Game Theory: Red vs Blue, The SECRET Color Strategy

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Red vs Blue. It's the two default colors to differentiate opposing teams in most games, both video games and in real-world sports. But in balanced games, what if the choice between red and blue made a difference? What if choosing either red or blue would give you a strategic advantage, putting you in a position to win right from the moment you press START? Well, the secret is this: COLOR MATTERS. Which color is stronger, red or blue ?Watch and choose wisely!
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评论 100
Oscar Falkman
I play that game
GangsterSwag927 2 天 前
No, It depends on Skill and Gamesense
Level Ctrl
Level Ctrl 2 天 前
In league ,I almost always lose on the red side
Beck Wells
Beck Wells 3 天 前
Right but am I the only one who only came here because I thought it was going to be Matpat explaining how Caboose is actually God? Also hahahahaha suck it Blues
6k911 Channel
6k911 Channel 3 天 前
See Matpat. The tf2 community dosent hate you. We hate your terrible video tf2 v Ow.
Evie Jefferies
Evie Jefferies 3 天 前
OMG Here in Australia there's a ripoff pringles that's Blue and it's cheaper while the original pringles is red and more expensive
joshie 5 天 前
2:21 but what if I told you this scene never existed
Jeremye Tremblay
So this is why target din't work in my home province of Québec
Ͼalͼ 7 天 前
yooo unreal tournament
Ͼalͼ 7 天 前
Yeah suck it blues
Twin Swords
Twin Swords 10 天 前
so that's why gaming peripherals are red...
EvanMc07 1
EvanMc07 1 11 天 前
Why did he spell colour wrong he spelt it color
Press_START 360
Press_START 360 14 天 前
-15/10, needs more RvB jokes
Tomas Pitt
Tomas Pitt 15 天 前
In chess going first is pretty bad because the enemy might know your strategy in the first move
Fen Wolf
Fen Wolf 15 天 前
Just so DMT already
MacKenzie Coleman
What if somebody was on the blue team, but they changed their color settings to make themselves look red?
Reece Newman
Reece Newman 20 天 前
But like... in LoL red side is at a disadvantage in game because the block at the bottom of the screen showing your abilities blocks your vision of the map and champions because that's where they're coming from while defending your turret.... THE BOTTOM OF YOUR SCREEN
alex dias
alex dias 20 天 前
Can add a new team grey Neutral
Christian Infante
What about purple [Avengers Infinity War Theme]
Nebula [Christopher]
Nebula [Christopher] 17 小时 前
I can already tell you chose that team because of your profile picture. *I don’t feel so good.*
ExplosionGamerYT 21 天 前
Roses are red Violets are blue Game Theory is MatPat But the earth is flat.
1:11 any body else realize it was the actual script? Like if you saw
Max Heijne
Max Heijne 26 天 前
11:30 blood and...... what? Ime sorry i thought this channel normaly bleepd that kind of language out.
Brittastically does art
Please for the love of Caboose to an actual rvb theory PLEASE
Jennifer  Godbout
Jennifer Godbout 28 天 前
OwO,ur right
Kristen Skase
Kristen Skase 28 天 前
Im more likely to win when im team blue then red in blue team im more defensive or cautious and strategic and a bit aggressive attacking strategys when i am in red i just keep dieing cuz i dont know what im doing to do and i make more mistakes by being aggressive i play cautiously when in team read my kd ratio for blue 2.1/3 red 1.2/3 kd ratio and i dont like the color red i like blue more and i got use to blue for so long those stats are like for me blue makes me adopt red team stats and blue team stats and merge em together so thats why im better on blue team.
Xavier Cailleau
Xavier Cailleau 29 天 前
Yeah right I always support blue my brother red AND I DESTROY HIM IN FPS
Exxcaliberr The Wolf
*what if he made a theory on Rooster Teeth's RvB-? Like what what if he looked at if the time travel stuff could happen or sOmetHing* *Sobs in obsession*
What about pokemon red and blue?
Samuel Vega
Samuel Vega 个月 前
U saw this while playing on orange vs blue in rainbow six siege
Soniccoolgamer 个月 前
sub 2 me
Ethan Whitney
Ethan Whitney 个月 前
Blue team for life
Nathan Camara
Nathan Camara 个月 前
Good, he is providing science instead of lore.
Luna Miki
Luna Miki 个月 前
That explains so much...
Real Kaffa
Real Kaffa 个月 前
What's a moba?
Steel Venom
Steel Venom 个月 前
Uhh...Mat. 4:10, that's UT99 not UT2004.
Trey Corthell
Trey Corthell 个月 前
man, this is the best thing ever for me to finally find, it is time I test this theory in tf2
Lifefighter _YT
Lifefighter _YT 个月 前
Am i late again....
blue yedevil
blue yedevil 个月 前
not true i always play blue in team fortress 2 and i win always
Johnny Jr Beeler
Johnny Jr Beeler 个月 前
Matpat!!! The root chakra is red. Combined this with that man!!!
iMasyour 个月 前
GTA San Andreas are about Purple vs Green
marshmellow man
marshmellow man 个月 前
Thats why i take things slow when i play shooter games where my guy is wearing blue Hey mp what do the other colors do?
ACHU 03 个月 前
I Am Groot
RyoWan Hodgeobie
RyoWan Hodgeobie 个月 前
How wouldn’t blue help? If red makes you more urgent then won’t it make you react faster to seeing a enemy red if you are on blue and make the other person want to think it out but would actually die before they could
Siebe Breemans
Siebe Breemans 个月 前
I did wear red during my exams!?
Xanixia 个月 前
Who else came here thinking it would be an actual rvb theory?
Mailman 个月 前
well, when you do get hurt in a game, red appears in your screen to alert you that you got hit
InfernoGames 个月 前
You have made a grave mistake, it's spelled coloUr not -"COLOR"-
Random User
Random User 个月 前
I am the unluckiest player, on all my Overwatch math I am ALWAYS ON THE BLUE TEAM and the enemy is in the red team!
Márk 个月 前
i was in red team i winned i was on blu tean i winned Im awsome
Grizzly 个月 前
Hmm, guess to combine those two powers I need purple
Arrivederci 个月 前
What about Overwatch? That game is strategy and action.
rv rv
rv rv 个月 前
I am not scared of red because my bro had is room red and mine is blue (and I was the more cooler one)
DreamIndex 个月 前
so where does that leave splatoon
HaloCEJohn117 360noscope
and that is why cortana in halo is blue
HaloCEJohn117 360noscope
oh....so that is why foxy is like swiggity swoogity comin fo dat boogiedy
Jacob Vermillion
Jacob Vermillion 个月 前
Back when I was playing halo 4 every single day after school and weekend almost every single match was won by the blue and me playing a match was almost never put on the blue side so I was wanting to get on the blue side and that counts too when halo 5 was out and my dad bought my family and Xbox one it kept happening again but a little less more than halo 4
Francisco Miranda
I'm colour blind :(
JakubWu199 awm
JakubWu199 awm 个月 前
In TF2 I won with teamates i BLU team (heavy rush)
Saima Jan
Saima Jan 个月 前
turn on captions and go to 0:55
Sans 个月 前
ok. need to change my jacket
Aiden Ferguson
Aiden Ferguson 个月 前
What if you are colorblind?
ACHU 03 个月 前
Bingo By the by I am groot
Beatriz 0liveira
Beatriz 0liveira 个月 前
In League, the colour only work in VOD, in game all teams see that they are the blue against the red team.
Robo Donut
Robo Donut 个月 前
Mat brown 0:58
JFountain productions
Can you please do a theory on plants vs zombies?
Robb The RoboticBnkyBoy
Update to 2019?
Sander Põld
Sander Põld 个月 前
I always pick RED But still lose in TF2
Patcharanit GG
Patcharanit GG 个月 前
1000 Red expert player vs 1 blue hacker
custerjessica 个月 前
Blood and fire, or calmness and water? Uh... PURPLE! BLOOD AND WATER!
Zihan Chard
Zihan Chard 个月 前
Ayo what’s the music @ 6:15 ?
Vasilis Pistiolas
i am hear only for the not fnaf content
David Nelson
David Nelson 个月 前
The halo sample doesn’t have a problem with the sample size, it just violates the law of large counts condition since there aren’t at least 10 failures
Fours4ker 2 个月 前
So uhmm i should just wear purple so that no one can kill me?
Filip Štefek
Filip Štefek 2 个月 前
Thats why I like Ikea!
Taco Tree
Taco Tree 2 个月 前
#what she said
Miles Crisp
Miles Crisp 2 个月 前
Yeah! Color!
Spencer Rusyniak
Spencer Rusyniak 2 个月 前
Have you considered doing a video on the show red vs blue?
88 Duke
88 Duke 2 个月 前
Honestly I don’t think a color will decide a pro teams play style. Pro players go into tournaments with preset strategies like which objective to attack.
Koby Pearson
Koby Pearson 2 个月 前
Hacking your device... (1 day(s))
Darken_Gamer 2 个月 前
Just because i can, I want you to know that the Unreal Tournament game play you used IS NOT from UT 2004. it is from UT 99
Rachel Wu
Rachel Wu 2 个月 前
I ENTIRELY agree with this because I play Mobile Lengands and whenever I’m on the blue team it seems like we always win. But whenever I’m on the red team I always die more often and it’s almost impossible to win I’m not joking this is true I’ve played for over 5 months
Sneaky 2 个月 前
In lol everyone thinks they are blue the true blue wins cose true blue see more field in front of them then behind
ProudestSheep 2 个月 前
MINECRAFT Mizo 2 个月 前
Neon 2 个月 前
Well today its now Red vs Blue vs Green vs Yellow
Şahin Tv
Şahin Tv 2 个月 前
MatPat pls make a video about the TF2 story or make a timeline for it !
Noah Martin
Noah Martin 2 个月 前
but i was on a blue team once and we won many times
black diamond
black diamond 2 个月 前
You just changed my mind and strategy for ever xD
King Patzandor
King Patzandor 2 个月 前
Psychology cheat codes sometimes don’t work, when I play team fortress 2 I play blue and get my team to beat up the reds. When I play red, same thing happens unless there’s a crit for either team.
Marites Alto
Marites Alto 2 个月 前
When I was a kid I thought red has more damage than blue and blue has more defense
Juil 10 天 前
Wouldn't the increased defense just cancel out the increased damage?
Tunji Adenipekun
Tunji Adenipekun 个月 前
u were a dumb kid
RockinRobin Gaming
RockinRobin Gaming 2 个月 前
0:17 put on the captions lol
Drizzlysquid17 2 个月 前
You forgot B A on the code 🤣
Edward Forster
Edward Forster 2 个月 前
I dont do pvp lol lol
Ant Competitors
Ant Competitors 2 个月 前
Whatever team I join they always win and I'm on the leaderboards at least once. No matter if I join late
Arthur Lima
Arthur Lima 2 个月 前
So... Communism...
King- NightSlash
King- NightSlash 2 个月 前
That explains a lot no wonder I hate being on blue team
Czech Mate
Czech Mate 2 个月 前
Red=bad. Red dingleberries=worse. Im running too.
RayRexDex 2 个月 前
Is this cheating?
Noob40Playz 2 个月 前
This also explains how throughout history, countries with certain colors win or lose. For example, the British were very aggressive and pushed out into as many countries as they could(them being red), and the French empire being really strategic in battle(them being blue)
Ethan Weaver
Ethan Weaver 2 个月 前
Evolution my but
Aladdin - Movie Review