!
X Quinn Gunner
X Quinn Gunner 19 天 前
MatPat will not pin, favorite, like, or shout-out this comment.
Knightly DUDE
Knightly DUDE 20 天 前
When you show this to your teacher "Hey!!! You said you were studying!!!" You say " This is a type of studying but hey that's just a thoury a real life thoury!!!" "Detention"
Dandroid The FUNnel Robot
So what you're saying is, tennis balls THAT fast are nuclear bombs in disguise. Then this only begs 1 question and 1 requestion. What weapon would be used in World War 3, bob-ombs, or fast af tennis balls? And my requestion. Are you ever going to make a theory on just shapes and beats? Plz say yes, I'd love for you to check this game out.
Danica Skillman
Danica Skillman 21 天 前
I love how intense matpat is about honey lol it's so funny. But seriously Honey is wonderful! Save money!
Eyal D.
Eyal D. 22 天 前
the tennis balls are powerd by magic
dualshock films
dualshock films 22 天 前
Theres one MINOR issue though... If you notice when it the net breaks its a clean cut. Implying that the Handle and Net are Glued together? Would that make it require less newtons to span the net...Or disconnect the Net by the Handle held togther by glue???????
William Watkins
William Watkins 22 天 前
My math teacher actually let us watch it on the smart board
Briana Rivera
Briana Rivera 23 天 前
what makes a character cualefy for smash
Tsaka 23 天 前
Quick Question: What's the source of the music from around 11:10? I'm really digging it!
Hunstraucity 23 天 前
That was the best honey sponsorship announcement, I have ever seen on youtube! That was incredible! Guess who is uninstalling it just to download it from your link! Incredible!
Sadgasm 23 天 前
Mario= Novak Đoković
billy loman
billy loman 24 天 前
Why would I show my teacher an episode where you discuss waluigi being a sex offender, and luigis bulge?
Martin Barker
Martin Barker 24 天 前
Merging Atoms togeather is fusion so would it cause mushroom clouds?
SCMartin27 24 天 前
I've used honey for a while, and I've gotten about $100 Back in rewards so far, plus I probably save an average of $15 each time I use it. Great site!
Givemeallyour gachas
So to break Mario you throw balls ar him?
Max Chen
Max Chen 25 天 前
You should keep the sticker on cause it’s still the worlds most realistic Mario game ever For now
John Hawkins
John Hawkins 25 天 前
I wonder if Matpat factored in quadratic drag when doing the calculations
Shadowtrap2010 25 天 前
... what happen if the racket made with mushroom?
MusaAhmad YT
MusaAhmad YT 25 天 前
Near the start of the video you said that the gravity is similar to ours. So doesn’t that mean that they aren’t in the mushroom kingdom? Correct me if I’m wrong
Samantha Myers
Samantha Myers 26 天 前
Ha were learning about this in 9th grade science
Dowell Boys
Dowell Boys 26 天 前
Nintendo! Take the advice and redo the box art with the "most realistic" sticker! Or do it when you remake the packaging for the Nintendo Selects...
Akiva Daphydd
Akiva Daphydd 26 天 前
What about wood rackets?
RedPug 27 天 前
the thwomp racket break was so satisfying idk y
RedPug 27 天 前
thats the first Clash royale reference ive seen on this channel
nicolas viossat
nicolas viossat 27 天 前
shouldn't this be in a THE SCIENCE! video?
nicola Humphries
nicola Humphries 27 天 前
If metal Mario is one part how does he move
CodeKirby 28 天 前
i knew sports were dangerous
Cory Dobrowolsky
Cory Dobrowolsky 28 天 前
My physics teacher is my tennis coach
8senor origins
8senor origins 28 天 前
1:18 and 1:19 lol
Rubul Rose
Rubul Rose 个月 前
DO you guys think I should get Honey? I want too but whenever I download it I get scared it'll charge me EVENTUALLY you know?
GPandaMoney Infinite
My s.s teacher used the same brace yourself meme when we were taking a test
Aidan Murphy
Aidan Murphy 个月 前
This is such a good concept for a show. It takes a majorly popular pastime in this day in age (gaming) and combines it with science. Not only does it entertain but it educates. Keep up the great work MatPat!
7.4 square centimetres not cubic you wrote it as square. I'm confused
Layla Gonzales
Layla Gonzales 个月 前
Getting aced with a ball and getting hit with it hurts baaad!!!
Moony moon Cat
Moony moon Cat 个月 前
Fun fact:Mario looks small but is actually the big brother of Luigi
Oh noooo wario Die
Steven Terry
Steven Terry 个月 前
Game theorists you forgot one thing what is someone tampered with the rackets to make them weaker and the break we are seeing is part of the tampering that happened to the racket
Adi Reed
Adi Reed 个月 前
That intro was dark
Meghan Stover-Marrow
The intro though
Alicon_852 个月 前
Steve is stronger than mario. The can delete our universe in 0.5 seconds
DJ_Playz 个月 前
You just did that all on special shots not zone shots
SpagEddie8113 个月 前
9:50 OMG I am on my bed right now and a cat is actually sitting in my lap. 65 newtons!
Turtleman // RealTurtleman
Lol, my physics teacher hates me now because I asked if I could be put into a harder physics class (I am in honors right now so I couldn’t be moved up due to school rules with AP classes)
Fluffypaw 个月 前
When the size of Mario is wrong, so now if he wanted to accurately calculate how deadly the ball is, he has to redo this entirely.
Phergie OPhour
Phergie OPhour 个月 前
still lose half points in junior level aerospace classes. it never ends fellas
Bluefire 1771
Bluefire 1771 个月 前
But mattttpaaaattttt you forgot the account The strenght generated by characters like mario when hitting the ball
Creepy Cat
Creepy Cat 个月 前
This is how I study for my science tests. I always get an A.
ugly dude
ugly dude 个月 前
00:7 wow
Tatum Halligan
Tatum Halligan 个月 前
my friend’s little brother is a tennis player, and their dad was helping him practice. lets just say that there was a mal-aimed tennis ball & that their dad was blind in one eye for at least 6 months.
Kyle Wiatrak
Kyle Wiatrak 个月 前
While the analysis of the material properties is somewhat accurate, the force is applied perpendicular and at distance away from the breaking point. This requires a different approach, taking into account the torque applied and how the tensile and compressive strengths of the material differ, as when bending is applied to a material there is two different types of strain applied across a cross section. However, as i am an engineering student, is more than any video of this nature should tackle as the different answer most likely would not change the outcome. But that's just a nit pick, a worthless you tube comments nit pick!
Mooplex 1412
Mooplex 1412 个月 前
Could we just say the tennis rackets are some mushroom kingdom racket made from a metal that’s only in their wold?
iiFirePhoenix 个月 前
Matpat has officially lost his mind.
NovaTheAngel 个月 前
What happened to "But hey, That's just a theory....A GAME THEORY!!"?????
Darapup K
Darapup K 个月 前
MatPat, the best math teacher EVER.
TK Bacon
TK Bacon 个月 前
8:09 I actually convinced my science teacher about the Spiderman film theory and we watched it in class
Ryan Richardson
Ryan Richardson 个月 前
Do you like money? MONEY
RED Hood
RED Hood 个月 前
.....Im going to pretend I know all what your talking about......
Sophia Barbagallo
TheDriftKing 个月 前
U guys never think about the phone users
Zerren 个月 前
How do you figure out the threshold of how fast the ball has to be to create a nuclear fallout?
rejvaik 个月 前
Glad you throw some shame on that sore loser Serena Williams
Kimberly Edlebeck
Kimberly Edlebeck
A BALL can go that FAST?!?!?!
CalmManiX [GMD]
CalmManiX [GMD] 个月 前
You would be a great teacher
john s
john s 个月 前
what is the rackets were wood
Cole Lambright
Cole Lambright 个月 前
Every video I watch I don't know what the hell you say but I love it
Zarah Zheng
Zarah Zheng 个月 前
Wow I love you guys so much ❤️ ❤️❤️❤️
Passive Aggressive Tranny
This actually helped a lot with my physics hw😂😂 thanks matpat❤️❤️❤️❤️
Åłëxãńdęr Łéûńg
What if the speed measured is correct, but the tennis ball used is a LOT heavier than IRL?
The Violin Gal
The Violin Gal 个月 前
My older sister got to watch an episode of game theory in class, and I am SOOOO jealous. It's one thing we agree on, and she got to watch it in school DURING CLASS and it was the teachers idea. I have to ask which episode it was...
oHnO 64
oHnO 64 个月 前
Maybe it's just me but the racket looks like it breaks just where the thick part of the handle ends, thus the strength required to snap it would be a lot easier than what was calculated in the video
Arielle Gonzalez
Arielle Gonzalez 个月 前
Mind blown ka pow 😮
andres pelcastre
andres pelcastre 个月 前
I am a luigi fan
Stephanie H
Stephanie H 个月 前
What if it had been hollow? Would it have worked if it snapped as normal?
SoderCan 个月 前
Matpat:force times time Me:WAT
Horizon Wolf
Horizon Wolf 个月 前
Speedrun his games
Samina Ghazali
Samina Ghazali 个月 前
Lighters & Knifes
well ı dont thinl so ...
Lighters & Knifes