How STRONG is the Smash Bros Home Run Bat? | The SCIENCE.. of Super Smash Bros

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Super Smash Bros is one of the most iconic Nintendo games. The crossover, the crazy levels and powers, and the special items you get to SMASH your friends into the void. Today, Austin is going to tell you the STRENGTH of one of Smash Bros most iconic items - the Home-Run Bat!
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评论 10 137
PeterDeep 3 小时 前
Somehow, this is still relevant with smash ultimate
Tarif Stark
Tarif Stark 4 小时 前
What type of car is that. The golden car with the weird emblem
Jovian Josclim
Jovian Josclim 11 小时 前
Sharknight 13
Didn’t he mess up at 12 because Mario ain’t hitting that hard the Mario getting hit is just so weak
ひろやざわ [weebtaku]
7:05 R.I.P Luigi
T-Series sucks dick
Can we get a video on the hammer plz
W GU 2 天 前
10:48 This moment still gets me
Wîld Fìrë
Wîld Fìrë 2 天 前
ParakeetReacts 3 天 前
I like MatPat better
Patrick Weaver
Patrick Weaver 3 天 前
I did the math for Smash Ultimate (since the grid field makes it way easier), and, assuming each grid is meters^2, a 999% launch rockets off at almost 2,000 MPH!!! At least that's what I found.
Mario Melon
Mario Melon 4 天 前
No Marios were harmed in the making of this film
perma gearhart
perma gearhart 4 天 前
Screw that hater's Austin your intro is awesome
eric jackson
eric jackson 4 天 前
Whay if the heaviest character was to be hit at 999% then hit another character or a building?
Default Animator
Idk Idk
Idk Idk 4 天 前
13:50 most relatable thing I have ever heard
digital drago
digital drago 4 天 前
2008820736 kilograms by survival no cheats of pure ender chest in shulker boxs ok
Liam Davis
Liam Davis 4 天 前
To answer the Trains, the green train would take 6 hours and the red train would take 15 hours.
The Fury
The Fury 4 天 前
1:16 he means blue shell of MARIO KART.
Barnacle Scum
Barnacle Scum 4 天 前
James Sheridan
James Sheridan 5 天 前
I wonder what the reaction would be if you actually sent these emails
Julia Duarte
Julia Duarte 5 天 前
Not gonna lie, I kinda loved that they played Caprice No.24 between 4:34-5:56
Kyle Zhou
Kyle Zhou 6 天 前
Yay Austin like if u agree What happened to MatPat
Alexander Brown
Alexander Brown 6 天 前
Stop using bad words, Austin!
Novi Rp13
Novi Rp13 6 天 前
It was funny that as I burped, he burped too. Dangit why is that so funny to me? :'D
Bumpkin Bee
Bumpkin Bee 7 天 前
ironically, i am sick while watching. he is sick so much (that's my opinion possibly not fact idk)
Ethan Fiske
Ethan Fiske 7 天 前
Accelerating at 200 meters per second, huh. Someone botched their units. (7:50)
Alex SHANG 8 天 前
how much money u want for an hour of teaching, I wanna screw over Mario too
Lixellus 8 天 前
It's not *MELEE*
Alec Leal
Alec Leal 9 天 前
Is the super 8, not the blue shell.
Random Guy
Random Guy 9 天 前
Why did he keep calling Luigi Mario?
Robert Shirts
Robert Shirts 9 天 前
Barry Smith
Barry Smith 10 天 前
Um, in martial arts, when training to break shingles, you're taught to break every single. If you don't or can't break every shingle, only then will the force reflect. In other words, because Mario or whoever swings the Home Run Bat is able to send the opponent flying and completes the follow through, the forces don't reflect back on the bat and the attacker. It's why baseball players don't suffer any injuries to their hands or arms when hitting an ~100 MPH ball with their bats.
SpiderCat73 11 天 前
*I'm already Tracer.*
Benbot714 Gaming
Benbot714 Gaming 11 天 前
it's gonna be a good theory can't wait for Mat Pat Oh wait 0:03
Cookie Monster
Cookie Monster 12 天 前
There are actually 4 hitboxes on the bat with different angles and damage
Gaming with Izaak
13:32 the answer is 4.3 hrs
Turboturtle Fan WAW
9:58 That’s a lot of damage
Kevin Hicks
Kevin Hicks 12 天 前
omg omg omg omg I died when you used latin
Sebway 13 天 前
I really like Austin's way of displaying what he likes
Amilcar Polanen
Amilcar Polanen 13 天 前
Man this dude is fuuuuuuun !!!! I wonder what a conversation between him and matpat would be like.
Kristina Washington
Lovely vid. Thanks for the video. :D
ArmoredWarfare 55!
Did I see Tracer’s Butt during Austin’s but but but thing?
LtLAW 14 天 前
But I like the drawn out intros....
david copenhaver
david copenhaver 14 天 前
Zachary White
Zachary White 15 天 前
How powerful are isaac's tears in the binding of isaac
Dick Dickinson jr
Now that’s a lot of DAMAGE
akira vajura
akira vajura 15 天 前
The heaviest character is Bowser if he was hit with the bat at maximum damage how many Newtons does it take to launch him and how fast is he going right now also how many Newtons does the bat have if hitting at maximum damage also what would happen if Bowser is hit with 88,955,535.86 Newtons how fast would he go and how fast he is going? Also to help the measurement Bowser is 1,180 kilograms that's how heavy it is so measure the force to hit Bowser at maximum damage also what would happen if every super smash Bros character got it with the force of 9610517000000000 newtons I want anyone reading this comment calculate the speed the characters are going and the effects of getting hit with that force and the effects of swinging that much force
DiamondWarrior27 16 天 前
*Mario, our 89 kilogram Mario.*
fredward503 16 天 前
what does visting texas and game theory have in common? HI!!! ITS ME AUSTIN!!!!
Kratos Aurion Plays
3:07 They let Austin curse! 11:33 lol
// _ Insert name here _
Best. Outro. Ever.
Turtle Knight
Turtle Knight 17 天 前
Boo school yay killing mario
Kristi Elliott
Kristi Elliott 19 天 前
Get your own channel.
Flame The Red Fox
Austin: it is the blue shell of smash Me: a better analigy would be the bat is the nuklear bomb of smash
Cameron Horn
Cameron Horn 20 天 前
DrGzhero 20 天 前
Tiny Senpai Rachel
Petition for Austin to teach high school kids math and/or science, all in favor say I
Lunaley 20 天 前
I wish Austin was my teacher.
BobbyTR 20 天 前
That's why I always throw the bat
Jennifer Koester
Jennifer Koester 21 天 前
Jennifer Koester
Jennifer Koester 21 天 前
Fu%# * flozwod
Christopher Moore
Austin would be the best math teacher, mat-pat would be good for science, maybe gumba could be history. Now all were missing is English and we could have productive school! Lol
The EnderSlayer
The EnderSlayer 23 天 前
I wonder if Austin actually sends these emails, if it's just a way to make an intro and outro or if it's genuinely something he does.
Eman The Ranter
Eman The Ranter 24 天 前
Yay! Dead Psychopaths
MARK WOLF 25 天 前
I love physics, Hey Austin heres some food for though. It would have be pretty cool if you covered energy transference from the bat in kinetic energy into thermal energy as when the characters get hit with the bat it appears that they burn out it would been cool to know how many joules huh?
Sérecáno the dark
Math is awesome!!!
Allison Hughart
Allison Hughart 27 天 前
I think he gone crazy
Noah Jerred
Noah Jerred 个月 前
Oh my GOD!
Breezie Lund
Breezie Lund 个月 前
Xavier Quintanilla
5:55 Austin rage
Xavier Quintanilla
Xavier Quintanilla
Uh 1 hit kill bat as its called
Your Mom :D
Your Mom :D 个月 前
I don´t like Austin. And the think I most dislike about him is that he practically replaced MatPat´s more scientific informations...
Fluffy The ghost wolf
Fluffy The ghost wolf
Ryxal McNugget
Ryxal McNugget 个月 前
The whole damage thing probably has to do with beating the literal crap out of people
Connor Thornton
Connor Thornton 个月 前
609 nice
Asterión B
Asterión B 个月 前
I mean thanks for the info but could you please not yell? It is annoying!
Waddlesisboss 17
Waddlesisboss 17 个月 前
It’s funny because I am a Latin scholar
Riflex Gamer
Riflex Gamer 个月 前
Thundrex 个月 前
2:20 Officially CONFIRMED by Sakurai himself!!
Creepy Cat
Creepy Cat 个月 前
I clicked on this video because I was thinking "let's get yelled at by some random guy for random crap."
Creepy Cat
Creepy Cat 个月 前
My wish came true.
Lovro Markovič
Lovro Markovič 个月 前
13:57 approved by both austin and sakurai
Mathking18 个月 前
10:48 listen at 0.25x speed. most hilarious thing ever
mariovsluigi666 个月 前
I want to send this entire script to nintendo in an email xD
DeadlyKitten 个月 前
"Math is fun when you're killing Nintendo characters" -Austin
boboka 个月 前
Samara Smith
Samara Smith 个月 前
I dont care about any of this stuff (except for fallout lol) i just like seeing Austin’s blow up
so um what else can the home run bat level and devastate? like seriously i want to know,a mountain, a moon, maybe cause a level 9000 shock wave due to the sound wave released on impact
Jalloul Rawad
Jalloul Rawad 个月 前
latin scholar here Austin
K.I.S.S Gaming
K.I.S.S Gaming 个月 前
To answer your question at the end it takes exactly 1sec
Michelle Cole
Michelle Cole 个月 前
13:02 i unliked
Newbie Wannabe
Newbie Wannabe 个月 前
Theory: the homerun bat is just a damn piece of wood and instead, everyone just has insanely strong arms
Shempai 1
Shempai 1 个月 前
Now the Hammer
Fox McCloud
Fox McCloud 个月 前
Well Austin you've done Pokemon, Super Mario, Zelda and Metroid but you haven't done one for poor old Star Fox. I'd say you do one for the fans.
llirbwerdnadivad 个月 前
You have fun with this, don't you?
tylur french
tylur french 个月 前
“more, MORE, I NEED MORE!” -Austin
James Sushi
James Sushi 个月 前
James Sushi
James Sushi 个月 前