isle of flightless birds - twenty one pilots // lyrics

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"isle of flightless birds" by twenty one pilots from self-titled
ok so i got this question awhile back and it was "do you have a tumblr" and the answer is yes, i do!! it's jaceisabella.tumblr.com so if u want to follow me, there you go ....... and this is the vid i was hesitant on posting so, but hopefully it's still enjoyable!!
as always, if there are any errors within the lyrics or video in general, please tell me in the comments!! thank, stay street





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Trigger Dreams
Trigger Dreams 13 小时 前
Man to song is so deep
Nour Almansure
Nour Almansure 21 小时 前
Nour Almansure
Nour Almansure 21 小时 前
ded zed
ded zed 天 前
628 dislikes .... how dare you uncultured swines
Amelia the unicorn
Me: watching a person turn 1 cent into $100 Me: accidently clicks on this video Me: welp, guess I'm listening to twenty one pilots now
Slavic Memes
Slavic Memes 天 前
I wish this song was more famous
EmDøg 天 前
630 dislikes? wow. the only explanation is that they looked up, and got a raindrop in their eyes. then their hand slipped and clicked dislike... 💕 l-/ 💕
Jessica TØP
Jessica TØP 3 天 前
Tommorow I have a history test My brain at 3 am: giving birth and stuff
J3RRYSM1TH 4 天 前
I dunno why, but this gives me a theatrical vibe from it
Ava Garrison
Ava Garrison 4 天 前
Wow, this song is deeper than the Marina Trench
Twenty Øne Flightless Birds
giving birth a n d s t u f f
Rekinator Cockroach
II-// 2205
II-// 2205 5 天 前
The piano at the end reminds me of the beginning of drown
Dafne Sanua
Dafne Sanua 6 天 前
in these songs tyler is singing to your soul.
Amirah k.
Amirah k. 6 天 前
*_GiViNg BiRtH aNd sTuFf_*
Ghostriker 999
Ghostriker 999 7 天 前
His songs sucks the life out you, also, 2018?
lakis23 lakis23
lakis23 lakis23 7 天 前
Thank you
blurryface 19
blurryface 19 7 天 前
my loves.
your converse highs
pause at 1:17 and look at the fourth bird
i.am.rey17 R
i.am.rey17 R 8 天 前
I haven't listened to them in such a long time. Thank you for this song. I needed it :')
Efi 9 天 前
Omf we just did an essay on a short film called the Isle of Flightless Birds and this is giving me sum flashbacks
Kristobal Muños
Na mentira
Kristobal Muños
Penca tu wea de tema
Nikyeeta In a Jumpsuit
Oh God the end hits me so hard.
Lucas Retore
Lucas Retore 10 天 前
This is beatiful
Brent Gamueda
Brent Gamueda 11 天 前
I don't trust this song
bobs gaming
bobs gaming 11 天 前
I'm going to slit my wrist
bobs gaming
bobs gaming 7 天 前
I dealing emotional abuse from grandfather
PittyParty Dollhouse
bobs gaming please don’t, but I understand. My mom found out and I haven’t done it but it’s getting to me, i hope I don’t have an breakdown and do something bad💞 stay alive.
maria nofunny
maria nofunny 11 天 前
The fourth bird from the right is me in next to everyone else in my class pictures from elementary school
Wolf Goddess
Wolf Goddess 12 天 前
Here from the new age ||-//
TheBloodStick 12 天 前
I really miss here
Some non fan: What the hell is twenty one pilots? Me: *8th bird*
Gracyn Whitaker
Gracyn Whitaker 12 天 前
For those calling people "fake" and a "poser" because they hadn't heard this song, you DO realize that there was once a point for all of us when we hadnt heard this song yet, dont you? We all start somewhere. And we should be welcoming of new people, not *degrading* of them.
Pisica Aristrocata
Nerio Cheerio
Nerio Cheerio 17 天 前
i just want a hug :(
Nerio Cheerio
Nerio Cheerio 12 天 前
thank you, I don't have one though.
hey m00n
hey m00n 12 天 前
+Nerio Cheerio yeah so if you have twitter you can always talk to me there :)
Nerio Cheerio
Nerio Cheerio 12 天 前
awww so sweet
hey m00n
hey m00n 13 天 前
You want to talk? My @ is _hey_m00n__ if you do
Jam Hopsey
Jam Hopsey 17 天 前
I gotta say the part after the piano hella sounds like a Minecraft bgm
Jose Ramon Luis Cruz
Dogorski 18 天 前
I love this song, not just for the lyrics but for the beautiful instrumentals and vocals...I'm not a huge fan of TOP, specifically their newer music, but this song is one of my favorite songs of all time. It sounds so pleasing, emotional, and beautiful.
Dahliablue1 19 天 前
Look at all those chickens
Nerio Cheerio
Nerio Cheerio 19 天 前
www.staggeringbeauty.com/ this is great together
Mackenzie Joines
Mackenzie Joines 20 天 前
why is that heckin 8th bird a mood
Zezorak 22 天 前
This is one of the only songs that Tyler clearly sings about his Christianity, usually it’s more hidden in the lyrics... but not in this song.
ooof x300
ooof x300 23 天 前
1:15 .. wait.. whats with the 4th birb
ooof x300
ooof x300 23 天 前
look at *all those* birbs
Cristian Lopez
Cristian Lopez 23 天 前
*we pick songs to sing remind us of things that nobody cares about*
Lutetium Luni
Lutetium Luni 23 天 前
tired of pressing replay again and again...
Cabal's Victims
Cabal's Victims 24 天 前
I have a very nice relationship with this song except the fact that the end leaves me with my emotions to think about which is the counter part to the reason i listen to this, for numbness, for something to hold onto but when that song ends, its cold, and I know i'm fucked.
Mj Clud
Mj Clud 26 天 前
My uncle paisan he's died
Kyle Martinez
Kyle Martinez 21 天 前
Im sorry to hear that
Vaporon Xylem
Vaporon Xylem 26 天 前
618 dislikes how do you do that I have never disliked anything on CNvid
Tits øut før the bøys
"givin' birth and stuff" WHY AM I WHEEZING This gon be my yearbook quote
tøxic mønster
tøxic mønster 28 天 前
That one weird bird near the end is just..yes
Killme Pleace Kaiser
jackson traverlious
Is it just me or can you never hear the hope in no nohope no fear?
Mohammed Umar
Mohammed Umar 29 天 前
Nice song like a kfc chicken
khayla 38
khayla 38 个月 前
I wish I could understand them like other people do
Gloria Sánchez
Gloria Sánchez 个月 前
Emelia Jøseph
Emelia Jøseph 个月 前
when i listen to this song, i feel safe.
mia !!
mia !! 个月 前
_i discovered this just rn and i accidentally wet my pillow with my own tears oops_
Chabelo :v
Chabelo :v 个月 前
Isle of penguins? V:
Candela •
Candela • 个月 前
Emily Osuna
Emily Osuna 个月 前
Exploring the Forgotten
.75 speed and its a reggae song
Rehan Khan
Rehan Khan 个月 前
only few can understand the real meanings of his songs
Diego Fernando Pizarro Solano.
ll-// aun sonando
GumTato 个月 前
vOMiT aS i SiNg
Tomato Towers
Tomato Towers 个月 前
I cried at the ending it's just so sad like oml Tyler you write amazing songs
TTC a.k.a Jordan //THETNTCHEST
2:18 thank me later
_Cringeover9000productions _
During my top phase this was my favorite song along with friend please
Koalameaw 个月 前
I can imagine one of those birds falling and can’t get up cuz it can’t fly
Panic! At the Pilots Romance
giving birth and stuff
LES Politics
LES Politics 个月 前
i am cold. i want a blanket
Arianna Heart
Arianna Heart 个月 前
It's both comforting and heartbreaking that such a sweet person like Tyler understands and feels (or have felt) like a lot of us do right now..
Sunny Vibes
Sunny Vibes 个月 前
"Giving birth and stuff" lol
Wolfy 个月 前
when he says we're an isle of flightless birds hes saying we're falling right? Im slow wow it took me 4 years to notice this
Jada Aye
Jada Aye 个月 前
why do i find tylers voice to be so satisfying is this song?
Tyler's Josh
Tyler's Josh 个月 前
À z s
À z s 个月 前
Damn they are really good #respect
RavenPaws AJ
RavenPaws AJ 个月 前
Giving birth and stuff :/
Visitation of a ghost /pastel pills
I always come back to this song... I'm unsure why but it helps.
Sorren Louise Whiston
TØP should do a cover of ghosting by mother mother
mommy4life84 个月 前
Yeah-Yo! 个月 前
Hannah Montana
Hannah Montana 个月 前
Matias Torres
Matias Torres 个月 前
La isla de los pájaros Suculentos
Shannon South
Shannon South 个月 前
please don't be afraid of what your soul is really thinking Your soul knows good and evil, your soul knows both sides
Katherine Roberts
I didn't know how much I needed this song today until I listened to it. Thank you Tyler. You've been a wonderful help
TheReal RattyBoi
TheReal RattyBoi 个月 前
The penguins play this on repeat
TuesdayAsh 个月 前
TheReal RattyBoi the penguins will take over
Gill Miles
Gill Miles 个月 前
Can't stop listening to this song..
insane gamer
insane gamer 个月 前
I know im late but if its a isle of flight less birds is it an isle of emus
Jenny Sarforgez
Jenny Sarforgez 个月 前
So im a flightless bird? yOu cAlLiN mE cHiCkEn
Never Noticed
Never Noticed 个月 前
For some reason the beginning reminds me of Clint Eastwood
kristapher edgecombe
I wish I could have a conversation with these deep thinkers. I am drawn to the depth of what they speak when many will just hear beasts.!
Aunnika Smith
Aunnika Smith 个月 前
-and honestly, we’re probably more suicidal than ever now.-
hizy 个月 前
4:15 his voice break on the "mine" gets me everytime dangit
hizy 个月 前
this is my favorite song no idea why it just is
Pizza Cat
Pizza Cat 个月 前
at 1:17 the ''i'' looks like the birds eye
Crash Test Dummy
Crash Test Dummy 个月 前
It's so hard to be happy.
1987RaPsCaLLioN 个月 前
1:12 When you are just listening and notice bird 4 looking at you :o
Shinigami -sama
Shinigami -sama 个月 前
Why dislike a top song. Dude, this isn't gold, its diamond
Saccharine Submarine
i can't help but imagine Mother Gothel
Gamergirl07 YT
Gamergirl07 YT 2 个月 前
Bird 1: What the crap is that Bird 2: Yea I'm just sad Bird 3: Allow me to sing to the sky! Bird 4: Ok but what are you doing? Bird 5: Did you hear? Justin broke up with Sasha for Rachel! Bird 6: **GASP** Bird 7: What are they saying over there? Bird 8: WHAT DID YOU SAY? C'MERE BOY! Bird 9: Not this crap again! Bird 10: Hahaaa! Bird 11: I'm surrounded by morons.
Ode To Sleep
3 年 前
Kitchen Sink
8 个月 前