Game Theory: Red vs Blue, The SECRET Color Strategy

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Red vs Blue. It's the two default colors to differentiate opposing teams in most games, both video games and in real-world sports. But in balanced games, what if the choice between red and blue made a difference? What if choosing either red or blue would give you a strategic advantage, putting you in a position to win right from the moment you press START? Well, the secret is this: COLOR MATTERS. Which color is stronger, red or blue ?Watch and choose wisely!
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Mr Diamond
Mr Diamond 2 小时 前
Ok, so that means that when i have the Lynx skin on fortnite fully upgraded i always have to pick the red colour?
Sad king
Sad king 天 前
The league of legends theory weretrue How? Find the evidence in the LOL sandbox Also... Be filled with joy so you can win because red is aggressive
mr pugman
mr pugman 天 前
That stuff bout Arkansas is true nobody be stopping at the stop sign
GV 2 天 前
This was a very interesting video. I feel like I learned a lot.
anyomus random
anyomus random 2 天 前
This doesn’t matter if you main spy ha!
Jpmasterbr 3 天 前
I'm the type of guy that uses these psychological advantages even on minecraft
Adam Holt
Adam Holt 4 天 前
Nah it's so bad guys can't see me bleed.
Abelardo Rodriguez
My science project
moumou07 6 天 前
Just play green vs yellow
meafreakazoid __
Dang cus im always on the blue team in halo.
Bloody Wrists
Bloody Wrists 8 天 前
What about purple
Not Using This Account
Lol, already knew it! Oh,, wait,, it is 3 years old?
Julius Lulgjuraj
RVB is beast
Julius Lulgjuraj
Leo Xie
Leo Xie 8 天 前
Oh ya that intro so sexy oh ya. no more p***hub
Super MTM
Super MTM 9 天 前
This is why defence in Rainbow six siege is blue while attack is red
Awesome Ninja09
Awesome Ninja09 9 天 前
*when your favorite color is red*
Lego6lego 10 天 前
draggon 898
draggon 898 10 天 前
someone 837
someone 837 10 天 前
Srsly I’m late to every good vid in the past
someone 837
someone 837 10 天 前
My team color is blue for my group is blue
Final 11 天 前
So what color should I pick for smash
Jeff Hatch
Jeff Hatch 12 天 前
4ēæð 5hijß 0øijùỳ54ê21àšðčǹ¡¿&¼⅔⅜⁴⅝⅞∅¥‰·±
Jeff Hatch
Jeff Hatch 12 天 前
Hij ij æm ÿœū4 b4æijñ
Canal do Botmano
Canal do Botmano 12 天 前
In Dota the Blues are the winners in 50% of the games
Copper Laktronics
Wow Matpat... you really are not on good terms with the tf2 community
Mythical Muffin Boi
So this is why the red socks are so good?
Tomer Barkan
Tomer Barkan 13 天 前
LOL maps are not symmetric as far as I can remember. Dragon, Baron, positioning (top or bottom), and of course the fact that normally the support goes bottom, which has a different jungle for every side.
canine wolf
canine wolf 13 天 前
thanks matpat now i know wut to do wen i'm angry
Norske Mapping
Norske Mapping 13 天 前
Who else saw the Tardis at 13:49?
cınar Ersoy
cınar Ersoy 14 天 前
game boi
Alexander LeBlanc
except I actually wish you did more videos on TF2 because I need to learn the secrets of Australium technology(please)
Nicholas Baunsgaard
7:38 #what she said
Demons F.B.i
Demons F.B.i 15 天 前
DarkLuke2005 17 天 前
5:18 Communism in the Game Theorist Union.
alisaboredf meow
alisaboredf meow 18 天 前
PLS DO RWBY they relised Vol. 6 ep 4 soooo plssss
Raggierd Dragonslayer
Okay, here's an example that proves this as true. When I play Halo 5, I'm usually blue. And red ALWAYS WINS. When I do a local game on Reach or 4 though, it goes to skill. Think I'm lying? My stats for 5 are 11 games: 10 loses as blue, 1 win as red.
Raggierd Dragonslayer
Also, just for proof that we dont evolve, I and many others I know actually prefer the color red than blue because of eye appeal.
Random German
Random German 19 天 前
Blue all the way
boythunder1103 20 天 前
15:05 says we have new excuse for lag when it's clearly a framerate issue
Socks 20 天 前
So explain why team Mystic has more members than Valor?
Socks 20 天 前
We still need MatPat to explain Rooster Teeth Animated series. Who's with me?
Tori's Adventures VJohnson
Hot magenta and electric yellow XD I love splatoon
Doggy Dog
Doggy Dog 23 天 前
Is is that titan fall 2 Oh wait that’s titan fall 1 14:55
Blue Evan
Blue Evan 23 天 前
What about tf2 a game that involves both fast pace aggression and long term strategy
Magic2729 23 天 前
Anyone else notice a serious fatal flaw in one of his arguments? Ya'know like how League of Legends doesn't have a red side it has a PURPLE SIDE?
Mohammad Irshad
Mohammad Irshad 24 天 前
This explains why Luigi's scared of mario
Uh, this has nothing to do with tf2's color spectrum because of these reasons 1. Stalemates 2. Teams switch off every round 3. Tryhards exist on either team
Justin Day
Justin Day 24 天 前
I’m thinking of the show rvb, so *”GODDAMNIT CABOOSE!”*
Lubinator 666
Lubinator 666 25 天 前
Lubinator 666
Lubinator 666 25 天 前
Lubinator 666
Lubinator 666 25 天 前
Christopher LaMont
but remember that in overwatch to both teams they are blue and the other teams are red
Reinis Strods
Reinis Strods 25 天 前
Ita true because i do tekwondo and i Wear red and won every mach
Mr sheep
Mr sheep 26 天 前
What if there was a purple team
Burner Calore
Burner Calore 26 天 前
The captions are so funny LOL
Flying hamburger Films
Thought this was about the show
Zoie Brown
Zoie Brown 27 天 前
In captions the intro said *sexy intro music* WHY?
Gabriel The Pretzel
Why so many fezs
tomato 29 天 前
Ha red blue green black don't matter to me I'm more scared... OF PURPLE
Douglas Camara
Douglas Camara 个月 前
See that, ppl? Jungles don't win the game. Get the damn towers!
Kitten Cat
Kitten Cat 个月 前
But in a game like robocraft you see yourself and your team as blue no matter what so if I said: “Hey red surrender now!” They are going to see our team in red not their team as we see it so it looks like I’m telling my team to surrender
carson lee
carson lee 个月 前
when i play a video game red team won almost every time and blue team one 3 times and red team won 9 times
Red Death
Red Death 个月 前
Red is my fav this theory is rigth
Red Death
Red Death 个月 前
fathan kurnia
fathan kurnia 个月 前
In tf2 I pick red
Noob universe
Noob universe 个月 前
2018 .
Zane Johnson
Zane Johnson 个月 前
For the love of God turn on the captions
Eric Rodriguez
Eric Rodriguez 个月 前
H2 Z3
H2 Z3 个月 前
Then why when I pick blue team it's 100/0, I dunno SKILL
Brendan Gatica
Brendan Gatica 个月 前
My question is in overwatch you are always blue and the enemy is red so wouldn't it be even
furrtakuXD 个月 前
I always knew those colors were up to something...
DJRustyLips 个月 前
Blood GANG
sma hakim
sma hakim 个月 前
Omg no wonder that the blue immortals beat the red Complexity in Clash Royale
Luke Pixel
Luke Pixel 个月 前
This should have been a SCIENCE episode.
Mason playz
Mason playz 个月 前
Sir we are not evolved from monkeys
Caleb Spurgin
Caleb Spurgin 个月 前
#what she said
Deadfish 2906
Deadfish 2906 个月 前
Ok I didn't watch this full vid yet but we see the other teams as blue, so red team sees blue team as blue Blue team sees red team as blue
No wonder everybody wearing red in Roblox Rap Battles normally sucks and every two words there's the things that everybody hates. Primary example, I gut the cash, you are #####, just go ### ## # #### HastagCorrection.exe: TRASH.............DIE IN A HOLE
wait does the red mean error or film theory? cause in film theory there is only one red.
Origami Yoda
Origami Yoda 个月 前
So are kryptonians REALLY weakened by red?
Darth Saiyan
Darth Saiyan 个月 前
idgaf only annoying kids on the red teams, smart solders wear blue.
Ex0tics 个月 前
He said *_it's just a theory_* even though he proved it with scientific evidence so it should be "*HEY ITS JUST A* *_FACT_*
Georg Platzer
Georg Platzer 个月 前
Then what color should i choose in Smash Bros? since this game is Both ... High Action and Strategy ^^
Nomcat N
Nomcat N 个月 前
0:00 wtf......?
Bruticica 个月 前
In halo, I use a similar strategy, I always use EVA armor to intimidate my enemies
cat in a box
cat in a box 个月 前
BlazinFoam 28
BlazinFoam 28 个月 前
Shadow Storm
Shadow Storm 个月 前
I’m from the. Futer
Rene Reyes
Rene Reyes 个月 前
Because you may be immune when color blind
Modern Sonic546
Modern Sonic546 个月 前
So is this why marvel is great and dc kinda sucks?
1benrob 个月 前
blue blue
lugia flames
lugia flames 个月 前
13:50 is that the tardis?!
Muhammad Suzairi
Muhammad Suzairi 个月 前
What would you choose red or blue
Muhammad Suzairi
Muhammad Suzairi 个月 前
I would choose blue
Yoshicqw 个月 前
i didnt know that the Paper towns movie had a prequil!
Sheri Rose
Sheri Rose 个月 前
plants vs. zombies GW2
Michael Justin
Michael Justin 个月 前
Oh that's why I always win
TheBaldrickk 个月 前
Huh, was that the TARDIS?
Grwgoski 个月 前
Mikael Överfjord
Hey, Matpat! I've already read that book and I can tell you it was awesome! You probably know he comes from Sweden and so do I. (I read the exact same book but in swedish) :) PS:Thought you would like to hear that you've got fans from Sweden to.