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Charles Brown
Charles Brown 54 分钟 前
I LIKE Think jennifer lopez sexy looking in a good way .Charles Brown
Nicole Martinez Cibrian
I love jlo but i just thought about this lol - similar hair as cardi's clout music video -similar "hat themed" in "Money." -strippers oh and similar hat in cardi's feat thotiana. not judging, i just thought about it
Solo Songs
Solo Songs 5 小时 前
I need the album
Kenneth Ebanks
Kenneth Ebanks 7 小时 前
fucking that shit, pop star all latin american already bored about jlo, please dione warwick help this poor singer
Juan Carlos martinez
Wowww... you really impressed me... ! You are a great professional ideal singer and great actor from head to toe ... ! Nobody can deny it ! I wish you the best with love ... !
Kiro X Plays
Kiro X Plays 9 小时 前
You know, Slim Shady dissed Jennifer Lopez really hard when she was young! He said "I were to stick the finger to anyone, it would be Jennifer Lopez. Sorry, pup I don't give a Fuck if this Chick was my own mother. I'll still Fuck her with no rubber and have a new Son and a new Brother at the same time, and just say It ain't mine". Slim Shady 2001. Slim Shady Till I die!!! so, Fuck you Jennifer Lopez!!!
Kiro X Plays
Kiro X Plays 9 小时 前
@Aftermath Records
Walef Oliveira Pêgo
Walef Oliveira Pêgo 10 小时 前
Luna Peluda
Luna Peluda 11 小时 前
Cansados de videos extraños... aburren ya!!! Sean originales
Ben Brown
Ben Brown 12 小时 前
i am obsessed with the pony and the bun😍😍
Klit Kardashian
Klit Kardashian 14 小时 前
remember the old days when she was only wearing a simple tank top and panties and danced for her life in im glad? imagine what she could have done with the part in this song from 2:56 to 3:16 ..but noooo..nowadays shes just standing there, looking pretty in ridiculous clothes.....meh
Aamar 15 小时 前
1.25 speed brings the song on other level. Try it ;)
陳安可 16 小时 前
還是J. Lo 最屌!
Vidhusha Suresh
Vidhusha Suresh 19 小时 前
Trust me she is 49!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aku Kha
Aku Kha 19 小时 前
who is that female body builder at the start of the video?
Will Salos
Will Salos 20 小时 前
I had sex with lauren power
Will Salos
Will Salos 20 小时 前
7 second
Anto Lopezlabb
Anto Lopezlabb 23 小时 前
Medicine by Shakira & Blake Shelton >>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Ridícula tiene que dejar de cantar ya está muy grande!
Francisco Miguel Jimenez Rodriguez
#Thalifan apoyando ❤️ nos podrían ayudar con #LindoPeroBruto y #QueIronia ❤️😍🇲🇽
Iasmin Sousa
Iasmin Sousa 天 前
Brasil alguém?
👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 to the lady who directed this video! So different and so fire! Just wow
Isabella Scott
Watching this video again, and I have to give a shout out to my best friend, Zachary Bennoui. He created the carnival music at the beginning.
bagoesdiemas 天 前
I put my comment here on 20 may 2019 at 01:48am just to remind me next year that this video was one of my favorite
Miosoty1625@gmail.com c
Eres grande! Pero como latina y Dominicana te digo q sería un honor para mí q fueras tú quien trajera a este planeta a Dimash y digo a este planeta Pk este chico es de otro mundo lo amooooooo
Dulce Mendoza
2:58 The new Ariana Grande
Xavier Carvajal
Por qué tan pocas visitas para semejante video!? No entiendooo!!!
R g
R g 天 前
Fifty and still KILLING IT!!!!!!!!!
ebla sulaiman
Omg this is amazing my Queen💝💝💝
Ju Ca
Ju Ca 天 前
Anitta : Medicina JLo : Medicine
H Dudas
H Dudas 天 前
The melody isn‘t catchy at all
Ramsha Azhar Shah
This song sounds like Thrift shop
Precious Mercer
This slaps sounds like her old songs!! This is classic Jlo and she looks amazing!!!
Melanie Patenaude
🎉Félicitation bonne musique🎶🎵 mais 🎥 la vidéo manque 🤔 les belle chorégraphies de Jennifer Lopez. 💃💃💃💃💃🤨 Nous t'aimons 🧡tous😄🌎
Nino Jones
Nino Jones 天 前
Omfg I'm so horny for her. I wanna pound her mouth and that phat and pussy raw. I would fuck her so hard and fast raw and I would love to cum in her pussy. Omg I'm so horny for her. I had to pause it at 212 when she's squatting down and yo you can see all that body and ass. I'm so horny and so hard that I cummed without even jerking off as I cummed and sprayed so much cum I just pumped my cock as I just watched and I swear I cummed so much without my hand. That was my greatest nut ever. Omg my cock shook abd pulsate as I cummed and it felt so amazing. Omg time to clean up watch the rest and jerk off again.
dark angel
dark angel 天 前
Grandma is back.Yeeeeeah boooooy
Levi Spicher
Levi Spicher 天 前
Jacqueline M.
I love french montana, but his verse was full of nothing 😂
Kingforgive Itipen
Virginie Castonguay
Very Nice rétro chic video
faduma hersi
faduma hersi 2 天 前
Why the hell am I getting empire show vibes, sounds like one of their songs, this soo 🔥 🔥 🔥
Iruy Violante
Iruy Violante 2 天 前
Esta Mujer ya aburre, ni termine de ver su video 😴😴😴😴 ya que se dedique a otra cosa 👎🏻
chungbiumg829 2 天 前
I'm to be stylist. In her clothing. I feel it suits this season now for Spring.
chungbiumg829 2 天 前
Now I see it. Why American music don't promote in Asia? I watch this late.
itsdomin 2 天 前
This is definitely her best song. Why aren’t y’all listening to this.
влад нерознак
3:17 ТИМАТИ с оторваной башкой удивил)))
Ricardo Reyes
Ricardo Reyes 2 天 前
QueenOfTheFall 2 天 前
I swear she don't age lol
Cynthia Perez
Cynthia Perez 2 天 前
This song is sooooo dumb...we really have lowered the bar for music now a days!
Pedro Alves
Pedro Alves 2 天 前
Cynthia Perez yeah she as done better this is a low
Ipek Çağlar
Ipek Çağlar 2 天 前
wtf, just 20 million?
Youcef Benamira
Youcef Benamira 2 天 前
اللهم اني صائم 😂🙄👅
Marco Poggioli
Marco Poggioli 2 天 前
marco poggioli
Hubert Porta
Hubert Porta 2 天 前
Muy bueno el videoclick ... pero la canción no!
Magali Trujillo
Magali Trujillo 2 天 前
The video is 🔥!
Matt Avello
Matt Avello 2 天 前
I guess I'm not gay anymore? Someone send help.
Luis Jimenez
Luis Jimenez 2 天 前
I feel bad for those who really like this mind controlled free Mason garbage, this has so much satanic symbolism in it that it's not funny. Just look at what's in the video with all the mask's and carnival themed scene's. Wake up people. They are cramming this crap down your throat so that those who don't believe in the second coming will fall right into the pits of hell. 🤦 They use simple tactics that are used on little kids to have you engaged to this trash.
Thiago Costa
Thiago Costa 2 天 前
02:55 The shit got real!! DAMN
kika baa
kika baa 2 天 前
I thought it was Kris Jenner in the thumbnail
Poltak Yaser
Poltak Yaser 2 天 前
Christian Aguilar
Omg 20M this flopped so hard. Jlo why are you releasing bad songs? I’m a fan I don’t understand
canjlo 2 天 前
cnvid.net/video/%E8%A7%86%E9%A2%91-xllKmdL5AOA.html remix video is out and is pretty lit 🔥🔥🔥
Gerald Mabalot
Gerald Mabalot 2 天 前
Sbl Inventory
Sbl Inventory 3 天 前
Xx_GxchaShadow_xX Playz
Jennifer and Montana rocks
5hstar 3 天 前
Not feeling the song.. But as always jlo is jlo never fails! S with her video graphicw
Atakan Yetiskin
Atakan Yetiskin 3 天 前
I am from turkey l love you jlo l dont like montana 💛💛💛💛💖💘💗💞💞💞
Lil Jorjo
Lil Jorjo 3 天 前
Change the playback speed to 1.25 🔥 n fly with this Angel
Puripurr 3 天 前
the theme doesn't fit the song.
Christine Bustillo
Christine Bustillo
May 18,2019 Hello.. Guys
Tryphena Eady
Tryphena Eady 3 天 前
JLo always deliver!😎
J. Dancer
J. Dancer 3 天 前
Jlo Bx loves you 💯
Thommy Garcia
Thommy Garcia 3 天 前
who are that albino models..????
Anderson Cardoso Veras
DD_Pearl Love
DD_Pearl Love 3 天 前
0:52 Am I the only one who thought Montana said “More KPOP!” 😂😂😂😂
Fluffy Puppy
Fluffy Puppy 3 天 前
11 Ghosts
11 Ghosts 3 天 前
Anyone from 2029
Youtubers Instagram
Xq pocas vistas ???? 😭😭😭
Vagner Nunes
Vagner Nunes 3 天 前
Somebdoy knows who directed that J-lo video?
Jose Tomas Balestegui
Jennifer Lopez, Gracias, Cariños y Besos de Tomás.
Sandra Florez
Sandra Florez 3 天 前
Hi my name is Pablo I listen to your songs nonstop I am 8 I was going to sing medicine for the talent show but I got sick I went to your councert I have your sound traks I have a Jlo hat and a Bronx hat I have put a thumbs up on every one of your songs
Davide Rossi
Davide Rossi 3 天 前
I LOVE YOU JLO!!😘😘😘😍😍😍
Herr Daly
Herr Daly 3 天 前
‪#freebritney ❤️🇮🇪 @britneyspears - Let Me Be - Britney cnvid.net/video/%E8%A7%86%E9%A2%91-wX3FVOCpCLc.html ‬
Rosebert Discipulo
5/19/2019 Top 13 Last: 11 Peak: 7
Allen Allen
Allen Allen 3 天 前
She is copying Cardi B . She. Looks great
Joy Swanigan
Joy Swanigan 3 天 前
The beginning had me feeling some The Cell vibes especially the body builder and music. I love the song, but the video is lowkey The Cell vibes. Love the beat!💖🔥
Carlos A. Flores
Felt the same way.. I was like, where have I seen that before ?!
Zayden Munn
Zayden Munn 4 天 前
This is my new favorite song 😂😜
Carlos A. Flores
I listen to it non stop every morning!
Luckywell Leonardo
needs more viewwwwsssss
Camila Romeu
Camila Romeu 4 天 前
Passei o dia inteiro ouvindo essa música 😍 Maravilhosaaaa ❤️👏
Nick Meeks
Nick Meeks 4 天 前
Kinda sad this has 19M views while it's a month old, while Bring me the horizon's medicine has only 12M views, while it's 4 months old and an infinitely better song. Shows society is just a bunch of brain dead retards that go with what's popular.
Chuck U Farley
Chuck U Farley 4 天 前
cherinet yefru
cherinet yefru 4 天 前
St3vEn BaDu
St3vEn BaDu 4 天 前
The music for this song sounds like Thrift Shop by MackleMore
About daily
About daily 4 天 前
Oml yeahh
Melie Singss
Melie Singss 4 天 前
Omg she my inspiration omg I remember a young girl I wanna be her te amo mami
Cristian Gómez
Cristian Gómez 4 天 前
CNvid está congelando las visitas 😖😖
migdalia dejesus
deadprivacy 4 天 前
nu ting doesnt rhyme with uzi
Hassan Bahbah
Hassan Bahbah 4 天 前
Top French ❤️❤️
Mehmet Kamil SÜTCÜ
Publishing date was my birthday
peace Harmony
peace Harmony 4 天 前
peace Harmony
peace Harmony 4 天 前
peace Harmony
peace Harmony 4 天 前
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