Instant classic: Duke survives UCF's upset bid (extended highlights)

NCAA March Madness
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Duke survives UCF in an instant classic! Watch the Blue Devils advance to the Sweet 16 in 12 minutes.
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Martin Mendoza
Martin Mendoza 4 天 前
Jayden Pagano
Jayden Pagano 13 天 前
Taco Fall = strong Manute Bol
Erick Lopez
Erick Lopez 19 天 前
DeLaurier is the real MVP of the game
Bob Sapp
Bob Sapp 21 天 前
Why would anyone name their kid Tacko?
Sime'on Manzac11
Sime'on Manzac11 22 天 前
5 out of 5 Stars
trumpetjoe40 23 天 前
Good lord, Duke makes a shot and its "my GOD...holy Toledo...unreal talent here... woo hoo hooo!!!!!"!""""!"!"!""!"!"""!":!"!"!""!"!"!"! Almost like they favored Duke...I know shocking right.
Do the refs not call traveling anymore?
vell chap
vell chap 24 天 前
Best college game I seen in a long time
Randy Martinez
Randy Martinez 25 天 前
This was the best game of the tournament so far
3721 Pesos
3721 Pesos 26 天 前
As a duke fan who was at this game I feel bad for ucf they really played hard asf but this was probably the best game I’ve ever seen in person.
DaMeshMonster 26 天 前
If that Tacko player had some serious game. Duke would have been done
Ryan Ortega
Ryan Ortega 26 天 前
Well, I’m no professional, but Yikes!
Mike Fortune
Mike Fortune 27 天 前
RJ Barret would have never gotten that rebound if Tacko Fall was in during the game.
J 27 天 前
As a UCF fan I'm still absolutely crushed we lost, I feel like we had that game and Duke got very lucky that tip in didnt go in. That being said, hats off to Duke and Coach K for an amazing game and best of luck in the rest of the tournament. To all the seniors, thank you for everything you've done, UCF would not be where it is today without you. Looks like the future is bright for UCF basketball, we'll see Duke again next year.
renragged 27 天 前
What a game...
Wtf isgoingon
Wtf isgoingon 27 天 前
dawkins was killing us!
Michael - Topic
Michael - Topic 27 天 前
Dawkins should’ve took the last shot
Tony Chiti
Tony Chiti 27 天 前
Anybody else wanna know where the basketball went after it got thrown at the end
Randy Martinez
Randy Martinez 27 天 前
This is what I call a close game
Zion clinched the #1 pick with that And-1 thats a grown man child
Lawless Last Name
Imagine Zion posterizes Tacko
Bun-Reth Sak
Bun-Reth Sak 28 天 前
Even watching the highlights Anxiety attack!!!!
Kevian Price
Kevian Price 28 天 前
Aubrey can play in the NBA..Im a fan💯💯💯Go Devils tho
Detective Pikachu Gamer
Taco Bell! go Duke
cill cilly
cill cilly 28 天 前
Sub to pewdiepie! ! ! ! ! !
Raptors Nation
Raptors Nation 28 天 前
bruh Dawkins is splash, that kid can play.🔥🔥💯
Gamer 564
Gamer 564 28 天 前
UCF deserve to win that game.
Balla The Feared
Balla The Feared 28 天 前
So Zion missed the key free thrown and failed to secure rebound with the game on the line? Another not Jordan.
AD_the _King
AD_the _King 28 天 前
Rj Barrett>Jr Smith
derekrodgers81 28 天 前
People talking about Cam playing good and not getting credit what. If he was so good they wouldn't have close games his shot aint that good and he charge almost ever time he drive the ball. He should be a second round pick if any.
Danny Hernandez
Danny Hernandez 28 天 前
Tacko would have dunked that last shot back in rather than it being rolled in and out. Duke got lucky.
WQ7G1v0mS8 28 天 前
sv9yWh5n3Pa 28 天 前
nice :)
John Smith
John Smith 28 天 前
Bad officiating. Call it both ways. Both teams played their hearts out.
梁浩宇 28 天 前
Jon Davis
Jon Davis 28 天 前
The best way I can describe this dude he’s just very stiff and soft. This guy giant taco
Jon Davis
Jon Davis 28 天 前
Taco has zero dog in him in my opinion
Tyler Winningham
Tyler Winningham 28 天 前
Why dude look like he off Forrest Gump. Bubba in the thumbnail
RJG 71
RJG 71 28 天 前
For a fraction of a second I thought UCF had the game won with the rebound and shot off the missed layup. I was about to start impersonating Howard Cosell: "Down goes Duke! Down goes Duke!" Duke going down in the tournament always makes my day. Heartbreaking way to go down, missing two shots from point blank range.
Niketo Edgecombe
Niketo Edgecombe 28 天 前
ufc had so many chances to win bruh.....
Kartkid024 28 天 前
That missed alley-oop followed by the Duke 3 Pointer was just crushing.
Rob D
Rob D 28 天 前
ucf what a game ... should have one better team
Flash 28 天 前
Wish CFU won. Seems like Zion gets away with some offensive fouls during this game, while CFU was called. Just a couple of times, but in the end it matters. I am not even a CFU grad. Big game - good for Duke the held on. Sure would have liked Dawson’s last rim roller to roll in. Even Coach K said, “They deserve to win.”
Muhammad Amjad
Muhammad Amjad 28 天 前
I hate duke
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If duke barely survived this then how do you think they will beat gonzaga
Lemon 27 天 前
Gonzaga doesn't have a 7'6" center...
sean 28 天 前
Who watch this garbage in 2019?
King Nigel Hinds
King Nigel Hinds 28 天 前
Duke should have lost
Default Name
Default Name 28 天 前
Refs saved Duke at the end
Default Name
Default Name 28 天 前
Kartkid024 now I watched it maybe 5 or 6 times. Refs did better than I thought. I missed Tacko leaning in, and guy who got the put back didn't seem to foul. Looking on my phone so it is easy to miss details.
Default Name
Default Name 28 天 前
Kartkid024 I changed my mind on the foul, tall guy was moving his feet and leaned in. On free throw was not a push using hands, more just muscled using the body, but really moving the guy 3 or 4 feet, not the shooter , other side of the lane is most obvious.
Kartkid024 28 天 前
I think the call on Zion came from the arm reaching across. If he keeps his hands straight up then I could see that. The part a thought should have been called was Zion lowering the shoulder through the first guy. I don't see anyone push on the free throw though. Honestly what caused UCF to lose was their missed chances. The big one was the missed Alley-oop that resulted in a 3 pointer the other direction. Huge momentum shift.
Default Name
Default Name 28 天 前
Kartkid024 Refs allowed Duke to push UCF players in the back on the free throw rebound.
Kartkid024 28 天 前
How so?
Thuy Taylor - Subscribe For X-X-X
Who almost got their bracket busted lol I had duke moving past them in my bracket, but now I feel bad for UCF. They should've won. Imagine if RJ pulled a JR smith at the end😂😂😂 Dawkins dude played an incredible game. I hope he gets drafted to the right team Seahawks should of ran the ball.
Shamanistical1 28 天 前
Lazy Fingers
Lazy Fingers 29 天 前
Does anybody sees some "Rainman" in Zion ?
Zachary Miles
Zachary Miles 29 天 前
Go knights
Spoon Spork
Spoon Spork 29 天 前
Zion didn't miss the free throw. He was just thinking 10 steps ahead.
Mike Mena
Mike Mena 29 天 前
Instant classic indeed
Cartichoke 29 天 前
Check out my Top Performer vid from the first two rounds.
iODiNeTM 29 天 前
I never seen the ball come back down at the end
Seop Life
Seop Life 29 天 前
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Ahmed Alzkrah
Ahmed Alzkrah 29 天 前
So this isn't soccer
It’s yu boi kobester 44
Some how James Harden got 2 free throws
Stevenowski 29 天 前
Tacko got his bell rung!
Randy 29 天 前
Duke is overrated as usual!
arjun 29 天 前
1:06 is that a charge
G. Bruce
G. Bruce 29 天 前
he had a cutting man all he had to do was slo down it ws still time left🤦🏾‍♂️
Necessary Evil
Necessary Evil 29 天 前
since when were they just allowed to elbow the heck out of someone knocking them down, then barely get grazed while shooting and yet the graze was a foul while the other wasn't? UCF got robbed here big time. But ofc the refs can't let Duke lose after all....smh this is some BS and i could careless about either team
Bryan Duran
Bryan Duran 29 天 前
#5 look like bubba from F. Gump on the thumbnail.
MasonTooLitOffical Bryant
I’m a duke fan but ucf is raw
Black Mamba
Black Mamba 29 天 前
Great game UCF
Zachy Dachy
Zachy Dachy 29 天 前
Hoped you guys have a great day I also post videos
The Daily Rage
The Daily Rage 29 天 前
Yo guys help I need a rap name
dvfan 29 天 前
crazy game.
Cedric Clark
Cedric Clark 29 天 前
I saw a lot of questionable calls and favoritism was Tim Donahue out there just saying
Jay Obrien
Jay Obrien 29 天 前
That ball should have went in. No defense off the missed shot
Ember2460 Harrington
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Joel Importante
Joel Importante 29 天 前
nice game!
KingMinosxxvi 29 天 前
Good lord how did they manage to win that game.......ooooowee.
Rex Scipio
Rex Scipio 29 天 前
Duke might fall. This was too close and they made too many mistakes in this one. The nine seed looked like a two or three seed. Tighten up Duke. Lot of star power in this tournament. Cant wait to see some these cats in the NBA, especially Morant and Williamson.
mlzanercik 29 天 前
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Glenn Martin
Glenn Martin 29 天 前
They didn't show the missed dunk!!!?
Sergio Diaz
Sergio Diaz 29 天 前
Hardcore Memer
Hardcore Memer 29 天 前
Duke is the villain
Hardcore Memer
Hardcore Memer 29 天 前
honestly the only game where i didn't mind getting my bracket busted
Brian Baez
Brian Baez 29 天 前
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Cartichoke 29 天 前
Maple Mamba RJ with the winning bucket, check to see where he made Top Performer in my recent upload.
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David Cartagena
David Cartagena 29 天 前
Osmin 3. O
Osmin 3. O 29 天 前
UCF lacked the basketball IQ at the final and most critical moments. Once Zion got inside the 3 point they should have let him score. They would’ve been in the lead by 1 with the ball and less than 10 seconds. Play the free throw game from that point on.
The Josh O Show
The Josh O Show 29 天 前
Zion ate Tacko like Tacko Bell in that last drive -Josh Otusanya
Nathan Fugate
Nathan Fugate 29 天 前
Derek Huntington
Derek Huntington 29 天 前
Duke salute and much respect 😎
Cartichoke 29 天 前
Check out where my boy RJ ranked for Top Performer of first two rounds of march madness.
kids tv
kids tv 29 天 前
Localsh!thead 29 天 前
How is nobody talking about how much ucf choked this game away
aucfan 29 天 前
how dont the call an offensive foul on duke towards the end... #1 for duke runs ucf guy over... basketball is unwatchable....
Davy Crockett
Davy Crockett 29 天 前
All black no whites allowed 🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳
Angela theHyena
Angela theHyena 29 天 前
Cartichoke 29 天 前
Yes Angela, coulnt of said it any better
john teague
john teague 29 天 前
Luz Ávila
Luz Ávila 29 天 前
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Never saw the game. Not watching this vid. But i bet UCF got snowed by the refs somewhere at the end of this game. I betcha....
Dynasty 22
Dynasty 22 29 天 前
You ever scroll through the trending page and think you could be a CNvidr but remember its noon and your still in bed
Joe Dirt
Joe Dirt 29 天 前
I don't watch college bball but this was epic...
HUGH JAZZ150 29 天 前
Is it me or does Zion Williamson have a Anthony Bennet feel???
Cartichoke 28 天 前
HUGH JAZZ150 Ur messing wit the wrong fella .
HUGH JAZZ150 28 天 前
+Cartichoke .... Kwame Brown maybe?... too soon?..
Cartichoke 29 天 前
stop that right now hughhhh
Maddfunkyy 29 天 前
can everyone sub to me,ill sub back.my goal is 100 subs and im only 43 away
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