How to Add Subtitles to YouTube Videos [New Method]

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How to Add Subtitles to a CNvid Video 2019 and reasons why you should! SUBSCRIBE NOW: goo.gl/bPrSLZ
Subtitles (or closed captions) help make your videos more accessible to a wider audience and improve the viewing experience for all. In this video we show you how to add subtitles to a CNvid video or how to add closed captions to a CNvid video. We will also show you how to download closed captions that CNvid automatically creates.
Main CNvid support page: support.google.com/youtube/answer/2734796?hl=en&ref_topic=7296214
Accepted file formats: support.google.com/youtube/answer/2734698?hl=en&ref_topic=7296214

In 2019 how to add subtitles to CNvid videos and how to add closed captions to CNvid videos will be changing thanks to the new CNvid Creator Studio (currently in Beta). This video shows you where to go and how to do it.

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vidIQ 17 天 前
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It’s all because of you we uploaded subtitles for this. I am the Auticon! Extraordinary Gamers! - Presents: "William the Poet's Trailer" cnvid.net/video/%E8%A7%86%E9%A2%91-2qDRqG8Jt_w.html
Dani Certad
Dani Certad 2 天 前
2MILLION Dance 4 天 前
New CNvidr let’s help each other! Support me, I will support you
Hera K Music
Hera K Music 7 天 前
Can i do it on a smartphone?????¿
vidIQ 7 天 前
I don't think the creator studio app offers that function.
Zakaria El maaroufi
how you can upload a transcript file of a foreigne language
Marton 11 天 前
How do you write a second line at will, without the space of the first one running out? If you do not understand what I say, look at those in your video, they are two lines and do not take up much space on the screen.
vidIQ 11 天 前
I'm sorry, I'm really not sure what you're referencing here.
Bogdan Masca
Bogdan Masca 12 天 前
Hello, I can`t add a video subtitle. It doesn`t show me the 3 dots just a section where it says Original video language, subtitles, and CC . here`s a picture of what i have to work with. i.postimg.cc/Xq8ksd09/youtube-speech-to-text.png
Gunther The Quizmaster
So what’s CC stands for, sir❓
Linh Dan Meo2008
Linh Dan Meo2008 16 天 前
Vietnamese 1%😂😅😂
novatare 16 天 前
Thanks for this! This video is very intuitive. Even though I only have 20 subscribers I'm planning to caption at least a few of my videos. (Unrelatedly you look a bit like Ben Bailey lol)
Innofied 20 天 前
I see that your CC Subtitles are automatically on when I come to your video, can you tell me How to enable the CC by default ?
vidIQ 20 天 前
Simply turning them off *should* be enough to tell CNvid you don't want them on by default.
Useless Channel
Useless Channel 23 天 前
can you create subtitles for video you did NOT make? like if you want to create subtitles for your friend that doesnt understand english well so he can watch something
Useless Channel
Useless Channel 23 天 前
oh, so the creator has to turn it on... guess my sister wont learn how to solve 2x2 rubik's cube :( im not really good at explaining stuff and i wanted to translate the video for her
vidIQ 23 天 前
Yes, you can contribute to other people's video and they can approve. That might be a good idea for a video for us to make!
ray382vk 24 天 前
is adding CC to youtube with youtube apps? (which means is it possible to add CC with phone??
vidIQ 23 天 前
CNvid really should, shouldn't they? But it's a question for them.
Hernán Falcón
Hernán Falcón 25 天 前
What if I want to make subtitles for a video someone else made? Say.. Someone has a video in English and I can subtitle in Spanish but this random question "Do you want to subtitle?" Doesn't appear.
vidIQ 25 天 前
Sometimes people turn off the ability for others to subtitle their content.
Aidil Djoe
Aidil Djoe 个月 前
How simple thanks for the tip.
Aldine Tree Services Houston Stump Grinding
Thanks for sharing this helpful video. I was aware of a couple of the options for adding subtitles, however for a few of my latest videos, the script was fairly long, and I was looking for a manner to upload the transcript. Your explanation helped me realize a few more options, and really helped! Nice job, Delfino
Devinetae Midgett
On iPhone click the screen you then should see the 3 dots under each other then you will see caption select turn on and you’re welcome
kirby's adventures and more
Can i do tht on phone!?
Cheryl Goer
Cheryl Goer 个月 前
Hi, My videos are in English but I want to have Mandarin Chinese subtitles. I see that you have that for this video. Did you translate it by yourself? Or how did you do it? Please advise, thank you!
Mica Ella Kristine Uday
Thank u
Grant Ferstat
Grant Ferstat 个月 前
Can anyone tell me how I can edit the font and alignment of captions I enter or upload. My captions always seem to be centered which looks bad. Can caption background be changed?
Ulrike and Brenda Canada
I am impressed by your captions.
wef web
wef web 个月 前
youtube-subtitle.com new youtube sub maker
Jeanette Avanti
Jeanette Avanti 个月 前
I need some help. My channel is in danish tho. I would like to have english subtitles below every video to reach a bigger audience but tbh i dont want to type every translation down myself. Is there some program that can do it for you or?
vidIQ 个月 前
Rev.com can do it but it will be pricey.
Hi, I got up to the stage where 'Caption.sbv' file downloaded to my laptop, however it would not open. I got a screen prompt to download an app from the Apple store. However which app is it that I need? Is there a free one? Thank you.
Jeff Long
Jeff Long 个月 前
I went to save changes and said it could not and would overwrite so I lost all my changes for my feature movie.....this studio thing sucks big time, horrible navigation tools as well.
4 FUN 个月 前
From where did you download the subtitles file from your folder ? (min 1.22)
Jay James Maloney
Why do I get them in my new videos
dragan constantin
Excelente job 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Kaitee Milktee
Kaitee Milktee 个月 前
this is very useful! thank you for sharing this video to us!
Brandon Bridges
Brandon Bridges 个月 前
it wont let me open the file and asks me to download something i can open it with.
ShuuChi 个月 前
If I have captions on, it's probably because CNvid automatically turn captions on for me and I'm too lazy to turn it off unless if it's too big for me to see the video. And another thing is-- if I can't understand what the person (in the video) is saying. _Duh_ xD
Lizette Avila
Lizette Avila 个月 前
How do you insert subtitles to youtube videos that dont have any? For example, when the video is in a different language and you have trouble understanding what is going on :/
misslechateau 个月 前
Download? *thumbs down*
Joe Gossman
Joe Gossman 个月 前
What if your deaf and there’s no subtitles in it
TheDarkKnight 个月 前
3099 Anyone?
James Purdie
James Purdie 个月 前
Hello my friend. Thanks for the video tutorial. I know YT fairly well as a Creator. I have enabled captions on my videos, but the CC Tab does not appear when watching the videos. How long does it take for these changes to come into effect? I also did a caption file for a friend that is also nowhere to be seen though it has been enabled. Even on this video, the CC tab appears and the captions appear very tiny, unreadable. The tab and option to edit edit the caption sizes is missing. Cheers. Keep it up.
sno0p3r 个月 前
Can I do that with video which isn't mine nor is it uploaded in my channel?
mikester playz
mikester playz 2 个月 前
Christy S
Christy S 2 个月 前
Captions are really important to how I watch videos. If the cc isn't right, I duck out and watch something else.
Selcuk Donat
Selcuk Donat 2 个月 前
Hello.. How can I change positions of captions is there any way?
real life story.Channel
thank you ser for your tips
Sam 2 个月 前
Sir what did u use to make this video.
Mind Body & Soul with Makia
Hey thank you for this useful video @vidIQ, just created and added my first subtitles !
vidIQ 2 个月 前
No problem Mind Body & Soul with Makia. Thanks for watching! Welcome to the CNvid journey.
Phillip Reklai
Phillip Reklai 2 个月 前
Wtf kind of thumbnail is that
Traveling Bong
Traveling Bong 2 个月 前
What is caption document..that you have uploaded
CubeToys 2 个月 前
hi i try this doenst work i download the srt from youtube and editted and after tha save it on srt and uploaded on the same srt file they gave me with the same name and give me an error, what could i do, or there is a program that save srt for youtube or what tha hell i do this is always a headache
tabassum status
tabassum status 2 个月 前
Jazakallahu khaira (tq alot)
Daniel Rodriguez
Daniel Rodriguez 2 个月 前
When I watch a none English video (say German).. I press the three dots.. Go to captions.... & all I get is Turn of captions & German (auto-generated) it doesn't give me the option to select English (my native language)! Can you help me please!? Thank you!
Sylvia Norman
Sylvia Norman 2 个月 前
Get ahead of the curve with RapidViews (just google it) 😂
Prasad SL
Prasad SL 2 个月 前
Sylvia Norman done ✅ sub your turn
PoopyPooProductions 2 个月 前
@Myrtle Chambers im sure you are a very real person and not a bot
PoopyPooProductions 2 个月 前
ah yes view bots those are very allowed on youtube
Ellen Mullins
Ellen Mullins 2 个月 前
Thank you I really appreciate your help.
Sonya Conner
Sonya Conner 2 个月 前
Google is Watching
Google is Watching 2 个月 前
1Like = 1Sub Let's help Each other please🙏
Shenita Gazaway
Shenita Gazaway 2 个月 前
Can you give someone else access to your channel to do it for you?
MishaG9 2 个月 前
How about videos that are not yours? Is it possible now? I used to add subtitles so people could understand what someone was saying, but now I can't find that option. Some people perhaps opt to block this, in that case it's a non-issue.
herpdy derp
herpdy derp 2 个月 前
I watch All my videos with captions. My hearing is decreasing and it helps me catch anything my hearing skips over.
Anything Dude
Anything Dude 2 个月 前
Jessica White
Jessica White 3 个月 前
Thank you for this video! I need to add captions in a quick fashion for my students' parents so that they may access their children's videos.
Kaloyan Tsilev
Kaloyan Tsilev 3 个月 前
Very useful - thanks!
G o l d f i s h
G o l d f i s h 3 个月 前
Is This Only For- Er.. PC?