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Fallout paints a picture of a desolate world, populated by the sparse remains of humanity. Today, Austin is going to figure out how ACCURATE the world of Fallout REALLY is. Would humanity be gone? Are we DOOMED? Let's find out!
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VisionT100 3 天 前
Okay here me out and stick with me, its a long comment but it might explain how these countries could continue to live and possible strive following a nuclear war. After re-watching this for the nth time i thought of something that could save these non-involved countries (at least in the fallout universe, if nukes drop tomorrow we are all screwed). Following the invention of the micro-fusion cell, humans have access to essentially unlimited power (to a point at least). Using this fusion power and seeing tensions rising between all countries in the great war, these countries begin to develop great growing stations underground. With access to the amount of uranium they have and the ability to use advanced technology to build these vast grow beds within maybe 4-5 years, countries in south america and Africa secretly develop nuclear precautions in case the rest of the world goes kaboom. Since grow lights are relatively easy to mass produce and with the energy behind them to back them up it could be plausible that these countries recognized that nuclear war was coming, and used things similar to the GREAT SEED BANK that's in a permafrost zone that has like... every kind of seed imaginable, in order to preserve their food stocks, and thus their population, in time for them to rebuild there society in order to conform to the rules of this new world. Now obviously in today's universe/world this couldn't happen. These countries are too reliant on the rest of the world to survive, but in a world torn apart by war, on the brink of destruction, along with the help of some bullshit futuristic fusion tech, it's possible that there could have been some kind of secret alliance that came about behind the scenes to prep for the events of October 2077. Long story short, like I said, if nukes drop tomorrow we are all dead, scraps of humanity might live in cells for some time, but chance of recovery is low. That being said, if 50 years from now humans have yet to blow each other up, and we have access to far better power sources than we do now, countries that are smart and prepare for the inevitable could strive with the rest of the world unable to hinder their progress. All we have to do is develop some kind of power source that allows "easy access", micro fusion cells are a bit on the extreme end, being able to vaporize massive monsters, yet being small enough o fit in the palm of your hand, but it's not unimaginable that a power option a fraction of that could be developed could allow for these countries where electricity is scarce and hard to move around right now, to bloom into great nations since these things could power water purifiers and food production plants that would keep their population alive for long enough to make great strides.
Nightshade Hunter
Im going to Switzerland, Bye yall.
DnG 3on
DnG 3on 4 天 前
Wait...what about Australia?
GalaxyWolfPlayz 5 天 前
lol north korea has barely any nukes XD thats so ironic
GalaxyWolfPlayz 5 天 前
if only I lived in Switzerland than I would be ok in the Fallout universe... but I don't :/
LeeSo Mthing17
LeeSo Mthing17 5 天 前
The Fallout narrorator reminds me on the GC STARFOX narrorator... maybe it's the same guy??
Grey Way
Grey Way 5 天 前
Wait.....fallout has lore?!
leon fierce
leon fierce 5 天 前
we should make an agreement to disarm all nuclear bomb's and at least prevent a massively long lasting nuclear fallout
Aymen Miled
Aymen Miled 5 天 前
Why don't we launch all nuclear weapons to the sun
Meowium99 6 天 前
Learn to eat mushrooms.
Charlie Friend
Charlie Friend 6 天 前
What about Australia?
Niveous23 6 天 前
But would these countries have access to that new energy resource? My guess is all the physical research would be in the desolate wastelands that were once first world competitor nations. The most generous bones I can throw your way to make that work is the data was still available via the internet, or smuggled into africa or south america via safely keeping them in shelters.
therealdragonboy2923 tube
stop motion nutrition
Scariest nukes are castle bravo and tsar bomba
Zepol Yar
Zepol Yar 6 天 前
Wouldn't they be able to use the fusion cores to power grow lamps to provide crops with the light needed to grow? It wold take a metric f**k ton of lamps and a constant supply of power but it could be done. Heck, most countries could convert any existing sports stadiums with relative ease. Since the energy is free that part of the equation is a moot point. Also, most of our lighting is manufactured in Mexico and South America which would be largely untouched by the war and nukes. Humanity is saved!! Wait. What have I done?
Lids Bakolina
Lids Bakolina 6 天 前
Somebody know the song of the conclusion?? Is awesome lol.
The Bookworm
The Bookworm 6 天 前
Gilles 6 天 前
Why are you including canada with the united states?
Declan Griffin
Declan Griffin 6 天 前
Austin's Scientific Method: 1. Ask a question 2. Do some background research 3. Construct a hypothesis 4. -Test with an experiment- OVERTHINK STUFF 5. Is the procedure working? 6. Analyze data and draw conclusions 7. Communicate results
Sterben 7 天 前
What about Australia
Self Deletus
Self Deletus 8 天 前
Before singing THINK: Todd Howard Is Not Killable *but you are*
The Blue Phoenix: Captain Gamer
The map you used was wrong. Jammu and Kashmir *are* in India. What are they telling you guys?
Nick Calyx
Nick Calyx 10 天 前
But you could grow plants indoor with LED right?
Greg Poe
Greg Poe 11 天 前
why does he lowkey sound like Shane Topp from Smosh
Anton Steinhardt
Anton Steinhardt 11 天 前
Sir_Plopleus 11 天 前
What about the increase in temperature caused by the depletion of all fossile fuels?
Timo Winkel
Timo Winkel 13 天 前
Why is Austin here? Wasn´t he with shodycast?
Mr Pie panda
Mr Pie panda 14 天 前
The end is ne'er
Marshall Hamilton
I think we have enuff to cover the planet with nuclear bombs. And I'm sure china is thinking the same.. And to be really sure Russia would.
Agioborg 15 天 前
The video is August 2018 but the game in the description is fallout 76
rejvaik 15 天 前
I hate this guy
Bill Cipher
Bill Cipher 15 天 前
Talking about nuclear bombs while that Hunter x Hunter music is playing in the background adds a certain irony to this whole thing.
Nathan Madden
Nathan Madden 16 天 前
UV lamps in greenhouses powered by microfusion cells
L 16 天 前
Fuck You
Fuck You 17 天 前
i have replaced every single radio in every single fallout game with AUSTIN as my radio its absolutely amazing
Wiktoriakw _ox
Wiktoriakw _ox 17 天 前
you are the funniest youtuber i have ever watched
kookeekwisp 18 天 前
13:00 Bada book, bada boom.
John Kensington
John Kensington 19 天 前
This is the only good thing about Game Theory.
Robert Smalls
Robert Smalls 21 天 前
It could be that there is a slightly reduced amount of sunlight, and that the plants in Fallout have evolved due to the radiation to thrive in the lower level of solar energy.
alexander wamsley
Storyteller how I miss you
Caleb McCallum
Caleb McCallum 22 天 前
So Australia and New Zealand aren’t affected? Or would they be still in effect with in the new world powers?
Super Saiyan 4 Master Chief
Couldn't you just use that infinite energy and a UV lamp to grow your own food
EenBlauweWolf 22 天 前
I’m going to the moon... or mars, take me away Elon!!,
MaxieMack 24 天 前
....... Metro Redux?
Yolo002 TheKeaperOne
why mexico?
Simon Hansen
Simon Hansen 25 天 前
"Fallout: Switzerland"... Sounds a little odd but could be fun.
So glad you guys support ROUVAN and they’re work your good people
It’s a goddamn arms race I’m a bleeding man it’s so intricate yea
wereguy18 27 天 前
You say wasteland.....i say irradiated utopia... *rams power armor fist through a raiders chest*
LoremGamez 27 天 前
What is the song in the end of the video? I looked at the channel that's in the description, but I can't find it
Some Guy's Channel
Wait, so the Resource Wars went on for 127 years?
squoosh ED
squoosh ED 个月 前
Did he say that gamma rays were high energy electrons?
Louis Galindo1
Louis Galindo1 个月 前
Austin, could you please make a video on the vault experiments? Specifically vault 111 and temperature induced stasis, maybe chemically induced? Please?
bobby corn does roblocks
wasn't fusion technology specifically ONLY used by the US and was the biggest cause of the resource wars cause they didnt share it ?
Shuter450 个月 前
What if we live in Moon
Farmer Frank
Farmer Frank 个月 前
It wasn't that micro fusion cell tech couldn't spread fast enough, the US government ordered West Tech not to share the Tech outside the U.S.
My Key
My Key 个月 前
Well damn.... that got depressing....
I Don’t Deserve Subs
15:18 what the hell Switzerland? Do you have trust issues or are you just careful?
Invisible Doge
Invisible Doge 个月 前
when you see the infinite enchantment on a fat man
Severin Dechlis Jensen 8B Viby Skole
Soooo..... is Denmark good or is it an F for me
Wentworth Walker
Wentworth Walker 个月 前
You know the fallout universes history in this video sounds a lot like ours atm or the way ours is starting to be. Also you should of kept the last bit to yourself I can see the mod authors now scrambling to make these places in the world but now they wont because its scientifically impossible.
Retro 个月 前
Austin: Europe would be nuked Ireland a country with almost no army or nuclear capabilities: Oh, right then, sure. After new hypothesis: that makes more sense
bobby corn does roblocks
he fucked up, Europe would probably suffer more from fallout of its surrounding neighbours but most countries that would be nuked would be in the European Commonwealth which should not be too far from the European Union, guess what Ireland is a part of?
Munchie Mac
Munchie Mac 个月 前
I love the storyteller. What is his naame!!
Mario Liv
Mario Liv 个月 前
2:30 so they ran out of fuel....... WHAT!!! DID THEY NOT KNOW ABOUT URANIUM!!!
bobby corn does roblocks
Yes! They do!
Totally Not
Totally Not 个月 前
Me when I heard that countries that don't present a threat survives: YASSSSSSSS Austin: Except maybe Venezuela Me: Yay! Me after I realize that I'm only 20 miles off of the coast of Venezuela: ;-;
bobby corn does roblocks
+Totally Not oh ok yeah ur dead have fun
Totally Not
Totally Not 个月 前
+bobby corn does roblocks I'm in Trinidad and Tobago OFF THE COAST OF VENEZUELA
bobby corn does roblocks
+Totally Not so are you or are you not in venezuela cant you just say "I live in Venezuela"
Totally Not
Totally Not 个月 前
+bobby corn does roblocks Which we are. . .
bobby corn does roblocks
doesnt matter, only oil deposits would be targeted.
Miller Blaylock
Miller Blaylock 个月 前
"America now dominated the continent!" Well ya, what do you expect?
Sonic Nerf
Sonic Nerf 个月 前
Why my birthday October 23
William Azen
William Azen 个月 前
If they had infinite energy they could just use artificial light to cultivate food
tc bros
tc bros 个月 前
Welp, this video made me curious if denmark had any nukes, i didn't find out, but now i know that russia threatens denmark with nukes... i hate my life
IM Ryan
IM Ryan 个月 前
What about the Middle East as well weren’t Europe already at war
Smackninja 103
Smackninja 103 个月 前
This is scary because my bday is October23
adam 1234
adam 1234 个月 前
You forgot that they can warm and give light to the crops you dumbo And you said they can have near infinite amounts of energy coz of the nuclear fusion.
meme jesus
meme jesus 个月 前
what if they use microfusion to create artificial sunlight and save themselves dumbass
Bullyhunter XYZDragonCannon
Think we had not thought about nuking every other nation's capital to sow anarchy and slow down someone taking our places in the event of a Nuclear War? Morbid and pretty evil, but it would make more sense in Fallout with all the paranoia, fear/war-mongering
Asahi Riku
Asahi Riku 个月 前
Even after the great war, africa still doesn't have any food.
Jacob Bavington
Jacob Bavington 个月 前
I love Austin!!
DietWater 2 个月 前
I saw that the average amount if nuclear bombs where a few hundred, and then rusha sat there with 8-9K.. Wow.
Reich Bunny
Reich Bunny 2 个月 前
>Africa >thrive They’d starve without the white man.
Piers Baker
Piers Baker 2 个月 前
I’ve learnt more science from Austin then I have in science class. (Austin can you be my science teacher pls)
Jared Powell
Jared Powell 2 个月 前
What song is he using at 13:03 into the video where he describes the effects of nuclear bombs?
Laural Tomasin
Laural Tomasin 2 个月 前
13:02 MARS by Gustav Holst (Mars, aka Ares, the God of war.)
Knight 6329
Knight 6329 19 天 前
Big bada boom book
Laural Tomasin
Laural Tomasin 2 个月 前
+Jared Powell No problem.
Jared Powell
Jared Powell 2 个月 前
thank you! i've been going crazy to find that song, youre a life saver
Kory St. Aoro
Kory St. Aoro 2 个月 前
Greenhouses could help with food growth, same for hydroponic growing
hal0 b0i
hal0 b0i 2 个月 前
Just read the fallout bible boi
GalaxxyLuna VEVO
GalaxxyLuna VEVO 2 个月 前
country roads take me home
BatvinYT 2 个月 前
Croatia Is in Europe and doesn't have nukes and we will be bombed tnx us and china
Mr. 13
Mr. 13 2 个月 前
You're so retarded it almost gave me a stroke
Ye Rim Won
Ye Rim Won 2 个月 前
Are we all just going to ignore Mars???? Yasss
Ye Rim Won
Ye Rim Won 2 个月 前
+Mr. 13 The song is called mars, I understand the confusion but the first response I made I said it was a song.
Ye Rim Won
Ye Rim Won 2 个月 前
+Mr. 13 "but i do know that it has nothing to do with this video... or anything"
Mr. 13
Mr. 13 2 个月 前
+Ye Rim Won first of all...I'm not being rude by any standards Second, i responded because it didn't make any sense whatsoever, and i had to ask And since it was written pretty bad- i had no idea it was about a song... Btw i can't actually find it, it's not in the video description
Ye Rim Won
Ye Rim Won 2 个月 前
+Mr. 13 You don't have to be so rude when it was you who decided to respond to my comment.
Ye Rim Won
Ye Rim Won 2 个月 前
+Mr. 13 He plays the song in the video. It's not my fault you don't know the song.
Brendan Clark
Brendan Clark 2 个月 前
The Psycho-like gamer
"we're basically doomed"-Austin, bringing you reality since idk lol
ProTrigno //Roblox and TABS Gaming
Southeast asia asean has a deal call war with no nukes so basically if u war war just with ur enemy dont hurt other country so all we no have nukes
dragon animation
dragon animation 2 个月 前
And what about Australia
dragon animation
dragon animation 2 个月 前
But what if their living under ground remember when lights are similar and give out energy to flowers or plants and they already have infinite energy and can clean ocean water 😲😲😲😲
Jj Benson
Jj Benson 2 个月 前
But you don't need the sun to grow food they did it in vaults,Australia would have time to get ready wouldn't they?
logan graham
logan graham 2 个月 前
are you forgetting artificial light sir? indeed the sun will be blocked out but with that unlimited power the just discovered. they wouldn't even need to be on the surface to grow plants.
bobby corn does roblocks
i doubt everyone would have access to one of those, he clearly stated VAULTS and BUNKERS would survive
TheCrow Scavenger
TheCrow Scavenger 2 个月 前
d e f e a t t h e t o d d
its sugar playz
its sugar playz 2 个月 前
Great job my country Indonesia for not getting exploeded into a Millions of peacesas Nvmn IM Gonna die
IAmSeamonkey 2 个月 前
if we take australia into acount, we'd die first. even thugh our land is diverse enough to grow literally any crop in the world, we don't. we pretend we're in europe and focus on cows, pigs, and sheep.
Mangle op
Mangle op 2 个月 前
I couldnt help but sing along to the song at the beginning
Rachel Woollard
Rachel Woollard 2 个月 前
What about Australia is it okay? Asking if I’m safe
BIll Geo
BIll Geo 2 个月 前
This could have been a great and very watchable video... if he DIDN'T SHOUT THAT MUCH!!! WTF!!!
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