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Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc. (Official Video)

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Official HD Video for Gorillaz' fantastic track Feel Good Inc.
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HNG 分钟 前
outer building: cylinder-shaped interior building: square-shaped physics: *am i a joke to you?*
Cripty y
Cripty y 12 分钟 前
When you finally drink water:
Jesus aguilar torres
Jesus aguilar torres 27 分钟 前
de donde rayos vienen esos 63 mil dislikes
Lua Siqueira
Lua Siqueira 32 分钟 前
Love that part from the windmill 2:42 ❤
G- Fan
G- Fan 56 分钟 前
Pickle rick ......pickle ..🤔 ..murdoc
Elizabeth Drawer
Elizabeth Drawer 小时 前
Increíble, esto es música
Luiza Tavares
Luiza Tavares 小时 前
felipro63 m
felipro63 m 3 小时 前
Amo gorillas
Helen Brito
Helen Brito 4 小时 前
This is so fucking creepy and so beautiful at the same time!
John Doe
John Doe 5 小时 前
best song ever
Rainbow Banana
Rainbow Banana 5 小时 前
Jebie wam matki
smooth fire
smooth fire 5 小时 前
Umzacazum 5 小时 前
Sikko kokki
Sikko kokki 6 小时 前
This really distracts me from the fact that 2d is more 50 years old
Mega Banar
Mega Banar 7 小时 前
2019!?? indo ada ngk yaa
Big boy Zak
Big boy Zak 7 小时 前
Why tf do we respect this animated band and have a whole fandom for them and stuff when their not even real people then I remember their amazing
Ryan Gonçalves
Ryan Gonçalves 7 小时 前
algum BR escutando em 2019?
Emmanuel Villanueva
Emmanuel Villanueva 7 小时 前
Maddie Johannsen
Maddie Johannsen 8 小时 前
Roger Fernandes
Roger Fernandes 9 小时 前
Dom DomDom Dom Dom Dom Dom Dom DomDom Dom Dom He He
Starker 127
Starker 127 11 小时 前
Oye bro quieres morir?
emerich wilds
emerich wilds 11 小时 前
domonkos kiss
domonkos kiss 12 小时 前
you song pro
Игорь Плотников
Ваганыч 2D?
IRS 8787
IRS 8787 13 小时 前
2:01 2-d os sad
Raymond abdon
Raymond abdon 13 小时 前
Late tract advance lyrics
Max Campo
Max Campo 14 小时 前
Never understoof the hype over this song. Disaapointed
Versipellis the rogue Changeling
Hey is it me or are the lyrics in the format of a haiku?
Ron 14 小时 前
Am I the only one who can't unsee murdoc doing a spread eagle on the real Egyptian silk sheets from the mtg cribs video?
GuidingChip8 14 小时 前
Can I just say how beautiful the animations are so many years later?
Daddy Dave twin turbos?
Gorillaz é demais Feel good é a melhor música deles na minha opinião eu adoro
Tenkay 16 小时 前
son muy jovenes para recordarlo pero el primer he-he de la historia fue en el 00:22
8D Stereo
8D Stereo 18 小时 前
someone noticed that the thumbnail of the video has become clear
Gibbie Chirico
Gibbie Chirico 19 小时 前
Hellz yahz
WarLorD MaSTeR
WarLorD MaSTeR 21 小时 前
AlphaBlade 21 小时 前
one word... high....
Damla Koca
Damla Koca 21 小时 前
shopping shopping,shopping shopping milk dude
Scott Burrell
Scott Burrell 22 小时 前
Iv never really watched the vid but cooooool
Ronald 22 小时 前
SailorMoon Fan99
I listen to this when I slay deathclaws in Fallout 4 on xbox one
não gostei
илья kenroll
1:35 мельница/mill
Meyson UA
Meyson UA 天 前
Эхх, ностальгия, даже плакац хочется...
David Carvalho
The first time I watched this was 4 years ago with 60 million views
correct me if i'm wrong
Love forever, love is free
Prestiżowy Ziemniak
Who is watching just coz cool animations Sorry for my bad english if its bad
Фредди Герман./
2:23 когда убил 5 глобалов, а они не нанесли урон))
Queen Norrii
Queen Norrii 天 前
The Gorillaz art style and music style butter my croissant
Breath __
Breath __ 天 前
Monkeys when mad Ape: throw your shit Orangutan: sit and eat fruit Gorilaz: feel good
JBCRocket 天 前
Am I the only one constantly worrying about Murdocs broken nail getting caught on his instrument.
Alex Carvalho
Brasil. MTV, clipmania da Band #Nostalgia
Osama Al-BalOshi
Just try speed 0.075X
Белая Тигрица
Time Kode 1:21
lenny master [GD]
chicken chicken man chicken feel good!
Stanley Peart
why does 2D look like he just woke up and needs his cup of tea really fucking bad.
Emily Sierra
Emily Sierra 天 前
Santa's breaking down on a camels back
gartfart36 天 前
Dogs : Woof , Woof , Woof Cats : Meow , Meow , Meow Retards : 2019? , 2019? , 2019?
Weishaupt 1776
My uncle worked with them, before they got famous they worked with his company imperial records aswell as sugarbabes, N dubz
Imma Edit Dat Out
1:56 *ASS CRACK*
cushiboi Ez
cushiboi Ez 天 前
Who else came here from steamed hams inc. ?
Alejandra Del Castillo
3:48-3:50 Go home Murdoc you're drunk.😂😂😂Geez, It's like Rock the house all over again.......
Mari Alfaro
Mari Alfaro 天 前
Vensa 天 前
We just not gonna question the flying island with a windmill making it move, Only Gorillaz can pull that off.
Alexa pla despacito*Khi
Scott Bruckner
Scott Bruckner 4 小时 前
It's paper machet
destroyer 66
destroyer 66 16 小时 前
Vensa I feel ya
Vensa 天 前
2:23 Me when I hear my own joke
Cecilia Vallejos
Murdoc is... Sexual dance pose?! Alv
Cecilia Vallejos
2-d uses the megaphone of you voice!
Croissant._. 天 前
Hands down best gorillaz song ever
Ian Caravalho
The best of this band is : it’s a Braziliam band
noodle z
noodle z 天 前
It’s a British band. So it’s from the United Kingdom
Damien Haché
United Kingdom
Gaphalor 天 前
I dont feel good now, i have a deep void of nostalgia now and i cannot sleep because all those memorys are flying around my head now.....
Adam Sanders
Adam Sanders 天 前
Marjorie Illescas Hidalgo
¡Buena Rip Curl! En zona no vale. Dios presente, era difícil para el presidente Alberto Fujimori Fujimori.
Kimberly Mendes
Kimberly Mendes 小时 前
Good Friday 2019
Giiiby Gonnzz
Der Bra
Der Bra 天 前
2019 ???!
I Don't Even Know
2D- feel good Sad ppl- am I a joke to you
Sun flower
Sun flower 天 前
GTA V song on no stop pop radio
Dynamic AO
Dynamic AO 天 前
i never figured out what the fuck is this
Adam Sanders
Adam Sanders 天 前
Neko harley
Neko harley 天 前
This will always be my favorite Gorillaz song
INGVAR 2000 天 前
Darden 999
Darden 999 天 前
Marcos Vinicius
Marcos Vinicius 2 天 前
Magnífic!!!! LIKE
Lonely Lt
Lonely Lt 2 天 前
Haha that little buttcrack at the end there 😆
Bitconeeeh SuwaSuwa
When it sounds like it goes in a circle
D3Prend130 Ramer
Tum Tum Milos :v
ploop jet
ploop jet 2 天 前
Did this come out in 2016?
Alone Just
Alone Just 2 天 前
2 0 1 9
Henry The gaming guy2005
This Song Reminds Of The First Day Of School And I Am Having Breakfast Then I’m Concern About Being Bullied- This Song Reminds Me Of it.
丸井 2 天 前
Youthy 2 天 前
Rainbow Quartz95
This song is so good I can’t get enough of it
Edward Gould
Edward Gould 2 天 前
Classic 🎇🇦🇺🍻
Swedish Cancer
Swedish Cancer 2 天 前
Imagine the song with no bass
Sr.Gnomo 16 小时 前
Goes something like cnvid.net/video/%E8%A7%86%E9%A2%91-imEI5yqfSYw.html
Aryu's Channel
Aryu's Channel 2 天 前
Only relaxing thing in the world gorillaz video
Leo Craft
Leo Craft 2 天 前
I love this song I mean it's really cool
Master 1527
Master 1527 2 天 前
Subs back ok
Cosmo Waffle
Cosmo Waffle 2 天 前
My grandma listen to this (looking though my playlist)
Chloe Scott
Chloe Scott 2 天 前
Why are 2Ds eyes red at the begining
Laura Tayde González Espino
Hello mada facka
Laura Bean
Laura Bean 2 天 前
Love this song!
Stan Wheeler
Stan Wheeler 2 天 前
That bass though
Xavier Jackson
Xavier Jackson 2 天 前
I remember having faint memories of this song. Then one day I played this video out of curiosity and all my memories started flooding in. After that I just continued to listen to more of their music.