Game Theory: Why Star Fox has NO LEGS, The REAL Reason!

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One small detail from the Star Fox series that often gets overlooked is Star Fox's metal legs. Look at any of the original artwork or promotional materials, and you see Fox, Slippy, Falco, and Peppy all with robotic-looking legs and feet, with ankles too narrow for them to just be boots. They're even present in Smash Bros! But WHY?!? The Internet's working theory has been that the lack of legs allows for greater resistance to G-forces the pilots' bodies go through when performing high-energy combat maneuvers...but is that REALLY true? I intend to find out!
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Zarek Belt
Zarek Belt 7 天 前
ethancodes 9 天 前
All these people talking about the Star Fox name obviously didn't watch the video. He clearly calls him by Fox McCloud when he is talking about Fox. When referring to the team as a whole, he calls them Star Fox, because that is the team name...
Nick Vinsable
Nick Vinsable 9 天 前
A recent experiment was done (less than a year from this comment) where rats were programmed to respond to beams of light crossing specific nerve cells that forced ‘em to do… something. Now imagine wearing that Hardwear called the NerveGear from “Sword Art Online”
tanz99 10 天 前
3 mins talking talking about yourself get to the point
Andrew Anomaly
Andrew Anomaly 15 天 前
Actually, in star fox zero we are shown that star fox does not need to steer the plane with his feet, in the tutorial you see he just uses two control joysticks.
Abram 15 天 前
Those are puppets.Not art work
It was canonically announced that they are boots.
hanisusofou 18 天 前
Omg I misses the days game theory uses soundtracks from games that I knew. Like 7th saga or Chrono Trigger or Zelda.
Mega sonic
Mega sonic 23 天 前
*chuckles* can I see your legs?
Mikael Ólafsson
Mikael Ólafsson 23 天 前
4:36 insert yugioh joke here
Lmg mounted And loaded
He took an arrow to the knee
Bryan Wade
Bryan Wade 个月 前
Po lil tink tink
Bob Pow
Bob Pow 个月 前
No gravity though
Lysander .O.C.
Lysander .O.C. 个月 前
You called fox mc'cloud starfox
Jason Basile
Jason Basile 个月 前
0:59 it’s been 7 years now.
Hypersonic Plays
Hypersonic Plays 个月 前
I wonder if sonic has robotic legs
Edon Kalanica
Edon Kalanica 个月 前
What if he romowed while being upsidedown
Star Raptor
Star Raptor 个月 前
we have come a long way here too in 2018
Drifty Boi
Drifty Boi 个月 前
I always thought star fox had boots instead os metal/robotic legs
Josh B
Josh B 个月 前
what if theyre just boots
Nancy Scofield
Nancy Scofield 个月 前
I believe matpat. If his legs were real they would be really skinny especially at the ankles.
Phoenix Beeker
Phoenix Beeker 个月 前
I I' I'm I'm t I'm to I'm too lazy to do this
Simon Rockett
Simon Rockett 个月 前
Gz can also be effected on the rocket ride in most theme parks where u directly go up u lift from ur seat then PUSH DOWN! (please notice me game theory)
Pengun 37
Pengun 37 个月 前
8:58 yayy Pillz-e lol
Um Gamer da Vida Real
Is Slippy a frog?or a TOAD? THE POWER OF JOKES
Jeff 个月 前
But look at their prosthetics, they are so much thicker and have a bigger mass than normal legs
Cezanne Urquhart-Gagne
Over thinking it game theorist. It's just a artists rendering of a futuristic G-suite. That was a long video for something pretty simple. You said it right at the end. They also could have their original animal legs in these suites.
Natalia Dimitrova
Someone watching in 2018?
Connor 个月 前
What if the boots were an extension of their cardiovascular system with blood pumps and storage, ergo helping them maintain consciousness during high g's
Doggy Woof
Doggy Woof 个月 前
Me in 2018: wow he hasn’t done a starfox video in 3 years. I think
Lizzabell 72
Lizzabell 72 个月 前
KingZ Bob
KingZ Bob 个月 前
Is anyone watching in 2018
Lawus Trimmers
Lawus Trimmers 个月 前
Who just got Starlink? Like for yes.
Fox McCloud
Fox McCloud 个月 前
Well MatPat, I guess your little Theory about me didn't work, You Can't Fool Me!!
bonk master
bonk master 个月 前
Omg fox!!!!!!!!! 😀
CalculOvo Mexido
CalculOvo Mexido 个月 前
This video is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo old
Evan Surdey
Evan Surdey 个月 前
Killer Kane, Killer Kane, had some songs who got no legs... Freak the mighty
Lucas Espinoza
Lucas Espinoza 个月 前
you needed to study more about cardiology, amputation decreases the accumulation of blood, which increases cardiac preload, etc., etc., etc.
Tyler Crandall
Tyler Crandall 个月 前
At least you didn't puke Diet Coke 😖😖😖😖😖
Job Bot
Job Bot 2 个月 前
Fox, Falco, and slippy's dunce hats look funny..but..Pepi just looks like he is a member of the KKK...
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf 2 个月 前
I think that Fox is just wearing Boots. Maybe a type boot that helps prevent Blood from Pooling in the feet? Or perhaps maybe they all just happened to loose their legs and got artificial ones? However I think they're just wearing boots is all.
theflaminskull 500
theflaminskull 500 2 个月 前
i like the use of old time rock music in the intro not like the dipshit crap we pass off as "music"
Nobody You Know
Nobody You Know 2 个月 前
Cara Whipple
Cara Whipple 2 个月 前
What was that tank episode?
Whitecat Productions
I mean tbh there’s also the fact that he has more metal parts like his three metal bars on his forehead and as you see how far they are ahead of us(tech wise) I think he might also have some electronic vain’s with a possibly gyroscope attached to his robotic legs and metal helmet thing that could move the blood to where he needs it to be.. just sayin
InSupportOfJunHado 2 个月 前
I'm late, but it's a gold fox and a blue falcon. You see, on the Super Nintendo, every other title had an F-Zero reference, as Captain Falcone was practically the system's mascot.
Danny_fallens_art /Danny Andrew
Hahaha 3 years ago so old
Not Graham
Not Graham 2 个月 前
Silver the wolf
Silver the wolf 2 个月 前
I always thought those were boots huh I mean to be fair I've never actually played the games though
Evan Wells
Evan Wells 2 个月 前
If mat pat worked at nintendo would he intentionally make things inside the game for more theories
buchanan9000 2 个月 前
Ugh... frog
So if they run faster with metallic legs Why doomguy runs around 55m/h with human legs?
Not-Elias 2 个月 前
Aren't they just boots?
Ty Fleming
Ty Fleming 2 个月 前
In ww2 there was a pilot that had both legs amputated, he used this to his advantage because now he could handle more G-force without blacking out and could do more advanced maneuvers
Taw Meh
Taw Meh 2 个月 前
Uh he does and those are his boots
Dr Oddfellow
Dr Oddfellow 2 个月 前
Oh sure, we can eat Falco's legs and use Peppy's as some superstitious nonsense, but if wanna eat Slippy, THEN im weird! Double standards much Matpat?
Jason Robinson
Jason Robinson 2 个月 前
FYI an Eagle supports its whole weight on 2 legs, so the 4 legs / weight = problems on only 2 legs wont' apply to the Eagle.
conscious nick
conscious nick 2 个月 前
Isn't "No legs" a metaphor for not long lasting?
random stuff
random stuff 2 个月 前
6 years now
Michael Tracy
Michael Tracy 2 个月 前
What if he amputated his legs to actually fly?
Sueanna 2 个月 前
I'm aware this is an old theory but the whole, they needed amputated to be able to walk like humans thing, doesnt make sense when you consider other characters that dont have metal legs like Crystal from the gamecube version of Starfox. I think this is just a limitation in graphics since one of the clips you showed had him wearing what looked like boots rather than metal legs.
K-Tube Gaming and more with Kael
Those arent robotic legs its officially said that they're boots
Shahil Gupta
Shahil Gupta 3 个月 前
It's been 3 yrs since, this episode. It's 2018, welcome brethrens.
Nikolas Camilleri
Nikolas Camilleri 3 个月 前
matpat three years ago feeling old about six years ago
creative's remotebuddy
I was wrong
creative's remotebuddy
The answer is they are boots
Devin Williams
Devin Williams 3 个月 前
Three later again. Lol.
amir ghanem
amir ghanem 3 个月 前
aaron maclang
aaron maclang 3 个月 前
his legs are like the hels in portal
William Shreckengost
Ooh. So if they all got their necks cut off instead, that *would* work!
Meko Gacha
Meko Gacha 3 个月 前
Why have i yet to see this
Seb Gauthier
Seb Gauthier 3 个月 前
or, and hear me out here.... the leg replacements might also include a machine designed to put pressure on the circulatory system while flying and help the blood get moved throughout the body faster. Kinda like a second mechanical heart?
StarfoxclubG Garza
StarfoxclubG Garza 3 个月 前
It was a little funny but I like fox McCloud he has LEGS!! Come on those are his boots
Sara Quinn
Sara Quinn 3 个月 前
I have starfox on the GameCube
Mr. Lightning
Mr. Lightning 3 个月 前
My recomended bar is only Game theory
Evan Myers
Evan Myers 3 个月 前
And we wont hear star fox for another 3 years
Cordless Walnut
Cordless Walnut 3 个月 前
Bryan Chin
Bryan Chin 3 个月 前
Skullynx 3 个月 前
Welp It's been three years
MasterKlaw 3 个月 前
In my Star Fox movie script, James "Fox" McCloud Jr. and the rest of the team lost their legs in some tragic accident. Fox and his father James were simply born without legs, Slippy had his amputated after injuring them in a freak lab accident, Falco was a war veteran and lost his legs when he tried to defuse a bomb (he still saved everyone), and Peppy lost his legs after crashing his Arwing on Corneria while escaping Andross after Pigma betrayed him and James.
Ethan Angell
Ethan Angell 3 个月 前
Battle cats. Like if you agree.
Mark Dwyne Fandino
Mark Dwyne Fandino 3 个月 前
The creator said it's just boots !!!
Mark Dwyne Fandino
Mark Dwyne Fandino 3 个月 前
It's just boots !!!
Laura Reid
Laura Reid 3 个月 前
Were are your legs. What do you aggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
R P 3 个月 前
Ralf Sintke
Ralf Sintke 3 个月 前
it took you 15:18 to scienitifcally tell me what i already knew since so many years ? the players guide even stated what happened to their legs =D though maybe it wouldnt have worked out.
Daniel J. Mikołajewski
Pff. To prevent the tidal wave of furry foot fetish fan art. Why else?
Gavin Conway
Gavin Conway 4 个月 前
There boots the art is just messy compared to now so they look like let’s but are really boots also it’s just a game not all games have theories that make sense even if your doing them
WolfSpirit99 _
WolfSpirit99 _ 4 个月 前
So Darth Vader could handle like 10 g forces because of his lost limbs, technology, and the force? Also, I think that early stages had a hard time making the silver boots, and that’s why the legs look so weird. Also, maybe they lost their legs due to injury? Rare coincidence, but possible
Tai-son ikeda
Tai-son ikeda 4 个月 前
For game
Tai-son ikeda
Tai-son ikeda 4 个月 前
He’s there he’s here he’s every where who u gonna call? Mat pat the theorist 🎶🎵
Neon The jolteon
Neon The jolteon 4 个月 前
Those things are awesome I did it whole bunch when I was a lil eevee sub and tell you y I said that but any way I would sneak in one and Spam the button
Game Mania
Game Mania 4 个月 前
Nintendo debunked this theory but the creator said it was a cool theory but their just boots
Anahi R
Anahi R 4 个月 前
Dang taking it to extreme and getting rid of the legs
eatmyson studios
eatmyson studios 4 个月 前
Nintendo confirmed that the “legs” are actually boots.
Justin Y
Justin Y 4 个月 前
Now 6 years
Garrett Gates
Garrett Gates 4 个月 前
Anyone else think that those were just boots?
Štefan Solčianský
Štefan Solčianský
Frog legs, that reminds m of Dont starve.
Resh 4 个月 前
wait IM FROM THE FFUTURE (oh yeah intro is much better in the footure)
Sarah Miller
Sarah Miller 4 个月 前
But how did wolf!?!?!?!
BbVortexMortinghan 4 个月 前
This is some pretty primo content matpat