How to Install a COMPLETELY New Front Suspension in your Car or Truck

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Learn how to replace the ENTIRE front suspension of your car in this two episode series. Here I will show you how to install a brand new wheel bearing, ball joints, control arms, tie rod, strut, and axle.
The ball joint and wheel bearing has to be pressed into the knuckle and I have a bunch of tips and tricks to make that easy. I show how to properly install a tie rod (safely) and get an accurate measurement so you can get the car aligned. I also show you how to properly torque down bolts with bushings so you don't tear them. The rest of the suspension parts are pretty simple to install and then we go for a ride to see how much better the car handles!
First EPISODE: cnvid.net/video/%E8%A7%86%E9%A2%91-mQ2fJ_aM_T0.html
How to Replace Sway Bar End Links: cnvid.net/video/%E8%A7%86%E9%A2%91-VnrARhxhaSo.html
How to Replace Wheel Bearing: cnvid.net/video/%E8%A7%86%E9%A2%91-fe_WtKIKlYA.html
Tools and Products:
Mevotech Suspension Parts: amzn.to/2VKrmfr
Rust Paint: amzn.to/2Dg5yAV
Impact gun: amzn.to/2It3KIo
Torque Wrench: amzn.to/2UO2yFY
Bearing Press: amzn.to/2Gh8tv3
Ball Joint Press: amzn.to/2UTxEvR
Silicone Paste: amzn.to/2DsSisN
Grease Gun: amzn.to/2Iy11hm
Chassis Grease: amzn.to/2IGc2g5
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ChrisFix 2 个月 前
I am pumped now that the suspension is all good and the surprise at the end of the video! We are gonna have some fun with this car! PS I will have a car meetup in Toronto Canada this Tuesday. Check my stories on CNvid, Instagram or Facebook page for more info!!!
Daniel Rojas
Daniel Rojas 天 前
ChrisFix if one of your subscribers had some extra brake shields? Would you want them?
Joshua Kaczmarek
Chris..... I started working on cars with my Dad when I was a little kid and have been since. Your videos are AWESOME!!! The way you explain and go step by step is excellent!!!
ARMORER1911 5 天 前
ChrisFix Man that was great. I can repair firearms and wish I could repair cars, motorcycles, lawnmowers or aircrafts.
ad go
ad go 6 天 前
i want to drive your car instead of mine
Matthias Stockinger
Alex Sims
Alex Sims 3 小时 前
any one elase just watch chris fix for enteertament heak! i dont evan have a car XD but man i love ur vids keep em up!!!
James Kochuparambil
James Kochuparambil 3 小时 前
You are doing a really great job. thank you very much for the efforts. GOOD LUCK.
Daily Philippine Biker
Quick question Chris, When are you gonna put the turbo kit in the Del Sol?
Ami Israel
Ami Israel 12 小时 前
Man I have a Chrysler 300 2011 and I need the same thing done to it. I might be able to tackle it after this watch
Donny Pastorius
Donny Pastorius 17 小时 前
anti seize = NOT brake lube
Zuhar Zaqib
Zuhar Zaqib 23 小时 前
Thanks chris fix
Richard Nyomouf
The axle should never go in dry.
Morten christensen
nice work;)
pranit chand
pranit chand 天 前
Do the turbo build please and upload it
Stefan Ooms
Stefan Ooms 天 前
Mix Pick
Mix Pick 天 前
My only knock --you make it seem too damn easy! Lol Simply awesome videos and I'm actually thinking about getting a cheap car to rebuild now. Of course, I'll be cussing up a storm as i fix it but I'll look to your vids to get me through the process! Oh yeah, I'll be sure to stock up on a couple of gallons of "medium strength thread locker" before I start. Lolol
alberto galarza
You are osom
Astro Comander
Best chris fix quoat "I couldn't put that in the freezer I would get in trouble for doing that"
Terry Wallace
Terry Wallace 2 天 前
Crazy how this popped up. I think Google is spying on me cuz I just told my roommate I need to get my front suspension fixed on my 180k mile mustang lol
huu 2 天 前
I wonder what Jinson thinks of these videos of seeing Chris fix (hah) his old car up.
Nevada Stalker
Nevada Stalker 2 天 前
"Add a little tread locker" Chris Fix
Lico Ella and Meddy Marques
Good job man love what u did there
Eddie Williams
Eddie Williams 3 天 前
You changed everything but the little seal...🙈🤣🤣🤣 perfect video 👍
David Chang
David Chang 3 天 前
@ChrisFix: How much did this entire replacement cost? What do you think the average cost would be for a Honda or Toyota car?
Cameron Chavez
Cameron Chavez 3 天 前
Great video very helpful. Also HUGE thanks for pointing out the importance of talking care of the loaner tools! Sucks getting home just to find out the piece you need is broken, bent, or missing.
Cody Shields
Cody Shields 3 天 前
Did you use hub adaptors for those wheels
Mag1c G0l3m
Mag1c G0l3m 3 天 前
I have a mazda b3000 2001 same as you pkease nake a video on putting a turbo on your truck please
Craig Edward Jensen
Can you do a video on the front suspension on a rear wheel drive car
Kiran Kumar
Kiran Kumar 4 天 前
That torque wrench click sound is satisfying.
Bernas Comak
Bernas Comak 4 天 前
ianrockband 4 天 前
Geen stabilisators aan de voorkant.
SpaceMoney420 4 天 前
Could you do a suspension rebuild for a solid axle setup? And if you have to revisit it and explain the difference between the two. Love the work man. Keep it coming!
Kringles 4 天 前
8675309 i get it lol (the sub count at 1:22 )
Anthony Acuna
Anthony Acuna 4 天 前
I LOVE THIS VIDEO!!!! You've just blazed the trail for my next project. I'm wantin' to flip out the front end in my 03PT and the components in your car here are remarkably similar to my ride. You helped me out with simple explanations and that shaves a lot of angst right off the top, ya know? Thanx bro!
Chandra Sekhar
Chandra Sekhar 4 天 前
Very Informative. Nice Job.
Ylli Fetai
Ylli Fetai 4 天 前
I dont know why i watch this im just 12 abd dont know anything about cars but his videos are so entertaining
Terry Wallace
Terry Wallace 2 天 前
It's really good to see these things so that you're not completely mystified by car parts like me lol im 25 and just now trying to learn because paying ppl to do this sucks. The more comfortable you are with it the easier it'll be when you start doing it for yourself
Cameron Gasco
Cameron Gasco 5 天 前
Please please please sell this to me some day!!
skipio957 5 天 前
Why didn't he swap it to a 5 lug instead of the 4 lug
Chad Deyton
Chad Deyton 6 天 前
so if i wanted to do this on my ranger what is a website to figure out all the parts i need and everything
Marc Grammer
Marc Grammer 6 天 前
What about rear shocks?
astore 6 天 前
Thank you from Italy!!
emanws 6 天 前
Is it the same steps and parts for a 2006 Toyota Tacoma. Is this ideal for a DIY or should be left to the professionals. Roughly how much did you spend on the whole suspension. Thanks in advance.
luis nunes
luis nunes 6 天 前
Great video, nice work! May already has been commented but when pressing the hub, it must be pressed against the inner race and not the outer race so that there is not transfer of the (pressing) force through the bearing balls. Cheers!
Free Style
Free Style 6 天 前
How long all this took in real life?
Evalee Johnsen
Evalee Johnsen 7 天 前
Why will you get in trouble for putting it in the freezer
Nick Heath
Nick Heath 7 天 前
This man got bored of legos and now he can put a car together from scratch
German Rios Orozco
Gracias ,lo mejor los sub titulos en espanol ,todo es entendible, de nuevo grcias
The Commenter Version
Random Car YTer: You don’t need threadlocker ChrisFix: Hold my medium strength threadlocker
The Commenter Version
This is building a IKEA item to the next level
Kawika Kuahine
Kawika Kuahine 7 天 前
I'm just sitting here watching old videos over and over fix me Chris fix me I'm dying
Kawika Kuahine
Kawika Kuahine 7 天 前
Chris when are you going to put up that turbo video man I need my fix!
roman nieves
roman nieves 7 天 前
@chrisfix u should make a video about replacing rear control arm and rods... i have a Honda accord 2008 and i been looking at your videos and they all are very helpful, please reply to my message i need help!!!! Lol
snoopyfix2 7 天 前
What a great video! You're so amazing!!!!!
M A R S H 7 天 前
Was i the only one to expect RPF1/reps? LMAO