Homemade White Castle burgers...Yum!!!

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Turned out GuuuuD!!! Very close to the real ones :)




2013年04月 9日






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Marge Pellew
Marge Pellew 个月 前
Valerie white
Valerie white 2 个月 前
Guy you ain't never ate a real White Castle burger in your life.!!!! they are not made that way, you will do not know what you're doing... go to a real White Castle and have one and see how they're perfectly constructed and how they taste and then come back and try to make theirs don't make something if you've never had it and don't know what it's supposed to be or how it's constructed... you just making a damn fool out of yourself by making this video I grew up on White Castle I've eaten thousands in my lifetime and still eating them
Ron Cornett
Ron Cornett 2 个月 前
the real ones dont have peanut butter it is 1half cup of beef broth to 1 and 1half pound of ground beef
Linda Brashier
Linda Brashier 2 个月 前
Back in the day original white castles didn't have cheese. I've seen several recipes. One was add a jar of baby food beef. One. , said to use potted meat. I don't think anyone can duplicate one.
ELPFAN Jahrling
ELPFAN Jahrling 4 个月 前
Got Them in St.Louis Mo 😀
Michael Leonard
Michael Leonard 5 个月 前
There is a piece of foil on the bottom of burger #1. Tasty
John Velcek
John Velcek 5 个月 前
Brother here is the easiest method get yourself a ziplock bag 💼 the size that can hold a pound of ground beef 🥩 spray the inside of ziplock bag 💼 place your seasoned ground beef 🥩 inside then use a rolling pin and roll the meat 🥩 out no worries 😉 enjoy make sure to use a sharp knife 🔪 and be careful when slicing the bag 💼 open peace ✌️
mxdivah7 7 个月 前
All you need is ground beef (I use 85/15) one can of beef broth, thinly chopped onions, pickles, sweet hawaiian bread, deli slices cheese of your choice, parchment paper & a straw. Add beef broth little by little until the meat is thin enough to spread without being too loose. Place parchment paper in tray. Gently pat meat out on tray, then use rolling pin to gently flatten. Shape meat into rectangle, gently cut into squares (don't worry about cutting it perfectly... as long as you can see the squares) use the straws to create 5 holes in each squared piece. Place tray in freezer for 45 mins - an hour or until meat is stiff but not frozen. Remove parchment paper w/ meat. Pour remaining beef broth in tray, place onions in and meat on top... steam at 450 in oven for 7- 10 mins. Place pickles, cheese & top layer of buns on meat. Place back in oven for 5 mins. Use spatula to lift onions & meat, add to bottom of buns... and boom! White Castle burgers at home. So good, I swear!💯
TakeTheBluePill NotTheRedPill
The peanut butter is not the real deal. That has been debunked. Despite this video being years old. And also no lipton onion mix. Big no no. But you can it if u want
I hope he didn't eat the foil that was missing. No peanut butter.
love H
love H 7 个月 前
Dont aound right at all..hell no
Lin Hint
Lin Hint 7 个月 前
We have WC in Fairview Heights, IL
Vincent Venturella
Vincent Venturella 8 个月 前
we have them here...
Toxichammertoe 8 个月 前
White Castles do not spend unnecessary money on additives they simply use meat, salt, and black pepper on it also dehydrated onions and they cook it over Skillet, Not bake it!
Joey H
Joey H 9 个月 前
I can hear the birds in the background!
Joey H
Joey H 9 个月 前
Looks really good!
Joey H
Joey H 9 个月 前
when you grade the cooking onion, take it and squeeze the onion juice out as much as possible, you will have a better outcome!
The Journey Has Just Begun
New York here... This is just wrong all wrong.
Detective Chan
Detective Chan 11 个月 前
Veronica Bolanos
I know!!! Jersey girl here. The ingredients you're using is absolutely not a white castle. Peanut butter? The star ingredient in a white castle is the onions, Period. Either fresh chopped finely or better yet dehydrated. That is where the authenticity comes from. Sorry dude, this isn't even close. Maybe where you are from but definietly not New Jersey/ New York
Denise Armstrong
good try but no no no...
Frederick Hillegas
Checkout Ballistic BBQ. I never heard of peanut butter or baby food in White Castle burgers 100% beef
Martina Dejaquiz
those white castles don't have veggies on them? never heard of white castle? never seen any in texas?
Xx Xx
Xx Xx 年 前
Martina Dejaquiz on well.. At least y'all have tacos...
Michael Lechner
Michael Lechner 2 年 前
Tiara S
Tiara S 2 年 前
I worked at White Castle in my teen years. The burgers are STEAMED over dehydrated onions mixed with water. Never would you add any of those things to the burgers. The burgers are flat and small with 5 steam holes pressed through each burger. They are never flipped. They are STEAMED over the onions and the buns are placed on top so the steam can steam them through the holes of the burger. Anyone tasting these who never had White Castle, this is nothing like it.
Xx Xx
Xx Xx 年 前
Tiara S nonsense!
Tim Thacker
Tim Thacker 2 年 前
This guy siucks this is not the way to cook these yes needs somthiig steamed and don't use onion soup mix
Ralph Payne
Ralph Payne 2 年 前
Why did I waste 10 min of life with this jackass
Wizdomtrek 2 年 前
Thing is Aluminum foil ISN'T GOOD, the metal reacts and contaminates the food, ESPECIALLY how your doing it, using a pizza cutter to portion the meat, in the process your introducing microscopic pieces of the metal into the food proper. Me, I'd use parchment paper!
Abby harris
Abby harris 2 年 前
who cares about white castle burgers because everyone is gonna die you dont have to be a serton age to die
Abby harris
Abby harris 2 年 前
i eat white castle bugers so yum. so good im eating it now click like
Arnold Schootzanigger
Whaat Castle. Git ur feengers in theer n make er theen
R. House
R. House 2 年 前
Add beef baby food to your recipe that's the secret
Dangerna 2 年 前
There are 400 White Castles in the US, good good tasty burgers. I have called White Castle: their burgers are 100% beef, no peanut butter, baby food, or any other added on "secret ingredient" , burgers are just pressed flat, 5 holes made in meat, then placed in freezer until the sheet of meat is movable, then cooked in a cookie sheet pan with beef broth and dried onions, put pre- scored burgers on top of broth and onion, steam in oven at 450 for 7 minutes, remove then line the burgers with cheese, pickles, and the tops of the buns, then back in oven for 5 min and DONE, use spatula to scoop out burgers and place on the bottoms. 3/4 lb of burger makes 12.
Donna Gribbins
Donna Gribbins 2 年 前
I am not sure about the peanut butter. My daughter like so many people are allergic to peanuts but can eat white castles. You should have put your foil on the bottom of the pan and rolled it out then picked up your foil and placed it back onto your cookie sheet the right way.
havoc 127
havoc 127 2 年 前
good thickness. white castles need to be a little thicker.
havoc 127
havoc 127 2 年 前
keystone lol. nice!
ammohead73 2 年 前
Keith keeps me company sometimes :)
HotSauceStain 2 年 前
I still find it hard to understand why White Castle would put peanut butter in their burgers with all the people with peanut allergies... that would cause some issues as a "secret" ingredient.
wiibaron 2 年 前
There is ground liver in the meat patties.
HotSauceStain 2 年 前
@Hector Hernandez Yeah, I agree. That would be stupid!
Hector Hernandez
HotSauceStain wc dont put pb in there burgers
Dean Miller
Dean Miller 2 年 前
i like udders
cutflower 2 年 前
so did u figure out what it's missing
David Baker
David Baker 2 年 前
2 two cheese bugers with a keystone lite now thats a meal!!!!
glencoe428 2 年 前
Widmer Hefe
David Baker
David Baker 2 年 前
we dont have white castle down here we have kystals they have white castle in the store butt they dont taste the same!!!!
David Baker
David Baker 2 年 前
they do taste bettter like them because they holes in thier beef.
ammohead73 2 年 前
We had a krystals until white castle moved in and put them out of business.I like white castles much better.
Infidel14? 3 年 前
'What' Castle cheeseburgers...love it. Looks tasty.
Pookie Jay
Pookie Jay 3 年 前
You can put a piece of plastic wrap over the burger to roll it out without sticking to your rolling pin.
FreedomCrider Isl
I don't think this recipe will taste anything like a white castle burger. If it does I will be highly surprised!! LOL!
MDSsystems 3 年 前
love these old videos
Emily Powers
Emily Powers 3 年 前
what county in ky
Wayne Novotny
Wayne Novotny 3 年 前
Baked hamburgers?????? How is that at all like a White Castle burger? FAIL.
Why do some people chew like pigs
Gina Embry
Gina Embry 3 年 前
i'm wanting to try these!
Retro Game Renegade
First white Castle was in New Jersey
GettnBooted 3 年 前
best place in the world is Bloomington Indiana because there's a krystal ( usually found in the south ) across the skreet from a White Castle...I don't get the milk or the peanut butter lol when I saw a lady make these years ago, she used liver flavor babyfood in it because they have that tiny lil back taste of liver in them...but I don't think they make liver flavor babyfood now so I guess a lil tiny bit of raw liver in the ground beef...I'm not young anymore and I have no WC or Krystal in my town ( I'd weigh 1000 lbs lol ) so if'n when I do get them out of town...I can only eat a few...OMG WHERE'S THE PICKLE? Where's the mustard?? gb
GettnBooted 3 年 前
LOL I read my initial comment and now im laffn at me because I sound certifiable. lol
GettnBooted 3 年 前
good to know I was not the only one LOL.
Brad Basham
Brad Basham 3 年 前
I heard of the Liver baby food way back in the late 70's
Michigan Mister
Michigan Mister 3 年 前
what is the ratio of ketchup to mustard? that's the secret!!
thelordmemnoch 3 年 前
I thought you were insane and I stayed for the punchline, but I will say, even though a few steps were completely wrong, your finished product wasn't that bad at all.
Mike Land
Mike Land 3 年 前
Holy kick just make the thing, do we need a lesson on where they are sold?
Buried With You
Buried With You 4 年 前
ketchup plasma ew
missyboo1090399 4 年 前
The smacking while your talking is god awful! Nasty.. Chew then talk man.
Adam Brady
Adam Brady 4 年 前
White Castle is in Las Vegas... thank you God !
DawgYankee 4 年 前
LMAO @ 2:05- "after I got done playing with my meat...". That's the secret ingredient of WC.
fiber9m 3 年 前
+ammohead73 now that's funny
ammohead73 4 年 前
@DawgYankee LMAO!!! :)
Tee Woodz
Tee Woodz 4 年 前
Michigan we got em
O BOLA 4 年 前
I've made this a few times. You should of used 2 pounds of beef and your hands next time