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In the season final of #EatTheMenu, our boy ups the cost and raises the stakes by trying every cut of beef at a steakhouse. What would you order?
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Chef Travis Strickland
Hughie Stonefish and his goddaughters Jacqueline, Jada and Jordan
Rob Seidel
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评论 12 183
Marc Dutro
Marc Dutro 3 小时 前
Ok, Beardy McBeardson needs to button his goddamn shirt. I’m sure he overpaid for that tattoo, but ain’t nobody wantin’ to see that.
Francis FuzzyNips
Francis FuzzyNips 3 小时 前
This is interesting and all, but all my focus is on Mister McChesthair and the 2 ladies that got thrown in a tumbler with rainbow-colored rags. Am I just THAT outdated or does that side-trio actually look absolutely ridiculous? I can't even focus on the video
Francis FuzzyNips
Francis FuzzyNips 3 小时 前
Jesus they got the kid roped into it too, it's a whole family of LOOK-AT-ME's
LJTwiggy 4 小时 前
Last Sunday, I ate a tomahawk ribeye. I was still hungry.
Pee pee Gang
Pee pee Gang 5 小时 前
Kieth took the most expensive shit after eating all that steak
Kitty Person
Kitty Person 5 小时 前
Like the cows last bite back! You had to bring up the cow!😣😵 I've just had anthroscopy on my jaw for tmj disorder and arthritis and am forbidden to eat for a month! I'm salivating and crying right now. I'm very leaky! Guess what I'm going to gorge on when my month is up?! Yup, a huge steak!!!
Alyssa Selph
Alyssa Selph 6 小时 前
S3E21 "Keith Gets An Intervention"
Vylet Rayne
Vylet Rayne 7 小时 前
"They're raisin the steaks!" It was then....that I died. XD
Angela Squires
Angela Squires 9 小时 前
Can't believe the level of profanity used in this video. So unnecessary to speak about God that way. I won't be watching any more videos
SilverMaple 2841
SilverMaple 2841 11 小时 前
When Keith gets a foodgasm
lowedits 鉛ー科
lowedits 鉛ー科 11 小时 前
His suit at the end looks like these things Balkan mother's put on the table so it won't get dirty lmaooo
bobbybrainstorm 12 小时 前
he really got drunk off meat
CheeseCoatedChopper 16 小时 前
Imagine if Tacobell used that best meat but kept the same price. They'd probably still make a decent profit on all the other stuff they're selling at the current markup of ingredients. especially when it comes to asking for extra of anything.
soft punk
soft punk 18 小时 前
keith reminded me of a lame version of ernest lmao
Steven Mack
Steven Mack 21 小时 前
why does chef Travis slightly resemble Kieth?
BOI George
BOI George 21 小时 前
Everything was fine until you biTE THE FORK AUGH
Madison Flores
If Keith isn’t your favorite Try Guy, you’re lying.
Derpsterdmad 天 前
Good dammit. I gotta go watch shokugeki no soma again now.
The Underrated gamer
is this scripted
Gacha Lêgends
I’m older than jordynn I’m 9
Bryan Lopez
Bryan Lopez 天 前
I like how Keith busted a nut when he saw the last steak lol 😂
Sush Jay
Sush Jay 天 前
Watching this has now made me leave my room and walk to my campus’ grocery store and get food.
Pia Anderson
Pia Anderson 天 前
Eleanor Flannery
6:47 Did they name a steak after me or something?
Karrina Edwards
Karrina Edwards 2 天 前
the music is from dancing line oml
Karrina Edwards
Karrina Edwards 18 小时 前
+littlemac94 sOMEONE GOT IT
littlemac94 22 小时 前
the desert
Sweswio 2 天 前
Damn bruh
lepidoptery 2 天 前
It looks like he changed into a doily for the wagyu XD
Charlie Price
Charlie Price 2 天 前
omg I love steak
Cesarina Garcia
Cesarina Garcia 2 天 前
Caroline Balkon
Caroline Balkon 2 天 前
Smart he brought more people with him he should do ice cream version...
hotjavascript 2 天 前
try guys are the most genuine guys
JustanOKIE guy
JustanOKIE guy 2 天 前
I could eat this so easily
Lara _LM
Lara _LM 3 天 前
Nobody: Keith to an 8 yo : when they cut me open one day....
babybookworm003 3 天 前
How does this guy not food coma?
Isaiah Adams
Isaiah Adams 3 天 前
More like eat my entire rent bill
lulu piggy
lulu piggy 3 天 前
Wait... I’m not vegetarian anymore
Lisa Johnson
Lisa Johnson 3 天 前
I don’t understand how Keith is not fat with all that he eats lolol. Side note though, eating raw meat is so animalistic. Gross.
Ashley Thomas
Ashley Thomas 3 天 前
This was the worst one because I'm salivating the whole time. Usually I just feel bad for him bc a ton of fast food would just make me wanna puke...
Aram Garbo
Aram Garbo 3 天 前
How did you choose reinforcements? I may be qualified. 😂😂😂
Dasha M
Dasha M 3 天 前
I wanna try Wagyu steak now... and my butchery sells it!
Shadow Dragon
Shadow Dragon 3 天 前
Hey guys chef travis from baldhair
David Polatis
David Polatis 3 天 前
Vegan watches episode *inner vegan rage intensifies
David Polatis
David Polatis 3 天 前
What the guy meant with the veal being baby cow that “doesn’t move around a lot” is that they are raised in a small cage so that they can’t stand up or move so they are very tender. I mean... as long as it tastes good...
Gabriel Youssef
Gabriel Youssef 3 天 前
The guy trying the food is high
Yang Cong
Yang Cong 3 天 前
When it comes to “baby cow”, it is indeed something I don’t like despite I am not vegan or vegetarian at all.
Musicoyal 3 天 前
Keith for president
BboySF_ 3 天 前
Eat the Cheesecake Factory menu its only 300 items
Shailee Koranne
Shailee Koranne 3 天 前
15:22 to 15:30 made me grin real hard
Heather Haub
Heather Haub 4 天 前
Kansas City Strip! Represent! You need to do BBQ of America. Kansas City has great steak and BBQ.
Valerie Meza-Becerra
Elizabeth Ryan
Elizabeth Ryan 4 天 前
*Worth it has left the chat
Ajukulie Junchuriki
I think i might hate this guy
Jordan Krieger Smith
"I will take a bug from the ocean floor, and I will match it with a mighty, mighty cow!"
Jordan Krieger Smith
Ohh, here come the meat sweats! He never said it, but I couldn't stop thinking it the whole time.
Dirk Diggler
Dirk Diggler 4 天 前
Flaming Millennials stuffing meat in their mouths...……..
megan perkins
megan perkins 4 天 前
Lizard brains
Sophie Hamidova
Sophie Hamidova 4 天 前
Me: *Am I dumb or if all the meals cost 12,000 dollars why does it say 1,200 dollars*😂
Damien Quintana
Damien Quintana 2 天 前
Sophie Hamidova $12,000 is twelve thousand $1,200 is twelve hundred
Luke Raymond
Luke Raymond 5 天 前
why am i watching this, it is the last friday of lent
Knife Grader
Knife Grader 5 天 前
14:03 LOOOOL
Standard Stadium
“*holy cow*” HAHAHAHA I GET ITTT
HolgerD 5 天 前
I wonder if he still has room for his enourmous daily intake of soy?...
famousamos0 5 天 前
Try veil cheeks I ordered it without thinking and it was absolutely amazing!!!!
Bobochocho11 5 天 前
Hughie looks like Andy circus from black panther
Hailey Jenkins
Hailey Jenkins 5 天 前
Makayla Joaquin
Makayla Joaquin 6 天 前
Am I the only one who needs to see him eat the ihop menu?
Mr. rice
Mr. rice 6 天 前
That dudes Chest hair is like a RAIN FOREST
Yesenia Ventura
Yesenia Ventura 6 天 前
You should do WENDY’s!
Imogen K
Imogen K 6 天 前
of course i decide to watch this right after i got my wisdom teeth out. i’m gonna cook a steak when i can eat proper food again.
Keith,you’re racist
Gilbird Beilschmidt
12:09 omg hetalia is affecting my mind USA why
Kei Soriano
Kei Soriano 6 天 前
I want Keith to evaluate Jollibee's menu. Love from Philippines
Ashley S
Ashley S 6 天 前
the vegans are 😳
nicki salizzoni
nicki salizzoni 6 天 前
I just keep cringing every time he cuts into the steaks
Heart & Tyler
Heart & Tyler 6 天 前
Keith: that's how im going to look when they cut me open someday Jordynn: *giggles* Keith: nehhehehe HAHAHAHHAHAH mAHAHAHA
David MN
David MN 6 天 前
Keith has become an exaggerated caricature of himself, not a big fan of that.
Good Day Gaming
Good Day Gaming 7 天 前
I would eat all of this myself and film it and name it vegan meal
Rhiannon Allison
Why hasn’t there been anymore Keith eats?
Shania Peters
Shania Peters 7 天 前
Lol kieth said the steak had a boner
overworld72 7 天 前
No thank you bro!!!
kasem zein
kasem zein 7 天 前
its not ur domain man, leave the food alone..
Danielle _
Danielle _ 7 天 前
People are still eating raw meat? 😭
Annabell Master
Annabell Master 7 天 前
I didn’t skip the ads it respect
Lena Rhodes
Lena Rhodes 7 天 前
This made me and my friends crave steak sooooo much we went to her house at 1 am and cooked a beautiful 10oz tenderloin. We accompanied it with juice and shrek.
rugxulo 天 前
How was the Shrek? Hope it wasn't ogre-done!!
Lakedamia Bocconcino
I really want meat now
alliedcomp1 7 天 前
18:31 oooh fuuuck!! lol thats what I was thinking! that looks soooo good!!!!
LazyCowboy 7 天 前
"Close your eyes. What do you see?" "Darkness." NEW T-SHIRT BAYBEE
annj871able 7 天 前
Can we combine the health series with the phenomenon that happens at the end of these vids where it seems as if he is drunk off the food.
DragonWolf 7 天 前
OK I haven’t seen any comments about this which is crazy but where the Frick was Eugene!!!!!! This video was made for him with his perfect 10 out of 10 everything and he wasn’t in it!!! Why??!?!!? I just don’t understand, WHERE IS EUGENE!!?!!?
Lulu Pop
Lulu Pop 7 天 前
When u had enough but can't stop: "Who cares what my body is telling me?"
Mary Dragonee
Mary Dragonee 7 天 前
still don't understand how ned, a self titled italian, didn't know what veal was like HONEY we (atleast my family) have veal milanese (cutlets) at every single holiday like what is you doin
Antonio Soria
Antonio Soria 7 天 前
They’re baked asf
Nick Wilson
Nick Wilson 7 天 前
As I was watching Keith eat $1200 worth of steak I was choking down a $.50 cup noodle slathered in hot sauce. Oh, the irony.
LijiPop 8 天 前
Tbh Ned’s beard really suits him
Kxrnie xx
Kxrnie xx 8 天 前
I have a feeling Hughie put a restraint on Keith for his god daughters 😂💀 “that’s what I’m gonna look like when they cut me open one day”
alberto032973 8 天 前
Unique white jacket keith is wearing
Kurootet 2000
Kurootet 2000 8 天 前
Lizard brain
avery stonewall
avery stonewall 8 天 前
lol at first i thought he was gonna eat ALL the steak raw and i was like “that can’t be healthy”
Instinctive HD
Instinctive HD 8 天 前
At 5:03 they called it cauliflower but it’s broccoli 🥦
How did they get Ernest Hemingway to guest star in this video
Quin Wilhelm
Quin Wilhelm 8 天 前
Holy COW
Chelsy Abou-khalil
Every time my friends say they r going vegan. I will come back to this video and say to myself ... “Nah bruv. Not today.” 🤙👌
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