How To Make White Castle Sliders At Home

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You're going to want to make these ahead of time. Your munchies will thank you later.
¾ lb freshly ground beef chuck (or plant-based burger patties)
½ cup minced onions
½ cup water
8 soft white slider or dinner rolls
Salt & pepper to taste
Sliced cheese
Sliced dill pickles
Place ground meat in between two layers of parchment paper. Use your hands or a rolling pin to spread the meat into a thin, even rectangle. Use a long knife or bench scraper to score into 8 squares. Use the tip of a small wooden spoon handle or dowel to create 5 small holes in each square. Freeze for 1 hour.
Remove patties from the freezer and separate the squares. In a bowl, combine onions and water. Heat a griddle pan on medium and spread on the onions with some of the water.
Place the patties on the bed of onions. Season with salt and pepper. Immediately place the bottom slider buns onto each patty and then stack the top bun on top. Allow to steam grill for about 5-6 minutes.
Assemble the sliders with a single pickle slice. If adding cheese, immediately place a slice on the steaming patty.
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Omari Johnson
Omari Johnson 19 天 前
5:38 I didn't know that this was an epic meal time vid.
justsomestuff2 个月 前
You’re so funny had to subscribe lol
Christian Bates
Christian Bates 3 个月 前
I cant go to white castle😭😭
darkspd31 4 个月 前
"let's say it's midnight...", I say go to sleep fatty!!! Jesus!!!
perka321 4 个月 前
whats the benefit of freezing the meat before cooking it?
Robin 6 个月 前
Big big Fan of the movie. Since I never got the opportunity to taste some white castle, I want to create my very own Harold and Kumar moment. What type of buns do they use? It looks some kind of sweet brioche. Thanks a lot for that great content. Cheers from Germany
jersey queen
jersey queen 8 个月 前
the nerve to compare that to white castle not even close anybody can do this here
Lunar Module
Lunar Module 9 个月 前
Mustard, not ketchup.
roDDin Otz
roDDin Otz 9 个月 前
She’s the perfect stoner companion. 😂😂😂
jgibson111 9 个月 前
Just about the closest to the real thing I've seen on YT. But just to nit pik White Castle uses dehydrated onions and the moisture for steaming the meat patties comes from the re hydrating water. Great though!!
D A N Y 9 个月 前
😔😔I wish u could measure my meat 😤😤😏😏
GoldenJWayPresents 10 个月 前
Please! How many times do I have to tell people...You Don't Put Ketchup On A White Castle Burger!... You just don't. It's blasphemy I tell you. But an enjoyable video none the less. That is all. Thank You.
jgibson111 9 个月 前
Tell that to White Castle then because they do!!! They just do. And mustard. White Castle mixes ketchup and mustard together and blop it on to save time.
beaniesamuels 10 个月 前
Nice job, but what's with the ketchup?
jgibson111 9 个月 前
Better question...where's the mustard? She's recreating White Castle hamburgers and they use metchup ketchup and mustard combined.
Dj Exclusive
Dj Exclusive 10 个月 前
I measured my meat
robert justus
robert justus 11 个月 前
So you like any size meat do you?
Sparky Plugg
Sparky Plugg 11 个月 前
I love her!!!! I wanna hang out with her!
Maritza Eru
Maritza Eru 11 个月 前
There’s no ketchup on White Castle burgers 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼
jgibson111 9 个月 前
Why do people keep saying that?!? They put ketchup and mustard on every White Castle hamburger I've ever had!!!
L Robinson
L Robinson 11 个月 前
I absolutely love me some white castles. Your technique looks loke it will ABSOLUTELY WORK. So i'm trying it tomorrow. I'll try using thosesmall Hawaiian buns. White"Crystals" uses sweet buns. I wasn't fond of their brand og castles AT ALL. Plus they put way to much salt on them. But i digress. I'll let u know something tomorrow😀
lildevil872 年 前
Do you like it when someone does this to your meat? Hahaha Jen oh Jen
Erin Small
Erin Small 年 前
Love you girl 😁💕😘
Sheen Pan
Sheen Pan 年 前
make shake shack burgers next video please and thank you!
Joshua Hopkins-DeSantis
Hey Jen! What's the plant based burger you're using as a replacement for the Impossible meat?
Pa Ca
Pa Ca 年 前
We love Jen!
JustJanet 年 前
I love Jen!! Always entertaining!!
Just a person with the name Kevin
Go back to snapchat
Crulnagash 年 前
Don't remember ketchup on WC sliders
Conscious Queen
sis you are glowing and your figure is popping! more blessings 💕
Dana Alame
Dana Alame 年 前
Love this girl n her food
Jen's double entendres are always top notch
Paul Sengkhammee
Don’t. Ever. Stop!
Lawli More
Lawli More 年 前
Jen is literally life. How can you not watch this girl and smile?!💕
Phonso 年 前
Is that Meg Scoop ? In the thumbnail ? No it’s not
Healthy Recipe Channel
Jen is so Awesome lol. Super Entertaining and Funny.
Rashda Parveen
Wah! Girl you good! 😁
I used to work at White Castle when I was a teenager and this is exactly how they made them except they used icky dehydrated onions. Yours look better!
ShaluAloo 年 前
Love the host! #:)
princess44 年 前
I’d go for shake shack or in n out instead
jdmnsxr 6
jdmnsxr 6 年 前
let's go sometime. u in miami?
Joseph McGowan
this episode brought to you by White Castle
Ralph Xavier Degala
where can i get one of those tiny wooden spoons doe???
Sijoon Jang
Sijoon Jang 年 前
Amazon or Asian stores near where you live.
Rach Kate
Rach Kate 年 前
*Not really an advocate for measuring your meat* 😂
Miria Reu
Miria Reu 年 前
And her hand gesture lol
Rach Kate
Rach Kate 年 前
We don't have them here in Australia but they look kinda boring.
Joyous T800
Joyous T800 年 前
Love White Castle but it does a number on my stomach
jaymesEo6 年 前
"Measure your meat" That's what she said.
Carrie White
Carrie White 年 前
She is fiiiiiiiieeeeeennnnnnn, and was very informative/well-spoken
Louii314 年 前
The all around balance, pleasantry and appeal of this segment is euphoric 🥰🤙🏾🍝🌶🤯🥩🥗
Susan Fudge
Susan Fudge 年 前
Since when did we start calling them sliders?
jgibson111 9 个月 前
Since 1921 when owner and inventer of White Castle Walter Anderson called them sliders "because they're so small they slide down easily".
TongueSlap 年 前
jen’s honestly the best tastemade host ugh i love her
oso Panda
oso Panda 年 前
re-uploaded🤔 ill still watch iy again lol
Pete & Pete
Pete & Pete 年 前
Put the meet in a big freezer bag to flatten way easier
Alice Sonlaw
Alice Sonlaw 年 前
And it would hold a square shape, making nice even sides. Good call!!
Dru Anthony
Dru Anthony 年 前
My bestfriend is back!! (Im delusional)
Kiki Beckles
Kiki Beckles 年 前
Imma try them both out
Vince Raine
Vince Raine 年 前
Loving these sexual innuendos
Kellik and Freddy
Nicole Ramales
can we be best friends
Rachel Sweets
jackychannel 年 前
soaking the onions in water also takes the sting out of them.
Leyu Zhang
Leyu Zhang 年 前
If you're buying the buns why not just buy the whole slider from the frozen aisle??🤔🤔
Raymond cuellar
Raymond cuellar 3 天 前
The buns are only $1.79, yes for slider buns,you get 1 dz for that price
vopat 年 前
Leyu Zhang, it’s cheaper if you make it yourself. Also it’s more fresh, you can personalize it to your liking. But honestly, I don’t have this problem because I live next to an in-n-out.
billy drennon
X -rated burgers lol she got my attention
billy drennon
Melt-in-your-mouth texture 🤔 😂😂👀
Storm 年 前
Taaastemade content yaaas Jen