Game Theory: Why Star Fox has NO LEGS, The REAL Reason!

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One small detail from the Star Fox series that often gets overlooked is Star Fox's metal legs. Look at any of the original artwork or promotional materials, and you see Fox, Slippy, Falco, and Peppy all with robotic-looking legs and feet, with ankles too narrow for them to just be boots. They're even present in Smash Bros! But WHY?!? The Internet's working theory has been that the lack of legs allows for greater resistance to G-forces the pilots' bodies go through when performing high-energy combat maneuvers...but is that REALLY true? I intend to find out!
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Coleman Garrett
Coleman Garrett 2 天 前
Could they have been boots
Mirrored {} Chaos
when no one talks about star fox assault anymore :(
Jack 51
Jack 51 4 天 前
Maybe those are boots because their pants go in the legs which makes no sense.
Asher Woodrow
Asher Woodrow 5 天 前
Li nk
Li nk 5 天 前
Do a theory about why pewdiepie doesn’t have legs
comic sans
comic sans 5 天 前
What if they took the blood from there legs and ingected it back into then.
Kaleb Garnier-Wells
holy crap.....I thought Peppy was a donkey...and I've seen this video before. Wow that took embarrassingly long to figure out.
LumaBeen 6 天 前
Who needs a science teacher when you have MatPat?!
Beth Poley
Beth Poley 7 天 前
I thought it was zooming in on Nintendo
Madeline Carragher
Oh wait. This one was made before Film Theory existed.
Hirobian 7 天 前
You know what I think? I think they are just boots.
BubbaJake Jake
BubbaJake Jake 10 天 前
ZZ Top
tech ask
tech ask 11 天 前
i think his legs works like a motor who push his blood into his uper body and increase his blood presure
Robert Orbin III
Robert Orbin III 13 天 前
Star fox is PewDiePie!!!!!! They BOTH HAVE NO LEGS
Lita Dobele
Lita Dobele 13 天 前
i cant get fnaf out eather please deposite 5 coins
Yoyoitsbenzo Gaming
Poor Ting Ting..
LostDog2C 16 天 前
1:20 Why is the Rabbit a member of the KKK...?
FanmaR 16 天 前
8:58 Never thought I'd see Pillz-e pop up at Game Theory. Foamy the Squirrel is probably my favourite old online cartoon series.
Jackson George
Jackson George 18 天 前
Leevi Ellis
Leevi Ellis 22 天 前
Ckud doping help
Cisco Argueta
Cisco Argueta 23 天 前
1:19 kkk?!!?!?!?!!!?!??
LadyRavencide13 24 天 前
I dunno dude..... I think the hair is good
Elafi Milo
Elafi Milo 25 天 前
"He had his legs amputated at eleven months." I'm thinking he didn't actually have much to do with that decision...
Elafi Milo
Elafi Milo 25 天 前
I wonder what it feels like to run or jump on prosthetic legs. Is the shock greater than on natural legs? Lesser? I know some prosthetics are designed for running and jumping specifically...
Call me Zelda ONE moar time
Mat just shut up
Nerton 27 天 前
In the video it was covered that you get no direct advantage of getting blood from your heart to your brain by amputating your legs, but what about the recovery period? You would have less blood, therefore less total volume of liquid that needs to be shifted, from your legs back to your heard over a shorter distance. Would your recovery back to a normal blood circulation level be faster? Sure this wouldn't help in a single maneuver which incorporates high G exposure over a long period of time (passing out before you get to the recovery period) but in a scenario, where you have constant short exposures in an interval fashion over a longer time period, this could increase the amount of oxygen your brain gets significantly.
Wai Chan
Wai Chan 28 天 前
Matpat do a barrel roll Ok I know it’s a alicorn roll. I think
Francisco Alvarado
Or maiby ther just boots
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin 28 天 前
Proof that Pewds is Fox
ReindeerCat337 29 天 前
His name is Fox Mcloud you uneducated potato
The Lone goomba
The Lone goomba 个月 前
Wait if amputated legs aren’t actually useful in flying what was the deal with those three ace pilots
Kim Jun Hyung
Kim Jun Hyung 个月 前
Great theory!
Huntsman Sniper
Huntsman Sniper 个月 前
The Arwing also has "G-defusers" which I'm guessing combats the G-forces felt by the team
Calvados / Rezo
Calvados / Rezo 个月 前
"There is no G4 in more ways than one" Thanks for rubbing salt in the wound... Its 2019 and Im still heartbroken over the loss of G4. :'( I miss Attack of the Show... Sigh.
Jalix Turner
Jalix Turner 个月 前
Are they not just metal armour boots...?
TheDeadBox 个月 前
aren’t they fighting in.. space? I haven’t played this but I thought most of the game was in space, guess not.
darkwolfgaming 8
darkwolfgaming 8 个月 前
Pill z 2019
darkwolfgaming 8
darkwolfgaming 8 个月 前
Kavoorkin scarff
DolgLanjelin 个月 前
Guess he too a Missile to the legs
Sasquonull 个月 前
Death battle explains that they got rid of their legs to prevent there legs to fail
Art 个月 前
Fox did the opposite of Saitama, Saitama never skipped leg day, Fox skipped every single leg day.
Mike Horvath
Mike Horvath 个月 前
I always just thought they were boots
Doge 个月 前
Omg the intro sounds so cool in 1.25 speed
ModestMagician 个月 前
He did not have his legs amputated. Those are boots, dummy.
Cameron Cardoza
Cameron Cardoza 个月 前
Hey Game Theorists, the answer is more simple than you think. The biggest risk someone can die from when they are sitting for long periods of time and not being active are DVT's (Deep Vein Thromboses) from the legs. Maybe to compensate for long missions like underwater ones, or going to the center of a planet and back, or having to come out of a plane and fight in a dino world...maybe not having legs to give you DVT's is a better option...on top of super human speed while carrying a rocket launcher...
Brasil 个月 前
I'm going on a plane later today, time to experience Gx forces! :)
Jason Gregoire
Jason Gregoire 个月 前
Why did you have to use the word slosh
asd asd
asd asd 个月 前
They might have putted the legs blood in the body back after they had cutted it.
Diamond Knight
Diamond Knight 个月 前
hey dumbass there boots
CaramelTV 个月 前
I have never drove a plane before. The only time I experienced Gz forces is when I was riding the Superman tower of power at six flags over Texas. I’m probably wrong please correct me if I am
The guurahk show V3
Hey v sauce Michael here whEre aRe yOuR fInGeRs
DJ Kirby
DJ Kirby 个月 前
Bombtastic Melody
Hey Matpat I'll make you a new intro , if you'd like I can send it to you by CNvid chat or messenger
adam key
adam key 个月 前
Or they are just boots. Yes boots, later confirmed by the creator of skyfox in an interview
James Kearney
James Kearney 个月 前
Why can’t their legs be robotic an helps pump blood,!?
Oz10 B
Oz10 B 个月 前
Flipping hell I have pilot envy
Jake Samuel
Jake Samuel 个月 前
in the loading screen of strafox 64 fox has 4 fingers... and a thumb
MrBlargMaster 个月 前
This video makes me queasy with all that talk about blood and amputation
zachary whitttle
zachary whitttle 个月 前
Can you truthfully tell me the earth is flat
Payton Robinson
Payton Robinson 个月 前
It's just boots
MistycGC 个月 前
Game theory: boots
Daimenlevahs Melcher
Maybe there metal boots
MalixCrash 个月 前
Finally Ann explination for the fezes! I've been looking for that!
Earth in a box
Earth in a box 2 个月 前
I have a condition where my blood pools in my legs so It'd be like 10× worse for me. Right?
Marc Haas a.k.a. Tyrannex, The Destroyer of Minds
DEBUNKED! Krystal still has her legs and SHE drives an Arwing just like Fox.
Can Ağaoğlu
Can Ağaoğlu 2 个月 前
pewdipie comfirmed
Jorge Robledo
Jorge Robledo 2 个月 前
Your legs don’t work Fox
Musical Mr. Fox / Vulpixel
The whole crew seems to have robot legs
paper frigid
paper frigid 2 个月 前
Maybe they are using boots
Aku From the future
Aku From the future 2 个月 前
I totally get why legs would be removed for the space travel.. But this theory was recently debunked by Nintendo when they were asked about it. I really liked this theory.
Raistlin Chesko
Raistlin Chesko 2 个月 前
I hate to be that guy, but Bater kinda proves it The reason it helps to withstand high Gs is due to the fact of certain maneuvers forcing blood to rush away from your head So no, science doesn't go against it
Zarek Belt
Zarek Belt 2 个月 前
ethancodes 2 个月 前
All these people talking about the Star Fox name obviously didn't watch the video. He clearly calls him by Fox McCloud when he is talking about Fox. When referring to the team as a whole, he calls them Star Fox, because that is the team name...
Nick Vinsable
Nick Vinsable 2 个月 前
A recent experiment was done (less than a year from this comment) where rats were programmed to respond to beams of light crossing specific nerve cells that forced ‘em to do… something. Now imagine wearing that Hardwear called the NerveGear from “Sword Art Online”
tanz99 2 个月 前
3 mins talking talking about yourself get to the point
Andrew Anomaly
Andrew Anomaly 2 个月 前
Actually, in star fox zero we are shown that star fox does not need to steer the plane with his feet, in the tutorial you see he just uses two control joysticks.
Meh 2 个月 前
Those are puppets.Not art work
It was canonically announced that they are boots.
hanisusofou 2 个月 前
Omg I misses the days game theory uses soundtracks from games that I knew. Like 7th saga or Chrono Trigger or Zelda.
Mega sonic
Mega sonic 3 个月 前
*chuckles* can I see your legs?
Mikael Ólafsson
Mikael Ólafsson 3 个月 前
4:36 insert yugioh joke here
Lmg mounted And loaded
He took an arrow to the knee
Bryan Wade
Bryan Wade 3 个月 前
Po lil tink tink
Bob Pow
Bob Pow 3 个月 前
No gravity though
Lysander .O.C.
Lysander .O.C. 3 个月 前
You called fox mc'cloud starfox
Jason Basile
Jason Basile 3 个月 前
0:59 it’s been 7 years now.
Smelly poo Plays
Smelly poo Plays 3 个月 前
I wonder if sonic has robotic legs
Edon Kalanica
Edon Kalanica 3 个月 前
What if he romowed while being upsidedown
Star Raptor
Star Raptor 3 个月 前
we have come a long way here too in 2018
Drifty Boi
Drifty Boi 3 个月 前
I always thought star fox had boots instead os metal/robotic legs
Josh B
Josh B 3 个月 前
what if theyre just boots
Nancy Scofield
Nancy Scofield 3 个月 前
I believe matpat. If his legs were real they would be really skinny especially at the ankles.
Dat Boi
Dat Boi 3 个月 前
I I' I'm I'm t I'm to I'm too lazy to do this
Simon Rockett
Simon Rockett 4 个月 前
Gz can also be effected on the rocket ride in most theme parks where u directly go up u lift from ur seat then PUSH DOWN! (please notice me game theory)
Pengun 37
Pengun 37 4 个月 前
8:58 yayy Pillz-e lol
Um Gamer da Vida Real
Is Slippy a frog?or a TOAD? THE POWER OF JOKES
Jeff 4 个月 前
But look at their prosthetics, they are so much thicker and have a bigger mass than normal legs
shrillshrimp 200
shrillshrimp 200 4 个月 前
Over thinking it game theorist. It's just a artists rendering of a futuristic G-suite. That was a long video for something pretty simple. You said it right at the end. They also could have their original animal legs in these suites.
Natalia Dimitrova
Natalia Dimitrova 4 个月 前
Someone watching in 2018?
Connor 4 个月 前
What if the boots were an extension of their cardiovascular system with blood pumps and storage, ergo helping them maintain consciousness during high g's
Doggy Woof
Doggy Woof 4 个月 前
Me in 2018: wow he hasn’t done a starfox video in 3 years. I think