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2019年01月 7日






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Sophia Song
Sophia Song 8 分钟 前
We can make it guys... Let's support this MULTI TALENTED IKON🙏🙏🙏😘😘❤❤❤👑👑👑👑
Nguyen Hamy
Nguyen Hamy 45 分钟 前
Adelia Golongi
Adelia Golongi 2 小时 前
Cielo Romero
Cielo Romero 2 小时 前
yesi amelia
yesi amelia 2 小时 前
namesns.com/m/entertainer/rank_list.html *ayo vote ikon😊
Ana Kim
Ana Kim 2 小时 前
Amal's world
Amal's world 3 小时 前
(DK) (Bobby) (Song) (jay) (june) (Chan) (B.I) : i Love ikon ❤️❤️😍💕🌹
MGTOW X 1000
MGTOW X 1000 5 小时 前
by the letter it has to be chosen song of the year
ArJoe heart
ArJoe heart 5 小时 前
one of the few real music in kpop
143 ILuvU
143 ILuvU 5 小时 前
I'm not OK, I'm Ryan. Hi
Pe Guz
Pe Guz 7 小时 前
#iKON es agradable tu música, realmente cautivan!
DA LE 7 小时 前
They will be International one day like BTS, stay blessed iKon you can all do better things in the future and who knows maybe you also be invited to the BBA✨ love the song soo much its always in my playlist❤
Ellie 8 小时 前
whenever i feel the overwhelming feeling of sadness and emptiness, i would always listen to this. because this song speaks everything that i can't put to words. i'm...glad that i finally found a song that i can listen to during my bad moments. i love iKON so much and i will continue to support them
YG LoVe 7 小时 前
Ellie 🙏♥️
R :/
R :/ 8 小时 前
Why this art have only 20m ?
YG LoVe 7 小时 前
R :/ like SERIOUSLY??? Why are they sleeping on this masterpiece?🙄
Δήμητρα Ακριτίδου
Δήμητρα Ακριτίδου
Oh Yeah yeah
Oh Yeah yeah 9 小时 前
im here because of the ikonic skin in fortnite
Gio Rodríguez
Gio Rodríguez 10 小时 前
I love Ikon his songs play my heart are great and more I'm ok to hear it is as if I heard my life in three minutes 😍😭😩
Drew-Claire Hundley
Drew-Claire Hundley 10 小时 前
Am I the only one that felt like crying?
YG LoVe 7 小时 前
Drew-Claire Hundley nope😭😭😭♥️
lilcentlilbarbie lilcent
to get this a lot of v3ws share it, str3m 60 times a day, it may be hard so str3m in the morning 20 times,aftemoon 20 times, night 20 times, also if you look up you see a three dot on the right corner of the video press it then go to feedback and write to CNvid to recommend this video or tell then how much you like the song, do this every time you str3m. we need to build our str3ming power(dont not wait for the gp to increase the viws for you) we need to be str3ming legends, iKON is at no. 12 of most str3med K-pop mv let's move higher
lily dust
lily dust 11 小时 前
lily dust
lily dust 11 小时 前
I became an iKONIcs because I'M OK, not Love Scenario and until this day, I don't understand why this melodious poem didn't receive the hype it deserves.
araesung ii
araesung ii 7 小时 前
Its ok both the songs are of iKON.. iKON for the win atlast
nghn nnnmn
nghn nnnmn 11 小时 前
gaynani jin
gaynani jin 12 小时 前
me listening to this song like 5 to10 times a day but I never get tired of it because this song is really something that is worth listening . The message though hit me so hard (Just broke up with my 5yrs relationship a month ago💔 but I'm Ok) .
Ceriel 509
Ceriel 509 12 小时 前
I got the samsun skin
lilcentlilbarbie lilcent
Ceriel 509 congrats
Truc Nguyen
Truc Nguyen 13 小时 前
Ajeng Ajah
Ajeng Ajah 13 小时 前
I'M OK 💕😘👍😍
Nguyen Hamy
Nguyen Hamy 15 小时 前
Marinette Dupain-Cheng
Ikon is more deserving than other overrated groups cuz they make their own songs and produce them too not like other groups
LaRue 15 小时 前
I'm not even part of their fandom but 2018 was such a strong year for them and now this track. If iKON keep releasing stuff that's this good I'll have no choice but to become a fan. Such a great song, especially the lyrics.
nim sethana
nim sethana 15 小时 前
teeny tiny lil kpop demon
I just love how depressing the melody/beat is, is that bad? 😂
lil pie
lil pie 16 小时 前
where the fuck i am
where the fuck i am 16 小时 前
Views doesnt bother me I love Underrated artist
lilcentlilbarbie lilcent
where the fuck i am WTF 😂
Mingma Sherpa
Mingma Sherpa 16 小时 前
Ikon deserve more 😭 please ikonic keep streaming lets make 50M at least at the end of this month. We can do this fighting❤
Ana Kim
Ana Kim 16 小时 前
__Hanbin Stan__
__Hanbin Stan__ 17 小时 前
Double B 🔥🔥🔥
ADYCK MP 17 小时 前
I'm ok 👌 i truly loved you
Ana Kim
Ana Kim 18 小时 前
Nour Eleuchi
Nour Eleuchi 19 小时 前
what's up with the people who do not see this AMAZING music video from Ikon ???? !!!!! They have earned far more than just 20 million. The lyrics, the choreography and the perfect lokation is just incredible and not just this music video of each other from Ikon too !!!!! I love them and support them. I hope you guys do it too❤️❤️🔥🔥
lilcentlilbarbie lilcent
Nour Eleuchi it's iKON
Eternity Blue
Eternity Blue 19 小时 前
The Beat is so sad with headphones
Maria Rodelaine
Maria Rodelaine 19 小时 前
Nyon gan
Nyon gan 19 小时 前
Blink here Love Ikon
Emi Kristina Harefa
Emi Kristina Harefa 20 小时 前
im not ok
Kim Hiên Nguyễn
Kim Hiên Nguyễn 20 小时 前
I love ikon
Poopy Pants
Poopy Pants 20 小时 前
Im gay
lilcentlilbarbie lilcent
Poopy Pants OK
DoramasAsia 21 小时 前
Queen of BTS EXO NCT IKON Happy new year
0:54 1:00 i love this part of yeunhyung he's attractive here he's sexy and handsome on this part :)))
Queen of BTS EXO NCT IKON Happy new year
김 한빈 오빠 사랑해 ♥ Ikon i love you ♥
ann crisel arceo
ann crisel arceo 22 小时 前
Cant we s t r e a m whenever we would like to listen some of their songs hmmm
dearhyunsuk 22 小时 前
the lyrics are so good
Patz J
Patz J 22 小时 前
Hanna 23 小时 前
ikon deserves more than 100m subscribers
AERI*Bunny*RodiN* 23 小时 前
m here for BOBBY.
Steivy Nayoan
Steivy Nayoan 23 小时 前
iBEAY 天 前
Truc Nguyen
Truc Nguyen 天 前
Karina Tiara
Karina Tiara 天 前
Im ok☺️☺️☺️
Karina Tiara
Karina Tiara 天 前
Par lebah2 kuu💕🐝🐝🐝
Karina Tiara
Karina Tiara 天 前
I love it💕💕💕
Karina Tiara
Karina Tiara 天 前
Nur Khairati
Nur Khairati 天 前
DK's voice is so beautifullll... love it so muchhh
Jinani Estrella
Nguyen Hamy
Nguyen Hamy 天 前
hy fin
hy fin 天 前
Go!!!! 100M
EXO-L TV 天 前
EXO-L is here to support IKON
Silver Star
Silver Star 天 前
2:44 "~Cool men don't look at explosions behind them~"
pin gu
pin gu 天 前
20M 🔓 25M 🔒 30M 🔒
Chris Yun
Chris Yun 天 前
Guys don't worry about the views, the fortnite sponsor will bring 12 year olds to this video.
stan dreamcatcher for good grades
Chris Yun lmao
hanbin omma
hanbin omma 天 前
good morning ikonics
Cole Jonas
Cole Jonas 20 小时 前
Good afternoon✌🏻♥️
Marianne Magallanes
I like ikon all songs/mv..im a fan now
lilcentlilbarbie lilcent
Marianne Magallanes watch iKON TV on their channel to get to know them better
Loriecka Watanabe
*30 Million? Who's with me?*
Tok Delas Boutique
my baby bobby
Novalinda Simarmata
My mood
btstxt armykpop
i love IKON soooooooooooooooooo muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch
memi hews
memi hews 4 小时 前
Thanks dear 😊
IsorxHD 天 前
Shin Hye
Shin Hye 天 前
Congratulations 👏😁😁
Aileen Padilla
Burak Firat
Burak Firat 天 前
Ikon Should popular like BTS , they deserv it
lilcentlilbarbie lilcent
Burak Firat bad promotion /management From their company
araesung ii
araesung ii 天 前
Let's make it happen💪
bobby tendaeyo
No matter how much the viewer is, iKON really don't mind that. They always hope for iKONICs for live well. Their love is really truthful :')
Ana Kim
Ana Kim 天 前
kim rnavy
kim rnavy 天 前
iKON - I'M OK 03.19 12:15AM KST: 20,134,883 03.20 12:15AM KST: 20,202,142 Today vi3ws: 67,259
Arlettuh Jones
This is too underrated
azli Joey
azli Joey 天 前
Nice lyrics.. vocal too superb, n mv shoot soo adore
Stan Astro Stan Talent
Here's an Aroha supporting Ikon cuz eunwoo loves Ikon
araesung ii
araesung ii 天 前
Thank you🙏🙏🙏
koo junhoe
koo junhoe 天 前
20M proud to be an iKONic💙💙
노래는 진짜 진짜 좋은데 뮤비가 거의 다 비슷한 건 기분 탓일까요 ㅜㅜ
h lê
h lê 天 前
Hello friends 😛 👇👋
Juliefe Monroy
Song of my life now.
K G 天 前
Kim Hanbin, stage name: B.I- Leader, Lead Rapper, Main Dancer 0:16 - 0:28 1:46 - 1:56 Kim Jinhwan, stage name: Jay- Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer 1:25 - 1:29 2:29 2:51 Song Yunhyeong, stage name: Song- Visual, Lead Vocalist 0:53 - 1:02 Kim Jiwon, stage name: BOBBY- Main Rapper, Face of the Group 0:31 - 0:52 2:25 Koo Junhoe, stage name: June- Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer 1:16 - 1:23 1:57 - 2:07 Kim Donghyuk, stage name: DK- Main Dancer, Vocalist 2:08 - 2:12 3:29 - 3:33 Jung Chanwoo, stage name: Chan- Maknae, Vocalist 1:03 - 1:12 3:11 New iKONICS? People interested in the members?
Emily Channel
what's the name of IKON's fandom?
iKON-nic kim YUMbin
it should be iKON and our fandom name is iKONICS/iKONIC
Heni Handini
Heni Handini 天 前
almona suryani
Abby Yang
Abby Yang 天 前
Not a kpop fan but, I stumbled upon ikon just now and I think I'm in love.
stan dreamcatcher for good grades
tysm 🙏
zen 天 前
To get to know iKON, watch any short guides on iKON including " an unhelpful guide to iKON" by ikonicseven Then iKON TV !! Find iKON TV playlist in iKON youtube channel. Fully subbed. Then , iKON's history before debut ;. - Who Is Next (2013) half of them were just 16 yrs old - Mix & Match (2014) - Show Me the Money S3 (2014)
zen 天 前
❤️❤️❤️ I suggest not to watch Who Is Next and Mix & Match right now. They're pre debut shows of them . Watch and explore iKON's work ; MVs, live performances. Also please have a a listen / watch their b- sides songs which are good. Just search " iKON ' name of song' lyrics " Start with these; Best Friend / Beautiful / Jerk / Hug Me / Don't Forget Me / Only You / Sinosijak / Freedom Also iKON's live; - iKON - Rhythm Ta remix DVD 2016 - iKON - Just Go - iKON at Fantastic Duo . They Collab with a famous rock band, Boohwal - iKON at Heroes of Remix performances.
Abby Yang
Abby Yang 天 前
kchibi gsama I'll definitely check it out!
kchibi gsama
kchibi gsama 天 前
Abby Yang All you need is that one song... hope you keep checking out iKON🙏🏼 I recommend watching iKON tv then WIN: Who Is Next and Mix & Match
Flower Suga
Flower Suga 天 前
Finaly 20 m😢 stream harder guys..fighting cute konic😍
SamJoon 天 前
This deserves waaay more vi3ws
Salwa Sindy
Salwa Sindy 天 前
Anyonghaseyo BI❤💙
FuryDaWolf 天 前
This ℓσνє ѕ¢єиαяισ is кιℓℓιиg мє but ι'м σк.
FuryDaWolf 22 小时 前
+stan dreamcatcher for good grades ;))
stan dreamcatcher for good grades
FuryDaWolf I see what u did there
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