George W. Bush cries delivering eulogy for his father, George H.W. Bush (Full Eulogy)

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Former President George W. Bush tears up while eulogizing his father, George H.W. Bush, at a state funeral in Washington.
The 43rd president said his father, the 41st president, taught him how to lead.
"He showed me what it means to be a president who serves with integrity, leads with courage and acts with love in his heart for the citizens of our country," Bush said. "When the history books are written, they will say that George H.W. Bush was a great president of the United States."
Bush's eulogy ended on an emotional note. Concluding his remarks, he added through tears: "Your decency, sincerity and kind soul will stay with us forever. So through our tears, let us know the blessings of knowing and loving you, a great and noble man. The best father a son or daughter could have."
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2018年12月 5日

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Ra Eye
Ra Eye 2 小时 前
Rot you evil fuck.
Woahtakeiteasyman 3 小时 前
Fuck george hw bush and all his sons
Si vis pacem para bellum
George W. Bush, and everyone like you said you knew from 9/11, you knew exactly what was going to happen that day. You have sacrificed your own people. You may be able to deceive us, the living, but you must answer to God over your actions. The hell with you and your whole families. Ask the women who are married to such murderers. How can you still walk with your head up through the area where you know that your husband has killed countless people. Do yourself a favor and take the feet in your hand and walk away so far away from these murderers as far as the feet carry you. Living with such people brings bad karma. What distinguishes the presidents and other leaders from real killers who are in jail for life. " Nothing.! You do not have that much money and other luxury goods but you live a life of peace.
Jennifer Konstant
Jennifer Konstant 3 小时 前
The older he gets the more he looks like his dad! RIP H.W.
Si vis pacem para bellum
11:39 Now you're starting to cry over your dead father. How many parents have you as president made to cry with your war, you have torn to pieces with your bombs. All these sacrifices through your weapons did not get a state burial. But now that it concerns you then you start to cry. When do you finally understand that the last shirt has no pockets where you have the whole wealth that you have bleated over the whole life, that you can not take this wealth with you to the other side. You definitely live and die. I'm sorry, I have no sympathy if one of you dies because you drove countless people to their deaths. George W. Bush. you have done enough harm to mankind, I hope you will never be able to sleep soundly again.the rest of your life shall become agony. And in the face of death, you will hopefully stand before God and give account for the deeds you have committed during your lifetime God's punishment will haunt you for all eternity. So that you have a good life, you will send innocent people to their deaths. You can not make up for that.
Maria Garcia
Maria Garcia 3 小时 前
Osama Bin Laden: "George let out some tears for the death of one one. How many did he let out for great amount of men and women who died at the 9/11 tragedy? We both made history in the fulfillment of Ellen G. White's prediction. Think of the Jesuits hiring us to bring down the Twin Towers and thousands of people crying as many jumped off the buildings, now he's crying for his dead father who was lucky for not being in any of those infernal floors. Now we are getting ready to give the entire world the National Sunday Law.
glue 4 小时 前
That's crazy. Bush can actually show emotion.
gam 32
gam 32 4 小时 前
El tipo que armo guerras con excusas , mentiras , etc . Solo sacrifica vidas y hoy quiere ser el bueno jaja ya te llegara la hora como a todos.
Louie Cen
Louie Cen 4 小时 前
Damn, what the hell is wrong with bill clinton's mouth? Is it some form of mind control?
Binod Bangali
Binod Bangali 4 小时 前
Ab tera kya hoga kalia
HeyitsDee 4 小时 前
I'd find something appropriate and gracious to say if I could just stop crying. RIP, President George H. W. Bush: your son eulogized you with the greatest love, respect, and dignity. ✝❤️
O E 4 小时 前
He crying for Iraq and middle East killed people for Cash ...Bush family
Lion Heart
Lion Heart 4 小时 前
I may not have agreed with Bush Sr. But watching this?i wanted to say to the family , I am truly sorry for your loss .That speech/tribute to his father was extremely hard to do for Bush junior but he did it anyway . R.I.P
donoho93 4 小时 前
Best speech I've ever heard from the man.
Tim 5 小时 前
Thank you George Bush for everything.
Lazaro Mendiola
Lazaro Mendiola 5 小时 前
Such beautiful words to pay tribute and honor his dad. I was truly touched and moved ....
David Norris
David Norris 5 小时 前
That was awesome. Idgaf what "party" you are. Its funny, growing up my family being Democrats almost made me think I should hate him. He said and did some dumb things. But as an adult I seem to really like george Bush. He spoke this eulogy very well.
captQ1 5 小时 前
Very touching eulogy 😢
Weed 6 小时 前
Lol Bill Clinton looked high af
Qaibstreetline Asianredneck
No tears on my end
Alan Smyth
Alan Smyth 6 小时 前
Suck it up cunt now you know how it feels you piece of shit just be comforted to know the lump of shit in the box is now dancing with the devil and your turn will come
Matt Smith
Matt Smith 6 小时 前
I know a lot of folks don't like this man, and like many, I was against the War in Iraq and many of his policies. But I never doubted GWB II's humanity and decency as a person. I do feel he did what he felt was best, even if it was wrong. I never felt that just because I was a democrat that I was inhuman under him a president. The problem with our current president that he is not even CAPABLE of expressing the emotions that GWIII did in this eulogy. He lacks empathy and decency towards other people. He makes fun of retarded and autistic people and sick individuals who are less fortunate. He thinks that his money makes him better than other people. I have a very strong feeling than when his judgment day comes, Mr. Trump is not going to treated favorably by God. Karma will not treat him kindly. And he will not be on his dying bed feeling that he did a great service to the world. He will ultimately have to live with himself and his sins.
Brian Benton
Brian Benton 6 小时 前
I am surprised CNN showed this funeral was there no news by Anderson Cooper
Teresa Bayouth
Teresa Bayouth 6 小时 前
Very Proud Of Trump! Very Sad for the Clintons and hillarys Hatred! Nothing Said in Eulogy about a Testimony of Whether and How The Former President knew Jesus Christ as his own personal Savior. Very Sad. A lot of People want to please people instead of Jesus in the world we live in.
Ludovic Fabri
Ludovic Fabri 6 小时 前
Die in hell bush you murderer
King CoolAid
King CoolAid 6 小时 前
You know you've lived a great life when all living presidents are at your funeral and one of them is your son.
Omar Hadji
Omar Hadji 6 小时 前
Ads? I expect no less from CNN!
Dan Jakeway
Dan Jakeway 7 小时 前
Thank you for your family's public service, Mr. President. The authentic emotion, humanity, and Holy Spirit of the bond of father and son are very palpable. My Father, Jerry Jakeway, who very well may have helped design anti-ballistic missile control systems to end the Cold War, died not too long before my 21st Birthday. And all I really wanted the whole time I was at that misery factory called a college was have another martini with my dad and laugh uproariously. I guess some families are denied the Holy Spirit Paraclete, bond of father and son, far too soon.
Dan Jakeway
Dan Jakeway 7 小时 前
It's only mutually assured destruction if your anti-nuclear technology does not work. I assure you, we have nuclear defusal for suitcase nukes. Now I want the same thing my father obtained, unconditional communist surrender.
Dan Jakeway
Dan Jakeway 7 小时 前
They thought we were lying about Star Wars...then it actually worked...then the Soviet Union wasn't laughing anymore. Unconditional communist surrender.
ElReyDeLosMemes 7 小时 前
Aww, ain't that sweet. War criminals have feelings too :3 OwO
thejayeee 7 小时 前
Ads on a eulogy dedicated to a dead person. Yeah, fuck you too CNN.
Worldstar Hip-Hop
Worldstar Hip-Hop 7 小时 前
They are still just men - they die, they cry.
sl king
sl king 7 小时 前
fuking scumbag
Solid Wisdom
Solid Wisdom 8 小时 前
He is going to pay his dues for Eternity as he should.
capt snafu
capt snafu 8 小时 前
Subscribe to pewdiepie or ur a bitch lasagna
Yavoy 8 小时 前
He crying because demon daddy burning in hell forever playing done
Tatya Vinchu
Tatya Vinchu 8 小时 前
Did you cry when you and your late father killed so many innocent people around the world?
Nate 8 小时 前
We need another George bush in office
Debz writes
Debz writes 8 小时 前
We'll spoken.the ads were disrespectful. Life is short kiss and hug and let ur love ones know how much u love them.
William Dixon
William Dixon 8 小时 前
One of the best speeches he ever gave and my heart goes out to his family. I voted for his dad but not for President Bush. May he RIP.
Joe Knows
Joe Knows 8 小时 前
Now if George W bush could just go fucking die right now wouldn't that be cool
Joe Knows
Joe Knows 8 小时 前
Really glad this motherfucker is dead
DJObliteration1 8 小时 前
Fuckin' warmonger. Good Riddance
Joe Knows
Joe Knows 8 小时 前
Fuck George Bush and his dead dad. No fucking respect everyone who's ever been president has blood on their fucking hands fuck them
Joe Bersik
Joe Bersik 8 小时 前
what a load of CRAP!!
Racer X
Racer X 9 小时 前
No they're not, little George W. Both those criminals are in hell, burning.
Karim Jovian
Karim Jovian 9 小时 前
Politics aside, Bush Jr. This truly touched me and it reminds us where we all connect to our core of humanity. We all mourn, cry and feel happiness the same. This was the deepest Eulogy I have seen. Life is short and we will all go someday. Let's just remember that we are all human. George W Bush did his dad proud. The fact he lost his Mom and Dad within the same year, shows how close his father was to his Mom. Had to go hold her hand and hug his Daughter.
Mystic 5 小时 前
Oof ur the dude that had beef with Adam
David Norris
David Norris 5 小时 前
So very true. We really should all just get along.
Sobored154 9 小时 前
Infidel Atheist
Infidel Atheist 9 小时 前
G.W.Bush grandson of Aleister Crowley 666 satanist and the wickedest man in the world.
Chris Archer
Chris Archer 9 小时 前
He didnt fuck up his saying, good for him
bino ched
bino ched 9 小时 前
I can't believe the Left is propping up this family, perhaps the most sinister family in America
LaidBackFishing 9 小时 前
Sobug Basunia
Sobug Basunia 9 小时 前
wayshower13 9 小时 前
There was a major snow storm in Texas after he returned to the Winterlands. Very appropriate.
Rapture Ready
Rapture Ready 9 小时 前
George W. shouldn't be sad, he'll soon see his mother and father in Hell!
Γιωργος Βιδαλης
Tina Bailey
Tina Bailey 9 小时 前
GOD BLESS. George H.W. Bush is one of a few above and beyond excellent Presidents this nation has ever had. Love him or hate him. It matter not anymore. He rests in our creators arms along with his daughter and wife. RIP Mr. President, RIP!
70sfred1 10 小时 前
A truly noble man and a touching tribute to his father, sister, and mother at the end of his speech!
Solomon Mihai
Solomon Mihai 10 小时 前
He is pathetic
purplepanda420 11 小时 前
How can ppl dislike smh 🇺🇸
J D 11 小时 前
Bill looking high again
Spread JOY Spread LOVE
No matter how old you are it is awful loosing your parents but my goodness literally weeks apart or a month or two apart . Horrendous. Horrible reality. My thoughts and prayers are with all the bush family at this time . May they rest in eternal peace both of them back together again
NeroX 11 小时 前
ADRIAN G 11 小时 前
I wonder what the Kennedy family think about this.
Tonetwisters 11 小时 前
If they are truly born again Christians, they will soon be reunited, as time is running out for this world, and Jesus will soon return for His church.
Samuel agzmam
Samuel agzmam 11 小时 前
Rip sir must be heartbreaking in front of all these people xx
Ibrahim Abdulle
Ibrahim Abdulle 11 小时 前
You definitely will be asking the ( The Father&Son) in their deeds (for killing the millions innocent people)in the Judgment day....by Almighty.......we have in the bible...(old&New) +Quran.....if you killed one innocent person..... attationaly and willingly....For sure no heaven for you at all.
matthew foster
matthew foster 11 小时 前
Trump's body language with arms crossed almost suggests that he can't believe the bullshit he's having to sit there and listen to. Arms crossed is a non receptive posture.
n00b_4_lyfe 11 小时 前
who cares
Sal Salinas
Sal Salinas 11 小时 前
After seeing what kinda response this video got on America,it's obvious the masses are being brainwashed.These idiots will be the demise of the American Republic.
MotoCob 12 小时 前
Another Evil laid to rest... I wont cheer till this Bush is in the ground!
Silent Night
Silent Night 10 小时 前
And Trump!
logos 12 小时 前
Mass murderers! Hopefully, George jnr dies a painful death soon!
Omar Juárez Juarez
Omar Juárez Juarez 12 小时 前
All those bunch of fucking genocides from Trump to Bush Obama, Clinton etc , deserve to be shot in the head for murdering millions of people around the world.
Abi Shah
Abi Shah 12 小时 前
hahahahhahahahaahaha finally the cunt is fucking dead,evil cunt bastards.
Lucretia Harris
Lucretia Harris 12 小时 前
God bless the family give them peace that passes all understanding. We has people don't like all God decisions. And we don't understand GOVERNMENT. We are on the outside looking in. He love the Lord and did the best he could in life. Before all judge look in the mirror and say what are you doing to make the world better. In the Old Testament there was always a war and somebody was always dying. ,war has a purpose just like love. God said there will be Wars and rumors of wars so who decision was it really each time there's a war don't like it take it up with God
Errique Young
Errique Young 12 小时 前
Very touching especially the end
Phida  Cajuste
Phida Cajuste 12 小时 前
Sorry for your loss.
Joyce B.
Joyce B. 12 小时 前
Cried my eyes out.
Monica’s Adventures
Monica’s Adventures 12 小时 前
Such an amazing son to an amazing man! 🎄❤️🙏🏼
Omar Juárez Juarez
Omar Juárez Juarez 12 小时 前
Who cares, just die a criminal of war ..
Gary Douglas
Gary Douglas 12 小时 前
That was well done......with class, love and honor
nosajreklaw 12 小时 前
No fucks were given on this day ;)
Clam Fingers
Clam Fingers 12 小时 前
I've always liked George W. Bush. This was a great Eulogy. The thing is... I like all the Presidents and past Presidents attending here. I truly hope I can say this in another 2 years.
airmark02 12 小时 前
& over here folks we have the living personification of what is commonly known as " the Banality of Evil " as He mindlessly makes mouth noises in front of group of certified war criminals ~ How distinctly American & laughable in its transparency...lol.
Ammo Man
Ammo Man 13 小时 前
Clinton- 72 Obama- 72 Bush- 72 Trump - 72
Jarod Schreifels
Jarod Schreifels 13 小时 前
Very beautiful, moving and emotional
Matthew Clark
Matthew Clark 13 小时 前
Be strong don’t let that bring you down their is still hope and pride
RussiaNukesAmerica3 13 小时 前
ROTFL, was that supposed to be a touching moment ?
m m
m m 13 小时 前
Mahdi Bhalloo
Mahdi Bhalloo 13 小时 前
George H.W. Bush was a great President who was a war hero and loyal servant to the United States.
JUSTKOZ 13 小时 前
Burn in hell you fucking piece of shit
Andy Zhao
Andy Zhao 13 小时 前
R A 13 小时 前
Crying after killing so many innocent father's from Iraq, Afghanistan,shame on u bush terrorist ?? Inside job 911???
Brian Welsh
Brian Welsh 13 小时 前
MrAwesomedude96 13 小时 前
Attention Cuck-Supremes! This has nothing to do with your shitty view on politics. This is about a man mourning his father, as does any person with a sensible relationship to their father. Leave politics out of this and show the same respect you would want to receive like a normal same human being would do.
Mohammad Mazaheri
Mohammad Mazaheri 13 小时 前
i hate bush family they murdered many peoples in iraq and afghanistan
One_cold_boi 14 小时 前
If you put ads over extremely important and sad moments like this, then you are trash
Jeff Hubler
Jeff Hubler 14 小时 前
Its still sad i agree
Jeff Hubler
Jeff Hubler 14 小时 前
A thousand points of light is an occult symbol!
research openly
research openly 14 小时 前
Gorge Walker Bush is a terrorist
Sunay Kuvvetli
Sunay Kuvvetli 14 小时 前
He should cry for the people he has kill coz all if the children has lost the father or family.