I used a HOT KNIFE to Sculpt FOAM! - Really Satisfying!!

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I got my giant foam blocks from C&R Industries in Melbourne: candrindustries.com.au/polystyrene/
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评论 7 560
TheUnknown Gamer
TheUnknown Gamer 6 个月 前
Jazza you are very bloody late to this trend
ItzDragonCW 6 小时 前
I’m very bloody late to this video
Midnight Kat
Midnight Kat 17 小时 前
TheUnknown Gamer and im more bloody late...
Black Blade
Black Blade 3 天 前
I see jazza is not use to having a plan or a vision of what he waits
Phuong Lu
Phuong Lu 4 天 前
bucky GrAmMer 100
Liyana Bari
Liyana Bari 4 天 前
Emilem he reads the replies?
Mélina Martin
Mélina Martin 5 小时 前
Oh God ! At the beggining of the video you started to talk and I thought "hey, that's looks like Art Attack ! He can definitely make a video like Neil the great artiste !" and YOU TALKED ABOUT ART ATTACK JUST AFTER THAT ! ♥
Andrei 7 小时 前
This hurt my teeth, all that screeching foam!!!
Yuan Manalo
Yuan Manalo 7 小时 前
10:56. What you were waiting for.
Andrew LaSalle
Andrew LaSalle 12 小时 前
I'm pretty sure most of will cause aluminum not Al Lou Mini yum
Leelin Murray
Leelin Murray 15 小时 前
Okay I was gonna watch this video until I heard what type of foam this was it hurts my ears but I don't want to watch it with no audio cause I won't understand anything but I think I watched this when it came out so I should've known
Pam Martin
Pam Martin 19 小时 前
They are dangerous but I love using them but it hurts like H***! when you get yourself!
William McCormick
William McCormick 22 小时 前
Jazza shouldn’t be trusted with 5:54
George mitchell amp
George mitchell amp 22 小时 前
jazza, You looked like a lumberjack when moving the foam along the knife. Anyone else notice this? Edit: also when he stacked the foam.
BrentWood007 23 小时 前
This is like reverse ASMR.
Dark Gamer
Dark Gamer 23 小时 前
Ya right very satisfying 😂
Kayla Swab
Kayla Swab 天 前
Corey Wilson
Corey Wilson 天 前
I'm sorry, but we still need hot knife to a fidget spinner haha
Jubbu Joy
Jubbu Joy 天 前
So sad to see this video man, I expected a well defined foam cutting. This turned out just okay.
꧁ Liv ꧂
꧁ Liv ꧂ 天 前
People like you are probably the reason he didn't make a part 2
Jake English
Jake English 天 前
Anyone know if he has made a video finalizing them yet?
Matteo Chiesurin
Did this for a school project, satisfying indeed! It also makes a really weird smell when heated up, a mix between plastic and honey, with a pinch of burnt P.S.: we worked without protections!
Droopedskates 0515
Probably says that in instruction manual Instruction manual: open in front of him
BabyBeach :P
BabyBeach :P 天 前
Does anyone know what this song is called? Can anyone help me?
Depression Is a B**ch.
Love jazza trying to say aluminum but not. It was hard for him to remember.lol
z_ Century
z_ Century 天 前
Why so much styrofoam?! This stuff hurts the environment and takes a really long time to decompose. When it does, it releases harmful chemicals into the air so thanks for making the planet upset
Bad Nightmare
Who else got chills every time he moved it
Morganna Cross
community demands part 2!!!!!!
Karolin Doge
Karolin Doge 2 天 前
Let’s dislike this video until there’s a part 2!
YoDoit Experiments
awesome video!
Hakdog 112522
Hakdog 112522 2 天 前
He kinda looks like Gordon Ramsay
Laila Pease
Laila Pease 2 天 前
Did he forget about this? Like where is the part two?!
CrimsonAlice 2 天 前
what on earth do you do with all these supplies and tools after you've used them for one video? lolol I'm dying to know
Isaac Ramirez
Isaac Ramirez 3 天 前
Am I the only one that can’t see this video without their teeth hurting!??
Daisy Perez
Daisy Perez 3 天 前
Kit: *has instruction DVD* Jazza: oh an instruction DVD! You know how I feel about those *yeets* Also Kit: *has spare DVD* Also Jazza: oh they came with a spare! Kit's spare DVD: *gets yeeted for existing*
Insanely Sane
Insanely Sane 3 天 前
asmr with jazza 6:30
Andrew Derochie
Andrew Derochie 3 天 前
What dose he do with all his art???
Ray Chee
Ray Chee 3 天 前
You read my mind about us Americans about aluminum haha
Shiloh Store
Shiloh Store 4 天 前
Did he ever finish these
Elias leavittski
Jazza: so cool!!! *slowly asphyxiates himself*
Layne Davies
Layne Davies 5 天 前
Jazza: im an adult People who have known the channel since it was made: are you sure about that?
Nora Devine
Nora Devine 5 天 前
Part twooooo????????? 6 months later?????? Soon????? Ish????
peridot ,
peridot , 5 天 前
i love polly styrene aka styrafoam
MrTipso Gaming
MrTipso Gaming 5 天 前
This is... ATTACK OF THE ART!!!
Sherlock Homes
Sherlock Homes 5 天 前
That like a lightsaber
Hi How ya doin ?
Is it not aluminum???? How do you say it? Is it spelled differently? Am I sTuPiD
Ashley Nicole
Ashley Nicole 6 天 前
Shiloh Store
Shiloh Store 4 天 前
Well that answers my question if he ever finished them
James Aaberg
James Aaberg 6 天 前
I did blacksmithing today and burned myself with a 2300 degree piece of steel. 🔥 🤚
im annoyed
im annoyed 6 天 前
Corvus Morve
Corvus Morve 6 天 前
Shouldn't you be doing this is a well ventilated area? I mean you are melting foam... 😂
breadstick 'n'dip
Jazza looks like a little kid playing with all his presents on Christmas 😁
Random Dude
Random Dude 7 天 前
Don't watch this video while eating a greenish-yellow banana if you hate the sound of styrofoam. You might accidentally bite your tongue really hard and bleed.
Noah Nobody
Noah Nobody 7 天 前
I remember cutting styrofoam with a hot knife and man those fumes are deadly
Free Free but paid.
Lindsay Tang
Lindsay Tang 7 天 前
Realizing that 10 y old me watched Art Attack, 20 y old me watches Jazza. Some things never change.
Makonamii 7 天 前
What's the song that starts at 10:03?
Milton Solorzano jr
You fake
Cheetos UwU
Cheetos UwU 8 天 前
OwO I want fwoam for my fuwsuit UwU
UNSEENreaper 8 天 前
We used foam blocks to create sets for a production I was in. One of them was similar to a hobbit hole. It was so fun to make, but really messy because we used expanding foam as I kind of cement. It worked well because you can have detailed price that was super lite. One major downside was it was brittle and delicate. We often had to repair and paint most of the pieces before every side and we had 32 of them.
Daniela Radu
Daniela Radu 9 天 前
No cap best video made by jazza loved the music and every thing
Elina 9 天 前
We are still waiting for part 2 🥺
Twila Major
Twila Major 9 天 前
Who else came to be satisfied.. And stayed for the cute hot mess of an English guy and his sweet jams? Me too...
ShReK_Playz 9 天 前
Roses are red, violets are blue, someone just liked my comment but why is it blue
josho ______
josho ______ 7 天 前
Blue and blue dont rhyme
a p
a p 10 天 前
Lol so he says Americans say allooooominum... Then he says prowjects... Accents and pronunciations are so confusing and annoying
C Moore
C Moore 10 天 前
Aren't most pencils a hexagon shape not an octagon?
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