Game Theory: Red vs Blue, The SECRET Color Strategy

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Red vs Blue. It's the two default colors to differentiate opposing teams in most games, both video games and in real-world sports. But in balanced games, what if the choice between red and blue made a difference? What if choosing either red or blue would give you a strategic advantage, putting you in a position to win right from the moment you press START? Well, the secret is this: COLOR MATTERS. Which color is stronger, red or blue ?Watch and choose wisely!
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mads494v 2 天 前
well i think it dosnt matter what color it is cause our body has both red as our blood and some of our body is made out of water blue so i think that all colors are created equal
mp4 2 天 前
You can jungle and take towers simultaniously...
LargerOyster !
LargerOyster ! 2 天 前
Which colors should they use
Justin Cobb
Justin Cobb 2 天 前
Eggtoenail123 3 天 前
y dey all haz fez
Zach Chris
Zach Chris 3 天 前
Holy crap. Imagine what happens when you're on purple team in Splatoon!
Max Kleefeld
Max Kleefeld 4 天 前
Don't worry mattpat I got it! Id be on the red team like the color the blue teams heads will turn 😎
gam3s and stuff
gam3s and stuff 4 天 前
Wait. That’s illegal
Dabadibadooba 4 天 前
You know a wise man did a very inspiring quote It can also relate this video *Balanced, as all things should be*
Mr.Яεყოムŋ 70
More ep for tf 2
EC2Gaming 101
EC2Gaming 101 4 天 前
Colorblind nibbas win all the time
EC2Gaming 101
EC2Gaming 101 4 天 前
Red are aggressive and blue are more neutral so FPS is for RED while Mobas and casual games are for BLUE nibbas
forgottenxX plays
Cod ghosts has a blue team and.... a orange team?
Cringe Gaming 64
I forgot he included splatoon in this video
Cringe Gaming 64
I think about this video every. Single. Time. I play splatoon 2
Cringe Gaming 64
Vs the Newest intro
Flower Swag
Flower Swag 6 天 前
i thought it was a red vs blue theory (the machinima series)
Z Elite
Z Elite 6 天 前
U know, I have watched so many fnaf theories that I’m expecting fnaf to corrupt the intro
Prestoned D
Prestoned D 7 天 前
Rad and blue chestset would b interesting to experiment with
Aaron Lui
Aaron Lui 7 天 前
Captions 1:00
RF B 8 天 前
The players on RED could be better then blue
Veronica Vega
Veronica Vega 8 天 前
Red team doesn't scare me
N1 the captain
N1 the captain 8 天 前
Interesting. Very interesting. I was literally taking notes during this video
It doesn't matter RED or BLUE what matters is skill Besides a lot of games it is randomly selected 😂😂😂
nirny the furry
nirny the furry 9 天 前
If you play too harshly in tf2 you gonna die be cause if your a scout and you just hop at a sniper with out Dodgeing you gonna die
Grid 10 天 前
"Matchmaking lobby" ...... In UT... You SICKEN ME. lmao but nah, easier to say for the kiddies that never played and don't know about server lists.
Jakov Jurin
Jakov Jurin 10 天 前
13:49 TARDIS
Tygo Mangini
Tygo Mangini 10 天 前
2:11 * Cough * Random Crits * Cough * Thaaaaaaaaaaaaat's TF2 for ya!
Box Nblox
Box Nblox 11 天 前
15:09 relatable XD
Geaux13Saints 12 天 前
Matpat: Red for impulse buying Blue for bulk purchases Me: *looks at costco*
Dark Energy 37
Dark Energy 37 12 天 前
So many Red vs. Blue references
Vegito Blue
Vegito Blue 12 天 前
This video is downright insan- oh its by matpat nevermind
Donne tubby
Donne tubby 13 天 前
I love red and blue ok
you that read wrong
well this explains why i always lose
Zombie Food
Zombie Food 14 天 前
Mattpatt a dingle berry is the little balls of poop that get caught in the butthole hair of nasty people while wiping..... Not nuts
wyatt xu
wyatt xu 14 天 前
Why blue is better on lol... MatPat have u not realized this yet NOBODY LIKES RED IN LOL
Diego Aleman
Diego Aleman 14 天 前
xCoughx Batlefront xCough
Male MUTO男性無音
I shall say this once and only once...SUCK IT BLUE!
when you ask your self if your a human
*1:01* captions
TrueKingPwny 15 天 前
If they were only here for the FNAF theories, then why would they click on this video?
GamerKid11 15 天 前
time to start wearing red everywhere i go.
mecha freak
mecha freak 16 天 前
i just realized,this also applies to sarge and church from rvb! sarge is aggressive and doesn't think, meanwhile church is calmer and tries to be more strategic and clever, hell [spoilers] one of the biggest threats in the show was the ai embodiment of his creativity.
Qendrim Deliu
Qendrim Deliu 16 天 前
Bacause i die so much as Red Halo player
Qendrim Deliu
Qendrim Deliu 16 天 前
Its of Player skill
Qendrim Deliu
Qendrim Deliu 16 天 前
How dare you
Qendrim Deliu
Qendrim Deliu 16 天 前
How are you
ask.__. BLU
ask.__. BLU 18 天 前
Some time color is just color
Kinan 18 天 前
Quyen nguyen
Quyen nguyen 18 天 前
Welp thats wrong cuz in TF2 BLU vs RED for 5 matches and BLU had more points
Zaldüh Hugretal
Zaldüh Hugretal 19 天 前
well you see mat red = good color blue = roaming color of the ocean and peacefulness, as if an ancient sea was calm at heart I mean we all know red is better
Baldi In Education And Learning
Well i tought Some of the really skilled player play on the red team and other p layers on blue But That Is unfair soooooooo Some like 37%p layers are skilled 45% Are new 17%Are normal p layers But I dont Know.... So What The Idea Matpat 👍
Tetra phobie
Tetra phobie 20 天 前
what is with colorblind people.
Whacknut 20 天 前
I love how he showed the actual script of the video
Konner Taylor
Konner Taylor 20 天 前
ab start
a b
a b 20 天 前
But what about COloRBlInD
Chicken Nuggs
Chicken Nuggs 24 天 前
Roses are red And violets are blue One day we’ll cruse Down blood gulch avenue It’s red vs red And blue vs blue It’s I against I And me against you Violets are blue And roses are red Living like this we were already dead~ Anyone who got that can be my friend. But anyone who got sad cause “living like this we were already dead” can be my bff😭😭😭😭😭 WHO ELSS IS EXCITED FOR SEASON 17!?!?!?
golden king 2.0
golden king 2.0 24 天 前
I live in Arkansas
Enrico Fermi
Enrico Fermi 24 天 前
Well, that explains quite a bit, but does DA RED GOES FASTER?!
Sub-Zero 25 天 前
i always liked red team
Morgan Bachtiar
Morgan Bachtiar 26 天 前
Huh but in tf2 I was in blue and we were winning 6 to 1i m confused
Aficionado Of All Things Gaming
Purple all the way!
Evie Infinite
Evie Infinite 26 天 前
TF2 maps are also shite and unfair half the time, like Goldrush.
Have u noticed how the end screen is blue to calm us down about a thriling theory that he gave us??
Tori's Adventures VJohnson
11:31 Ah ok Matpat
The Cyborg Hulk
The Cyborg Hulk 28 天 前
on halo, I was on blue team with my friend, (which I suck at halo) and when my friend killed me and won the game I shouted "NO FAIR!!! YOU HAD A PSYCHOLOGICAL ADVANTAGE OVER ME!!!!" and my friend just looked at me and said "ummmm... ok." (I'm still trash at halo, and I'm always going to blame the colour, haha
pischpilot 28 天 前
red is enraging the Testosterone. thats it. otherwise,in league of legends its Third-person, making you see the blue color,while in TF2 you are seeing your ENEMY (so if your enemy is red,thats making you think he is stronger.)
Pnit Budder
Pnit Budder 29 天 前
Evan Tyler
Evan Tyler 个月 前
orange vs blue lol
Ethan Ton
Ethan Ton 个月 前
I forgot about this vid so long ago
Matheus Tonnat de Oliveira
I Looooveee Red!
Merciless Warrior
I live in Arkansas it’s true
Wall Mall
Wall Mall 个月 前
mckibbster y_t
mckibbster y_t 个月 前
You spelt colours wrong
Hex smiter
Hex smiter 个月 前
Titanfall omg i comment this before you showed the game i wish you did Titanfall 2
Div 900
Div 900 个月 前
In Destiny 2 you're always bule but your enemy's are you as red. So you get all the advantages and weaknesses.
Noah Blair
Noah Blair 个月 前
This could be true but evolution is BS
Jax a boy
Jax a boy 个月 前
Soooooooooooooooo, what are you doing with Film Theory MatPat?????
Seth Cramond
Seth Cramond 个月 前
just a regular human
Is THIS way red heads and ginders are thought to be " firery" and "aggressive"?!?!
Robert Martin
Robert Martin 个月 前
6:13 there are 22 people
David Nn
David Nn 个月 前
you really never played any game like tf2 or lol .....
Henry Gamer
Henry Gamer 个月 前
Fortnite is betta
smol earth chan (smol/not flat/crush:moon chan)
That's why in red vs blue show red people doesn't die
Oh yeah yeah _
Oh yeah yeah _ 个月 前
Oh yeah yeah _
Oh yeah yeah _ 个月 前
I vote we change it to green vs purple
Oh yeah yeah _
Oh yeah yeah _ 个月 前
I though you were actually talking about RvB and I got excited
FC Games
FC Games 个月 前
Can I uncover my ears yet
Lucy Holland
Lucy Holland 个月 前
I started explaining to my little siblings about the red-blue thing and then played two different team games on Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for a bit. Matthew and Sophie were red when we played a VS team game, and I was blue. I lost by a lot. Then we played a Balloon Battle, and again I was blue and Sophie and Ava were red. My team beat theirs by 18 points, and then Ava proceeded to start punching me (she's 7 and I'm 13) when I started chanting that red was the worst. Then again, I think both Ava and Matthew are weirdly serious about the game. When we play, Ava is always 12th place, and Matthew usually gets first. Unless I beat him. So Ava almost closed us out of a round, during the SNES Rainbow Road, after Matty had gotten first on Wario's Gold Mine. I was 4th, Matty was 2nd, Sophie was 7th and Ava was 12th. I came second in that race, and Matt went ballistic, trying to hit Ava so hard I had to go over and pull her away from him. He beat me overall, as per usual. Ava, on the other hand, when Dad told her to stay in the centre of the track in Ice Ice Outpost, yelled at him, and then stormed out of the room crying, shortly followed (during Hyrule Circuit) by Matty when something wasn't working. Even on autopilot, he came 11 over Dad playing as Ava. And why did I write all of this? Er, because why the heck not? You all need to know about Mario Kart in this family. #ObviousSarcasmIsObvious
Hedieyah Perry’s VLogS and DraWgS
1:00 turn on captions
EnderDragon 5566
EnderDragon 5566 个月 前
what about minecraft bed wars or hunger games and sky wars
mehugh67 GAMING
mehugh67 GAMING 个月 前
At 3 30 the game shown is Titanfall. You don't get to choose the colour of your team. You are blue and the enemy is red, but in the enemies eyes your team is red and they are blue. Just thought I will let you guys know.
EnderDragon 5566
EnderDragon 5566 个月 前
I you turn on cc on my computer, for the intro says sexy intro music 0_0
Liamproskills 个月 前
Blue= literally every strategy game red=literally every violent game
Sarah Hraban
Sarah Hraban 个月 前
Walmart isnt calming. Every time I’m in there for more that fifteen minutes, I’m ready to tear off somebody’s head if they dare to SO MUCH AS TOUCH ME.
Red X
Red X 个月 前
What about PURPLE?
FireBlaze Star
FireBlaze Star 个月 前
Hey how about purple vs blue vs red
beiken o matik 2000
Im from norway, and i dont remember seeing that building in oslo, where my grandma lives
Titan The Elite boi
About to commit suicide Light turns on You:oh blue 😀 Wanders off
Candy Creeper
Candy Creeper 个月 前
Yeah bc
Andriodgamer 个月 前
is that why do better on smash bros ultimate when i use the red joycon on my nintendo switch? wait... WHAT IF PURPLE JOYCONS MEANS YOU WILL KILL A PERSON IN THE GAME!!! BECAUSE PURPLE GUY!!!! HUUUUUUUH!!