Inside The Mind of Jake Paul

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The Mind of Jake Paul is an in depth look at one of the fasted growing CNvidr’s of all time. From his childhood, to his teenage years, to his days of jumping on top of news vans and lighting empty swimming pools on fire; everything will be explored to find out what makes Jake Paul who he is.
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Tayzia Vargas
Tayzia Vargas 50 分钟 前
katherim 50 分钟 前
watches all the ads because shane deserves it*
krisnicole 50 分钟 前
Alyssa is terrible for doing that and Logan is an even bigger trash person for doing that to his brother. I can understand how Alyssa would get mad since Jake wasn’t really committing to her and I can see how she might lash out like that. She said people were slut shaming her, but she did sleep with two brothers and it is kind of gross. I think If anyone is sleeping around it is all gross no matter if it’s a guy or a girl.
moemen arfaoui
moemen arfaoui 50 分钟 前
in the mind of shane
Marvalous Metanoia
Marvalous Metanoia 50 分钟 前
#1 on trending👏👍😊.
Jocelyn Eva Seagreen
Jocelyn Eva Seagreen 50 分钟 前
I don't think Jake knows how to see stuff from other people's point of view. He's not very empathetic. He's got a lot of maturing to do.
Hiba Iqubal
Hiba Iqubal 50 分钟 前
I am a Jake Pauler now
unicornlover333 50 分钟 前
I loved this series and i cant believe its over these are honestly the best 8 videos on youtube rn i cant wait to see what shane does next :)
orlandy101 50 分钟 前
I can't believe Shane has had me watching a movie length finale about a person i initially despised, and now just feel sorry for . Shane has changed the game and used CNvid for his full potential.
Tom Syco
Tom Syco 50 分钟 前
What’s the name of the outro song?
Emma Kapotes
Emma Kapotes 51 分钟 前
I’m Not crying you’re crying.
X Avier
X Avier 51 分钟 前
Love Shane, can't stand Jake, Logan or anyone involved with them
Just call me Hunny
Just call me Hunny 51 分钟 前
So is CNvid supposed to be all of a sudden proper and cookie cutter type? I’m so confused.... I think coming from Shane it’s understandable but not everyone thinks like this and I’m a 30 year old female and some exciting content is entertaining and yes there are some things that could change but NOT everything to where it’s just like blah and boring. Just like Shane has his theory videos and mind fucking everyone is a bit much but nobody says anyyhing
Cristina Tudose
Cristina Tudose 51 分钟 前
An hour of Shane content? Yes sis.
Jazzlyn Yeagle
Jazzlyn Yeagle 51 分钟 前
Shane you did amazing on the whole series.
Ramy Badawy
Ramy Badawy 51 分钟 前
This is amazing
catarina devitt
catarina devitt 51 分钟 前
thank you, shane!!!!! sending so much love to you, congrats on another amazing series xx
Attila Zsido
Attila Zsido 51 分钟 前
Take a shot everytime Jake says: like
Jessica S
Jessica S 51 分钟 前
Erika is so hot 🔥
namjoonbaby 51 分钟 前
What we’re not gonna do is act like cracker is a racial slur, the word that Jake said after that is actually a racial slur, so he can save his white tears for someone else. Racists and abusers deserve no sympathy, how you reacted to Alissa’s story verses how you acted towards Jake is disgusting . Stop giving these people platforms. The problem is you people don’t have minds of your own and fall for this victim shit and Shane does a great job of painting this people as victims.
leigh_is_emø_trash 51 分钟 前
I'm very sorry but... pause at 15:40
Miceala O'Donovan
Miceala O'Donovan 51 分钟 前
Jake can’t have it both ways. Alissa claims she would ask him repeatedly about their relationship status so he was aware that she was in love with him. To then flaunt loads of different women in front of her, in her own home, shows a severe lack of empathy and sends the message that they’re nothing more than fuck buddies. She didn’t owe him any loyalty or consideration whatsoever. His defense for the merch peddling was weak too. I liked Shane’s series about meeting his Dad because that was real and heartfelt. This one feels way over dramatized and padded out, and what the hell was with his fake little emotional breakdown? His strange inauthenticity during emotional moments makes me wonder who’s the real sociopath here.
Makeup Sing Drawing
Makeup Sing Drawing 51 分钟 前
Can someone count how many times he has said 'like' in the video, but on a serious note being cheated on fucking sucks ass
Introvert22113 51 分钟 前
This was amazing. You and Andrew really make a great team. I cant wait to see what you bring to us next shane.
Ezekiel Matthews
Ezekiel Matthews 51 分钟 前
wait did we ever find out why the mums videos are the way they are? im so confused and i must of missed something
Mcfunion :3
Mcfunion :3 51 分钟 前
I never thought it would be Jake Paul and Shane Dawson teaching me life lessons. Over all, this series has been a huge eye opener for me not only about who I am, but about the world around me. From the moment we're born, we're inclined to judge people based on who we THINK they are, rather than who they actually are. I can admit that I used to hate Jake, I thought he was loud, rude and disrespectful. But after watching this series, I've come to realize that he is truly no better than anyone else in this world. Everyone always says, "Don't judge, it's wrong." but I know that a lot of us, including myself, have judged others without really knowing their story. A lot of people don't want to give Jake this redemption arc, they don't think he should be forgiven. I think that the things he has done in the past were wrong. There is no excuse for the behavior he has shown. However, now we all know why he is the way he is. You don't have to subscribe to him and watch his videos after this series because you feel bad for him. I probably won't, but just taking a step back and looking at how we all judged him before we knew him, is a step in the right direction. 2018 has been a year themed around growing and experiencing new things, developing your character. This series can be another life lesson, helping all of us who are watching to grow. Look at yourself, look at how you judge people. I'll do the same. Maybe after we all take the time to learn more about each other, we'd stop judging others so harshly. Thank you for this series Shane, Andrew and Jake. It's been incredible and I like many others will not forget it in the years to come.
Jade Riker
Jade Riker 51 分钟 前
Does anybody know what the song at the end is called and who it’s by ? I weirdly like it
Mr. Mark
Mr. Mark 51 分钟 前
This is a really well-made series, but, I’ll be lying if I said Jake’s hairline didn’t steal the spotlight for a few seconds. No hate. haha
Tyler Edwards
Tyler Edwards 51 分钟 前
Omg I need more! What Shane is going to do next?!
Graysun Chisholm
Graysun Chisholm 51 分钟 前
This is the best thing I’ve ever seen!!! So proud of you Shane and Andrew!!!
Anneli Pietersen
Anneli Pietersen 51 分钟 前
5 minutes into the interview Jake admitted that his videos are fake. He really went into this with complete honesty
zhazha Pentecostes
zhazha Pentecostes 51 分钟 前
Im a teacher, and I cringed over everything jake says about teachers, but hey we are so used to kids painting a bad picture of us just to justify them hating school so bad when in fact its not just all us that makes them hate school...anyway I really appreciate it shane making jake realize that he's being unfair..anyway I think I like jake...I feel him, I understand him..I didnt even hated him in his videos because I know he's just doing it for views ..I like him even more because of this series..but I still wouldnt watch his videos..congratulations shane..I literraly binge watch your videos every night...im sad that this series has to edn tho..😢
Tarsi Festo
Tarsi Festo 51 分钟 前
this video ahould be thrown on the garbage.
Iniobong Idaraesit
Iniobong Idaraesit 51 分钟 前
no. 1 on trending? we stan.
Dizzy Dezii's Content
Dizzy Dezii's Content 51 分钟 前
this was honestly amazing Shane...
Daisy Miller
Daisy Miller 51 分钟 前
First time I watched an 100 min long interview,
Coco y Nii
Coco y Nii 51 分钟 前
Shane is the only one on CNvid who can keep things real about people. Thanks💓 #love.inparis21
Ananya Sahay
Ananya Sahay 51 分钟 前
Was that pregnant friend colleen
Robyn's World
Robyn's World 51 分钟 前
When Jake was talking about how Ericka had to teach him how to love, he got tearing. He really appreciate Ericka in life bc if he didn’t have her he would’ve not know what Love is and is it Real.
. 51 分钟 前
1:02:00 Shane needs to stop over reacting like cmon
Alannah Chamberlin
Alannah Chamberlin 51 分钟 前
Great series Shane. You are a true artist
Art Things
Art Things 51 分钟 前
I know people believe they don’t have a purpose on this earth but this is definitely Shane’s purpose here ❤️ this has definitely and finally opened people’s eyes and probably will fix future situations like this because the series gives people a better understanding of others that we are all human, all going through something, and that we all have a reason and a side to their story ❤️
Anne-Sofie Pørksen
Anne-Sofie Pørksen 51 分钟 前
Lol why does no one point out that this is not sociopathy this is classic ADHD
Joanne Mai
Joanne Mai 52 分钟 前
I feel really bad for him and what he went through
Casey Rolfes
Casey Rolfes 52 分钟 前
Omg Shane! You did SOOO good on this whole series... I was on the side against Jake at first but was open for change and after seeing this series, I get him... wouldn't call me a fan of his old content but I will say he's not a bad guy... GO SHANE!!!!
Steinunn Atladottir
Steinunn Atladottir 52 分钟 前
I Love u so so so so so much and ur vids are amazing and everything u do for ur fans like staying up for 30 hours just for the video is just awesome, ur such an inspirational CNvidr keep up the good work love u❤️😊😍😘🐖🐷🐽
N00b Mace
N00b Mace 52 分钟 前
Do Shane, switch shirts?
mason derulo
mason derulo 52 分钟 前
You can’t justify bullying as “locker room talk” or your comedy. “Bros being bros” seriously??? Be better than that. You’re an influencer too millions of people with a heavy following as children. You’re telling children that look up to you that it’s okay to joke like that. I know he explained that it came from his childhood but he did not seem like he thought it was wrong or seem apologetic. I don’t ever want to see him joke like that again.
Vanshika Malani
Vanshika Malani 52 分钟 前
I wish youtube had a heart button so I could give this series more than a like ❤
Destiny Girl
Destiny Girl 52 分钟 前
I'm honestly super proud of Shane and what he has done so far. I'm glad i found him in the first place, I thank him for everything he has done, we truly did deserve the truth and Shane is the reason that we know now the truth. Keep it up Shane :)
Dianna Ward
Dianna Ward 52 分钟 前
Shane is amazing ❤️ I cannot believe how good this series is... never thought I would see this side of Jake Paul. I wonder if Shane ever changes his shirt? 🤔🤔 lmao He’s the best on CNvid though.
Iva J
Iva J 52 分钟 前
When does new Conspiracy Theories are coming out?🐷
Farahin Nuzihan
Farahin Nuzihan 52 分钟 前
Amende sia duration series sampai 1jam 45min. Mcm tengok movie dah aku
BlueFireJack 52 分钟 前
I’ll do the captions for you
Becca 52 分钟 前
Its so weird how in the start we all thought Logan was the good guy and Jake was the asshole and now it’s the complete opposite..
Fortnite Sucks
Fortnite Sucks 52 分钟 前
Wild Nasti.
Wild Nasti. 52 分钟 前
"So it's just me and you..." *Andrew is still there*
michael lewis
michael lewis 52 分钟 前
You need to do another documentary.. for instance, Lil Tay and how she is handling 5th grade
nathalia alfaro
nathalia alfaro 52 分钟 前
Dmitry Lightwood
Dmitry Lightwood 52 分钟 前
Shane has been wearing the same shirt for last 4 months. (Since TanaCon vid) we love a *fashionable queen*
Sofia Tassinari
Sofia Tassinari 52 分钟 前
Am I the only one who noticed that Jake says “like” sooooo many times in just one sentence
Charlotte Audet
Charlotte Audet 52 分钟 前
This series was amazing well done Shane!
Christie puckett
Christie puckett 52 分钟 前
The clip of mom about the commencement was pretty cruel. Honestly made me feel bad for him.
Annabel Strootman
Annabel Strootman 52 分钟 前
Shane has come so far and I love him sm
mariaphoebe lempesi
mariaphoebe lempesi 52 分钟 前
Trending one in Greece!! I am so proud of you
Leah Giess
Leah Giess 52 分钟 前
Liz M
Liz M 52 分钟 前
I love this so much but I wanted Jake to talk about nick and I wanted them to be friends
El Periódico Nintendero
I almost cried... 😭
Kay marie
Kay marie 52 分钟 前
I dont know why its 10K down. I mean everyone knows that shane and jake were just gonna sit down and talk . I feel the reason for the hate is because its not all videos flying past ect. i like the way shane mixes it up
Yo El
Yo El 53 分钟 前
I think Jake lived his whole life in the shadow of his brother and he wanted to known as Jake Paul not the younger brother of Logan Thats maybe why he doing all the crazy stuff. But i think hes really a caring person and love the people around him
Aubreigh Moses
Aubreigh Moses 53 分钟 前
What’s the song he played at the end called?
Aadya 53 分钟 前
I need the conspiracy vids after this tho.
amina h
amina h 53 分钟 前
take a shot everytime jake says like
Tybetts 53 分钟 前
HOT TAKE🔥- the “body” Logan Paul found in the suicide forrest video was FAKE. BOOM
Gen Osis
Gen Osis 53 分钟 前
This explains a lot it really does, me I hated jake Paul but hearing his side and seeing his point of view makes me feel sorry for him.
Huy Nguyễn
Huy Nguyễn 53 分钟 前
Cc 53 分钟 前
Does anyone know where the song at 49:00 minutes is from. Because it reminds me of something.
Katrinkaas 53 分钟 前
Like.... like um.. teach like like its been alot like that like.. um like
KhaliD Am
KhaliD Am 53 分钟 前
Ellen 53 分钟 前
I'm thinking Jake is the most normal person in his family. And he needs to distance himself from his family, especially his father.
Typical Samara
Typical Samara 53 分钟 前
Takeaway from this is logan is a piece of shit
Lindsey Reid
Lindsey Reid 53 分钟 前
Jake looks so upset. I never really cared about or knew much about him before this series cause I don’t pay attention to shit like that. But I genuinely feel so bad for him, he’s really hurting and he’s scared to confront it.
Diego Is
Diego Is 53 分钟 前
I’m slowly losing Brain Cells every time someone says “ LIKE “
Taylor G
Taylor G 53 分钟 前
Take a shot every time jake says “like” 😂😂😂
Becky Jensen
Becky Jensen 54 分钟 前
If anyone is a sociopath, it’s Logan. As if we didn’t already know that. 🙄 He literally gives no fucks.. about anything. Not even his own family. Did people honestly call him the normal brother? Uhhhhh... no. I legit have not seen him act like a normal caring human being, ever.
El Rafiki
El Rafiki 54 分钟 前
Soo. Shane. Jeffrey. Lo and jake. Anyone else I should put on my hit man list. Keep naming them. I’ll fucken do it
Madigan Hoffman
Madigan Hoffman 54 分钟 前
The most well-placed ads on a video I have EVER SEEN.
Yes Qween
Yes Qween 54 分钟 前
See I think Jake is just emotionally stunted while Logan is truly a sociopath
Sophia Viguier
Sophia Viguier 54 分钟 前
Although I find this interesting, the reality is we still make choices. I have plenty of friends from messed up backgrounds who aren’t like this.... 😒 The fact that he thinks that having a clean image will take the fun out of things just shows his immaturity. Kind is classy and leadership begins with service. My kids will never be allowed to watch his content except as an example of someone who is desperate to find fulfillment in life but is never able to obtain it through shallow things. 🤷‍♀️
Sal St. Reaper
Sal St. Reaper 54 分钟 前
29:40 It's true really. Up until the beginning of this year, I stopped hating Jake and his brother...just because of hypocritical society. I hate the mob...no sheep mentality it has.
Salomé Oliver Machí
Salomé Oliver Machí 54 分钟 前
You deserve a award, the best fucking series of all time. I'm sad it's over :(
Adrian Amaya
Adrian Amaya 54 分钟 前
The first time jack not plugging his merchandise
Bobble Smith
Bobble Smith 54 分钟 前
This series was amazing I’m crying 😢
annarusborg 54 分钟 前
okay but am i the only one who is so tired of hearing 'like' every two seconds?
Miriam Lopez
Miriam Lopez 54 分钟 前
Well done Shane!
Sydnee Dysart
Sydnee Dysart 54 分钟 前
Wow #1 on trending! YAY!
Jordy 54
Jordy 54 54 分钟 前
Fantastic series don’t think you’re getting the respect you deserve much love and enjoy your break
Lisa Madison
Lisa Madison 54 分钟 前
Thank you Shane and Andrew for spoiling us with this incredible series. We are so appreciative of you and your hard work ❤️
Amanda Spates
Amanda Spates 54 分钟 前
What song is at the end??
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