Irish People Try New American M&M's

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Irish People try BRAND NEW American M&M's... they're never-ending! MERCH MADNESS: TRY.media/Merch
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M&Ms have brought a selection of new unique flavours in a "vote for your favourite flavour" style competition! So, we gave them to our TRYers to see what they thought of these brand new flavours!
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评论 100
Kevin Mulloy
Kevin Mulloy 6 小时 前
My absolute 2 favorite woman not related by blood finally together. Mary-Claire & Ciara O'Doherty
Killer Frost
Killer Frost 22 小时 前
I'm American and live in America, I've never seen any of these.
SR20DET_RX7 22 小时 前
Y'all need to try chocolate covered bacon.
kinda24 天 前
Dr. Jerusalem
Dr. Jerusalem 2 天 前
After the reaction to adding jalapeños to chocolate, I wanna see you guys try Xocolatl. Think spicy hot chocolate originally made in the Aztec Empire. Barring that, some good old fashioned molé.
Cannabis Dreams
Cannabis Dreams 3 天 前
Not gonna lie, Mary Claire is the hottest of the try girls
Suppenhuhn007 3 天 前
the mexican m and m s are perfect for pregnancy 😂
Scott O
Scott O 4 天 前
I watch these for the accents and the beautiful women. Never disappointed.
Linda W108
Linda W108 4 天 前
I’m in the US and haven’t seen any of these.
Hidden02 5 天 前
Why not the COFFEE version? they are AMAZING!
Jim Roc
Jim Roc 6 天 前
Watch SNL living in a van down by the river.
Erica Adams
Erica Adams 6 天 前
A Long Horn shirt?!? You need a Texas A&M shirt. I'm going to send yall some.
Shannon Kobayashi
Should have tried the nutella ones
dj32641 8 天 前
The bell, I clicked the bell good sir!
sara Ann
sara Ann 9 天 前
I wanna try the hazelnut ones I see them in my local family dollar all the time but never get them lol
Manx 1217
Manx 1217 10 天 前
What about "hazelnut cream"? I keep seeing advertisements for it, but have yet to see a single bag.
Kenneth Hird
Kenneth Hird 11 天 前
This is gonna taste real different after Bexit HAHAHA
Ron Garza
Ron Garza 12 天 前
Damn. Hook 'em Horns!! \m/
Oli Donohue
Oli Donohue 12 天 前
Paul with the UT shirt tho 🤘🏻
Danielle Velasquez
These are limited edition flavors to vote for the best. We do not sell these in the states
paige mclachlan
paige mclachlan 12 天 前
Paul’s unrelenting enthusiasm is my fave 😂 but seriously, love him!!!
TheGritsboy 13 天 前
Special episode - Irish Jesus responds to the Irish Jesus comments in the Irish People Try Krispy Kreme for the First Time video. He's a global treasure.
Michelle Flood
Michelle Flood 13 天 前
The oh this is going to taste different after brexit lol 😂 only an Irish mouth could come out with that and make me lmao 😂
Earl Powell
Earl Powell 14 天 前
Love the Longhorn shirt...sissies! 🤘
Candace Foley
Candace Foley 14 天 前
Is Martin going to be my new favorite?!
Zachary Mellinger
Who wants to try Peanut Butt M&M's?
Jim Roc
Jim Roc 15 天 前
Mary your just to damn cute 😘
FriendlyChild 16 天 前
They act like children lol
Erin James
Erin James 16 天 前
Peanut only thank you very much! Where are these sold?? I live in the States and i never see the flavors you get to try.
tbone2001 17 天 前
6:01 You're welcome...
z z
z z 17 天 前
Fuck connie mctapper!
Candie Little
Candie Little 17 天 前
I live in America and have never seen any of these M&M.
dgtronic 17 天 前
Ive tried all these m&m's flavours !!!! cnvid.net/group/PLmVZ-C2U3Nvo1mwmhvQY0YW2o4gAmwaO2 awesome video :) I just subbed to your channel :)
Soviatus 19 天 前
I'll take a whisper of coconut.
Kerosene Skies
Kerosene Skies 19 天 前
"Science man" lmao
Kerosene Skies
Kerosene Skies 19 天 前
I want to see MC react to things forever and ever, thanks loves
Gammage37 19 天 前
You should do a video of just all the different hot candies and pops that we have here in the US like pepsi fire , spicy starburst, Skittles, jolly ranchers, etc...
Ruadhán 1334
Ruadhán 1334 20 天 前
No, not heroin... They've got RAISINS in 'em!
Veezy Mrkvch
Veezy Mrkvch 21 天 前
These actors remind my of a circus, where clowns try to be funny and talk a lot in a very annoying voice, but no one is laughing.
Nathan Laurange
Nathan Laurange 21 天 前
I want to first thank you all for the incredible content, with that said I want to see you guys try #vengaboys
andy rocksteady
andy rocksteady 22 天 前
4:11 that's what she said
PureNupe1 22 天 前
Those arent American m&m's, I've never seen or heard of them
Moriah Peoples
Moriah Peoples 22 天 前
Lolsy is the funniest to me when it comes to these taste test when it comes to females. They did have another one but idk what happened to her hope they didn’t let her go.
Alicia Loree
Alicia Loree 23 天 前
Thia Coconuts are young sweet, green and unripe. Lots of coconut water and flesh is really thin and soft
Methamphetamelon 23 天 前
Holy shit, Lolsy 2 for 2. I had the same question RE "why Thai coconut, what difference does it really make?" (same for all of the nasty new M&M flavors) *and* the favorite color is red? YUS! On behalf of all US Americans, I apologize for all of these M&M's flavors, they're complete crap. Artificial garbage flavors. I'm truly sorry.
ocularnervosa 23 天 前
Hala-pen-yo., that's how you pronounce Jalapeño. Be glad you didn't have Coffee M&Ms. They are like eating a day old coffee filter.
Norman Lang
Norman Lang 23 天 前
Paul's reaction to the Jalapeno M&M :D :D :D
Savannah Lucero
Savannah Lucero 23 天 前
MC my jaw does the same thing!! Lol I love the coconut ones. Jalapeno I tried one and tossed the bag lol.
/: 23 天 前
1:15 closed captions lol
One MercilessMing
The Jalapeno M&M's marketing is a straight-up pandering to the proliferation of illegal aliens from Mexico into America. Jalapeno and other hot peppers are now permeating the food industry. However, M&M/Mars along with countless other companies are jamming this unpalatable crap down our gullets, like it or not.
Adrian Seconds
Adrian Seconds 23 天 前
MC is wild
__JustaLittlebitofROSE __
I heard that Americans have CANNED CHEESE
Sarah W
Sarah W 23 天 前
Never seen the thai ones. My sister liked the mint, I didnt. She loves mint everything though. We also have never seen crunchy mint though just plain mint. I wouldn't try to jalepeno one lol i saw it and said umm eww. Never seen english toffee here either.
GantzIsSloppy 23 天 前
Ciara is becoming my favorite
Retro Gamer
Retro Gamer 23 天 前
I'm american and I don't eat m&m s
kwash007 23 天 前
Wish I would have stumbled into this crew when I spent a week in Ireland...they all seem like a blast to hang with!!
Kaitlyn Slaymaker
"I'm not surprised that I don't like it because it is English!" If you didn't know, in the North of Ireland their is a tension between the English and the Irish.
Juan Herrera
Juan Herrera 24 天 前
😂😂😂 another one. she from the hood tho lol thas wassup, Give her a Honeycomb M&M 🤣 3:14
Juan Herrera
Juan Herrera 24 天 前
😂😂😂😂 literally LOL at 1:51 I love Lolsy
Drew Shourd
Drew Shourd 24 天 前
I used to LUV MnM's...now they are disgusting to me, artificial this, artificial that....GREAT video though.
Rumple Foreskin
Rumple Foreskin 24 天 前
New title, "Mental patients play with candy".
Nic Forster
Nic Forster 24 天 前
Is...is Ciara more drunk from sugar than she gets from whiskey?
Freya 24 天 前
Chocolate and toffee are my favorite combo. Heath bars 😍😍😍 Caramel is the runner up.
Meagan Duncan
Meagan Duncan 24 天 前
But why is Paul wearing a Longhorns shirt?
ho1m 24 天 前
MC, Ciara and Nicole are such beauties! my god!
I want MC flavored M&Ms!
Gregg Minkoff
Gregg Minkoff 24 天 前
Again, now you know why the Irish drink.
MollyAnne Briegel
I love Irish Jesus so much 🖤
Me Myself And Jesus
Molly Briegel 🧡🇮🇪
auburn.honey 24 天 前
Do they not have candy in Ireland? I noticed a lot of times they make remarks about how sweet American candy is... Like... It's candy. Of course it's sweet. Makes me wonder what kind of sweets they have over there.
Ashley Sligh
Ashley Sligh 25 天 前
I love you guys. Never stop!
"I'm on board with crunchy town." Never change, Irish Jesus.
Me Myself And Jesus
NotTooShabbyGames I’ll try not to unless it’s to better myself 😆🙌🏻
CR R 25 天 前
Why don’t we Americans have these M&M’s...?? Smh....
Sun-Extinguisher 25 天 前
We got coconut peanut butter,jalapeño,mint,and english toffee....video done.....thank me later
ferrettijeable 25 天 前
MC will you be my Irish American Girlfriend lol?
Mammy Bluegum
Mammy Bluegum 25 天 前
Damn gay ass Irish men what the hell
Donna Barr
Donna Barr 25 天 前
MC's Clicky Jaw is the first time TryChan made me yell No No No! Congrats!
Sun-Extinguisher 25 天 前
The Feed Trough
The Feed Trough 25 天 前
We have a coffee one and hot chilies on in the states. That are amazing
I'm your REAL dad.
Next video.......Irish people try.....DEEZ NUTS.
Michael Jenkins
Michael Jenkins 25 天 前
The best thing about M&M's is arranging them into different sorts of flowers before you eat them. If there's no yellow ones I'm perturbed. If there's no green ones they can fuck off. If they're all brown then the world just needs to end already.
Michael Jenkins
Michael Jenkins 25 天 前
I feel like I end up falling in love with every girl in these videos within a matter of minutes. I feel like I should probably be harder to get.
Michael Jenkins
Michael Jenkins 25 天 前
I feel like I start too many sentences the same way.
Michael Jenkins
Michael Jenkins 25 天 前
It feels very much as though this video was filmed after one of the alcohol vids.
Opaque Visions
Opaque Visions 25 天 前
The toffee taste more like maple to me.
Joshua Thistle
Joshua Thistle 25 天 前
Spicy chocolate is one recipe of the Aztec kings, when chocolate was actually forbidden for the common person
Best Ever Epic Millennial
are they drunk?
Dave H
Dave H 25 天 前
Jesus of Crunchy Town has spoken.
Me Myself And Jesus
Dave H 😂😂😂😂 it’s crazy out here in crunchy town
Schol-R-LEA ;2
Schol-R-LEA ;2 25 天 前
Interestingly enough, combining chocolate with chile peppers (usually also with honey) predates modern chocolate, that being one of the traditional Olmec, Maya,. and Aztec preparations for a chocolate drinks (which were sometimes also fermented to make them alcoholic). Spicy chocolate is still used in mole poblano sauce in Mexico today. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chocolate en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mole_sauce
davidh6364 25 天 前
Man bun? Lmao
anonymous mc
anonymous mc 25 天 前
People still watch these shite licker
The Ben Vosper
The Ben Vosper 25 天 前
Has anyone ever turned the captions on for a TRY video 😂😂 actually hilarious
Ken Bob
Ken Bob 25 天 前
Did they try the M&Ms that were laced with speed before they did these reviews? They're trying way too hard to be funny and over-the-top.
Shawn Belew
Shawn Belew 25 天 前
MC and Ciara are currently my favorite duo, although I wouldn't mind seeing any combination of them, Lolsy and Nicole.
Mister Turk Turkle
Lose the mustard and get some horseradish
PeculiarLamp 512
PeculiarLamp 512 25 天 前
The Union Jack isn't actually all English. The Union Jack is the flag of the whole United Kingdom not England itself. England's flag has a white background with a red cross off set to the left with the ends stretched across of it. 😁😉
Sunprism 25 天 前
is there anyway that the toffee peanut tastes different then the peanut brittle that they trot out around christmas time?
KimyKW 25 天 前
“do you have a clicky Jaw”😂
KimyKW 25 天 前
Y’all was really extra for some m&m’s and yes there is a big difference between Thai coconut and other coconut
FirstDurin 26 天 前
New American M&M's.... with Thai Coconut, Mexican Jalapeno and English Toffee flavored.... And Trump is trying to get rid of foreigners. How would we have new flavored M&M's then?
Anon Anonymous
Anon Anonymous 26 天 前
The lady in the white blouse is really hot😍
Jacob Guy
Jacob Guy 26 天 前
Shout out to Irish Jesus supporting the longhorns 🤘
Trey Trey
Trey Trey 26 天 前
'My mouth is sore now and it should be happy' - LOL - best comment ever
Me Myself And Jesus
Trey Trey 🧡😆
Westworld III - HBO 2020
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