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Fallout paints a picture of a desolate world, populated by the sparse remains of humanity. Today, Austin is going to figure out how ACCURATE the world of Fallout REALLY is. Would humanity be gone? Are we DOOMED? Let's find out!

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2018年08月 2日

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Jpmasterbr 天 前
Cold in Brazil? Reduce 79°C here and we still are at 42°C
Michael Jing
Michael Jing 天 前
Also, why didn’t America and China take over those countries for resources?
Michael Jing
Michael Jing 天 前
Why didn’t the Americans and Chinese use that technology?
Pryrrus Lightkiller
No one exploits countries. They are just can't take care of themselves so they blame the advanced nation's
Yuuko O'Neil
Yuuko O'Neil 3 天 前
I just love that bit, this that aaand Switzerland
SquidForest 3 天 前
Norway doesn't have nuclear weapons
E Aird
E Aird 4 天 前
Hi! Its me, Austin! The person who spreads anxiety to others
Johnny Comeau
Johnny Comeau 4 天 前
No country is going to nuke us right now
Лорд Тачанка
Switzerland. Always. Switzerland.
Rest of the world is bored not running around in powersuits or experiencing the fun of radiation!
Bitan Chowdhury
Bitan Chowdhury 5 天 前
why not use fossil fuels to back fill that temperature difference? I mean, MOST of the fossil fuels on the PLANET have been used up, so therefore, considering that that would be raising the temperature beyond 10 degrees C, the problem would be global warming, not cooling!
Matthew Godwin
Matthew Godwin 5 天 前
Being killed by nuke is better than being in hell and cooler and shorter Satan had field day that day with all new comers So guy who pushed button got praised by him Ghouls brains rotted and Syths were only one know to thrive so either stay in vault or die is your best choice for your soul
Tonja Mclure
Tonja Mclure 6 天 前
But it was 200s after
Bright Trials
Bright Trials 6 天 前
This is why I always say I'd rather die instantly in the initial blast. Don't want to deal with a slow, agonizing death.
The Eubtube
The Eubtube 6 天 前
One problem with the whole "African microfusion utopia" thing: ourworldindata.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/ourworldindata_average-iq-by-country-v2.png P.S: even in the extreme environment of a nuclear explosion, concrete would NOT burn. Oxygen simply isn't a powerful enough oxidizer (wow) to oxidize it. Only if you had something released in the blast like, say, CLF3 (Chlorine Trifluoride) would it start to burn. And that would turn the world in to an acidic hellhole.
Chrsitine Miranda
5:31 Just trust me
sup duf
sup duf 7 天 前
you forgot austrailia
NiciBozz HD
NiciBozz HD 8 天 前
*Laughs in glorious post-apocalyptic Confederation Helvetica*
MrGoatflakes 8 天 前
6:15 Ah no, most the most destructive fallout is fission products. When plutonium is used as the fissile material, some of the toxicity and much of the long lived fallout is actually plutonium, but the initial highly radioactive and deadly fallout is mostly fission products which are dangerous because they are strong gamma emitters, though they also cause 'beta burns', radiation burns to the skin. Bizarrely they found out shooting old westerns on the Nevada test range and giving people lung cancer on accident that this long lived plutonium fallout can be still be quite dangerous because much of it is some how often uncontaminated with fission products (many of which are strong gamma emitters). Before this was known the idea was that they could avoid plutonium particles and make the area safe by detecting them with a Geiger counter and removing them, because surely the entirety of the bomb would be vaporised and mixed completely, so the thinking was surely it would be contaminated with enough fission products to still be a detectable gamma emitter. So the idea was they would sweep the with guys in radiation suits with Geiger counters, would would collect the gamma emitting particles and put them in concrete and bury them Geiger counter. Unfortunately this wasn't the case and some how tiny parts of the bomb survive, and many actors and crew inhaled plutonium particles and later developed lung cancer and many died. Also if a bomb is made from plutonium produced in a reactor it can't be used in a gun type design because it will predominate because of higher isotopes of plutonium contaminating it, and they are strong neutron emitters which will cause the predetonation. There was a "thin man" design for a plutonium gun weapon designed when the only plutonium available (milligrams) was produced in a particle accelerator, and it would have worked if they could somehow get enough of it, but when they started producing it in a nuclear reactor, some plutonium produced inevitably absorbs extra neutrons. The higher isotopes have a relatively high spontaneous rate of fission which produces enough neutrons to cause predetonation, making the design untenable.
Quentin Rosver
Quentin Rosver 8 天 前
Yay! We're gonna die soon!
Salty Silvers
Salty Silvers 8 天 前
Even if you did survive, cazadors would still make you want to kill yourself.
Niklas Wessel
Niklas Wessel 9 天 前
Rohan Brading
Rohan Brading 9 天 前
You did the video 100 years ago?
Marvin  Chaves
Marvin Chaves 9 天 前
hi! its me! AUSTIN! Man i just love that intro jajaja
I don't know
I don't know 9 天 前
I love Austin
Pedro Solis
Pedro Solis 9 天 前
Oh my dad told me about mad
The Guy You Know
Even in a world with deathclaws, radscorpions, and Raiders, Switzerland still stays neutral
Soren Axelson
Soren Axelson 10 天 前
bizzidy bop
Steel 10 天 前
I thought micro fusion technology was hoarded by the US, and wasn't exported at all because the US demanded pretty much total servitude from any country that wanted it.
SyborgKatze_LP 10 天 前
wat about austria?
Super Freddy Bros
wait what about U.V lights ( or what ever there called )
1259 10 天 前
Can you do a theory on ashes shotgun ability in overwatch and how much damage it would cause her
ElectricEel 11 天 前
Lol there used to be 70k nuclear warheads at the peak of the Cold War 😝
Ulteronunit56 11 天 前
what about Astralia?
Amazo 11 天 前
Wish Matt did this video instead
reverend moonie
reverend moonie 11 天 前
h'ORRID SCIENCE.....JUST H'orrible....
reverend moonie
reverend moonie 11 天 前
moron dosnt know the diff between fission and fusion
BlackEpyon 11 天 前
To be fair, it's not UN-survivable.... But it'd be pretty damn bad. As in mass-extinction level bad.
RengaBeats 11 天 前
That was Perry dark...
Black note
Black note 11 天 前
I rather get turned to cocoa powder or orange juice wait.....
Queen Salmon
Queen Salmon 11 天 前
Um...lightbulb farming? Like, indoors, with lightbulbs acting as the sun?
the demon spawn
the demon spawn 12 天 前
Yes but like you said a country wouldnt nuke another unless someone nuked them but no one would be nuking another country unless it is the very very very x100 last chance
Alpha Shadow
Alpha Shadow 12 天 前
Let me get this straight. Climate change is going to make the Earth hotter (about 4 degrees Celsius hotter in the next 50 years, based on what I've heard). And a small nuclear war would make the Earth about 6 degrees Celsius colder. So, if we have a small nuclear war 70 years from now, would that counteract the effects of climate change?
G31M1 12 天 前
Don’t think that Swizerland had that many bunkers back before the fallout timeline started differing from reality.
Owen Garraty
Owen Garraty 12 天 前
jroj assengard
jroj assengard 12 天 前
Matpat is better in your job
Poofbomb - Minecraft & More!
So to solve global warming, we just use some nukes?
Michael554466 13 天 前
That voice over in the game was terrible...
kevin henrique
kevin henrique 13 天 前
Well...if we take fallout 76 then we know it is possible tô survive the nuclear winter even if you are not in a vault or a bunker...soooo
Lenny Lominy
Lenny Lominy 14 天 前
Noooooooo not the toddddddddd!!!
johnwolfYT 14 天 前
experiments are possible: just make a small version of the world on a table and use fireworks as the bombs
Clark Kent
Clark Kent 14 天 前
Clark Kent
Clark Kent 14 天 前
tf is this on the same channel as MatPat 0.0
Sploxy 123
Sploxy 123 14 天 前
What about Australia? Wait, that’s not a real thing
hunter of strength
yes but wouldn't they be promised lands basically
Owen the king
Owen the king 14 天 前
What about India!!? Will we be doomed
Helstromme 14 天 前
I would survive with the powers of ligma.
Ryan Pichon
Ryan Pichon 15 天 前
Matpat was right. You do scream too much
Mikee 1234444
Mikee 1234444 15 天 前
Remember the Spanish flu it’s still out their and mutating The fallout scenario could legit happen
airhawk 3712
airhawk 3712 15 天 前
What is the name of the song???14:00
Pyromaniac 15 天 前
What other creatures would survive?
ItsThatDUDE 15 天 前
yeeees talk more about Brazil I like it I came from there
Draweon The Doodler
If you have infinite power, then you can just have a bunch of those sun light things, bam food
The slimmy Flame
The slimmy Flame 15 天 前
Where’s. Matpat
Edward Tanujaya
Edward Tanujaya 16 天 前
Nukes will save us from global warming.
CodyfabulousYT 16 天 前
What about straya? You didn’t include us....
Mortvent 16 天 前
IIRC the lore was the US didn't share the technology causing more problems.
Joviboss Productions
Entire fallout series could've been finished if they used Tzar Bomba's.
Test Meme
Test Meme 16 天 前
Im wondering how a fallout game would be like in Norway.
BoomnessYt Boom
BoomnessYt Boom 16 天 前
Why can’t people get along.
Anna B
Anna B 17 天 前
This is all because countries think: Hey we're in this temporary war and we're losing so let's screw over all of the next generations for years to come yay.now we're extinct
Amanoob105 17 天 前
The town of Megaton (fallout 3) was founded, which is to say "people started living in that hole", when the bombs first dropped. Made up mostly of people that couldn't get into the vault. If they could make it, I feel safe in saying that a bunch more people in countrys that likley never had, or at least had a lot less, bombs dropped on them should also be able to come out alive. The new southen world powers theory is back on the table.
Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin 17 天 前
Mr._ A
Mr._ A 17 天 前
*C H I N A*
Cyber Maniac
Cyber Maniac 17 天 前
That was honestly very depressing
MatchBreakers 17 天 前
I want a fallout set in Switzerland. It would be full of pocket knife mods, cheese, chocolate, pikeballs and glorious language problems :D
Jesse Hackworth
Jesse Hackworth 17 天 前
Nobody talking about how he used "Fall Out Boy"? It's literally a massive pun.
Unknown Warrior
Unknown Warrior 17 天 前
Fact check The USA caused the nuclear fallout by denying the world nuclear fusion and used the least of the oil and gas.
dylan daily
dylan daily 18 天 前
We’re emortal
dylan daily
dylan daily 18 天 前
Yeah I know go Australia
drako de dark
drako de dark 18 天 前
After the Second World War many scientists moved to Chile since it would be the only country that would have areas which would not be affected by radiation
George panchev
George panchev 18 天 前
Why this guy is still on this channel? I need the old guy.
Bella Olivo
Bella Olivo 19 天 前
Two words one number fall out 3
NotsoMLG gaming
NotsoMLG gaming 19 天 前
How does no one have cancer
Alen Focic
Alen Focic 19 天 前
You missed that Bosnia also has a fallout shelter that remains from Yugoslavia.
That Kid
That Kid 20 天 前
He’s drinking lean
James Games
James Games 20 天 前
I have an idea maybe being a ghoul in fallout is a type of cancer that can evolve to losing your mind
Danger Wolf
Danger Wolf 20 天 前
When taken Out of context, this is hallarious 7:48
BRUGAR 21 天 前
In fallout universe it looks like humans have mastered the art of preservation, think about it, you can find foods and drinks which didn't spoil even after 200 years(just a little bit of radiation), robots that are still functioning regardless of the maintenance, so maybe just maybe, humans have found a way to get food without the means of hunting, fishing, gathering or agriculture? If not then humans (if some of them survive) would have to stick into hunting irradiated creatures(given that there would be any creatures that survived) and drinking irradiated water to survive.
Definitive Gaming
At least it would end global warming
Dylan Berkley
Dylan Berkley 21 天 前
Um Game theory it seems you’ve forgotten a tiny problem with the food thing. We can use electricity unless you know it’s knocked out to grow our food also we can breed animals .
Dylan Berkley
Dylan Berkley 21 天 前
You said we would need 64,000 Nukes to eliminate the North America which is huge considering all together the earth has only 15,000 nukes that work So were safe for another 20 - 100 years
Maria Rogers
Maria Rogers 22 天 前
I might be wrong on this and I wouldn't doubt I am, but he says the world could be dead or some countries. But how do you explain the characters you meet in each game that have accents, I mean you have Chinese, Irish, French, Japanese and I'm sure their's more but that can be explained due to some people possibly living in vaults or becoming ghouls but that doesn't happen as far as I know. True some people could have lived in the U.S. before and after the nukes dropped and then the generations lived up to the point where the main character meets them, but like Austin said about the NCR fighting some army that was most likely Venezuelan and Brazilian armies from those countries. So the colonization efforts he was talking about could very well have been something that certain countries from the then disbanded United Nations did after the nukes fell. A retcon can be that some people survived the nukes due to living on oil rigs but I doubt that, another possibility could be that the Zeta ships abducted people and when the EMP went off and crashed more than half they're fleet some humans from different continents could have survived the crashes and just started settling down and then expanded from there forming such things like the NCR or the tribes that make up Cesaur' Legion from the wasteland and commonwealth. I mean part of Mexico is part of the NCR, and character's like Raul and his family from Fallout:NW is probably a possibility that there from the territory the NCR annexed.
Isaiah Reyes
Isaiah Reyes 22 天 前
I think matpat hit pueberty
Nolan EF
Nolan EF 23 天 前
WRONG ABOUT THE MUSIC DURING 10:19 THAT MUSIC playing is by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart And it is called Turkish March do not lie to us you have to pay the fine by sending a tribute to Mozart 1 like or subscribe = respect for Mozart
fyxyf6gyfigufuh8gu Yes 66cucucydrsrs5d5dy
The fallout games serve as a warning never to use our nuclear weapons
506obannon 24 天 前
Remember the institute grows plants and they use synthetic soil or fresh. Also Austraila has the knowledge to use microfusion.and their could be MORE than one institute or type of institute. Fallout 76 confirmed that DNA can mix and survive A.K.A intelligent plans
Dea3man 24 天 前
Someone forgot about mushrooms or Maby artificial sunlight
Ashley's palace
Ashley's palace 24 天 前
Im f***ked i live in Lithuania (a.k.a Baltic states) so im done for
4 个月 前