How to WIN on TURN 2! | Anti-Combo Warlock vs Druids | The Boomsday Project | Hearthstone

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Disguised Toast has decides to act as Legend gatekeeper to prevent Hearthstone rank 1 combo deckers from achieving legend rank. Boomsday Druids & Zoo Warlocks are no match for Toilet Drake’s Anti-combo Boomsday Project Warlock.
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Mateus Felipe B.Vinhal
I don't know if there is a place in hell or heaven for Toast. This is so sad and funny at the same time.
MisterArthas 5 天 前
Is it wrong to take pleasure in the suffering of others ?
Toast is the only person on this planet legally allowed to dab.
Sebastian Ketikidis
Man i love you for your RNG justice in the end ❤️
FredTheWreck 11 天 前
For some odd reason, the end almost made me cry.
Ben C
Ben C 13 天 前
when he says 5 or less surrender, then u look at deck tracker...
Teum 13 天 前
Net decking is for scrubs.
FredTheWreck 4 天 前
Teum now you’re just putting words in my mouth. When did I say it was easy to get to legend or become a pro player? I just said netdecking is something almost everyone has done, idiot. Oh, and I can’t wait to see what this zero iq scumbag is gonna say next.
Teum 5 天 前
+FredTheWreck So what you are saying is if you want to get to legendary net deck....so in turn you are saying getting to legendary isn't something hard to do. Got it.
FredTheWreck 11 天 前
So every pro player must be a scrub because they all have netdecked at some point in time.
Fleman !
Fleman ! 18 天 前
was this just an anti combo deck like bruh
TheGamerxx08 25 天 前
Can you leave a link to the vlog or something? I kinda wanna see the whole game not just the high light plays
VaynLuc TW
VaynLuc TW 29 天 前
You are very good people
garry koshnitsky
garry koshnitsky 个月 前
wait how does he know the mana cost of the guys cards?
crusadurus 个月 前
Damn that was pretty funny. I hope alot of those cards are out of standard now as I started playing again and that deck would make me rage.
sanesanchezs 个月 前
Why would you let him win? Where's YOUR honor?
toxiclunch 个月 前
Goodguy toast
Jonah Wornica
Jonah Wornica 个月 前
Was giggling all night thinking about this video
Kyle 个月 前
Yeah I would have to agree with Hat the duck on this. Best movie you made, Hopefully you can do more like this. Its funny too, cause I would also play this deck, and never would get that lucky lol good stuff man.
Tyler Hilton
Tyler Hilton 个月 前
I am crying with laughter. Hilarious vid!
pikewerfer 个月 前
I keep coming back to this video.... it is just the epitome of fun. Thanks Toast!
Bob Bob
Bob Bob 个月 前
Hope u see this, did u know if u use clockwork and guldan u heal for 12-24 with one hero use
nishanoire 个月 前
not all of your opponents are male that you be calling them "he." Maybe use the gender of the face?
Daniel Wolf
Daniel Wolf 个月 前
The snappining is happening
Zekkecske YT
Zekkecske YT 个月 前
What is the music name 2:43 pls somebody
ッnotme 个月 前
Carmen suite no.2 - Habanera
Gonzalo Barroso
Gonzalo Barroso 个月 前
what a nice guy is disguised
Jegan Ulaganathan
What's the guitar piece that starts around 4:15?
Yovich 个月 前
Spongebob music or something like that
Fijian Kailoma
Fijian Kailoma 2 个月 前
I’ve never been so entertained yet soo confused in my life..
Tyler Liu
Tyler Liu 2 个月 前
Waiiittt, cant be fair if there are more demons 5 and under the demons 5 and over..... Hmmmmmmm, balanced?
Divinity Divine
Divinity Divine 2 个月 前
I cant believe I never found this channel until now, actually in tears after watching everyone's hope get crushed for 30min thats a sub and a like from me
PuRe Skillz Gaming
PuRe Skillz Gaming 2 个月 前
No mage combo peices? Ever thought of the infinite fireball combo
galkanftw 2 个月 前
Good deck idea but pretty snarky remarks versus keleseth when playing a deck full of removal,doesn't take a brain to play a ton of removal.
Krimmy 2 个月 前
Louis Levasseur
Louis Levasseur 2 个月 前
Rip obsesious
Gray 2 个月 前
Wait, can someone explain to me what the main point of this deck is?
timmy phan
timmy phan 2 个月 前
It's to mill the the opponents "combo" cards. if you have ever seen yu-gi-oh think of combo cards as the 5 pieces of Exodia (collect the 5 pieces of the forbidden one you win the duel). Now picture what happens if you got one of the cards of exodia milled from your deck. Your ability to win the games drop really close to 0% Because you built your whole deck around those "combo" of cards. another way to say it would be "win condition" deck where a person needs to acquire certain cards and play them in a certain way to instantly win the game. So now if your missing those cards you cant win. P.S my grammar is horrible
Sraptor10 2 个月 前
What class is the IMRICHHHAFFFF deck at 0:40
musikklol6 2 个月 前
wtf does he have an app or program that lets him see what cards the oppenement has based on mana cost?
Azdren Maliqi
Azdren Maliqi 2 个月 前
He didint play voidwalker bcz deafile
LemonyPanda 2 个月 前
Azdren Maliqi wha...
OBREY _ 2 个月 前
Man this is funny
danne huehue
danne huehue 2 个月 前
hahahha nice videooooooooooo
Icisex 2 个月 前
Tostanos XD
Marekkotek 2 个月 前
funny thing is that he lost over 200 rank in this video
Alex Demarest
Alex Demarest 2 个月 前
How does that one card always target the crucial card? It seems op
Deni Fisher
Deni Fisher 2 个月 前
isac76 2 个月 前
11:53 karma 👍😏
Wyatt Duncan
Wyatt Duncan 2 个月 前
“There aren’t enough villains in the hearthstone community” roast.. that’s you... your the bad guy-- that literally who thanos... Never mind
Dakota Genaille
Dakota Genaille 2 个月 前
Google reads minds I made a new account on a different os on a different IP address in a different city and you still popped up
Deddo 2 个月 前
Fun video, but you got my thumb up for the mercy gesture towards the last guy. (despite it was rng)
ScrapGaming Gt
ScrapGaming Gt 2 个月 前
How the heck you know that they will concede???
ScrapGaming Gt
ScrapGaming Gt 2 个月 前
+dnewman346 thanks man really useful :)
dnewman346 2 个月 前
The decks are designed to win on a certain combo. This deck ruins it, so they concede
Prince Farming
Prince Farming 2 个月 前
I rewatch this because the Vid so GOOD
Nate Springer
Nate Springer 2 个月 前
Imagine if you wanted to hit legend, but Toast said: G O O D B Y E D R U I D
Grimm 2 个月 前
i just really badly wanna see the faces of people who ragequit the second you burn that one specific combo card in their decks....
157z3r0 2 个月 前
Love how funny and Skilled you are.
Darius 2 个月 前
You're evil
Anton Lukkarinen
Anton Lukkarinen 2 个月 前
"Mecha Jaraxxus" wtf happened to this game...
Mars21681 2 个月 前
LOL random fair perfectly balanced lolol
Morten Madsen
Morten Madsen 3 个月 前
That last play at the end of the video, is the best play i have ever seen in on youtube. for whatever its worth, you are now my favorite youtuber.. Nice video.
Evan Huang
Evan Huang 3 个月 前
Hol up How does he do this
Robert Wirütin
Robert Wirütin 3 个月 前
It´s minute 4:00. Thank me later.
WaZar 3 个月 前
I'm new to the game, but videos like this makes me wanna play. Great video!
Chairman Meow
Chairman Meow 3 个月 前
Toast is the TRUTH
TheMailoLP 3 个月 前
i miss this toast
Joshua Sweetvale
Joshua Sweetvale 3 个月 前
>Plays a sadist deck, oiling himself at the thought of making people concede. >Merciful You're pretty mercurial, aren't ya?
Saxophone Duck
Saxophone Duck 3 个月 前
You've been gnomed.
КоНТрасТ 3 个月 前
You'll never read this joke but... You just let this druids REST. Got it?
999kafka 3 个月 前
George should watch Disguised Toast stream now
Alejandro Rubio
Alejandro Rubio 3 个月 前
Honor tomado.
Mr.Funnybone 3 个月 前
As a newer player, what decks should I buy to one day be a champ like this boye?
Scott Desemberer
Scott Desemberer 3 个月 前
So emotional moment at the end...
凌律音 3 个月 前
3:40 bgm ?
Mihai Marcus
Mihai Marcus 3 个月 前
Hmmm ... I'm a new HS player and I don't know what's happening here, can anyone explain me?
Mihai Marcus
Mihai Marcus 3 个月 前
+André LH Thanks !
André LH
André LH 3 个月 前
The opponents decks are based on a combo which Toast destroys my burning one of the essential cards.
michael singer
michael singer 3 个月 前
hehexd 3 个月 前
I can't win at level 20, and he makes legendary players surrend at turn 2... Okay.
iSoberbia 个月 前
hehexd he got gud you didn’t. There was a time toast couldn’t reach legend easily
Aqua Kid2000
Aqua Kid2000 3 个月 前
I need to make this deck
Xauch 3 个月 前
Как он это делает?
Z80 3 个月 前
beat the scumbags with an even bigger scumbag. i love it
Vaylain 3 个月 前
That was extremely nice of you at the end. I loved seeing that style of gameplay from a pro.
Navraj Gill
Navraj Gill 3 个月 前
4:00 perfectly played bruh
Fireside Gaming
Fireside Gaming 3 个月 前
Continue trolling with the new Thanos Warlock!
Thiên Vy Nguyễn
Thiên Vy Nguyễn 3 个月 前
TricksterJLC 3 个月 前
Danaani 3 个月 前
this is what i call content
sempai 42
sempai 42 4 个月 前
you so ha big person boy
Thaizee EE
Thaizee EE 4 个月 前
i think this is my favorite HS video ever
Feras Khalid
Feras Khalid 4 个月 前
I didn’t want this video to end
Shin Shin
Shin Shin 4 个月 前
Shall Von Shicksal
Shall Von Shicksal 4 个月 前
Can someone explain his tactics with me?
RundownOyster 4 个月 前
Mecha'thun getting milled is the most satisfying thing I've ever seen.
Lily K
Lily K 4 个月 前
I am legit afraid of u 😂
MrSynchh 4 个月 前
Toast remember, pros and cons means advantages and disadvantages, having a mecha juraxxus would be a pros.
Kain20XX 4 个月 前
GOB 4 个月 前
My name is George and I can confirm all George’s are bad at hearthstone
Rick Sanchez
Rick Sanchez 4 个月 前
DOVAH Private
DOVAH Private 4 个月 前
begging for mercy isnt honorable. The rest of the video is amazing tho :D
John Mal
John Mal 4 个月 前
Toast, The Legend Gatekeeper, The Combo Vanquisher, Our Snapping Overlord. May he have mercy on our decks.
Andre Deosaran
Andre Deosaran 4 个月 前
disliked cuz u helped a SMORC into legend
Mjdemass 4 个月 前
Probably the most satisfying HS video I've ever seen , congrats :)
K. Stifler
K. Stifler 4 个月 前
I mean... how many games you lost to make this vid?
SIR 4 个月 前
Ля какой
Chawlindel 4 个月 前
Wow. How could you get so lucky with Gnomeferatu?
Ai 4 个月 前
Concede button is the 5th Infinity stone
Jason Cook
Jason Cook 4 个月 前
I don't play Hearthstone. I don't watch Hearthstone content. But my word if this isn't one of the best videos I've watched in a while. What a legend
One-Soul-a-Time 4 个月 前
This is no battle. It is a massacre!
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