Game Theory: How to BREAK Mario! (Mario Tennis Aces)

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Step aside bob omb. Keep on flying Bullet Bill. There is a new weapon causing damage in the mushroom kingdom, and this one is fuzzy, round, and squishy. One of Mario Tennis Aces coolest features is allowing you to break a players racket. But just how fast would you have to hit the ball in order to do so? And what other consequences would arise from that much force? Well that is what we're about to find out.
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2018年09月 8日

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Dark Megumin
Dark Megumin 5 个月 前
Its confirmed! balls are the strongest weapon in Mario tennis aces, including... Some other type of balls...
Dino Kirby
Dino Kirby 9 小时 前
+Dark Megumin Like Luigi's package in his official art! XD
wabuu wabuu
wabuu wabuu 6 天 前
Emerald Pistol
Emerald Pistol 9 天 前
mads nielsen oh. Your just a normal, plain, and boring grammar nazi. Way to common for me so not interesting
Mr.Pikachu the Sayori fan
Dark Megumin nice reference to the does Luigi measure up video
Myles King
Myles King 天 前
I’m American and I’m scared did you just say 155 cm aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Choi Yat Lam
Choi Yat Lam 天 前
Tennis is certainly a deadly weapon for Japanese.
Jay Steele
Jay Steele 天 前
“Maybe you’ll get to watch this episode in class” Matpat you already mentioned the OtHeR ePiSoDe three times
Mike H
Mike H 2 天 前
don't weary I saved my money and my amount is a-hundred dollars
Mike H
Mike H 2 天 前
YAY were going to learn how to finish Mario YAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Logan Burnett
Logan Burnett 2 天 前
But the thing is for the last bit it's about how much force is needed to break the racket you already said they couldn't break it so it is the most real game hmmmm
Davids Channel Pro
TEK 3 天 前
7:39 "cubic centimeters" *_7.4cm2???_*
Pandaplayer 423
Pandaplayer 423 3 天 前
Wilson and Mario hmmm... Wilson upside down equals Mario’s racket
that1noodle oof
that1noodle oof 4 天 前
i found out how to play tennis today in two wors 1.) you 2.) don't
kalebjp 210
kalebjp 210 4 天 前
I'm takin physics rn I school. And tb100%h I've failed about I'd say 70% of the tests in that class
Lane Wheeler
Lane Wheeler 5 天 前
But MatPat if Mario hit a ball with enough force to break someone else's racket he would he have to put even more force into his swing which would have broken his racket too.
Lucaspec72 5 天 前
8:08 If only i lived in a country that speaks english =( #europesuckssometimes
Diamond Crazer
Diamond Crazer 5 天 前
Matpat you made a dick measurement joke.. I don’t think it’s a good idea to try and watch it in class 😅
ankana oo
ankana oo 5 天 前
Could I use Honey on your merch store
Scott Champagne
Scott Champagne 5 天 前
It could be a different material that does not exist in real life. Duh!
Khánh Phạm Gia
Sometimes I just love how much effort and video length MatPat put into promoting his sponsors
Mdeve Kcske
Mdeve Kcske 5 天 前
Maybe it was just glued onto the handle
Bluefred AJ
Bluefred AJ 6 天 前
I told both of my math teachers in different classes (different days) and I told them his video was good for physics.. I forgot about the whole luigi balls thing.... ehhhhhhhhhhhh I got a 2 week detention...……………………………………... T^T *cries self to sleep* Im still really bad at maths.
Waluigi The Ultimate
Am I Waluigi
wabuu wabuu
wabuu wabuu 6 天 前
How can the shooter make that shot without their racket snapping
Florian_25 8 天 前
what is this e Browser?
shashidharvarsha N
did 'nt you say that Mario is obese in that video.
Volteon EX
Volteon EX 9 天 前
(Just a personal mark) 2:35
You've gotta love that opening scene.
stellar702 10 天 前
Well so tennis with nukes? Sign me up please
Fire Brawlbomber
Fire Brawlbomber 12 天 前
7:32 a miner from clash royale
Luka Mitrovic
Luka Mitrovic 12 天 前
But what if.... *the rackets are made out of plastic.*
PC HASKEY 12 天 前
Actually, Steve from MINECRAFT is somehow as he can hold infinity
Isaac Behrends
Isaac Behrends 13 天 前
11:33 the best part of the episode
ashton weller
ashton weller 14 天 前
i think that he is a mario hater he says he is a hourder lol and how much money do you think he has HMM... tht would be a good game theory like this if you agree
Rocco animations-and-gaming
Poor wari9 at the start :(
Keturah Potter
Keturah Potter 15 天 前
What if the tennis racket was plastic?
Apocalypse James
Apocalypse James 15 天 前
3 for 3 😦😏 3 4 3 new halo vid incoming But hey thats just a theory, a dumb theory
Pranksterman Parkour
Why is it that Mario games are do gosh darn deadly
thenebbiechanel 1
let's be glad wario is 80% garlic
Mehrdad Pirooz
Mehrdad Pirooz 16 天 前
Andres Hernandez
Andres Hernandez 17 天 前
Welcome to video game physics. A guy measuring ridiculousness and we try to actually follow along. But tbh. This channel is awesome
Nia Brown
Nia Brown 18 天 前
0:14 Peach: Oh nooooooooo
Jimmie Eakins
Jimmie Eakins 20 天 前
Umm, if the speeds are going at almost light speed using only 60 newtons then there have to be more energy applied to the deadly balls. I mean particle accelerators are powerful, but they don't use only 60 fig newtons. Sorry, but that is the truth MatPat.
Michael Ferriolo
Michael Ferriolo 20 天 前
Times time
Pbnj 11
Pbnj 11 20 天 前
Thanks for the tutorial Matpat :D
Crazy kid Gameing51
Mario is the most athletic video game character ever. Steve* hold my diomond sword
Gumdrop pills
Gumdrop pills 21 天 前
at 0:31 who noticed that red guy on that paper?
Waluigi 22 天 前
Waluigi has a breaking point too and when Nintendo doesn’t put me in smash I break
Water_ Witch
Water_ Witch 22 天 前
8-Bit Barbarian
8-Bit Barbarian 22 天 前
Muscle is not heavier. A pound of muscle and a pound of fat weigh exactly the same. Muscle is denser.
Michael Davies
Michael Davies 23 天 前
Well, we algebra students use TI-30X-IISs
atilla bahadır SOĞUKOĞLU
14:30finally a proper gamer notices a great game
DarkFox Eclipse
DarkFox Eclipse 25 天 前
This even takes the fact the Racket is weakened during the game
Zuma Tube
Zuma Tube 25 天 前
13:52 Why is his sponsor ALWAYS honey? 😒
Annika Ilagan
Annika Ilagan 25 天 前
Okay, am I just stupid? Why were there fig bars?? Does anyone else understand this? Was it an inside joke or... What...
CubingLife 023
CubingLife 023 25 天 前
We watched the kurby Episode in class
revenant warrior
revenant warrior 26 天 前
9:09 that's how mafia works
Wakee Tales
Wakee Tales 28 天 前
11:49 it sounds..... Weird
Penguin Master
Penguin Master 28 天 前
What about the 2018 winter Olympics
Ticking Taimur
Ticking Taimur 28 天 前
Fine..I agree now...balls are strong...not my human balls though!
Keira Phan
Keira Phan 个月 前
What if the tennis ball hit the chain chomp🎾➡️⚫️🔗🔗
Porpoise the FaunaWing
I was subconsciously listening while playing roblox. I heard "mega pascals". I thought Giant Chameleons from Tangled
Waluigi Nigga
Waluigi Nigga 个月 前
Thanks dad
Dinorex 109
Dinorex 109 个月 前
MathPat? More like MethPat!
doggo animates
doggo animates 个月 前
This was uploaded on my birthday
Grandpa NoodleNose
If we are to consider Mario universe physics Wario would be fine but feeling terrible because he has survived being COMPLETELY covered in fire and survived becoming a zombie so Wario might as well be having the world's worst migraine
Delphi Riddle
Delphi Riddle 个月 前
It looks like Nintendo's been watching your videos
Oliver Schofield
Oliver Schofield 个月 前
*H O L Y F U Z Z Y*
ChocoCookies AJ
ChocoCookies AJ 个月 前
The miner IS super obnoxious to keep track of.. -A Clash Royale Player
Aztrix 个月 前
Mathpat . . . I like that
Jordan Leger
Jordan Leger 个月 前
Is matpat a techer
XxOngakuxX 个月 前
Something I think doesn't get mentioned about Honey is that it'll let you track the price of things to see if you're getting the lowest deal. It'll alert you to when it's cheapest if you want as well
Player Unknown284
Wow! Clash royale Miner!!! 7:31
个月 前
Mama Mia that hurt!
Jul Jul
Jul Jul 个月 前
William Blood
William Blood 个月 前
I'd like to point out one thing: The break on the handle of the rackets are perfectly clean, implicating that the rackets are made with two pieces in some way stuck together, be it by adhesive or by a poor weld. I had something else to point out but I forgot...
Meegakarla 1512
Meegakarla 1512 个月 前
When you find out that you’re 1,5 centimeters taller than Mario...
Sari TGK
Sari TGK 个月 前
Dude your a better phys teacher than mine
Sinha Yoake
Sinha Yoake 个月 前
I would honestly pay attention in class if you were my teacher😂
Great Sage T20 The Mii
Funny enough I actually have one of those Wilson racket
Kevin Person
Kevin Person 个月 前
Olivia Ragni
Olivia Ragni 个月 前
You are so good
Maddened MaximuS
Maddened MaximuS 个月 前
Do a clash Royale episode
Phyco Buzzaxe21
Phyco Buzzaxe21 个月 前
*_Fry walks into the recording room_* SHUT UP AND INSTALL HONEY
Space Cakes
Space Cakes 个月 前
My physics class is coming back to haunt me
Mayah Anderson
Mayah Anderson 个月 前
Shouldn't the variable be on the left side of the equal sign, not the right?
NavyWarrior 个月 前
13:00 that took a dark turn
Mj Productions
Mj Productions 个月 前
I actually managed to get my science teacher to play some videos from matpat
Joseph Cirrincone
He was using images from Bioshock when talking about honey
Pisica Războinică
In Romania we do high school physics in the 6th grade
Ryan Plyz
Ryan Plyz 个月 前
Charizard X
Charizard X 个月 前
NO Kirby is the strongest!
lolly yolo
lolly yolo 个月 前
16:42 is it bad that I would actually love to see that?
Cringe GOD
Cringe GOD 个月 前
1:16 watch in in class
Sceptile_Bro 360
Sceptile_Bro 360 个月 前
I would want your mathematical and scientific episodes to be watch by my class but..... it would be embarrassing
Cristina Ramos
Cristina Ramos 个月 前
Was anybody else thinking about pascal from tangled with giant muscles at 11:05 ?
mia sharlyn Quintanilla
It's acully 6th grabe math know with carrying and all that but yup it's 6th grade.work
Lightwalker360 个月 前
Zenekin Rodriguez
MatPat, Doesn't usually take 3 zone shots to break a racket, it takes 1 special shot to destroy a racket
Theo Hallberg
Theo Hallberg 个月 前
2019 booooooooiiiiiiii
smeargle is best
smeargle is best 个月 前
Oh nooooo!
Red Miner91
Red Miner91 个月 前
Mmmm.... Fig bars
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