How to Calculate Linear Regression SPSS

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A visual explanation on how to calculate a regression equation using SPSS. The video explains r square, standard error of the estimate and coefficients.
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评论 47
Adjan Kesselaar
Adjan Kesselaar 2 个月 前
Very nice, clear explained!!!!
Fai Chinpakdee
Fai Chinpakdee 6 个月 前
Thank you for the lessons. Can you please make videos explaining linear mixed effects model?
Murad Junda
Murad Junda 年 前
thanks really
sherzad abdulrahman
Really.. this is the most effective video I have ever seen till now... Thanks... Keep up good lectures... Sherzad AM, PhD Student- Iraq
Ghost Fox
Ghost Fox 年 前
Thank you for this.
Mudhar Alaubedy
Hi sir it is an urgent question I have a linear model in this form' y=b0+ b1 C+b2 P+ b3 CP I know who to create linear regression model for the above but my question about the addition of the fourth term can I consider this as an independent variable similar to C and P and then compute CP. Is that possible or not, please?
Sophie Diestolpertnie
Hello, how do I know if the line is actually a good predictor? Does it depend on the significance? Thank you!
叶星Yasir 年 前
Thank You So much you taught me more than my teacher
Savy P. Minal
Kindly make a video on probit analysis to estimate lethal concentration value.
Michael Fourie
You are the best teacher - Ever! I have just completed my MSc in Neuroscience and the first year terrified me as one could not pass the degree unless a pass mark was obtained for advance quantitative methods (stats). Before every lecture, I watched your tutorials, and they made perfect sense. I have recently started my PhD and STILL come back to your videos before I run any statistical tests on my data...just to refresh myself. Thank you so much, you will never realise what a service you are providing. I got an A* grade for Stats and frequently had to help other MSc students with their work. I just thought you ought to know how you have impacted my academic career.
Dao Phan
Dao Phan 年 前
Very useful. Thanks a lot!
khalil rahman
Hi sir I have independent variable comprised of 7 research items on three point likert scale which i have indexed into a single variable...Similarly I have a dependent variable loaded with 10 items on the similar scale. I got a very minimum R square value of 0.020. what I should do with this. However the tolarance is .767 and and VF is 1.304...with significance level of 0.000. I am quite worried about the model. Should I proceed with this or no...Please Help me.. Many thanks
sarina mias
sarina mias 年 前
thank you
valeria gomes
valeria gomes 2 年 前
Could you do nonlinear regression, for to calculate IC50?
Vesile Derya ÇAKIR
Thank you!
Vishnu Vardhan Annabattin
Great Video, Thank you :-)
Nisha Furtado
Nisha Furtado 2 年 前
Hi, in this video in the table of coefficients it shows us two values of the standard error under the columns of unstandardised errors and these are certainly different from the standard error of the estimate we calculated . Why are there two values and how to interpret these values. they must be having some understanding points like how R squared has when it tends to zero and when it tends to one.
Rupali Surase
Rupali Surase 2 年 前
Hello all, I am having 25 vegetation indices results of 10 healthy and 10 disease leaf of plant. For accuracy assessment regression will be calculated but having confusion of which indices I could consider for dependent and which for independent variables. Plz try to answer . thank you...........
Yotam Dalal
Yotam Dalal 3 年 前
I have a question about the significane of the correlation between the 2 variables. Is it represented as the significance in the ANOVA table or in the second table in your video?
Karla Bonilla
Karla Bonilla 3 年 前
Great ! Thanks
Vengo Regis
Vengo Regis 3 年 前
Thank you so much Mr. i have one clarification sir. In my study there are two variables with dimensions eg first variable 5 dimensions with its total and second one has the 10 dimensions with its total and my background variables are sex, locality, district, parent income, parent occupation. here, my doubt is how can i find out the variable like independent and dependent ? would you please give me the solution sir ?
Rebwar Nasir
Rebwar Nasir 4 年 前
Thanks for the nice video
TeodoroYaki 4 年 前
thanks man! Great video!
statisticsfun 4 年 前
@TeodoroYaki You are very welcome! Good Luck in your classes too.
josie667 4 年 前
Thank you! This video made it so clear for me.
666HysteriA666 4 年 前
How to interpret the std. error in the coefficients table?
John tialcungling
thank you very much for sharing us
Shabbir Ahmad
Shabbir Ahmad 5 年 前
Dear statisticsfun I have data consisting of Two salts level containing quantitative treatments and want to apply regression on it. Should i apply linear or another one / Also suggest me the equation for it. Could it be Y= a + bx or Y= a+bx+cx2. I'll wait for ur reply. Please do response.
Wathsala Jayawardana
Can someone tell me what is this SPSS version?
packdaddy 5 年 前
Good to see some real input. I thought everyone was supposed to threaten each other on the youtube comments section.
statisticsfun 5 年 前
Thanks for jumping in Cassandra
Sandi Arroyo
Sandi Arroyo 5 年 前
Tim Tam, I know I'm about 7 months late, but you would need to use logistic regression, not linear regression.
statisticsfun 6 年 前
You are probably right and should just report both. Interesting research study as well -- good luck. I would love to read it when you finish it.
Deeɳa Rosalky
Deeɳa Rosalky 6 年 前
Hm, maybe I should report both, to be thorough. I understand how to calculate them. I'm less confident about describing the values in words after the table. The unstandardised coefficients I see can be described using the formula, but not sure what to do with the standardised beta. I have investigated the distinct relationships between cortisol and fear, and cortisol and anxiety (arguing that it is insufficient to study "stress") in firefighters during fire suppression.
statisticsfun 6 年 前
I agree. I would be curious why your supervisor wants you use standardized coefficients. Hopefully the video explained how to calculate the standardized coefficients in enough detail for you. Btw, what subject area are you studying?
Deeɳa Rosalky
Deeɳa Rosalky 6 年 前
I've been instructed to report the standardised rather than the unstandardised coefficients and I found your video because don't understand why my supervisor has asked me to do this. Nor do I know how, when reporting the unstandardised seems to make so much more sense.
statisticsfun 6 年 前
Both standardized and unstandardized coefficients measure and mean the same thing. I think it really comes down to an a preference -- unstandardized coefficients are much much more common. Standardized coefficients remove the scale from the independent variable and it puts everything in standard deviation units. Honestly I think it can cause confusion, but since it is part of the SPSS output I did not want to skip it.
Deeɳa Rosalky
Deeɳa Rosalky 6 年 前
Under what circumstances would I report the standardaised coefficients? How do I report them?
Syan Nameer
Syan Nameer 6 年 前
How I can deal with binary outcome variable (health status: good, poor) and in relation to a 5-likret scale (medication taking (always, usually, sometimes, never). I want to know the relationship between medication taking and health status. And how about the finding the relationship between two variables, independent and dependent both have a 5-likret scale answer???? Can you please help me with this.
statisticsfun 6 年 前
Natasha, I appreciate the feedback. Good luck in your studies too. Make sure you like MyBookSucks on FaceBook (see link in video description). This will help others find the educational videos.
Natasha Borg
Natasha Borg 6 年 前
thank you! very easy to understand.
statisticsfun 6 年 前
Right! Good suggestion. Make sure you like MyBookSucks on FaceBook (see link in video description). This will help others find the educational videos.
xInwex 6 年 前
Thanks for the tips! And I don't know if you know this or not, if you already have the info in excel you can literally just drag the file into your open spss and it will automatically load all the data into spss. < that is pretty much all I remember from my stats class ironically :P
Ted 6 年 前
I did--share, like, subscribe; how about you?
jererojasg 6 年 前
good video!!!!
statisticsfun 6 年 前
Great to hear! I was trying to decide whether to include that or not in the video, so I really appreciate the feedback.
decentradical 6 年 前
Awesome. What's really useful to me is the elaboration on how to interpret the output tables. That's the way our course is tested.
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