How to WIN on TURN 2! | Anti-Combo Warlock vs Druids | The Boomsday Project | Hearthstone

Disguised Toast
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Disguised Toast has decides to act as Legend gatekeeper to prevent Hearthstone rank 1 combo deckers from achieving legend rank. Boomsday Druids & Zoo Warlocks are no match for Toilet Drake’s Anti-combo Boomsday Project Warlock.
Toilet Drake Guide:
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Morten Madsen
Morten Madsen 2 小时 前
That last play at the end of the video, is the best play i have ever seen in on youtube. for whatever its worth, you are now my favorite youtuber.. Nice video.
Evan Huang
Evan Huang 5 小时 前
Hol up How does he do this
Robert Wirütin
Robert Wirütin 11 小时 前
It´s minute 4:00. Thank me later.
JwJ - Gaming
JwJ - Gaming 21 小时 前
I'm new to the game, but videos like this makes me wanna play. Great video!
Chairman Meow
Toast is the TRUTH
TheMailoLP 天 前
i miss this toast
Joshua Sweetvale
>Plays a sadist deck, oiling himself at the thought of making people concede. >Merciful You're pretty mercurial, aren't ya?
Saxophone Duck
Saxophone Duck 5 天 前
You've been gnomed.
You'll never read this joke but... You just let this druids REST. Got it?
999kafka 7 天 前
George should watch Disguised Toast stream now
Alejandro Rubio
Alejandro Rubio 8 天 前
Honor tomado.
Mr.Funnybone 9 天 前
As a newer player, what decks should I buy to one day be a champ like this boye?
Scott Desemberer
Scott Desemberer 11 天 前
So emotional moment at the end...
凌律音 13 天 前
3:40 bgm ?
Mihai Marcus
Mihai Marcus 15 天 前
Hmmm ... I'm a new HS player and I don't know what's happening here, can anyone explain me?
Mihai Marcus
Mihai Marcus 12 天 前
+André LH Thanks !
André LH
André LH 12 天 前
The opponents decks are based on a combo which Toast destroys my burning one of the essential cards.
michael singer
michael singer 15 天 前
hehexd 18 天 前
I can't win at level 20, and he makes legendary players surrend at turn 2... Okay.
Aqua Kid2000
Aqua Kid2000 19 天 前
I need to make this deck
Xauch 19 天 前
Как он это делает?
Z80 19 天 前
beat the scumbags with an even bigger scumbag. i love it
Vaylain 21 天 前
That was extremely nice of you at the end. I loved seeing that style of gameplay from a pro.
Navraj Gill
Navraj Gill 21 天 前
4:00 perfectly played bruh
Fireside Gaming
Fireside Gaming 22 天 前
Continue trolling with the new Thanos Warlock!
Thiên Vy Nguyễn
TricksterJLC 24 天 前
Danaani 27 天 前
this is what i call content
sempai 42
sempai 42 个月 前
you so ha big person boy
Thaizee EE
Thaizee EE 个月 前
i think this is my favorite HS video ever
Feras Khalid
Feras Khalid 个月 前
I didn’t want this video to end
Shin Shin
Shin Shin 个月 前
Shy _Cry
Shy _Cry 个月 前
Can someone explain his tactics with me?
RundownOyster 个月 前
Mecha'thun getting milled is the most satisfying thing I've ever seen.
Lily K
Lily K 个月 前
I am legit afraid of u 😂
MrSynchh 个月 前
Toast remember, pros and cons means advantages and disadvantages, having a mecha juraxxus would be a pros.
Kain20XX 个月 前
GOB 个月 前
My name is George and I can confirm all George’s are bad at hearthstone
Rick Sanchez
Rick Sanchez 个月 前
DOVAH Private
DOVAH Private 个月 前
begging for mercy isnt honorable. The rest of the video is amazing tho :D
John Mal
John Mal 个月 前
Toast, The Legend Gatekeeper, The Combo Vanquisher, Our Snapping Overlord. May he have mercy on our decks.
Andre Deosaran
Andre Deosaran 个月 前
disliked cuz u helped a SMORC into legend
Mjdemass 个月 前
Probably the most satisfying HS video I've ever seen , congrats :)
K. Stifler
K. Stifler 个月 前
I mean... how many games you lost to make this vid?
SIR 个月 前
Ля какой
Chawlindel 个月 前
Wow. How could you get so lucky with Gnomeferatu?
Ai 个月 前
Concede button is the 5th Infinity stone
Jason Cook
Jason Cook 个月 前
I don't play Hearthstone. I don't watch Hearthstone content. But my word if this isn't one of the best videos I've watched in a while. What a legend
One-Soul-a-Time 个月 前
This is no battle. It is a massacre!
Crazy Lasagna
Crazy Lasagna 个月 前
While I am a fan of combo decks, watching Toast annihilate them to epic music is still the peak of entertainment for me.
É assim !
É assim ! 个月 前
What is your play list
HC MT 个月 前
Lol i accidentally did this with rouge today but instead, I stole Demonic project with hallucinate and turned his Azari into a Blood imp xD
marcus morga
marcus morga 个月 前
Its Fish from WSOE
omgitselroy 个月 前
Whats that number near the opponent's cards?
Skeletris 个月 前
WAIT that one dude ran Pit Lord?
Zsolt Sterczer
Zsolt Sterczer 个月 前
Gaming With Jzs
Gaming With Jzs 个月 前
This game is worth to play?
Gunni1972 个月 前
BBC stands for Big Bully Campaign, It is known. Fool
Sol Invictus
Sol Invictus 个月 前
He missed out the opportunity to say 'You've been Gnomed' so many times.
CampioneDi17 个月 前
fish is a girl?
Styx Rakash
Styx Rakash 个月 前
Man this was a really good video. Liked the jokes. Liked the gameplay. Calming voice. Very nice.
NukeGamer 个月 前
21:11 Perfect voice line timing... lmao
Logan Sullivan
Logan Sullivan 个月 前
This was a religious experience
101Crock 个月 前
Why are they conceding so early?
IvanSensei88 个月 前
They're using combo decks, which basically means you need X Y and Z cards for it to work... destroy X and the whole deck basically falls apart and becomes useless... so to save time, they just concede.
Wild Pinguin
Wild Pinguin 个月 前
You’re the best
Wild Pinguin
Wild Pinguin 个月 前
More vids like this pls
Wild Pinguin
Wild Pinguin 个月 前
Rename the deck to rage quitter or combo destroyer. ;)
Wild Pinguin
Wild Pinguin 个月 前
Haha...you can get rank 1 by doning this
Marcsman07 个月 前
Not familiar with the meta. Why concede so soon?
Comment Sense
Comment Sense 个月 前
Why wouldn’t you play keleseth on curve? Wouldn’t you buff the most minions?
NeoDraquin 个月 前
Okay so i dont play hearthstone but eh, i laughed so hard after that play on 25:50
Cameron Hughes
Cameron Hughes 个月 前
My question is, is his top deck mill of mechathun just rng or what?
Stohl Ricsmond
Stohl Ricsmond 个月 前
People named George are bad at Hearthstone, fact.
Jakub Hála
Jakub Hála 个月 前
Guys. 1 minute of silence for this warlock who have to press conceed button several times
Desert Ranger
Desert Ranger 个月 前
Best video ever
San Nick
San Nick 个月 前
Good guy Toast ;_;
Moon Horse
Moon Horse 个月 前
The thing is how do u beat GUL’DAN???
Hi Im Faker
Hi Im Faker 个月 前
The tittle reminds me of amaz who played against turn 1 druid+warlock He fucking coined bloodbloom into ultimate lolfestation
Erik Puchľák
Erik Puchľák 个月 前
Void contract hello?
XTheSabreGamerX 个月 前
This video's too good lmao. He literally made every opponent surrender.
fumlefinger92 2 个月 前
loved the video! but i thought this deck was mean to demorilize opponents. dont give them win for low brain decks XD
Oliver Kopsland Tjore
This is such an evil deck, the win condition is literally to make your opponent concede...
Spoteddy 2 个月 前
If their deck revolves around 1 card, doesent that make the deck really bad?
Gamenbob YT
Gamenbob YT 2 个月 前
BBC Big Bad Controll-Deck
Jajajaja be happy
paperclipp 2 个月 前
love it!!
Ryan Minton
Ryan Minton 2 个月 前
I didn’t understand anything that just happened
MrKrayona 2 个月 前
Best vid
Slender many
Slender many 2 个月 前
04:00 you come for it
Arya Nando
Arya Nando 2 个月 前
Toast logic : everything that my infinity gauntlet mills is combo
aM0nk 2 个月 前
God's work.
Baumwurzel 2 个月 前
Why the hell do they all surrender
Matt Wood
Matt Wood 2 个月 前
get a job.
marciano DK
marciano DK 2 个月 前
Pq eles estão saindo?
Lilia The Succubus
Lilia The Succubus 2 个月 前
What deck was that Mech Warlock? What's the point of that burned card from Gnome?
Helgi Páll Eiríksson
Fucking with mecha'thun players, you are doing good things.
Dajesta Gaming
Dajesta Gaming 2 个月 前
That mercy against the smurf deck was cringe
Jonathan Cook
Jonathan Cook 2 个月 前
He gets almost as much pleasure keeping people from legend, as I get from ad blocking youtubers.
Roy Mariani
Roy Mariani 2 个月 前
ahahahahahah omg
BuickRaider 00
BuickRaider 00 2 个月 前
I put this video when I'm sad
Cait Sith
Cait Sith 2 个月 前
Fought this game lately and thought wtf man. But seeing it from this side it looks fun.😂
Dominik Fittschen
Dominik Fittschen 2 个月 前
Perfect Music.