Golden State Warriors vs Toronto Raptors - Game 5 - Full Game Highlights | 2019 NBA Finals

Ximo Pierto
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Toronto Raptors vs Golden State Warriors - Game 5 - Full Game Highlights | June 10, 2019 | 2019 NBA Playoffs Finals
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Ximo Pierto
Ximo Pierto 8 天 前
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Sieweng Ong
Sieweng Ong 3 天 前
Dirty I
João Leite
João Leite 7 天 前
in hei
in hei 7 天 前
Jose Larios III k. R
Carlos Nuñez
Jersey plug is false 😡😡😡😡😡😡😠😠😠😠😠😡😡😡
Song Syndrome
after 24 years first time nyo manalo chmba lang yan raptors
Pizzaz Productions
Sports suck
Irma Martinez
Irma Martinez 4 天 前
Me and my mom we watch them but Toronto won my mom is with golden state and me too but I love it. It was NBA finals
Chanel Delille
Chanel Delille 4 天 前
Ralph Hayes
Ralph Hayes 4 天 前
Thought series was over at this point
Patrick Santiago
14:36 raptors logo
Neivee Quito
Neivee Quito 4 天 前
Stupid warriors
project10bball 5 天 前
13:19 looked like was clearly off the cylinder?
Red Guy
Red Guy 5 天 前
Stop pretending you wouldn't cheer if Kawhi got injured in the game.
Marwinreis 5 天 前
NEVER BUY from these ads, advertisements on this video!!! This is scam!!! They ll STEAL your money!! Be aware!!! FAKE sites, motherfuckers!!!!!
Michael Bexter
Michael Bexter 5 天 前
12:20~13:04 shows what Clutch player should do.
SEKOU BangBang
SEKOU BangBang 5 天 前
Where my rockets fan ik I ain’t the only in here WE GOT THIS NEXT YEAR 2020🏆
Leonard Ortiz
Leonard Ortiz 4 天 前
Omg just shut the hell up trade James harden bitchass Kobe said he ain't winning no rings with that iso bull crap
SEKOU BangBang
SEKOU BangBang 5 天 前
Drake u did it🏆✅
SAPCmafi 5 天 前
I predict Raptors will win the championships in Game 6, 114 - 110..........
mutalix 5 天 前
To all bandwagon predictors that said warriors doin a 3peat, eat shit. *4-2 raptors!*
Portraits By Douglas
warriors in 7 right?
Sam Nguyen
Sam Nguyen 5 天 前
Bruh Raptors won
Sana Af
Sana Af 5 天 前
Wow u go
Labandida_stor García zapata
Steph curry is a piece of shit
Abdul kabal Halamani
12:07 / 14:58, how can you BEAT a team if the REFEREE's are also PLAYED for GSW!..lol
janet vazquez
janet vazquez 6 天 前
Oh soy fan de curry
Aa R
Aa R 6 天 前
warriors in 7
bitterman 6 天 前
I knew GS was going to win when I saw the commercial for the next game What happens at the last 3 min shows how the game is rigged Mark Gasol should have had 2 foul shots. Danny green should have had the last shot The game in the game dont waste you time
Ioannis Chiotakis
cnvid.net/video/%E8%A7%86%E9%A2%91-9-UIT7EMrSg.html OMGG
Clint Luna
Clint Luna 6 天 前
Nicely rigged game 😂
dappa51 6 天 前
Last few seconds all they had to do was drive for a free throw omg
ernesto maglinte jr.
im not a GSW fan but big respect for KD what a true WARRIOR! but anyway if you want watch this just click ckk.ai/XPTW LBJ Edition !
Mark Sutherland
Mark Sutherland 6 天 前
Holy hell, that place is ALIVE!!
Mark Sutherland
Mark Sutherland 6 天 前
I also want to add, this is one of the best finals series that I've seen in awhile.
chrismor&martha delfin
Kawai danny green is widdddddeeeee open in the other side fuck man
Mark Vincent royena
Yes haha
davincute23 silent youtuber
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Gwapitong Pinoy
Gwapitong Pinoy 6 天 前
Hello guys..watch this game 5 cnvid.net/video/%E8%A7%86%E9%A2%91-O-Bn0dqy_0o.html
Michael James
Michael James 6 天 前
KD is one of the all time greats but he shouldn't be starting this game. Achilles is the worst injury hope he makes it back soon. Respect KD.
JB Tiamson
JB Tiamson 6 天 前
One of the craziest basketball games I had ever seen. Wish KD good health and may God bless him as he recovered from his injury. I thought that the Raptors had it in the bag before Nick Nurse called probably the biggest botch in sports history. Now the pressure is on them to win game 6.
MiKO 6 天 前
4:48 travel??
Sammi S.
Sammi S. 6 天 前
The refs tried...... 😂
back yard
back yard 6 天 前
@ 4:58 asshole waving good bye to Durant..
Boy Saragoza
Boy Saragoza 6 天 前
REFEREES CHEATING. I think should invistigate the REFEREES in last crucial minutes and seconds in game 5 why? The last more one minutes and seconds Obviously the REFEREES there in game 5 they wants to win the Raptor. See the follow up of De Cousin of the miss of Thompson or Curry, the REFEREES decide to not counted that follow up of De Cousin, after the ball was in the Raptors then lowry he was attemp to shoot but De Cousin block his shot then the REFEREES was decided to counted it. Then the ball was in the Golden State then the REFEREES call De Cousin of illegal screening (foul). Obviously the REFEREES wants to win the Raptors but Praise God because God is Just God and He didn't allow the cheating and we know the result the Golden State won the Game 5.
Josiah love’s beary
how did kevin darant leg got hert
Omar Ahlawy
Omar Ahlawy 6 天 前
14:30 The last possession for the raptors ,that was great defense bey the warriors players . Iggy was waiting Kawhi to attack ,to douple team him with Klay . Also Draymond was defending on both Gasol ynder the basket and had his eyes on Lowery and in the momment he got away from Gasol screen to block Lowery shot
MattnCam0408 6 天 前
Toronto got owned...if not for the refs this game wouldve been a 17 pt win by Gsw
Eventus Vantos
Eventus Vantos 5 天 前
@MattnCam0408 lmao yah which is why they lost! Lol daddy my ass! Hold this L. WaRiOrS iN 4.. 5.... 6.... 7.... Next year lmao Destiny defeats dynasty!
Eventus Vantos
Eventus Vantos 5 天 前
@MattnCam0408 lol its going back to Toronto where it belongs!
MattnCam0408 5 天 前
@Eventus Vantos yawn! Warriors Raptors daddy
MattnCam0408 5 天 前
@Eventus Vantos in Gsw..ur right
Eventus Vantos
Eventus Vantos 5 天 前
@MattnCam0408 yes they do. They won! Chip going where it belongs!
MattnCam0408 6 天 前
12:16 nice uncalled walk haha
Karl Jordan Purugganan, CPA
Thank you Ximo for the #NBAfinals2019 highlights. Shortened the link here ckk.ai/LgjU
Omar Ahlawy
Omar Ahlawy 6 天 前
I love KD and feel sorry about him but people forget Kevon Looney he played with brocken collar bone and he was in a severe pain you could see his face he couldn't even breath properly ... he was the man last knight
Eve Lyn
Eve Lyn 6 天 前
lowry lol
MattnCam0408 6 天 前
6:42 was bs..he didnt foul Lowry hahaha
Matt Ristau
Matt Ristau 6 天 前
sabresierra 6 天 前
Toronto sure showed it,s true colors when a injured player gets a clap , very low class to those who did that , damage control in full sweep in Toronto now, this action will haunt Toronto for years to come, no excuses now, fans can now go back to watching the news , shootings, knife attacks, gang banging , Toronto has it all now, Warriors have all the class.
Vicente Ramos
Vicente Ramos 7 天 前
Curry jumping at the end of the game facing the crowd. Parang bumilog na yata ang ulo.
Frank Hoppe
Frank Hoppe 7 天 前
Raptors fans cheering at KDs injury is the biggest shame I ve seen since that bum Andrew Bynum knocked out Barea at Lakers vs Mavs. And why the hell did Nick Nurse called timeout when they absolutely had the momentum and the hot streak going?
Southsideman 7 天 前
Jay Lew
Jay Lew 7 天 前
Damn Toronto you've always had class for the most part, and I know a lotta you will say the cheering was for the steal, but I'm pretty positive half of that crowd was cheering cause he went down
PlanetJigobotTV 7 天 前
Hey NBA is Kawhi the only player allowed to travel or is this an international rule?
Proton1 7 天 前
Turns out the NBA reviewed the game afterward and determined Gasol was fouled at the end of the game and should have had two free throws with 49 seconds left in the game. Toronto would have won.
aight aight
aight aight 7 天 前
Panagiotis Atmatzidis
LOL As with milwaukee, Toronto getting crazy ref calls at the end of the game. This time wasn't enough though.
Ken Oguname
Ken Oguname 7 天 前
KD shouldn't have played though I have sympathy for him but in this case it seems he was trying to prove a point by buckling under pressure from the media such as Stephen A of ESPN, fan, his team mates and the organization. Therefore, I count this action of his as being proud because the scriptures says pride is before a crash. Right now he is looking at a year minimum on the sideline risking his career. That's my take on this issue hope he gets better soon
THE- FRED 7 天 前
what is the song
Dubfansince 1980
I was really wishing that they would limit KD to 3 and D this game to keep stress off the calf. Sure enough, he hurt it driving. Feel bad for him. He's been a great Warrior.
Jordan would not pass the last seconds clutch shot....
Jewelz 7 天 前
So we are all gonna ignore the fact that gsw KNOWINGLY aloud kd to play so they wont lose and go for another championship. After stating they dont need him? Sacrificing him so they wont lose. How twisted is that?
Katcho Litcha
Katcho Litcha 7 天 前
the referees are corrupt as fuck. they've been corrupt for many decades. the worst game that comes to mind was the 2002 western conference finals game 6 Sacramento Kings vs lakers, kings are up 3-2, kings are whooping shaq and Kobes asses up 20 points in the 4th q getting ready to win the series and move to the finals, when suddenly the refs stepped in and saved the lakers by calling over 20 fouls just in the 4th q!! it was the most ridiculous calls you'll ever see, it was beyond blatant with the ubsurd and constant bullshit fouls that the nba and the refs wanted the lakers to win, every sports show was calling it corruption, calling out the refs for the embarrassing display of corruption, the fix was in. I remember one foul where kobe elbowed mike Bibby in the face and the refs called the foul against bibby! the refs did everything they could to make sure the kings didn't win in L.A to move on to the finals. go watch that game and see how the nba and the refs fix games for ratings. the kings against the nets would've brought all time low ratings, the nets were already in the finals waiting, so the nba decided to make it a lakers vs nets finals to boost the ratings. nba is entertainment, all they care about is money and ratings, it's not a legit game of Competition, it's alot more like wwe wrestling with a storyline predetermined. same goes with the NFL. both have the most corrupt referees fixing games. can't really get mad anymore when you know it's not real competition, it's just scripted entertainment like watching a movie or wwe wrestling. just enjoy the blunders of the refs and laugh it off.
Francisco Pomperada
Portraits By Douglas
until tonight
Abdulrahman Samak
Yo did Draymond Really blocked the last shot?!
Don Raco
Don Raco 7 天 前
EJ Dela Cruz
EJ Dela Cruz 7 天 前
Iggy and Draymond's defensive awareness and IQ those last 12 seconds...AMAZING.
Elec 7 天 前
It's the first time when I see officials being this bad, on both sides.
Goat Herder
Goat Herder 7 天 前
The referees played an amazing game. Too bad they lost...
Ben Gorashchenko
The fact KD got hurt literally gives me a massive headache, this is tragedy. This guy at 60-70% was jogging around and catch/shoot smacking threes on Kawhi, Ibaka and everyone directly. He should have kept it at that light load and never started trying hard on iso.
leandro viray
leandro viray 7 天 前
Stupid that Indian guy.. Go back to india and sell mosquito net
seunsan360 7 天 前
Regardless of how its looked, objectively GS kinda has the edge & i think they know it. They have one thing Toronto haven't shown yet, execution in the clutch. Im really not counting G3 because Steph was without his running mate. GS made the mistake of letting them have it. Toronto had to win that one. They handled business. Removing G3, GS won 2 on the road, in the clutch. Toronto has just 1 which was not tight.. I still think without KD, they can pull it off.
Anyone who knows the name of intro music of this Video??
Assane Sy
Assane Sy 7 天 前
Curry se le mére
Maximiliano Hernandez Hidalgo
Song of the intro?
Antonio Coppola
Antonio Coppola 7 天 前
Stupid Drake
B- Dog
B- Dog 7 天 前
I use to root for the raptors to win. But after I seen that these niggas really CHEERED at KD being injured, that left quickly. It's fuck the raptors.
Delta [45]
Delta [45] 7 天 前
warriors retarded turnovers in the last moments but still survived, they might do better next. respect to kd tho from a spurs fan.
My name is Yoda
My name is Yoda 7 天 前
Damn, if KD played in this series and wasn't injured, I think GSW woulda win the championship long time ago.. Kawhi can't defend KD, And it shows everytime they faced against each other.. I like both players too.. But Canadians doesn't deserve an NBA championship, probably the most hypocrite people in the world today, wolves in sheeps clothing..
Cameron Samek
Cameron Samek 7 天 前
Raps in 6!!!!!
kenny mendoza
kenny mendoza 7 天 前
Bulshit durant
Mike Wilcox
Mike Wilcox 7 天 前
Anyone that thinks the refs would cheat to help that raptors beat the warriors is delusional. Yes, they missed the Kawhi travel, everything they called against the warriors was the right call.
Bengga Ravena
Bengga Ravena 7 天 前
End Less
End Less 7 天 前
ESPN needs 4 referees and fake news in media to eliminate a wounded warriors
ioannis platikostas
shit refs..
Fonzi 7 天 前
For all the people who are saying that the Raptors fans are disgusting for cheering when kd got hurt, what about fred VANVLEET? Yall in Oracle arena weren't quite either so I dont want to hear it.
劉哲源 7 天 前
Euclerr Simanjuntak
lol look at 9:57
Prince Cedrick Geldore
Pag nanjan i Durant kahit firtss quarter Panalo na!
John Mcphatter Jr
No easy wins here going be a fight till then end both sides want it
Good go warriors
Jomar Ateiram
Jomar Ateiram 7 天 前
Who the win
Christina Janipin Fortuna
GSW for da win💓
glenn gao
glenn gao 7 天 前
12.30,is that traveling?
Eye Lashes
Eye Lashes 7 天 前
raptors with a helping hand of the referee's so suck
Megan Perdido
Megan Perdido 7 天 前
GSW made the shots that mattered towards the end - Klay, Steph, Green and the great block shot of Green of Kyle
Jimmy Sabillano
Jimmy Sabillano 7 天 前
i didnt see it coming..i thought its gonna be a celebration...until klay and curry step up in last few second
Bhaskar Jyoti
Bhaskar Jyoti 7 天 前
Now that is the NBA I know. Damn this was huge for GSW but I wish Raptors for the win.
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