Game Theory: World of Warcraft will SAVE the Economy

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We've talked before about how incredibly addictive World of Warcraft is. But one thing we haven't mentioned is how the game is secretly training the some of the greatest economic thinkers in history. Business school? MBA? Forget that! Play a couple hundred hours of WoW and you'll be able to solve some of the world's most difficult financial issues. This video explains how!
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charmy sorry XD
charmy sorry XD 16 天 前
It's good to see matpat making jokes about because CV that's not one funny moment with ronnie too bad they are limited
matthew draper
matthew draper 个月 前
this is the good stuff #TheGameTheorists
Mystery User
Mystery User 个月 前
This happened ages ago in a game called "The Kingdom of Loathing" (great game btw) but more suddenly, as people discovered cheats. To counteract this, the devs of the game put in "currency sinks", or pointless, really expensive items for a status symbol.
dog boy 2.0
dog boy 2.0 个月 前
Im a gamer
335zhaoyun 个月 前
I played RS more than wow.
Doge Playz
Doge Playz 3 个月 前
11:24 R.I.P. Ronnie :C
PhaserFelix 3 个月 前
2019? xD
PhaserFelix 3 个月 前
Got this as recommended. Hmmm wonder if its a pun at how bad im at my own economy
SmilingIdle Gearlock
*buys WoW*
Nils Hughes
Nils Hughes 3 个月 前
I had no idea I had such an impact on the real world (of Warcraft) economy
dellort tog uoy
dellort tog uoy 4 个月 前
when TGT was actually a good channel :(
Ani Tame
Ani Tame 4 个月 前
I’m a hacker I’m a fan
Иван Ганев
Иван Ганев 4 个月 前
The Stick Angel
The Stick Angel 4 个月 前
no named W
no named W 4 个月 前
who is is from 2019
Terra 4 个月 前
I watched this video and now I’m thinking “WoW!”
wowSorry yt4
wowSorry yt4 4 个月 前
Old matpat was better
natsu dragneel
natsu dragneel 4 个月 前
doesnt runescape have something similar aka grand exchange
Cat Talkz
Cat Talkz 5 个月 前
Who’s from the Mary Poppins episode?
Eli 4 个月 前
Not originally, but I'm revisiting because of it :')
Christian Martinez
Christian Martinez 5 个月 前
Big Papi
Big Papi 5 个月 前
More reasons to say it’s great 🙂 Cuz it is
John Pekala
John Pekala 6 个月 前
Random thing I noticed that has nothing to do with the video itself but the background music from the time 12:24 tell about the end sounds like the background Dungeon music for the 7th Saga
Lincoln H
Lincoln H 6 个月 前
MrRudeboey 6 个月 前
i learned how to bid on e bay
darkmatter411 6 个月 前
I've watched this maybe 6 times since it came out, and every time I complain about his lack of research cause there has always been a gold cap in wow as of this comment it's 10mil per character but it used to be 214,748 gold, 36 silver, 48 copper this always bothered me
Destrey Lord of the Milfs
When/where did JPMorgan Chase & Co. use World of Warcraft to explain economic principles?
Niall Davidson
Niall Davidson 7 个月 前
got my own personal hippogrif and a ton of gold no need to hitch a ride. haha, no but seriously i have a waste of a life
Goolog 7 个月 前
(((Central banks)))
björgvin karlsson
björgvin karlsson 7 个月 前
Iceland's government has never actually approved it its still just hanging there :(
Wired Wrong
Wired Wrong 8 个月 前
I found my spore at myself and a firely why bid on what you can find yourself?
Dragon Slayer 359
Dragon Slayer 359 8 个月 前
I thought I was going to sleep at some point tonight. It's now 7:11 a.m.
Jack The nazi hunter
Huh, you made a wow economics video around the month frame my favorite channel extra credits did, that’s kinda cool
Ryan Sherring
Ryan Sherring 8 个月 前
All the dislikes are world of warcraft fans
Caroline Harned
Caroline Harned 8 个月 前
Waaaaaaaait is this all games or just World of Warcraft
Valpro 6 个月 前
Just WoW
Ryan Stewart
Ryan Stewart 8 个月 前
Not gonna lie this is the worst theory you’ve ever made. You just talked about a couple similarities in the wow economy and were like gj man
EvaPunk333 8 个月 前
Everytime I watch an old video and Ronnie is mentioned I get sad. RIP Ronnie
DahrkMezalf 8 个月 前
If nothing else, the WoW marketplace teaches the principles of supply/demand. But just like trading cards (which are literally worthless in "usefulness"), many things hold a collector's value. - That's why trading cards, old currency, and retro games can fetch an outrageous price on the market: it's not the physical value, but a mix of supply/demand & collector's value. - Any WoW player who has dabbled in the Auction market has learned this. The value of their goods is relevant to supply/demand along with how easy or difficult it is to pay for those goods. And of course, there's a niche market for collectors as well: these things are purely cosmetic (like a trading card), but the emotional/aesthetic value raises it's average sale price. - Simply put: things will sell if people keep buying; we adjust prices to match the current economy, whether that's supply/demand or collector's value. It's simply a matter of observing the market and adjusting accordingly. Just like real life.
BFlat 8 个月 前
Anyone else here after the Ronnie situation? When he was in the last bit I almost cried...
Devan Dunlap
Devan Dunlap 8 个月 前
Neathereeave? Pft weak. Hex weave my dude.
PennyAfNorberg 8 个月 前
But wow has serval currency systems, gold isn't top dog, and the other are a) more fixed and b) reset each expansion, or more frequently.
Braden Nitsch
Braden Nitsch 8 个月 前
I will actually use this in economy class if we need to create our own currency
alpan 8 个月 前
I love the bgm makes it more interesting
T3CHN01200 8 个月 前
I like these economics theories.
Sergei 8 个月 前
Ha, bitcoin, don't you feel silly
Willy c
Willy c 8 个月 前
there is a gold cap each toon allow to have.
PsychoLucario 8 个月 前
Anyone who's played the AH knows that supply side economics is utter bullshit. also this is quite old now, blizz has a way to deal with inflation through the game tokens and adjusting gold sources. various expansions now have increased and decreased inflation
JC Denton
JC Denton 9 个月 前
R.I.P Ronnie, we will your great work
mohammed sarker
mohammed sarker 9 个月 前
Man, looking back this video was so stupid
William Wilson
William Wilson 9 个月 前
The reason items are selling so high is because Blizzard has made gold easy to get. When level cap was 60 and items vendor for copper and silver a single gold coin took all day to get, now at level 120 you vendor items for 75 gold coins and can make thousands a day.
assgore 9 个月 前
DraigoDragon 9 个月 前
was hopeing this was the corrupted blood incident :
Kristjan hrafn Olafsson
Yogurt Banana
Yogurt Banana 9 个月 前
R.I.P. Ronnie
5x55 9 个月 前
The gold cap is 9,999,999 there is one....
The Soul Of Hope
The Soul Of Hope 9 个月 前
i got a war of world craft at the being of the video..... i was not that surprised
Vicho Hernández
Vicho Hernández 9 个月 前
11:30 ;-; we remember...
TJ M 10 个月 前
Ronnie :(
GamerFromJump 10 个月 前
Fiat currency is designed to let governments rob people. Trade paper for valuables, decouple the paper from worth, then inflate the paper through mass printing. The printers get the valuables, the people get the shaft.
Ruka is Waifu for Laifu
😱😱😱 You watched Inuyasha?!?!?!?!?!?!?
ChaosConsortium 10 个月 前
One thumbs up for use of the The 7th Saga Soundtrack.
Bowie S.
Bowie S. 10 个月 前
i like how he mentioned worgen dk's lol i'm one
Bowie S.
Bowie S. 10 个月 前
I have not read the comments so idk if anyone pointed this out yet, but there is a point in which you really can't have more gold on one character, i mean unless you use another character then sure but ion a single characetr iirc there is a maximum amount of gold one can have on them at a single time,
Bowie S.
Bowie S. 10 个月 前
also i believe the max has always been there tho it's hard to getto for most people iirc
Jasu Rai
Jasu Rai 10 个月 前
I love your Channel Matthew
Tankboy28 10 个月 前
black desert online better
Stephen Dutka
Stephen Dutka 10 个月 前
Ha I haven't watched yet, but I give all my business credit to WoW. I opened a store 8 years ago with the ideas I used in WoW. It supports my family gave friends a job and life looks like life will work out for us.
Matthew Fears
Matthew Fears 10 个月 前
i once sold a legendary for 70,000 gold it sold in one hour.
Matthew Fears
Matthew Fears 10 个月 前
2018 anyone? cuz now there is a new X pack BATTLE FOR AZEROTH .All u Hordes r prob gonna kill me and camp my body.
Med Otaku
Med Otaku 10 个月 前
Should have used Enjin Coin...
the gm
the gm 11 个月 前
travelers tundra mamoths are bind on pickup so you can't buy them of the auction(sry can't speel) house, and you didn't say black market because that is different
the gm
the gm 11 个月 前
so do the reaserch on the items you pick for examples before you use them as examples
BigDad138 11 个月 前
Gotta love that 7th Saga music
Myles C.
Myles C. 11 个月 前
rise up gamers
Therhubarb13 11 个月 前
XentorAntarix 11 个月 前
As if..... *lol*. Sorry.
Robert Williams
Robert Williams 11 个月 前
Wait, so at a rate of 1 penny for 10,000 Marks at the time, the Germans were actually devaluing the paper by printing a Mark onto it?
Compared to some other games like EVE online. WoW economy is so not realistic
stuart pratt
stuart pratt 年 前
as I was watching this I had my factorio game open in the background and one of the research had finished and its sound timed this moment perfectly 7:29
Phoenix Skyward
I have nothing to say to you but lots of love.
Kredoz 年 前
bro you can buy for 20$ 300k+ gold
Tad Jones
Tad Jones 年 前
Finally.....matpat made a WoW video.....thank god
WitherWolf33 年 前
From now on I want this theme as a ringtone.
Miguel Sanchez
1:55 EvE Online is about 20 times more complex. The Market isn't magic. Goods have to be moved manual!
Valkyrie 年 前
The economy would be fine as long as countries and the 1% stop monopolizing everything for their own gain. The fact is that almost everyone is alive to benefit the few. Imagine a free to play game which attracts many people because it is free but it also got extremely bad P2W system which few will use to dominate the game and put the game out of balance while the free to play players are just a population count that entertains the few P2W players which wont exist if the free to play players left the game. That's how the real world works except you can't really just leave because there are rules that are meant to keep you in place while few people benefit from it. Economy isn't the problem, how our society works is the problem.
Natalie Cole
Natalie Cole 年 前
$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$WAR CRAFT
The Ugly Barnacle
been grinding... 3 days... need more gold...
gamerjedi 360
? 6:27 worst joke ever
j1b00m 年 前
I like the south park reference!
CYber GeNik
CYber GeNik 年 前
The intro was cringy and obviously made by someone who's never played WoW...
Alec Birdsall
The price differences of Santa hats in RuneScape from back when I played is nuts
Mr Fred Gaming
moar plez
Manduin 年 前
Been waiting a long time for that WoW theory. It's okay though, you have all the time in the world. With Battle for Azeroth coming out in the next months, you have plenty of theory fodder.
Mannen OP
Mannen OP 年 前
mike Durry
mike Durry 年 前
Nah OSRS will save the economy
andrej danevski
how did matpat predict bitcoin? 2:59
cliffman theb daplayer
I am getting the TCG for world of Warcraft.
A Person
A Person 年 前
*sponsored by world of Warcraft*
Lilia Carriquiry
Maybe even ROBLOX players! some guys are basically economic GODS in ROBLOX,and they gain REAL money with one of ROBLOX'S functions that let you trade robux for real cash.
Tacitus 年 前
This is great. We need to teach Democrats about this.
cody kirk
cody kirk 年 前
this guy is roughly 60% right about the wow economy
FlySpyGuy 年 前
They should institute communism in WOW so everyone can see why it sucks.
FlySpyGuy 年 前
And this is why WW2 happened.
Ace Ventura
Ace Ventura 年 前
Lol, just because wow is going through inflation, mainly caused by gold farmers and the developers, doesn't mean every neck beard who plays wow is some economic genius... If that was the case every Venezuelan citizen is also an economic genius.
Squidward Tortellini
I just got hacked and banned to
CallMeKevin's Draw My Life