I am getting LIT UP by fans after my loss to jorge Masvidal and I deserve it-Ben Askren,Cejudo

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评论 2 637
Cameron Blackwell
My favorite channel. ✊🏻🦶🏻🔥
MRTN13 27 天 前
@VDR look what you've done, you made him cry
Christian Cunningham
Will Cooper
Will Cooper 个月 前
Same rn
Immigrant Mentality Stiopic
5:58 well Triple C I'm 99 pounds and I'm 18 so let's make it happen!
Diz Zkl
Diz Zkl 个月 前
Sck your nuts
Eric Bussman
Eric Bussman 9 天 前
Michael Bisping is no stranger to giving unranked or low ranked guys title shots and skipping over rightful contenders. Of course he thinks it's a good idea
Eric Bussman
Eric Bussman 9 天 前
Holy shit, Cejudo is by far the King of Cringe now. He takes that title from Covington. It's hard to listen to or read tbh
d d
d d 12 天 前
askren, we are not your fans fool!
H&SAnimations 12 天 前
she was on cloud 9, and the people who dont see it would never make it in the ref game
The B
The B 12 天 前
No ben that doesnt suck, you suck enjoy the 1 decision win in the ufc which everyone knows was bullshit, cause you wont get another win, this isnt bellator pussy
roddas26 13 天 前
Wtf is corn rolled Henry?
Ray Pen
Ray Pen 14 天 前
Faber doesn’t deserve a title wayyyy more deserving fighters
nickbroomfield 15 天 前
My god, cejudo just doesn’t get it the guys an Olympian and he acts like a fkin child, embarrassing get it together champ, also you’re not triple c you gold medal means nothing in ufc Cormier was an Olympic athlete and Jon Jones whooped that ass, actually thinking about it benaviedez whooped yours I think he should get next shot
Eduardo Cruz
Eduardo Cruz 17 天 前
I don't get the hate for Henry. It seems like the new fans of UFC like the WWE trash talk more than the character or skills of the fighters. But is funny how Henry and Tony, the most entertaining trash talkers get label as weird. Could it be skin complexion? Most white, so call sharp trash takers, who the media is pushing real hard to sell to us as the best fighters. Are getting beat by latino fighters. And yeat they don't get the push as any other none latino fighters
Truth Told
Truth Told 17 天 前
What’s up with Henry? He shouldn’t talk too much unnecessary b.s. It looks like DC & Khabib has an awesome workout relationship. Ben seems like a cool guy for being honest. Bipolar comment: Black women need to stop wearing wigs. Keep your sh*t real, it looks ridiculous.
Darryl Needler
Darryl Needler 18 天 前
What does Ben expect he talks enough shit i guess now he's gotta listen tool bag!!! 👊😎😂😁😂
Contract Killer
Contract Killer 18 天 前
I'd fight that Midget anywhere.
Ray Chargle
Ray Chargle 19 天 前
Yeah these pussy are just casuals wanna talk bunch of sht when the fighter they don’t like lose. Fuck I wish they can get the same treatment that Ben got and still getN. They ain’t sht but Followers.
Goku Kai
Goku Kai 19 天 前
Devin Mounce
Devin Mounce 20 天 前
I would watch fabor vs cejudo! Sorry sterling, you definitely deserve it but this would be great for fabor
pobtron 21 天 前
GDR might of actually really of been sticking to her principles when she turned down the Cyborg fight, when pretty much everyone in the community thought she was just chicken. But if shes willing to fight the person who smoked Cyborg's boots then who knows??
Blake Mericle
Blake Mericle 21 天 前
You were brutal
Ken Bush
Ken Bush 22 天 前
ben aint afraid to call out everybody balls
Milan Djordjijevski
Henri Show-off hilarious
Will Turner
Will Turner 23 天 前
DeadlyFredXXX 23 天 前
I'm just waiting for SOME one to come knock Cejudo the fuck out. He has become one obnoxious little twat.
Ammy Pearson
Ammy Pearson 23 天 前
Henry gets more and more cringeworthy every day
Bob Smith
Bob Smith 24 天 前
Khabib is a beast he kicks ass and makes it look easy be afraid be very afraid
Dominic Germain
Dominic Germain 25 天 前
Cheer up Ben. I would rather see a loss with grace than a win with overboard fanfare. Look forward to seeing you in the ring in the future .
Jon Economidis
Jon Economidis 25 天 前
That ending 😂
Bogdan 25 天 前
These videos are so garbage, whoever made them must be dumb as fuck. Had to skim thru 9 m of bullshit to find out what Ben had to say, aka the fucking title of the video. At least put timestamps you lazy fucks
Joe Skill
Joe Skill 26 天 前
Holy shit did Ben predict his own demise....😹
Joe Skill
Joe Skill 26 天 前
If Kabib would have fucked up DC’s arm fooling around like that,, Dana would have been freaking out..🤓
Shane B.
Shane B. 27 天 前
Henry called out Urijah now he's telling him to beg for a fight?
Mr. M
Mr. M 27 天 前
Ben Askren handlin the loss like a champ, you can measure a guy by how he handles a loss more than how he handles a win. Respect+ forsure
Mr. M
Mr. M 27 天 前
Real shit tho, benavidez should get the shot at 125 and faber the shot at 135, how cool would that be? Cejudo depending two titles against two guys from the same gym?? Along with the obvious fact that benavidez was the last guy to beat him! Thatd be dope af!
Mr. M
Mr. M 27 天 前
Lmfao that triple c deez nuts comeback from faber was fucking hilarious!!
Turner Classic Bastard
Of course KFlo picked Aspen. Terrible at predictions
horn hunter21
horn hunter21 27 天 前
and Bisbing needs to shut the fuck up.
Captain Sunday
Captain Sunday 27 天 前
Askren is the fake chuckle king.
drenatomja 27 天 前
Not surprised Henry's twitter was @olympicchampion
Angelo Maraboli
Angelo Maraboli 27 天 前
C'mon now! Fabor does NOT deserve a title shot! Sick of these popularity contest title shots!
Angelo Maraboli
Angelo Maraboli 27 天 前
GDR does NOT and should NOT deserve a 145lbs title shot after being stripped for REFUSING TO DEFEND! What will happen if Cyborg wins her next fight in devastating fashion and earns a title shot (which she should've gotten the rematch she has been begging for)? How the fuck can Dana say she doesn't want it when she's constantly asking for it?
PeRuN the Riffmeister
Nothing's been given,it's alll earned! - Right, Ben? (@ 9:30)
Karen Sanders
Karen Sanders 27 天 前
Nate Diaz retired today
Ace A
Ace A 27 天 前
ending amazing WOW
josh colbert
josh colbert 27 天 前
Yo conor sounded legit 8 years old with a Mike Tyson lisp that last clip lmao.
Jenna Talia
Jenna Talia 27 天 前
he predicted 5 seconds.
Jenna Talia
Jenna Talia 27 天 前
Germaine the man who ran from me.
Renato Mazzella
Renato Mazzella 28 天 前
Cejudo to cooky talks to much ... he lost to Mighty Mouse...probably both times.. got lucky the 2nd time... he’s buy fa the least popular title holder
Camilla Kasper
Camilla Kasper 28 天 前
fuck masvidal
TheRamon81 28 天 前
GDR ducks Cyborg but wants to fight the lady that beat her? Ok...
Michael Pryor
Michael Pryor 26 天 前
Something about Cyborg's scarier
Phil Prevost
Phil Prevost 28 天 前
Cejudo should never use the word Cringe
Barfight2k 28 天 前
Khabib is a humble gentleman, no doubt. But he DID lose a round to McGregor
Barfight2k 27 天 前
@Jumal Sander That's may be true. Still, he has lost a round
Jumal Sander
Jumal Sander 27 天 前
well that realy wasnt a loss. Close round. Maybe u can score it to conor.. but 0 damage and he could easly won it if he wanted and had taken him down.
Barfight2k 28 天 前
CeDooDoo 😄
raheem pack
raheem pack 28 天 前
I don't think I'm a fan of Henry cejudo anymore, in only a matter of weeks he's becoming a intolerable, cocky little prick
David Kayanan
David Kayanan 28 天 前
Rob Mad
Rob Mad 28 天 前
Wtf was Ben trying to do? Flip Jorge over his head like WWE? 😂
B James
B James 29 天 前
Askren needed to be humbled. No pun
Joshua P.
Joshua P. 29 天 前
99 pounds?
Dawud Yelton
Dawud Yelton 29 天 前
ppl shouldn't get on ben; sucks, but sh*t happens...
All you do is get lit up Ben.
metatronatra 29 天 前
Corn. ROWED, Hank
Harry Morris
Harry Morris 29 天 前
Khabib just casually taking down DC 🤣🤣🤣 best ever
Johnny Speedy
Johnny Speedy 29 天 前
Damn Bisbing is a shit talker but I respect him for what he said about Faber!
Supergrover 29 天 前
Aspen Ladd was robbed!!!
ASM 29 天 前
Aaaaand the Florian Curse is back.
Julian Pineda
Julian Pineda 29 天 前
Cant stand cejudo...he needs to chill smh
William Rowan
William Rowan 29 天 前
Not a bad payday for Ben - $42,000 per second. He must be highest paid fighter 😂
Jenna Talia
Jenna Talia 27 天 前
but the job comes with a lot of headach
Edward Zertuche
Edward Zertuche 29 天 前
you get what you give. In this case it came back a flying knee world record knockout.
Marcus the Darkness
It's kind of annoying how this guy is still getting the attention he craves after trash talking and getting destroyed.
Daniel Brown
Daniel Brown 29 天 前
Anyone think Khabib will remain undefeated throughout his MMA life?
Ben Barry
Ben Barry 29 天 前
No Ben I’m not your fan I’m just a realist but I won the war with your fan boys 😂 9 months ago I said askren was a boring bum now you made lawler look 20 years younger & then the 5 second knockout & Jorge stating that you are a bum like I said well it was a close war with ben’s dick riders 😂😂😂 jk no wasn’t even close but you were right in the ufc I was gonna see what funky Ben can do lol 🤦🏼‍♂️ but remember I’m just a casual like all you Ben fan boys said I just got lucky with this prediction 🤔😋😊
Wild Bill HipHop
Wild Bill HipHop 个月 前
Even if Yugoslavia was still a country, I don’t get the reference. Why should Uriah go there to ask for a title shot?
Caroline Acosta
Caroline Acosta 个月 前
To 149 pounds ? Sounds like he wants nothing to do with the eagle .
Paul Tapio
Paul Tapio 个月 前
F herb, worst ref in mma history
Ric 个月 前
How freaking ironic, bu bye benny.
I’m a dog
I’m a dog 个月 前
Jorge is very likeable. Even when he turns around to flip the camera man off for making a scene about him being there lol
Darius Sim
Darius Sim 个月 前
Henry acting like a retard again 😂
Beantown Hooligan
Pass that all ready
The dreamer
The dreamer 个月 前
Faber doesn't deserve it.
Ricardo Ibarra
Ricardo Ibarra 个月 前
..the new level of cringe begins 5:25
Derek Soto
Derek Soto 个月 前
Lol 24 hours later that voice goes with the skits 😆
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