Jaina Sentenced to Death Cinematics [WoW Battle for Azeroth 8.0]

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Jaina Returns to Kul Tiras Cinematics. On her way to Boralus, Jaina sees a former memory of her Father, Daelin Proudmoore. Once the ship docks, she encounters her mother Katherine who demands judgement for her crimes.
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Jaina's Visions Cinematic [Kul'Tiras Finale!]
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Link: cnvid.net/video/%E8%A7%86%E9%A2%91-oWcfznS2QyU.html
Zandalar: The Movie [ALL CUTSCENES]
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Warrior PvP [2k RBG, WPvP, Arena, 1v2v3]
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nimmivids 9 个月 前
Nimar 9 个月 前
Deutscher Geist yeah.. because she isnt a powerful enchantres with the will to Ride the Dick of the Elements..
Sofia Laya
Sofia Laya 9 个月 前
Nimar 9 个月 前
She slept with the World Shaman, wasnt that her life-goal all along ?
Enthused Norseman
Enthused Norseman 9 个月 前
"Off I go, then."
Ahmad Bali
Ahmad Bali 9 个月 前
“Is there trouble?” 😉😔
macmaasi79 3 个月 前
King Robert has no chill...
Sally Patterson
Sally Patterson 5 个月 前
what is the music called right at the end of the video please?
Kael Ryder
Kael Ryder 6 个月 前
Any one else get some serious Lotr vibes at 1:50? "Where was Gondor when the westfull fell!? Where was Gondor when our enemies closed in around us! Where was gon--" Granted it's not exact.
Paul Sim
Paul Sim 7 个月 前
Is it just me or ... what's that around Ashvane's neck.... is that the heart of Azeroth? Damn it Magni! Why did you give her one?
MrJogi86 8 个月 前
And now into the rape dungeon. Soon into the zuldazar troll rape dungeon aswell
Maria Viktoria Kanellopoulou
My friend wrote this after watching this scene: Ahoy ahoy dark daughter of the seas, ahoy this child has fled. Evil took over her empty dreams, and the shining stars are dead
ratcut3 8 个月 前
I stop playing WoW a few months ago (I have a full-time job now. Don't have time). However, I try my best to keep up with the lore and storyline. Jaina is BADASS! She had changed so much, and I do not think that she is a racist and hateful person now. She had suffered so much, and she had been betrayed too many times. I remember her in Warcraft 3 and seeing her now, just wow. Btw, how old is she now? Blizzard did not give her any mercy LOL. I wish BFA will her a closure like Legion did for Velen. She deserves happiness.
Michael Barton
Michael Barton 8 个月 前
By this point, i'm totally okay with the next expansion just being a 60 hour long cutscene with a bossfight at the end
karlmarcs31 8 个月 前
I think that ink spill is some serious foreshadowing to N'zoth creating the black empire and spreading his influence.
Randomcyborg NinjaDude
I really want a full song of Jaina and her dad singing
Vaporchestrub 9 个月 前
i dead ass never saw the first cut scene
Wiktor Åström
Wiktor Åström 9 个月 前
Whats the name of the outro song?
NeotoraTV 9 个月 前
Where is daddy Nzoth when you need him
劉書豪 9 个月 前
Anyone knows what is the soundtrack at the end? (Video Recommendation part)
Hofimaniac 9 个月 前
I dindt get the first cinematic
ZJ 9 个月 前
Daelin sounds so much like Nathanos...
Jackson Gould
Jackson Gould 9 个月 前
Jaina is looking good
Crimsonfireball 9 个月 前
I hope theres a Disney adaptation of this.
BeeB Tal
BeeB Tal 9 个月 前
What is the name of the music at 3:22 Thanks
Izumi Sagiri
Izumi Sagiri 9 个月 前
well.. jaina is the strongest mage in history of warcraft. so she could wreck anyone of them... why is she so lowheaded here.
bob bob
bob bob 9 个月 前
Jaina deserve to die! Death to the alliance! FOR THE HORDE
Sun Shower
Sun Shower 9 个月 前
Jaina and Genn are my two favorite Alliance members. Genn would never turn to the Horde, but I wish Jaina would. She has been betrayed enough. Victory for Sylvanas!
Grumkla333 9 个月 前
So if she stayed true to her people, she would of died with the rest of her people. The fel orcs would of taken thrall under hellscreams rule and the legion would continue. Even if the humans held or repelled the legion they would then have maybe pushed through the burning crusades just to be cut short at the frozen throne a mandatory alliance to win. Why didn't the father just take a minute and listen to the daughter... On the other hand the horde probably could have taken her father alive (maybe).
Reminds me of my mother.
Bakwan 9 个月 前
anyone know outro music name?
Urrzah 9 个月 前
Toll status: Paid
AnnaJo2000 9 个月 前
Fun fact for Game of Thrones fans: The actors voicing Jaina's parents played Ellaria and King Robert in GOT.
StainderFin 9 个月 前
Not sure what weird magic Blizzard using but every their cinematic cutscenes after Wrath of lich king just nailed down! Blizzard is justt too good on cinematics and world yell do CGI MOVIe and wow Real actors Movie was bad :D We can wait this to happen and it shall happen if Blizzard is smart. Right now wow goes to spotify! next cgi movie!!??
Silikam 9 个月 前
3:30 what s that song name?
Виктор Матвеев
джайна просто лапочка))
Kimmuryiel 9 个月 前
They stuck my nelf in jail and I was like "What? What did I do? I don't even know what a 'Daelin' is!"
Kimie 9 个月 前
This brought me to tears oh gawd ...
c y .
c y . 9 个月 前
0:31 His whole entire world. For as long, as stars do shine. And so the stars shined, until they didn't.
Vucina M
Vucina M 9 个月 前
Damn u Arthas your Lich King didnt know what big pusi Jainna would become,so just rest in peace and enjoy watching me to fuck her.. Behebhehe
mathew ellis
mathew ellis 9 个月 前
i play horde and i kinda feel sorry for jaina :(
RagebrosINC 9 个月 前
World of Feminism: Battle for Women's Rights.
Ivanna Nukya
Ivanna Nukya 9 个月 前
Hanoi jaina. She plays politics gets so many killed then expects of those who suffered to forgive. She is pretty and because of that many will forgive...and forget. If she were ugly or a he, no compassion.
SiddetLiKaranlik 9 个月 前
Guzelmis duygusal
hexlollipop 9 个月 前
DAILY REMINDER THAT DAELIN DID NOTHING WRONG! The alliance should have destroyed the horde years ago!
Ruine Marie
Ruine Marie 9 个月 前
All the good She has done. She doesn’t deserve this.
Jayva Wyvus
Jayva Wyvus 9 个月 前
0:55 to 1:04 aaaaaaagh so much goosebumps
hexlollipop 9 个月 前
The little song at the start is effectively why I play a human warrior. You are not blessed by the light, or have the arcane on your side, you are just a simple man trying to survive with will and rage, defending your family from the legion, scourge and the horde. Perhaps the only thing that drives him is the thought of coming back to his family. Aww man, I felt so bad for daelin
Pretty Bad At Everything
You just made me want to roll a warrior and I don't even do Lorecraft.
Osiris 9 个月 前
Jaina is such a cutie
Joshua Pedrosa
Joshua Pedrosa 9 个月 前
Our future Lich Queen
nelson peña
nelson peña 9 个月 前
todos fue culpa de artas pero quien lo Jode a ese?
Amaximumace 9 个月 前
Finally they sentence this fucking traitor to death. About time!
SunShd 9 个月 前
Aaaah I just wanted to hug her and give her cookies during that cinematic :(((
Corey C
Corey C 9 个月 前
Sooo why can't we play humans with those different body shapes?
AJ AJ 9 个月 前
I must say the BGM of Kul'Tiras is very very good!
Zenphyrus 9 个月 前
WTF Blizzard, where is rexxar
EcceMurphy 9 个月 前
Whats the music at the end of the video?
EcceMurphy 9 个月 前
@Athelarius please mate we need answers!
Kenpachi Zaraki
Kenpachi Zaraki 9 个月 前
"Her heart is a crater and we have filled it."
Easy Grin
Easy Grin 9 个月 前
Jaina only fuckable chick on scarecrow and chubby island
Mytoast Isdone
Mytoast Isdone 9 个月 前
Long-time Hordie here but I gotta say these Kul'tirans aren't fucking around. I almost felt bad for Jaina too for the first time, knowing fully well that her fathers death was NOT her fault, if anything making a peace with Orgrimmar was just to keep people on both sides alive. Her father had it coming ultimately, yet she takes all the blame and doesn't even get angry about it. Blizzards really good at tugging on the heartstrings.
Niki M
Niki M 9 个月 前
Jaina is haunted by N'zoth as well as malfurion. We just don't understand if Sylvanas knows it and is planning something or if the Azerite corrupted her and Anduin. This will be fucked up, i guarentee it
galax12370 9 个月 前
what the fuck blizzard stop giving us shots to the head with stories instead of excitment. This is so dark like wtf she is at the edge of annhilation and she still fucked her. 😶
Zachariah Schneider
Zachariah Schneider 9 个月 前
It's amazing; The last couple of expansions she's built up as a vengeful, cold, raging threat. The Horde intro quest here has her as an almost unstoppable force, a roving storm. And then we get to see her at her most vulnerable, the hurt, tired, guilt-ridden woman beneath the icy shell; and though I haven't gotten that far, it seems she is on a journey of self-forgiveness. That's some damn good writing and character development. Also, these cinematics are amazing.
Holy fuck noooooooo if Jaina dies i will literaly stop playing the fucking gameee
Athelarius 9 个月 前
It'd be a shame for all that character development and arcs to go to waste. They did her justice so far in BFA!
Christoph Oyarzabal
Christoph Oyarzabal 9 个月 前
whole thing was cringe. blizz just doesnt know how to come up with interesting side stories anymore
Reja nazar nurdin
Reja nazar nurdin 9 个月 前
Jaina: i bring too many civilian that running from my bf arthas and his scourge Thrall: alright you can stay in theramore its dangerous out there we wont bother you . . . Daelin: Horde!! horde!!! KILL THEM THEY ARE NOT BELONG TO AZEROTH Jaina: Father dont!!! Troll: whut??? . . . . Daelin: kul tiras navy attack!!! Rexar:Thrall!!! We have to fight back!!! Jaina: Iam sorry thrall i and ppl of theramore has nothing to do with this Thrall: its alright jaina we understand but you must unda'stand i cant let anything threatened ogrimar Daelin: die horde!!! Jaina: my men cant fight too many ppl in my side Thrall: ok as long you stand aside we wont attack your men Jaina: father please stop this its dangerous Daelin: sorry jaina i must do this against those monster who doesn't belong to azeroth Troll: whut? Thrall: Horde attack them!! Daelin: aghh!!! You horde will never atone what the orchis horde has done!!! Jaina: father stop please!!! Daelin: i wont!!! Rexar: ok *then beastmaster kill kunka eh.....i mean admiral proudmore* . . . . Couple years later . . . . . . . Keep scrolling dude its alot of expansion. . . . . . . Kul'tiras: JAINA YOU B1TCH TRAITOT!!!!!! . . . . . Illidan: you know iam sory i once up against you bud but you unda'stand it was kil jaeden command right Arthas: sigh.........its feels like my champion labelled as traitor for something they never wish to do in their live Illidan: Yeah it sad for jaina must having a such difficult fate Arthas: oh btw sylvana is burning your loved one who loved your brother's tree Illidan:...... Arthas:..... Illidan: DIE FOR THE HORDE!!!
Maex 9 个月 前
Omg the tears I can't hold em back.
Commander Spuds
Commander Spuds 9 个月 前
Where was the first cut scene played because I have only seen the sentencing scene?
Robin TheSluice
Robin TheSluice 9 个月 前
Why are you reuploading all the Blizzard's videos? It's useless...
Emily 9 个月 前
When was this cinematic actually shown in game?! What the heck, I somehow missed it???? I only saw starting from the audience with Katherine. Weird.
Walking Disaster
Walking Disaster 9 个月 前
I am a Jaina-hater because she killed her father. This cinematic was everything to me. I like Kathrine Proudmoore. She remembers me of the Alliance I liked as a little girl. Now I am Horde for years and I love to see Sylvanas do more damage to everyone :3
Ellie Phoenix
Ellie Phoenix 9 个月 前
Was he admiral kunkka?
Unie VRChat
Unie VRChat 9 个月 前
the "Murderer" part gave me goosebumps >3
Fiukatz 9 个月 前
This turned into Disney bullshit
Sean Manaloto
Sean Manaloto 9 个月 前
Sad face
King Lofty
King Lofty 9 个月 前
Katherine calls Jaina her wayward “daughter”, then later says she’s no daughter of hers. Women and their mixed signals...
BasibosGezgin 9 个月 前
Jaina ProudNOmoore
tarrker 9 个月 前
Theramore? LoL whaaaaat?? I thought they were pissed about what happened in the second war. How could anyone in the Alliance be guilty of anything because Garrosh murdered some people? Fake drama bullshit x_x
WildCard2281 9 个月 前
Jania looks cute af when she's doing desk work and having a little nap.
Justin Clark
Justin Clark 9 个月 前
So when did this cinematic happen I never saw it
Kyle DeCamp
Kyle DeCamp 9 个月 前
That was chilling the first time I saw her father turn to her :)
Blake the Tank
Blake the Tank 9 个月 前
Reskinned Gorefiend? 1:50
Fellipe 9 个月 前
Fat bitch rofl
Lukáš Růžička
Lukáš Růžička 9 个月 前
That song in the start.. was like a dagger in the heart. T_T
Alacod19 9 个月 前
im horde through and through.. but dont belittle and fuck with jaina's heart like that... bout to make an alliance character to kick their ass, free her so she can go back to being a badass and trying to freeze my nipples off.. for real....
Mano Solere
Mano Solere 9 个月 前
Fuck, after this one I just really wanted to hug her :'(
MaxOlafson 9 个月 前
The Story is so damn awesome. 🤔 Best game ever Made.
Jonathon A
Jonathon A 9 个月 前
Did anyone else notice that the necklace around the thicc woman looks like the heart of Azeroth or is it just me ._.
NovaShadowStorm 9 个月 前
probably because it is azerite
vinayak D joshi
vinayak D joshi 9 个月 前
The admiral was all like "blah ba blah!"
Phoenix Trio
Phoenix Trio 9 个月 前
If they kill jaina I quit wow
Javierpal Fordring
Javierpal Fordring 9 个月 前
What? That cinematic never show to me And i'm 120 wtf.
PM C 9 个月 前
Arthas did nothing wrong
Forsake 9 个月 前
jaina is THICC
oOgA bOoGA mE cAvEmAN
I thought she was from dalaran
Omino 9 个月 前
how do I trigger the first cinematic? didnt happen to me and Im Alliance :|
[ ][ ]
[ ][ ] 9 个月 前
Can someone tell me the name of the outro song pls? thx.
Bman296 9 个月 前
Karma for her slaughtering of innocent blood elves. :3 I gotta say it tastes sweet
Commissar Gamza
Commissar Gamza 9 个月 前
Jaina should be killed. filthy traitor.
Superdave OZY
Superdave OZY 9 个月 前
Was the ink symbolizing the coming corruption of N'Zoth?
KaroneRys 9 个月 前
Jaina was kinda cool back when she and Thrall were getting along. Now she's just an other bitchy Alliance character again.
Juraj Jakubec
Juraj Jakubec 9 个月 前
I just want to take my moment and say how much I appreciate her new model. it looks so much more like the one from warcraft, and so much more fitting for her as a character.
Sagrika Bali
Sagrika Bali 9 个月 前
Jaina is Elsa 2.0 from Disney's Frozen lol she should have her own version of "Let It Go".
Dick 9 个月 前
I want to destroy Jaina's butthole
Carlos Carlos
Carlos Carlos 9 个月 前
Never realized Jaina was Robert Baratheon’s daughter
ZonZorZerx 9 个月 前
She deserves to die. Lousy treacherous character.
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