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Fallout paints a picture of a desolate world, populated by the sparse remains of humanity. Today, Austin is going to figure out how ACCURATE the world of Fallout REALLY is. Would humanity be gone? Are we DOOMED? Let's find out!
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2018年08月 2日

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评论 15 353
Drew Thomas
Drew Thomas 2 小时 前
What is the song at 1:02, never could find it
Capporetto 6 小时 前
Wait but all the survivors that weren't in vaults lived and there was a bomb so shouldn't they have it better in the Southern Hemisphere
böser Clown
böser Clown 天 前
Austin.....Buddy....why do you not use THEYR 2-dimensional projektion of the globe, instead of OURS? This might have some influence or does it?
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan 2 天 前
What happened to Australia in the war ? Answer that!
Waton Rancio Que juega al lol
Big Iron Big Iron
Alice Stockli Stockli
Yayyyyyyyyy go ducking Switzerland
Dead Deed
Dead Deed 4 天 前
Hey Austin, could you look into possibly seeing how the power armor(s) of fallout work? Like their power sources, their ability to withstand direct hits from tanks, their ability to reflect energy damage like plasma, and how they're able to absorb so much ballistic damage.
Llamas and alpacas kill me
Andrew Hamilton
Andrew Hamilton 5 天 前
Mars the bringer of war
True_NeBuLa ayy lmao
God Howard
Gammabeef 27
Gammabeef 27 5 天 前
What be the song at the end?
Amy Lee
Amy Lee 6 天 前
Does Australia not exist?
glitchmygame 7 天 前
If your reading this I'm sick so your life is probably better right now
Locus08 8 天 前
u know how theres food in fallout 200 years later, canned and normal growth. how poisonis would the canned food be after 200 years, and wouldnt the other countries have some sort of mutated foo like tatos and multifruit.
on the food topic with the nuclear winter - what about hydroponic farms with artificial lighting? greenhouses? all that sorta stuff?
Ethan Aleixo
Ethan Aleixo 8 天 前
ummm you do know the rest of the world got nuked too, or at least thats what i heard
ghoulish captain
What's the outro song not sounds like Skeeter Davis but I can't find it. Someone assist lol.
dragconic gamer
dragconic gamer 9 天 前
you suck at singing my cat is better than you
Brose Max
Brose Max 9 天 前
Wouldn’t the wind caused by the explosion put out the fires you can go up to like 300 mph
Koala BearPlayz
Koala BearPlayz 11 天 前
*How to SURVIVE a nuclear fallout* Live in Austrailia.
Koala BearPlayz
Koala BearPlayz 11 天 前
The one thing *i’d* get out of fall out. (If it was real) Is that it would finally snow.
The Mad Bear Gaming
Does anyone have a link to the exact song played at 13:56?
edo klein
edo klein 12 天 前
HEY, AUSTIN! Did u think about greenhouses that South America and Africa could make with their infinite power supply? And then just wait out the decades of nuclear fire?
ryan durant
ryan durant 13 天 前
Obviously neutral and remote nations would have survived pretty well. China probably has no survivors because the U.S. went Rambo on them.
luka.cuturilo 14 天 前
They could not sell a world-saving technology for 13 years? Talk about bad marketing...
TakingAllTheLs 15 天 前
2:24 rip me
Gabbles Eats Apples
6:24 Oh... so that's where Bakugou Katsuki gets his hero name from.
Hunter Hughes
Hunter Hughes 16 天 前
{Insert Winter is coming meme here}
Dj Br0n3
Dj Br0n3 17 天 前
Would you guys rather become a super mutant or a ghoul?
luka.cuturilo 14 天 前
Do I get to keep my intelligence or do I lose my mind? In either case, super mutant, no brainer.
Chang Christine
Chang Christine 18 天 前
16:07 - wait WHAT? Taiwan IS an independent country, we are NOT a part of China.
Mega Man Z 2099
Mega Man Z 2099 19 天 前
Fallout 1's intro says "Most of the world was reduced to Ashes" Ashes is maybe not what they said but its close
Kratos Aurion Plays
0:12 I hope you are never done XD 8:21 lol 16:08 Was that Kojima?
Girlcop17 23 天 前
That was indeed the metal gear god
dat boi
dat boi 25 天 前
Ok ok dose anyone know the last song
Emily Espino
Emily Espino 25 天 前
(I think) the music playing at 13:00 is Mars (from The Planets) by Gustav Holst.
Randall Porter
Randall Porter 26 天 前
3:40 West Tek (Mass Fusion) is a corporation that is intent on profiting and keeping investors happy, you know, like Activision (burn). So... they would closely guard the secret of making fusion cells. Furthermore, the U.S. government would not be willing to share this technology, especially with communist nations, as it is a huge advantage. Plus... there wasn't enough time for this technology to become mainstream in America before the war. 10:16 So, no (free) infinite energy for the world.
Caoimhe McShane
Caoimhe McShane 26 天 前
*austistic screeching (Make sure you read the first word correctly)
Onza Edmunds
Onza Edmunds 26 天 前
No utin
Doctor Crabtastic
What’s that song at the end?
Madison Rowe
Madison Rowe 26 天 前
When he said Shodicast I thought he was going to say sharigan
Kristinne Negron
Kristinne Negron 27 天 前
Am I the only one extremely exited over the use of this ain’t a scene it’s an arm’s race?! Cause I am extremely excited
Ernesto Rafael Diaz
I live in Brazil LMFAO
Some Guy's Channel
That music in 14:00 seems so fitting.
sweet skull studio's
Thank you austin
omegasignas 个月 前
fusion power = electric green house
Tiffany Wu
Tiffany Wu 个月 前
when they say us, they highlight canada as well *sigh*
Fly Dude
Fly Dude 个月 前
...i am Swiss xD
HankyJ03 The Dishonerable
What about “atom” in three. It’s big and I mean BIG
Casey Svehla
Casey Svehla 个月 前
You know this could be the end very soon just a few bombs then it’s the end. So many good people would die just like that. The surface of the earth just silent, almost no creatures would be there if any and the burning of your surrounding And if you live you would probably slowly go insane + you might here voices of people who passed (if you believe in ghosts)
AnastasiaDalia 个月 前
Uuhhhh... Austin, Romania has no nukes
Anthony Johnson
Anthony Johnson 个月 前
fallout hater alert!!!!!
hustlinjustin 个月 前
Sounds like paradise.
keith svenson
keith svenson 个月 前
you say things about food shortages.... but if we've got infinite nuclear energy during this period, then why not a metic crap ton of hydroponics?dont those use sunlamps or something?
kitrana 个月 前
you forgot a critical key factor here that would save all those countries not directly involved in the resource war. Global Warming. you think it's bad now for us but for the world of fallout it would have to be sooooooo much worse. They burnt most of their fossile fuels at a rate apparently vastly exceeding ours so they have to have been experiencing global warming which would offset at least some of the temperature drop.
Dyah Sekarsari
Dyah Sekarsari 个月 前
Wait china. China suck because the nuke suck only 50-60% l thing
Mr Shark
Mr Shark 个月 前
Well in the fallout universe Australia is well confusing there was 3 guesses of what happened. 1. it got so nuked that it’s a big crater. 2. Australia is like America but worse. 3. Australia in the is like Switzerland like going awesome. 4 (my guess) Australia got invaded by China and went commie but WA got nuked like crazy but survived slimly but acts as a resistance.
Castir 个月 前
Hey we got space!
Gabriel Meckling
Gabriel Meckling 个月 前
I'd love to see the lore on other countries in the Fallout canon get fleshed out. Maybe Switzerland and the US weren't the only countries to construct a bunch of nuclear shelters in light of the rising threat of nuclear annihilation. In that same vein, maybe they developed some kind of solution to the whole blocked out sun thing (maybe this technology was used in the Vaults). On a separate note, would it be possible for someone to survive outside a Vault? Because in the games, not everyone is a Vault dweller or the descendant of one-- some people were just lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time. So is that just not possible?
Tên với chả tuổi
Correct me if I'm wrong but 11:26 is f *Oof* ing PickCrafter.
supermanXL 个月 前
I like to think all the black and brown countries survive and the dream of Wakanda was realize
rat 个月 前
What about the ocean
rat 个月 前
Wouldn't radiation like spread in the Ocean
Te cake was a lie
Wow that was dark. I'm going to watch a theroy on portal
10.000 subs with no video challenge
Why do you think China owns Tadjikistan, Kirgizistan and Taiwan that's wrong.
nick egedy
nick egedy 个月 前
if they find enough uv bulbs and learn how to manufacture them, then can grow food
nick egedy
nick egedy 个月 前
i hope canada doesnt get annexed so we will be safe , the only thing our nukes are good for is giving splinters.
idk.EXE_ERroR 个月 前
Yay! Fall Out Boy plays in the end!
SnowyTheBread 个月 前
...gonna bless the rains down in africa?
Raginggaming YT
Raginggaming YT 个月 前
3:46 wish that was real fusion cores fer dayz!!!!!
Captain Albert
Captain Albert 个月 前
But why Venezuela? We don't have nukes, we're already fighting our own war, and there's nothing of value here except resources. And we should not be affected by the bombs.
Asher Kilburn
Asher Kilburn 个月 前
Wow matpat was right... He loves to yell
Janessa Chico
Janessa Chico 个月 前
That's gonna be our future with how bad the world is now with all the wars they caused more problems for other generations to be alot harder for us. Yep that's gonna be our future all of it. Better your planet guys take care of the earth before it happens I know others don't make it better but I need to not worry about others u need to do your part. Ain't no one gonna pay your rent u got to get up and pay for your own home u live in by yourself.
Inspector Cake
Inspector Cake 个月 前
Hey austin, you should see threads, the day after, and when the wind blows, they're incredibly good movies focusing on the harsh reality of nuclear war
Commander Orange
Commander Orange 个月 前
Posting before I watch terrible things cause only America had fusion power in lure
Korrupted Tomato
Korrupted Tomato 个月 前
Also what about that vault thing in Antarctica with like samples of every known plant seed in the world or something
Korrupted Tomato
Korrupted Tomato 个月 前
I guess we’re gonna forget about Australia then...
Jimenoza 个月 前
Why would Costa Rica be targeted? We don’t even have a army since 1948, almost when IIWW ended and fallout universe divergered, targeting us would be a wasting of nukes :v
Jimenoza 个月 前
Of course, you’re right but Costa Rica or even central america wouldn’t be total screwed like the US, we could still manage to survive, without being an government’s experiment haha
asjkiea12 个月 前
You don't have to be targeted to be impacted by nuclear fallout. Given Costa Rica's proximity to the US , Costa Rica would deal with a significant amount of fallout from the bombs dropped on the US.
Yarise Bautista
Yarise Bautista 个月 前
I’m too young to understand any of this. Even with the help of the comments section
Gamenbob YT
Gamenbob YT 个月 前
Yes of course... all the cancers
Gamenbob YT
Gamenbob YT 个月 前
Get well soon Austin
Jordan 个月 前
wtf. ive watched literally every SCIENCE episode. how did this slip through.
Captain Ghost
Captain Ghost 个月 前
No one can beat the Todd
LuxRow 个月 前
That music is from sky burger
Generic Randomness
16:10 who is that
Hulstster 个月 前
But the trees are green in fallout 76 and fallout 76 is 25 years after the bombs fell
Mister M
Mister M 个月 前
Honestly one of the best scenarios might be adventure time, don't get me wrong that world is terrifying but its very interesting. And a lot of humans survive and live in a utopia (or distopia depending on your perspective). I also love fantasy settings so...
Jessid Gallardo
Jessid Gallardo 个月 前
What's the song at the ending?
ometta7 个月 前
Wasn't Farnham's Freehold by Robert A. Heinlein based on the premise of Africa and South America rising up after a catastrophic nuclear war?
Dominick Stewart
Dominick Stewart 个月 前
“the resource wars began in 1952” boi. did you mean 2052?
John Gibson
John Gibson 个月 前
OK Cannon shows india and the middle east started nuking themselves in local conflicts prior to the great war, so mark them toast. South America with it's regional leaders based on today would likely have access to nukes from the middle east, which obviously got them from Russia and china, so that's out. Africa and Australia however being lowely populated and out of the way may have avoided the nukes, but not the FEV. Australia would have tech, but don't count on it on Africa, so I think you are limited there for nuclear escape, however the FEV has the planet, so that gives you what changes without radiation?
CloneZilla Reviews
I miss the Storyteller...
despacito 2
despacito 2 个月 前
Lmfao best series
Marco Darvasi
Marco Darvasi 个月 前
boom. thats how we solve global warming. set off a bunch of nukes and have the fallout block sun. problem solved
Nick Ryan
Nick Ryan 个月 前
You sound similar to Hobo Johnson
Dante Banducci
Dante Banducci 个月 前
Lol, you think Africa would be a technological paradise? You MIGHT wanna check the average IQ of Africans before you get excited...
Malicemaniacman 个月 前
Where Australia
TannerBarbecue 个月 前
Hold up. Is that Hideo Koujima in the bottom right corner at 16:10?
Connor Lundeen
Connor Lundeen 个月 前
and in, A P R I L 1 9 5 2
KyoBladezen 个月 前
The sad thing is that the microfusion tech probably didnt make it outside of the US, since all of the US' mass production is within its borders within the world of Fallout.
Common Rabble
Common Rabble 个月 前
With hydroponics technology, you no longer need soil to grow food. Best case scenario: surviving nations get their food by building factory sized hydroponics greenhouses.
CT Greedy
CT Greedy 个月 前
In short...we won't survive! Right?
manstar cluster
manstar cluster 个月 前
the best way to commit genocide is with biochemical warfare, main reason why it's banned
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