Game Theory: How to BREAK Mario! (Mario Tennis Aces)

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Step aside bob omb. Keep on flying Bullet Bill. There is a new weapon causing damage in the mushroom kingdom, and this one is fuzzy, round, and squishy. One of Mario Tennis Aces coolest features is allowing you to break a players racket. But just how fast would you have to hit the ball in order to do so? And what other consequences would arise from that much force? Well that is what we're about to find out.
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Dark Megumin
Dark Megumin 8 个月 前
Its confirmed! balls are the strongest weapon in Mario tennis aces, including... Some other type of balls...
Ali D
Ali D 7 天 前
*Grabs a hand full of deez nuts*
Cst_GrayKnight 个月 前
That's why they didn't add Waluigi to smash he would be way too overpowered with his tennis racket
Beautiful Meeses
Beautiful Meeses 个月 前
+Jimmy Prattipuss the coward of all battles ever when did you join? He also did a boob episode way back.
Grayson Goings
Grayson Goings 个月 前
Noa Laliberté
Noa Laliberté 2 个月 前
King bob-omb
Sir Download
Sir Download 3 天 前
On honey, i can't find a nintendo switch all on it's own.
PuzzlyGames 6 天 前
i noticed you used lowercase from league gothic They made bebas neue pro
Never Check
Never Check 9 天 前
what-if.xkcd.com/1/ the last bit of this video is proven wrong *ahem ahem*
Charlotte Weitzel
ACTUALLLLLLLLLY, a cartoonist covered the seball at (
Charlotte Weitzel
hmmmmmmm, well then, never noticed that in the intro before...
Foolsday 13
Foolsday 13 10 天 前
Fist Power
Fist Power 10 天 前
when saitama plays tennis
Danielcool 14245
Danielcool 14245 11 天 前
"7.4 cubic centimeters" ²: am I a joke to you Yeah u said cubic instead of squared
minelover gaming
minelover gaming 12 天 前
Nice Clash Royale reference. hmm... maybe matpat should make a theory of that. But about what? Maybe how strong and fast the Miner has to be.Hmm...
omg falafel
omg falafel 13 天 前
That ohhhhhh nooooooooo got me ,ow
Ty Kirby
Ty Kirby 13 天 前
I'm a Pringles can and I'm the yeet boi
Clash Royale it's the minner
XAssassinX . .
XAssassinX . . 16 天 前
"Maybe you'll get to watch it in class" (Has flashback to luigi bulge) Nope
Carlos M
Carlos M 16 天 前
It's not a Zone Shot, it's a Special Shot...
Kassy Cookie
Kassy Cookie 18 天 前
All bow down to the physics, math and science lord XDDDD
Duce Vertindo
Duce Vertindo 21 天 前
In Game Theory, Mario is always the bad guy
Val Broderick
Val Broderick 26 天 前
big chungus
big chungus 28 天 前
Dad: “Go practice your serves today.” Me: *Watches this video*
big chungus
big chungus 28 天 前
2:41 Yes, I’m real life it has happened to me many times before. I am a junior tennis player and I have been hit plenty of shots that forced my racket to snap in half.
IceBear 2000332
IceBear 2000332 个月 前
This guy explains stuff that should be too complicated for my age better than mu math teacher
It's Just Me Aidan!!
leventher 2
leventher 2 个月 前
Don't forget significant figures
Zudrac-The Demon
Zudrac-The Demon 个月 前
Does honey work on steam
Pewds Will win
Pewds Will win 个月 前
I don’t think I’m going to tell my teacher about this so we might be able watch this because you still mentioned Luigi’s diglet
Kathleen Harper
Kathleen Harper 个月 前
Wow, I’m taller than mario
Bcmarcin Bcmarcin
Most realistic Mario game REVOKED
*_U¡kitty animates_*
_Oh noooooooooo_
John O'Brien
John O'Brien 个月 前
Where dose elixer come from in clash of clans and how dose it go dark?
sweet tea productions
I learn way more watching this channel than math class Take that lewis
SucksAtFortniteツ YT
1:47 i wonder what he found in there
Warrior and Harper
Matt:oh this? it's easy me:....w.h.a.t.
G Freddy Gamer
G Freddy Gamer 个月 前
What if you make a theory about the newest game called Bowser’s inside story DX or + Bowser Jr’s journey
G Freddy Gamer
G Freddy Gamer 个月 前
Like show some respect to this game, like you can plays as bowser AGAIN
Ashutosh Bagchi
Ashutosh Bagchi 个月 前
The smallest of small nitpicks I must do dear sir, at 10:40 you let slip "cubic" cm when in reality it must be "square" cm (as denoted accurately on screen). This is not an attempt to appear superior, but a compliment. I have been binge watching game theories to stave off exam stress for the past week (going as far as to have it on while I sleep) and this is the ONE mistake I have noticed. Also plees notice me.
Platinum Star Productions
According to Matpat, EVERY Mario game is the most realistic Mario game Lol I love game theory
Marcos Simian
Marcos Simian 个月 前
Alternative Theory Idea: What might the rackets need to be made out in order to accomplish the same feat of breaking the racket *YET* strong enough to manage the 65k ball-shot itself without breaking or harming the user's own racket initially used to tether the ball toward the opponent in the first place? In other words, rather than questioning the force needed to break a real-life equivalent racket aloe, what would the racket need to be composed of in order to break (the way it does) under 65k *YET* remain usable in general play...?
Adrien 个月 前
This is Mario Tennis Power Tour erasure
Cst_GrayKnight 个月 前
That's why they didn't add Waluigi to smash he would be way too overpowered with his tennis racket
Myles McArthur
Myles McArthur 个月 前
what if the breaking part of the rackets were glued together, and that is why it breaks easily.
Kawaiipotato 93
Kawaiipotato 93 个月 前
GuySki 个月 前
I love how you guys added fig newtons on the 65,000 newtons part!
Karis Sung
Karis Sung 个月 前
Can confirm: you will die when hit by a spiked tennis ball goes fast
MsAngelaColeman 个月 前
You really don't know what it was like for me to see Obby back in those first few eps I reacted like Syndrome from The Incredibles...
Ralphatality 个月 前
i bet there's gonna be a million comments on how mat said that the ball was YELLOW and not green
jamcdonald120 个月 前
12:00 allow me to refere you to xkcd what if 1
jamcdonald120 个月 前
Remember, relative gravity on earth is between about 9.0 and 9.8, so quite reasonably
Evie Jensen
Evie Jensen 个月 前
lol matpat said ball
Dakota Brock
Dakota Brock 个月 前
I wish I was in School but I'm on my Stupid Spring break
Te Time
Te Time 个月 前
I didn’t watch this one in school, I watched the one about spongebob being adopted
YinYeol- Soo
YinYeol- Soo 个月 前
Who ever made game theory's intro needs an award
NACW Stop Motions
2:30 isn’t it LUIGI that has all the money according to your videos, MAT?!?!
Andrew Latimer
Andrew Latimer 个月 前
We actually did get to watch some film theory episodes in science. It was the spongebob episode, I think
Kaiden McGuire
Kaiden McGuire 个月 前
Will honey work on your merch?
Blue Ninja Gamer
Blue Ninja Gamer 个月 前
Mass of the ball, speed into the racket, speed going opposite way, content time,and more
Drew Clark
Drew Clark 个月 前
I dont care about the math, I want to see if my boi waluweegee wont get killed in his tennis match against a ball of fricken medal
THE FBI 个月 前
9:01 that's how tennis works
Giant 个月 前
What Matpat is telling me is that if I shoot a tennis ball out of a cannon I can block it with a tennis racket
T h I c C B u R g E r
I’m still waiting on the algorithm episode
Tanner McCoy
Tanner McCoy 个月 前
How strong is a shell in Mario
Tanner McCoy
Tanner McCoy 个月 前
Mario and Luigi are not brothers
Keith Coffman
Keith Coffman 个月 前
Since you don't know what the racket it made of and everything else in the game is realistic you could instead calculate what the apparent shear strength of the racket is.
puklab 个月 前
14:30 For context, I ran some numbers and that’s over 383,000 litres of Diet Coke. You’re welcome.
Genius Minecrafter
All that or it's not those rackets aren't made of those materials
Genius Minecrafter
Me can't English on phone
upiDucky 1 And 2
upiDucky 1 And 2 个月 前
Pug Girl
Pug Girl 2 个月 前
Mat pat flexing on us all with his math skills
G Dawg
G Dawg 2 个月 前
K.O In this game, instead of “Knocked Out” it means “Killed Outright”. At least if these numbers are anything to go by
Family Overmon
Family Overmon 2 个月 前
look at the super mario party cover
Braxton Harbin
Braxton Harbin 2 个月 前
What about the total temperature and total pressure given in thermodynamics? If the special shots added some value in that, it could (maybe) melt the racket apart.
Ya boi alla ali a
Ya boi alla ali a 2 个月 前
So hes the fastest and strongest?
DavidDaDummy 2 个月 前
i got honey in august 2018 and saved 2 cents in total since then :p
Garret Williams
Garret Williams 2 个月 前
Soooo realistic
Zane King
Zane King 2 个月 前
Now I’m confused whether the game is a virus or your playing as a virus in the game
Robert Johnson
Robert Johnson 2 个月 前
You could of just taken the more realistic promotional art into account.
Something Else Studio
Hey matpat there is a Sans name Error (if you don't know what I'm talking about look up Error Sans) ok he had a game I have seen it, but I can not find a website that have it on it i mean i heared that got remove or whatever and now he lives inthe void... but i was jest thinking can you jest do a video on what happened to his game and if his Papyrus is still alive... please
Starbucks Is awesome
Teacher: Don’t be a CNvid you waste your skills that you learned CNvidr: Watch my video Teacher: That’s a lot of math...
NalaDatMariokiller 452
I think you should make a theory around Roblox Admin commands making Roblixians psycho
The Man With the Hair
Knows to take these speedometers with a grain of salt *flash backs to Sonic 06
TheDragonbornPiglet 2 个月 前
Make a racket made if graphene
TheDragonbornPiglet 2 个月 前
I have hit a tennis ball and it broke at the handle... It was already broken just glued.
TheDragonbornPiglet 2 个月 前
At 0:13 dat screen do
GrumpyFox Animations
Your starting to sound like the myth busters......
creeper lover
creeper lover 24 天 前
Im happy the is still mythbuster Jr.
Garanseho 2 个月 前
Oh my god, if you play the intro at 1.5 speed, it sounds WAY BETTER!!
Damian Fenton
Damian Fenton 个月 前
Waluigi 2 个月 前
0:11 i will avenge my brother! wah!
everydaypepper 2 个月 前
Were is the honey clip. Where is it video monkey. (JK) That would be a great video. Companies spend more than some countries GDPs on figuring out how to rip us off; or force the entire market to become more expensive through the manipulation of people or data.
ElectroTiger75210 2 个月 前
Well... I guess this and the Mario's broken punch video confirms that mario... Is... Stronger... Than... SHAGGY AT ∞% POWER!!!. And yes I watched that video. I'm just using this so that people understand how much this is.
Owen BoPowen
Owen BoPowen 2 个月 前
reply matpats favorite math solution is
Bendy Brofit
Bendy Brofit 2 个月 前
Luigi Hopboy Mario
Maddie World
Maddie World 2 个月 前
The Silver Eevee
The Silver Eevee 2 个月 前
when you said particle accelerator, i laughed a little. i watch the Flash on CW, so anyone else who does may know why.
OhMeOhMy 2 个月 前
Matpat better at teaching physics than my physics teacher
Taco 5150
Taco 5150 2 个月 前
He didn't even mention that to hit a ball fast enough to break another person's racket, you would break your own racket
MissPXoXo 个月 前
Taco 5150 no it wouldn’t. The power is coming from the force u push the ball with, the ball isn’t hitting your own racket at that speed
Austracy 2 个月 前
Drug trafficking using tennis balls is now Matpat's fault.
Little cute Kirby
Little cute Kirby 2 个月 前
Mario is awesome!
Mark McLay
Mark McLay 2 个月 前
WTF that's a load of doe💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷
Mark McLay
Mark McLay 2 个月 前
Happy wheels oh C**p
Mark McLay
Mark McLay 2 个月 前
Sex show me some boobs F**ker
Mark McLay
Mark McLay 2 个月 前
Hello Internet welcome to gay thieory
Deontay Ginger
Deontay Ginger 2 个月 前
The racquets dont break in single shots, they break over time meaning that wear and tear in the racquet is a factor
Kate Pugs
Kate Pugs 2 个月 前
Sarena Williams is like level 10000
Nico bychok
Nico bychok 2 个月 前
General Keir
General Keir 2 个月 前
0:31 Golden Freddy in the bottom right corner.
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