Insane Childhood Punishments

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I have a tiger dad and ima share that experience. I gave him the hundred bucks so its a bribe, not an expose vid. Also I been sick so my voice sounds more like a granny smokin 5 packs a day than usual.
Also thanks to my bro for voicing the Popo in this vid
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Mary Duck
Mary Duck 6 小时 前
I thought it had a glow stick up it’s ass Tabbes 2019
Nichalas Sabin
Nichalas Sabin 8 小时 前
Anna Xheart
Anna Xheart 9 小时 前
I would be the exact same as tabbes if l got a father like that :(
Kathryn Plaisance
Kathryn Plaisance 15 小时 前
when i eat out of the noodle pot, my mother just gives me a death stare and tells me to lay off.
peepeepoopoo 天 前
Deadbeat dad beats up kids
Sol Animations
Guess people sometimes forget that we see this as normal we just adapt and move on
jungeun's gf #STANLOOΠΔ
People of color be going through shit with their parents bruh 😔
jungeun's gf #STANLOOΠΔ
Yeah ur dad has major issues dude........ he's worse that my grandmother and she's african american and she's maddd strict ☠️
Can Of Baked Beans
Cringe Comp
Cringe Comp 2 天 前
Your dad had the Iconic anime childhood
Basically Sans but not really
Ok pussy. Im a wisconsin boi 0 degrees was summer weather. Worst ive experienced -30
NavGaming_ L
NavGaming_ L 2 天 前
Jolie K
Jolie K 3 天 前
Ok but seriously, she has had a very hard life. I feel really bad for her, but i'm slightly relieved to see that she is making videos and can joke around a little. But I hope everything is ok now
Alexis Cubita
Alexis Cubita 3 天 前
Soooooo her dad destroyed all her electronics that ment that her pretty musch destroyed all his money.
Laura Bem
Laura Bem 3 天 前
Luna Dugas
Luna Dugas 3 天 前
If he did not brake those lettranicks he could have bought a fricken lambergene
Redloon VEVO
Redloon VEVO 3 天 前
Why does this video have no Braille subtitles Blind people can't watch this video. Smh
The Emerald Gamer
was your dad arrested for abuse?
Unspeakable Formly
ɪꜰ ɪ ᴡᴇʀᴇ ʜɪꜱ ᴋɪᴅ ɪ ᴡᴏᴜʟᴅ ʜᴀᴠᴇ ʙᴇᴇɴ ᴄᴀʟʟᴇᴅ ᴄᴘꜱ, ᴘᴏʟɪᴄᴇ, ꜰʙɪ, ᴇᴠᴇʀʏʙᴏᴅʏ!
Comrade Stalin
Comrade Stalin 4 天 前
I'm sorry but this is a case of abuse
I dont even remember
Why Is that demon man not in prison
Jared Chua
Jared Chua 5 天 前
You should have fake fainted
Emakay_YT roblox
Also its impossible to walk in -50°C sooo he would be dead
T3ch Man
T3ch Man 6 天 前
You should call 911 on him as a kid
Deven Allmonds
Deven Allmonds 6 天 前
Φώτης Γεωργέλλης
That is child abuse
johns edits
johns edits 6 天 前
But that is a fucking villian
M-my yugioh cards
Just Another GachaTuber :P
Ashling McCarthy
Bro you claim to be a boomer but I got a super smart Asian friend called Sophie. Her mum also makes her run around a park everyday. But her mum forced her to do maths every night with her mum. Now Sophie is probably the smartest person I know but her mum thinks she’s an idiot and calls her the dumbest of her four children and therefore her mum bought a spatula specifically for Sophie so she could hit Sophie til Lahr got a nose bleed. She gets beaten regularly for not getting questions right. Her mum calls her ugly, fat and stupid repeatedly and won’t buy Sophie glasses cuz she thinks Sophie’s sight will become week if her glasses are updated. Once Sophie’s nail fell off in PE and she was scared to tell her mum but when her mum eventually found out, her mum called her tipis for letting her nail fall off and then gave out to her for complaining about it when Sophie WAS TRYING TO HIDE IT FROM HER. I’ve debated calling like welfare and stuff but Sophie says she loves her mum and thinks her mum is only doing this to make her a better person or something. Sophie’s mum is also into rly weird like voo-doo stuff. Her mum bought the spatula cuz she complained her hand was getting sore. Sophie has her mum tells her to stop pretending to cry every time she cries. Her mum also doesn’t let her out of the house to see us. Her mum seems to have extreme anger issues and yeah I try to avoid listening to Sophie’s stories cuz they make me sad but no doubt there’s like a lot
Xing Chunhua
Xing Chunhua 7 天 前
(My dad is Asian) I was up at like 12 AM and I was being loud with my little brother, and my dad deadass busted open the door with a long ass bamboo stick and hit me- I only got hit 😒 my brother hid under the bed
Chandler Cain
Chandler Cain 7 天 前
Chandler Cain
Chandler Cain 7 天 前
That is that black fok talk I'm black too so you know
Infinite gamer
Infinite gamer 7 天 前
If I were u I would kicked his a** so hard he would’ve flied to the mother freakin moon
AnthonyKusanagi 7 天 前
Need some Yugioh cards lol
Qunn 101
Qunn 101 8 天 前
To anyone wondering, Emotional abuse is a thing. If your parents/parent yell(s) at you and makes you feel like shit, or yells about nothing and basically worsens your mental state, only to apologize later and do the same thing the next day, it's emotional abuse. Or if someone yells and makes you feel horrible, only to say they'll hurt themselves or you to keep you from leaving, that's emotional blackmail. Talk to someone. Report it. It's never okay.
Mai Xiong
Mai Xiong 8 天 前
; ♡
Kiwiattack966 _
Kiwiattack966 _ 8 天 前
Shining meme
Boris Bilic
Boris Bilic 8 天 前
Tabbes cards: how could this happen to me
code906 8 天 前
Lmao and I thought my dad was the only one who tried to cut his own kid's hand off. Guess all Asian parents are somewhat similar
Spookaj 9 天 前
2:50 Ok Boomer
Noodles the rainbow bunny 2.O
You hav yugio card oof I spell roung I HAVE POKÉMON BICH you ee I spell roung because funny
GamingBeastYT 9 天 前
Frozen princess
Jose Canda
Jose Canda 9 天 前
Is like you went to a military training the park punishment
Meme Monster
Meme Monster 9 天 前
Bruh my mom took my phone Beat that
BTS Trasheu
BTS Trasheu 9 天 前
I remember my punishment were hitting me with a belt or a slipper 😂 But I don't find it too bad, cause it wasn't often and I did do a lot of bad stuff when I was like six cuz of my bad friend choice so it was fair in my opinion and I never did it again. Rn I'm 16 tho, but it doesn't happen often anymore, sometimes a slipper still comes through tho 😂😂🙌
mamidulugo 7 天 前
no dude, that's still abuse. like comin from someone who's raised kids and put a lot of time into learning how kids develop, that fucks you up. it's not normal and it's not okay. no kid ever 'deserves' to be hit with a belt. it ain't even legal to beat adults who mess up - beating your kids for acting like kids is bad parenting, pure and simple.
Senior Pug
Senior Pug 9 天 前
Gurl that blizzard is nothing to us canadiens y’all know nothing of the cold
InferiorCrab 9 天 前
10:14 tabbes=sans
Ana Maria Tabotabo
John Perez
John Perez 9 天 前
how come she kinda looks like stewie griffin in the beginning
adven trio
adven trio 10 天 前
I new she was a anime fan she said "I'm gonna go ultra intinked also know as miggate no gokui
Javi Fernandez
Javi Fernandez 10 天 前
At 3:22 I died bro
Michelle W
Michelle W 10 天 前
Everyone says this like it's the end of the world, but this is pretty common with my Asian household as well. I'm a single child, so I didn't have someone to go through this with me but honestly, I was so fed up with my dad that I started fighting him and rebelling and he's calmed down a bit more.
Nawas Naz
Nawas Naz 10 天 前
Ok boomer
Vanessa the nice
Vanessa the nice 10 天 前
Am I the only one who read the description and realized that the voice of the FBI was her brother?
k a y.
k a y. 10 天 前
my dad did the same threat of cutting my fingers ;-;
Gacha Dragon
Gacha Dragon 10 天 前
*ok boomer*
The Orangemonkey
The Orangemonkey 10 天 前
Did anyone else see “smoking is bad 4 u “ when tabbes smoked No just me ok:(
Dylan Thomas
Dylan Thomas 8 天 前
I did
jamesryan099 11 天 前
my father would beat me for seemingly no reason, he would use anything he could get his hands on and he is into bdsm...you can imagine the shit I had to deal with...whips, paddles and every thing in between. that was a long time ago and I still hate him for it.
Cordell Mann
Cordell Mann 11 天 前
So he spanked you with air
Puppy Lover
Puppy Lover 11 天 前
I’m Mexican I only got spanked once with the belt.I cried myself to sleep that night
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