How to WIN on TURN 2! | Anti-Combo Warlock vs Druids | The Boomsday Project | Hearthstone

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Disguised Toast has decides to act as Legend gatekeeper to prevent Hearthstone rank 1 combo deckers from achieving legend rank. Boomsday Druids & Zoo Warlocks are no match for Toilet Drake’s Anti-combo Boomsday Project Warlock.
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Doradox91 6 小时 前
why do peoples quit when they lose their top card? i don't understand not trying till the end
Doradox91 6 小时 前
Or why do they just quit before the end in general? is that how we play in legends rank?. something bad happen, you lose all hope and abandon?..
Golvellius 18 小时 前
this video made me lmao
Christophe DEGELDER
Christophe DEGELDER 18 小时 前
Omg that was so good so funny thanks u are a god
sander rydahl
sander rydahl 20 小时 前
This is fukin beautiful
Michaël Dumais
Michaël Dumais 3 天 前
exactly how I feel by playing Mill in Magic lmao its so bad but the despair spreads so quickly
SorrowsEdge 4 天 前
I love the classical music in this ^.^
DarthSironos 4 天 前
One turn kill combos in a game without interaction on the opponent's turn... Blizzard used to nerf this shit away to keep the game interactive. Now they are actively printing bullshit combocards like Shudderwhack and mechacuntun. Please stop Blizzard, you are ruining what used to be a great game.
the fat one
the fat one 5 天 前
"He's non-golden so he hasn't been playing long" been 4 years and still no gold hero's :(
B3rs3rk N.
B3rs3rk N. 5 天 前
What do you think the BBC stands for....? BRITISH BROADCASTING COMPANY.
Justin Cheung
Justin Cheung 5 天 前
PErfectly Balance
TTV D1nogames
TTV D1nogames 6 天 前
#click bait xD
Jesi Frostwhisper
Any good cards from new expansion for this deck ? ;)
Michael Moore
Michael Moore 6 天 前
Toast out here doing Team 5's job for them, removing degeneracy from the game. The hard, but fun way.
Asap Rayne
Asap Rayne 7 天 前
Reported for bullying lmao
terry camp
terry camp 7 天 前
love this deck
Shad Hines
Shad Hines 7 天 前
This video is so satisfying to watch.
ElektrosmogXL 8 天 前
I'm still on rank chicken
Dank Steven
Dank Steven 8 天 前
thats so bad. when Toast just gets rid of 1-2 cards they concede like a pussies (except that Fish druid). what if they really had a chance sometimes to win!???? don''t get conceding
Richard Hartono
Richard Hartono 9 天 前
so much dislike bcs they're the one getting destroyed by these decks
Norix 11 天 前
You are a good guy toast
Mazza666Gaming 12 天 前
Awesome video, you are so funny 😂😂😂👍. Big like from me 👍
Reece Alarie
Reece Alarie 12 天 前
Infinity war 2 confimed
Adam Butterworth
Adam Butterworth 14 天 前
This video never gets old
DuckGamer 14 天 前
11:43 Even Thanos gets snapped from time to time
LexxPowered 14 天 前
"This deck is designed to be good"
Silver BladeWorks
Why are you so thug tho lmao
Richárd Kovács
Richárd Kovács 15 天 前
hi guys. i am new in heartstone. Can anyone tell me why everyone give up the game when they lose one card but have away more health and plenty of cards?
Austin Wilburn
Austin Wilburn 15 天 前
I dont know what is going on. Can someone explain?
Alzakiel 16 天 前
11:58 best moment Kappa.
Vinicius Dias
Vinicius Dias 18 天 前
This is so satisfying to watch! thx man!
Hate 18 天 前
callate chino culiao feo
Silenux 18 天 前
This is one of my favorite Toast videos. Need to tweak this deck more.
Prince Farming
Prince Farming 18 天 前
This was so funny!!!
Родион Шалунов
the fun thing is every time Toast shows his win, his rating is gettin lower and lower XD
Toby Klase
Toby Klase 19 天 前
Respect man! Good content as always. I cried a little at the end.
Christian Wales Whitfield Lee
Can somebody tell me what deck class he has next to his "ToiletDrake" symbolized by a question mark at 00:37
David R
David R 20 天 前
Gotta feel for that warlock lol
Oskar Vester
Oskar Vester 21 天 前
Why are they conceding so early??
recc 23 天 前
Ah, what a beautiful sight!
danieltaom 24 天 前
Good stuff
David Schwab
David Schwab 25 天 前
That laugh was the best thing I've seen on the internet this week xD
Jack Jackson
Jack Jackson 26 天 前
FlubberSquid 26 天 前
"Now picture me a Tan-toast"
Rogarth Borisson
Rogarth Borisson 26 天 前
I just want to make a meme deck, if I ever go against him, just to be like Thor, missing for his arm.
Derek Bu
Derek Bu 28 天 前
Lolol so salty
Hauke Finkenzeller
can someone post the music used in this
Wojtek Świątek
Wojtek Świątek 29 天 前
Love that movie, you are serial combodeck killer... I hope ypu won't find me :D
Insert name here
Insert name here 29 天 前
I just started playing hearthstone because I got permabanned from league and I didn’t know people gave up so much
Ryomou Shimea
Ryomou Shimea 个月 前
help me Sensei !!!
Леша Игнатович
It's fun on video, but in lader this deck is pretty shitty)
Fraser Hood
Fraser Hood 个月 前
watch this Lis, you can pinpoint the second when his heart rips in half
nick de jong
nick de jong 个月 前
you are such a ashole
Siim Koppel
Siim Koppel 个月 前
My favorite Toast video.
Y Goodsign
Y Goodsign 个月 前
What was that warlock deck with the galvanizer?
Y Goodsign
Y Goodsign 29 天 前
Lol I didn’t know that existed
Satchel Alvarado
Satchel Alvarado 29 天 前
Y Goodsign mechathun warlock
Just for fun
Just for fun 个月 前
I'll be honest. I don't really watch you that much. This has to be one of the best hearthstone vids I've seen, ever. It's great to see someone messing with the combos. Not just an rng win, but outsmarting the meta. More of this would be awesome.
urborg74 个月 前
This was so entertaining to watch. XD
Aspirin Bomba
Aspirin Bomba 个月 前
he knew what he was doing he had only 1, 5 mana card left ;)
Guy Bro Dude
Guy Bro Dude 个月 前
What are the numbers on the opponents cards?
raffay300458 个月 前
why are they conceding so early? atleast try
James McCarthy
James McCarthy 个月 前
joe 个月 前
just commenting because streamers like that for some reason and this video good.
Stormshadow 个月 前
man it was freaking hilarious
Sigurd Hendseth Øyan
There is no way there is as many 5-10 cost demons as 1-4?
นิธิ เฉลิมลา
What name music ?
Deadwoodist 个月 前
ninja scout
ninja scout 个月 前
If i were you i would just destroy brainless agro players
Panda Warrior13
Panda Warrior13 个月 前
You are my idol. Best hearthstone player in the world. Pls play in the world tournament
Mitsuki uchiha
Mitsuki uchiha 个月 前
Can anyone tell me why do they concede? I am new at the game and people in here dont have the heart of the cards
Kevin 个月 前
14:50 why did the other guy quit? I'm confused, he used togwaggle or whatever, swapped decks, has a full hand and deck to back it up... whereas toast has like 7 cards left and fatigue. Isnt it won?
A. Crowley
A. Crowley 个月 前
You're a horrible person :) I'd definitely let the poor druid hit the legendary. What difference would it make to you if you'd have conceded to him?
George Fan
George Fan 个月 前
RIP obeseious
Omar 个月 前
the ending was so wholesome
Salazar Armando
Salazar Armando 个月 前
im new at hearthstone boys. why is everyone instantly conceding when they loose a card. why did he concede when his 10 mana card got discarded from his deck?
Gakamis Gaming
Gakamis Gaming 个月 前
I replayed his laugh at 1:37 for more than 10times
"5 or less I concede, 5 or more I kill him." A little too balanced...if it's 5.
Dylan Hoo
Dylan Hoo 个月 前
i crafted this deck immediately after watching this video...
Matt Camis
Matt Camis 个月 前
Awesome video! Keep up the great content. I was laughing quite a bit
Stanley Tweedle
Stanley Tweedle 个月 前
this is the funniest video ever xD
Fr13dN3wb 个月 前
In none of these games did you actually "WIN" on turn 2.
mark Roy
mark Roy 个月 前
Can someone please explain why the guy at 15:00 concede after swapping deck and getting the upper hand???
Satchel Alvarado
Satchel Alvarado 29 天 前
mark Roy he didn’t get the upper hand. Toast had the King’s ransom and would have had his deck back the next turn.
Eren Adanur
Eren Adanur 个月 前
11:43 the plot twist
Kermit E. Frog
Kermit E. Frog 个月 前
hai, I don't play this but still occasionally watch youtube videos that i see on it. For what reason did those people surrender when they're nearly max health and toast only having like 2 or so cards on the field ?
Rlack Babbit
Rlack Babbit 个月 前
Play this against triple threat drood
platinum Angel
platinum Angel 个月 前
You as thanos looks like the rock
Tanosuri 个月 前
and yet now you use all win cons in druid 13:07
ImpisEUW 个月 前
I will not par take in this casual bullying, not today sir!
Philip Almayda
Philip Almayda 个月 前
i have no idea what the hell is happening
MadCat 个月 前
T On the go
T On the go 个月 前
LoL its almost too painfull to watch. Well done!
Univerchizelz 个月 前
disgusting man, soooooooo funny too watch
Dart Vejder
Dart Vejder 个月 前
shity lucker every youtuber is fucking lucker always get good draw this never happened to me like that
NightMage GG
NightMage GG 个月 前
OMG this was sooo funny!
Game Pro
Game Pro 个月 前
27:37 the guy could have played voidwalker b4 soul fire dang
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11 : 48 karma
DerpIndustries 个月 前
DerpIndustries 个月 前
This is my favorite roast video ever . Perfect. Kudos man
TerryGan Dominate
What is the name of the song from 1:15 minutes
Constantine Kuklin
Dabbing on a conceding enemy. That's just rude and I love it.
Yama Nobunaga
Yama Nobunaga 个月 前
this guy is beyond cocky
Tyler Lugo
Tyler Lugo 个月 前
This does put a smile on my face