How STRONG is the Smash Bros Home Run Bat? | The SCIENCE.. of Super Smash Bros

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Super Smash Bros is one of the most iconic Nintendo games. The crossover, the crazy levels and powers, and the special items you get to SMASH your friends into the void. Today, Austin is going to tell you the STRENGTH of one of Smash Bros most iconic items - the Home-Run Bat!
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评论 10 483
Amber 10 小时 前
The Austin Freak-outs were really good this video...
Giovanny Hiciano
Giovanny Hiciano 13 小时 前
Make a dragon ball video,I mean the game
Krissia Arteaga
Krissia Arteaga 4 天 前
Michael Davies
Michael Davies 5 天 前
But hey, that's just a theory! A GAME THEORY!!!
Michael Davies
Michael Davies 5 天 前
Hey I take latin I could have translated that
killer 5 天 前
Data Fox
Data Fox 8 天 前
Whoa m8 calm down
Monster Hunters
Monster Hunters 9 天 前
Dude you make learning fun
Leafiafan 11 天 前
13:00 you sir, have made my day with that 100% true rant on schools.
Biigoz 11 天 前
I always imagined it was more the character was just more susceptible to the bat's damage due to their % being higher. Meaning maybe their weight or physical properties changed the more damage they had received. The bat would still do the same amount of power at 0% as it would at 999%, but the person hit by the bat would have a different reaction to being hit.
BLKBRDSR71 12 天 前
Ok so, how much force is in princess Peach's butt? xD
djbro ecb
djbro ecb 12 天 前
I completely agree with the word problems
Nathaniel Tomlinson
i win i awways get it
Ali Ruqshana
Ali Ruqshana 13 天 前
Ali Ruqshana
Ali Ruqshana 13 天 前
sh*t i am so mad ITD
Deku 13 天 前
you could of used the amibo because thats what amibo are based off of
Derek Dacus
Derek Dacus 13 天 前
This channel has become super yell-ie
Channon Gates
Channon Gates 15 天 前
Eun Jin Son
Eun Jin Son 15 天 前
5:58 OMG I swear I thought that it was “I googled!”
Poke King
Poke King 11 天 前
Actually, I read it pretty much the same but, looking at it again, it's "we goofed" xD
Legend Spencer
Legend Spencer 16 天 前
But what about the uome run contest that has length measured in feet?
Juul Nuel
Juul Nuel 16 天 前
I had an ad with the same music as the beginning of the video. (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ
Thoralmir 17 天 前
"Math is fun when you're killing Nintendo characters!"
Le Woomy
Le Woomy 17 天 前
Luckily Mario can survive s*** easily
Jacob Griego
Jacob Griego 18 天 前
Your scary but more educational then my school lol 😄
trolltime 32
trolltime 32 19 天 前
if there was a school taught by people on youtube, wed have austin and matpat for math and science, upisnotjump for chemistry. feel free to add anyone else you can think of.
Patricia Howard
Patricia Howard 20 天 前
I miss matpat
Samuel Brown
Samuel Brown 20 天 前
What's the name of the music at the beginning
Renato Herrera
Renato Herrera 20 天 前
Bruh I just noticed you use Google docs
Samy De Oliveira
Samy De Oliveira 21 天 前
The end of the video is stupid :( When Luigi hits a 999% Mario, that guy is way more ejected than if he was 0%. Fine. Does that mean Luigi put more strength into the attack? Wrong. Luigi isn't the variable. Nothing changed about him. The strength from Luigi is the same, and also the pressure then :)
Rrodr022 21 天 前
Honestly Austin is the only real reason I'm subscribed to this channel anymore.
Arham Playz
Arham Playz 21 天 前
I am subbing to everyone who subs me
DragonGaming 22 天 前
Maximum damage with a 2.0 launch multiplier.
CrispyBlazin 23 天 前
Do a steve vs thanos video
Trey S
Trey S 24 天 前
This guy constantly yells. Like omg my ears
ShotGun 64
ShotGun 64 24 天 前
That thumbnail is brutal tho.
Javier Ramirez
Javier Ramirez 25 天 前
Wtf am i doing with my life?
Saiko Suika Sarada
Rip Ronnie
Eliyahu Beyo
Eliyahu Beyo 25 天 前
Word problems are terrible
MossyBro 25 天 前
5:55 Austin.exe has stopped working
Zach Walker
Zach Walker 25 天 前
Nice but
Alice Margatroid
Alice Margatroid 26 天 前
*I can't find his freaking nose! Who's got your nose, little buddy?!* I'm freaking dying! XD
Rose Constantjean
10:49 is hilariously random. XD XD XD
Gabriel Silva
Gabriel Silva 27 天 前
10:00 That’s a lot of damage!
you've gone crazy.
The Occisor
The Occisor 27 天 前
Pearl Cloudy
Pearl Cloudy 28 天 前
Mario’s Mass: 89.937 kg I expected even heavier.
anik monette
anik monette 28 天 前
Yessss! I hoped you would do the 999% damage... XD
Sebastian White
Sebastian White 28 天 前
I personally know Latin.
Graham Oldfield
Graham Oldfield 28 天 前
Math was invented by the Greeks They. Made. Maths.
Graham Oldfield
Graham Oldfield 28 天 前
Austin vs baldi... Austin would win in a math duel
hexamain !
hexamain ! 28 天 前
3:58 69 percent haha
Josef Sen
Josef Sen 29 天 前
Wouldn’t it be a momentum for the swinging Mario?
Octo Callie
Octo Callie 29 天 前
Who else started laughing hysterically when Austin burped?
Octo Callie
Octo Callie 29 天 前
What if the kid is playing with an actual bat and smacking the figures with the bat, which is why it one hit KO’s in one shot
The chosen llama
The chosen llama 个月 前
Oh no I’ve done both already what do I do
thebeethatisresponsible !
The "we goofed" thing gets me EVERY TIME!
fgfg 个月 前
very nice but how about hitting bowser or someone heavier?
That Guy In Green
Ive never been Called an “adorable punk” before
Dinorex 109
Dinorex 109 个月 前
Anna Richer
Anna Richer 个月 前
Austin should be a math or since teacher!
comrade general
comrade general 个月 前
10/10 best vid ever
Daphne Woodford
Daphne Woodford 个月 前
No offense, but this guys needs to stop wasting time and start......idk.......WORKING FOR NASA?!!????!!
TheOneWithDoggo //Duanesil2 dua
10:27 *and i thought sonic was fast*
Waluigi Mussolini
I want Austin to teach my physics class
Mister Macabre
Mister Macabre 个月 前
Skip to 6:00 to get to the actual bat instead of watching 6 mins of filler
Riolu 个月 前
Austin should honestly take over the channel.
Lighttail 个月 前
Math is fun when you’re killing nintendo characters
Tedplayz 个月 前
Not to be annoying but it ganondorf not ganon ganondorfs the humanoid warlock Ganon is the giant pig demon
Amazing Games
Amazing Games 个月 前
The sad truth is that the boy is a Nintendo fan and because it's about him he's the only one who can't play super smash Bros
SirCosmorot 个月 前
I find you more entertaining than MatPat.
Trainer Coty
Trainer Coty 个月 前
You’re like Carl from llamas with hats. You’ve said amazing things over time so now I’m just expecting this bat to cause a black hole.
Alessandro Tasca
Alessandro Tasca 个月 前
Ok but stop screaming (?) Pls
Wai Sem Morris
Wai Sem Morris 个月 前
Ther amibos
Trigger happy nat
This guy could be a scientist or a specialized scientist or something but I like the path he took
Max 2
Max 2 个月 前
I know Latin and I am in 6th grade and I saw a scene in a movie that someone suffered so much gs that their bodies literally ripped apart by wind.i also love math and science and but I hate word problems and everyone is like how do u do it.
Blooky030 个月 前
That's a lot of damage
Judgmental Ostrich
hI AuStiN
Dragenlord Jay
Dragenlord Jay 个月 前
That Spain duo
David Morselander
Are we going to have the science of the hammers from Smash Brothers soon?
Boppo 个月 前
Does he ever stop screaming?
MatiWithTheMShotz1245 1.0
Why didn’t you just get a figurine and get Mario’s hieght and alter its hight mathematically and mentally to adjust it to a Mario figurine if that’s possible 🤗
Yoshibro26 个月 前
Random video, but do a video on how strong wario is (using shake it for example)
Josiah Baumgartner
This is kind of an old video at this point but uh... does this take the tipper mechanics into account? The bat has more knockback when you hit with the sweet spot at the tip. This also decreases surface area of impact, increasing pressure.
No U
No U 个月 前
I honestly expected that ending rant to Segway Into an ad
Noah Rodriguez
Noah Rodriguez 个月 前
13:27 he lost it
Brent Beazer
Brent Beazer 个月 前
why is his channel the same name and logo as mat pats
ThatOneBGuy [TOBG]
I like the end
Jacob Henderson
Jacob Henderson 个月 前
Not 2 secondsbun and i know its him i bet you cant spend an episode not yelling
Weston Welch
Weston Welch 个月 前
The math and stuff is interesting but your voice is irritating.
metayoshi1 个月 前
word problems are technically the worst because they have to follow the rules of the respective language it's printed... any grammatical errors, and the average would have NO F***ING Clue what you want as the correct answer.
Dan MacNamara
Dan MacNamara 个月 前
If only Austin waited until Smash Ultimate, there is a measurement after a match called “max launch speed” showing how fast a character was launch in km/h
Dragon Lex
Dragon Lex 个月 前
Man this channel is minefield every second interesting video is this yelling madhouse
Wade Spencer
Wade Spencer 个月 前
This version of Mario takes missiles, fists bigger than his own body, and giant streams of superheated plasma in every fight. I'm sure he's fine.
Beni 个月 前
rip ronnie, also unsub cause austin be annoying
Stormy Stories
Stormy Stories 个月 前
So, on the topic of him not exploding into meat paste after being hit by this. I wonder with all the damage we've seen mario take in his games, what kind of tensile and compression strengths his skin and clothing must have to keep his body intact?
captain heebie
captain heebie 个月 前
Nope Austin is not it for me chief
EpicPotatoLord 个月 前
YEEEAAAAHHHH DEAD MARIOS!!!!!! That got intense very quickly
Any7hing 1928
Any7hing 1928 个月 前
I wonder what Austin or mat pat would teach if they my were math or science or physics teacher......
עידו גונן / Ido Gonen
imagine needing calculations to solve game problems. this meme made by the GAME THEORISTS SUBSCRIBERS gang
SolidSnacks18 个月 前
Dude it's just a game calm down