How Humans Broke the Game

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TierZoo 11 天 前
Gustav & Theo
Gustav & Theo 15 小时 前
Ur finally back
Dis Fukin mans right here
TierZoo plz mate MAKE MORE VIDS, you were amazing at editing these
Calen Crawford
Although brain size is important, what you spend the intelligence points on is even more important. Humans spent their points on useful things which made them think better, while Neanderthal brains supported...animal-like behavior. Could you do a guide on what you should spend your intelligence points on? lastly, please respond with a yes or no.
carrick maile
Any updates on the Antarctica server?
yblaze 天 前
They aint fukin wit the team 🙏
Austin Hook
Austin Hook 34 分钟 前
Dude awesome !
Square Nipples
Square Nipples 34 分钟 前
Welp, I just lost The Game
Gustav Brillowski
Gustav Brillowski 35 分钟 前
I meam the video is nice made and nice to watch but the facts and story is crap it is like you cant explain sutch a complex progres like that
Phixiq 40 分钟 前
Phixiq 43 分钟 前
Bro I loveee how much this fits with games 😂😂😂
betwixtX 48 分钟 前
seems that same that happened to Neanderthals is happening to Europeans now
Artturi V-T
Artturi V-T 59 分钟 前
Subbed because of the ice barrage sound effect
Microage 小时 前
Michael Maldonado
huge load of cman 1
I thought this was an actual game and started searching until i realised what he was talking about. But if it became a game that would actuwlly be pretty a cool game.
Burak Baggins
Burak Baggins 小时 前
What is the documentary this footage is from? looks cool.
Weeaboo Generator
it becomes really weird when you see all this and realise that humans are fighting amongst each other right now.
Vaettra 小时 前
Interesting how the video avoids the sensitive IQ topic, relative to the Sapiens who stayed in Africa.
Level3Lifestyle 小时 前
Hopefully one day osrs will get the sailing skill too
Matt 2 小时 前
I instantly recognised that outro music but couldn't quite remember where from. Thank you for putting a link to all your music in the description!
Jacob Austin-Sides
Jacob Austin-Sides 2 小时 前
miss runescape days
Justin V.
Justin V. 2 小时 前
Youre getting many information wrong, instead of focusing on the gaming slang, you should focus more on an accurate representation
juanmoralesvideo 3 小时 前
You are teaching science facts to too many people in a incredible efficient way. I think you are a prophet or a messenger (or may be a type of Prometheus).
d ch
d ch 3 小时 前
So you pretty much just stole this and upgraded it. www.nerfnow.com/comic/1526/comments
MCD's 3 小时 前
Couldn't the neanderthals die because of unknown diseases that were brought by the homo sapiens?
Danman Gamer
Danman Gamer 3 小时 前
kangaroos would be a sick video bro
Vegard Fjeldberg
Vegard Fjeldberg 3 小时 前
I'm looking forward to the mass extinction patch coming not in the far distant future. For those who haven't heard, it is going to make insects almost unplayable which will impact the entire pool of species. It's going to move the human playstyle away from harvesting crops which would be absolutely devestating. I'm hyped.
Zintoro Productions
Zintoro Productions 3 小时 前
Maybe because their ping was 999+
Grimm Reaper
Grimm Reaper 3 小时 前
we didn't break shit
PWNED. 4 小时 前
GroxPL 4 小时 前
4:27 Pokemon Emerald Leader Theme?
Blake Acosta
Blake Acosta 4 小时 前
I like to think you’re god and once humans get wiped out you’ll still be chilling making these videos on future builds. It brings me peace.
SuPeRBoB2701 4 小时 前
love the wording in this vid
tartarus tartarus
tartarus tartarus 4 小时 前
INT based ranged DPS builds: proving why remaking the world is better than adapting to it.
pOtato Lord
pOtato Lord 4 小时 前
It's because we got our woodcutting to 99.
Rampage 5 小时 前
N-word 5:59
TheLeakyTap 5 小时 前
Now humans just chill in creative
Haris Khan
Haris Khan 5 小时 前
Lool runescape 3 should have no player base
Logan King
Logan King 6 小时 前
What if Humans had more balanced stats but retained max intelligence? How would this change their effectiveness in relation to the other species?
Kishore Kumar
Kishore Kumar 6 小时 前
Make a CNvidr tier list.
Roddy Dykes
Roddy Dykes 7 小时 前
Imagine if the different human species survived.
revilorere 7 小时 前
Humans should be on their own tier. The G tier
RoboNinjaJess 7 小时 前
Sucks that the corperation-factions to release co2 into the air. They should be banned for griefing and server-destruction
Leonardo Remmerswaal
SirVyre 8 小时 前
*rubs my occipital bun* Yeah... just a few joined up with Cro Magnon... just a few....
Alomoes 8 小时 前
Remember, when you're big and strong and can survive alone, PVP is a huge threat. Less so when you're weak and need each other to survive.
Viv B
Viv B 8 小时 前
That animation at the start was incredible mate, where'd you get it from?
the LIfe of Alex
the LIfe of Alex 8 小时 前
3:25 Jackfilm's Forehead
IaMmEsSiNgBoY 303
IaMmEsSiNgBoY 303 9 小时 前
CNvidrs always know how to break video games
Garen Might
Garen Might 9 小时 前
Thats runescape music is it?
Red Panda
Red Panda 9 小时 前
What about the all new mythical mode?
XboxMLGProGamer 9 小时 前
Level 99 Homo Sapien Level 1 Neanderthal And that's how *evolution* works
Kolbe Bunker
Kolbe Bunker 11 小时 前
Am I the only one who wants a vid about the top 10 builds in the game
Coby Christiansen
Coby Christiansen 11 小时 前
Do one on racial differences! Ya know... Black faction, Asian Faction, *White Faction* ... You can talk about how the devs nerfed the _Tribal Unity_ perk in *White Faction* after WWII which lowered their defense to the _Propaganda Skill tree_ that *Jew Faction* spec'd into... Apparently you get kicked off the server for pointing out how OP *Jew Faction* is now that they put so many stat points into shapeshift and speechcraft...
Sen Blake
Sen Blake 11 小时 前
man im a creationist but i still love the way these vids turn "reality" into a game.
Braedon Dowell
Braedon Dowell 12 小时 前
1:22 “Coming for that booty”!
-_Nik6skillzz_- x
-_Nik6skillzz_- x 12 小时 前
I actually learned a lot tho
Omar Valentini
Omar Valentini 12 小时 前
I've just realized that Sapiens and Neanderthal are parts of the same specie.
Kyle Garcia
Kyle Garcia 12 小时 前
The devs should release an update patch similar to the black death to balance the growing human player population.
Ricky Hand
Ricky Hand 12 小时 前
Remember 91 is half of 99
sam silva
sam silva 13 小时 前
dose any1 know where he got the footage for this
Samuel Behfarshad
Samuel Behfarshad 14 小时 前
this nigga weird asf but it was a little entertaining.
frikky99 14 小时 前
"Ice Age balance patch" LOL that is amazing.
Dylan Shramko
Dylan Shramko 14 小时 前
Insect Tier List
Pr. Gibus
Pr. Gibus 14 小时 前
It's about time we get a parrot tier list. As a Kea Main, us Keas are some of the strongest and most intellectual animals in the game, yet our poor defense again one-trick Stoat mains is the only thing preventing us from the meta. Why was cross-play added again?
Vinicius 15 小时 前
SondernM.Neuer Manuel NEUER
Bro we have not a single proof that humans looked like that back in the days its just a theory. The only little we know is that there might be some beeings that were related to us and the chimps. I hate it when people try to sell evolution as a fact instead, as the theory it actually is. Thats why i dislike the schoolbooks that tryna teach little innocent children a theory wich is not proven right.
lombardo141 16 小时 前
Chef Boyardee
Chef Boyardee 16 小时 前
Can u make a vid on what the most fun builds are to play as cheetah and kangaroos seem fun but what other classes seem to be good
Richard Rahl
Richard Rahl 16 小时 前
All speculation. This is retarded. Worst video from TZ by far. Also, notice how the "not quite humans" look like black people? Not very PC here.
The Pleased One
The Pleased One 16 小时 前
Even early man knew the Mozambique sucked.
annabelle xoxo
annabelle xoxo 16 小时 前
Only og’s remember being low tier
An introvert on the internet
I want my history teacher to play this next class
martins freimanis
martins freimanis 17 小时 前
We use to be bullied by other animals, now we bully them. Karma
Wyatt Jackson
Wyatt Jackson 18 小时 前
Can you do every s tier
TheOtakuGamer 18 小时 前
New world monkeys vs. old world monkeys
Borrae Tok
Borrae Tok 18 小时 前
There's something deeply disturbing about relating life to a game... especially this well.
Henrik Myrhaug
Henrik Myrhaug 18 小时 前
Never understood why neanderthald died out. Luckily, tier zoo is here to save my brain from exploding!
GenChan 18 小时 前
That castle wars music tho 😂
M. A Varga
M. A Varga 19 小时 前
Humans are such a pay-to-win faction tho..
kyklous 365
kyklous 365 19 小时 前
It's in-game money though.
pineapplepenumbra 19 小时 前
When is the "Alien Invasion" update coming?
Ilan Pechman
Ilan Pechman 19 小时 前
Where can I download this game??
Aidan Gutierrez
Aidan Gutierrez 19 小时 前
Human build is way to op maybe the new ww3 patch that be coming up soon will balance this out
Luís Filipe Velasco
Luís Filipe Velasco 19 小时 前
With the new possibility of the space expansion, which new classes would you expect to show up? Any which could overthrown the OP humans?
Ultimate Shaggy
Ultimate Shaggy 20 小时 前
1lv ape 999lv modern soldier That how crafting work
Walrus Guy
Walrus Guy 20 小时 前
So you're telling me that blacks owe whites reparations for invading their ancestors and killing them first?
Goose 6.0
Goose 6.0 20 小时 前
You didn't read the dev notes, the forums are wrong, the current human build is version 1.0, and was never updated.
L 21 小时 前
Next video? The Black Death glitch spread by dirty hackers in version 1347
Mikael Johansson
Mikael Johansson 21 小时 前
Thanks for the video super fun! :D
Ben Rosen
Ben Rosen 21 小时 前
lol deer MGS sfx
alaa alsmmak
alaa alsmmak 22 小时 前
VERY good channel good luck for you
Cool Dude
Cool Dude 22 小时 前
How about a seabird tier list ?
Stratisfied 22 小时 前
Is that some runescape background music im hearing? Big fan
Choxolet yo
Choxolet yo 22 小时 前
DuRp_Reflex 22 小时 前
U need a tv show
Marcel Walter
Marcel Walter 22 小时 前
Humans are banned in Ubers confirmed
Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen
6:02 that moment when a dovahkiin died in the hand of Forsworns.
Dr. Lehrer
Dr. Lehrer 22 小时 前
The humans were at first like how most hard builds work out when released at first, all those who plays them get rekt, but when the pros play them and finally knew how to build them properly, then they will be the most op broken shit ever. This game balance team is retarded really, I think they should just delete humans so that the game will be balanced again, also you can't just nerf them cuz then they won't be humans anymore.
Nick Gulgren
Nick Gulgren 22 小时 前
I recognize this music from animal movies I used to rent from the library about animals!
unending suffering
unending suffering 23 小时 前
level 10 human level 99 neanderthal
Belisario Lea
Next Update Insect Class comes back into the game
Hayden Tempest
Excellent video, but I do have one issue with it. While neanderthals had strictly larger brains, this does not mean they were more intelligent. They still had a brow ridge at the front of their skull, their extra cranial capacity existing at the back of the skull. However, classical intelligence as most people understand it comes from the frontal lobe, which is larger in modern humans than in neanderthals.
Angelo Cilajis
Human #420 has been banned Reason: Griefing, Wallhacks, Speedhacks.
Hush3d Hustla
Could you do a parrot tier list. They're all pretty dumb and clumsy.
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