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Kingdom Hearts fans know that one of the biggest mysteries of the entire series is what the HECK is up with the timeline. There have been many theories out there trying to work out the kinks but today Austin is here to tell you why they are ALL WRONG. The key to this WHOLE THING....is time travel!
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Michael Tsagaris
Michael Tsagaris 4 小时 前
Man the satly nerds in these comments are top tier
Alex alexander
Alex alexander 13 小时 前
did anyone notice that in the middle of his explanation he had a tinfoil hat on lol
Realmwalker 23 小时 前
This is kinda true, to time travel in kingdom hearts you have to remove your heart from your body. So hearts are ghostly so black holes probably won't destroy the heart. But also the other 10 rules to time travel in kingdom hearts that you have completely ignored makes all your time WASTED! Feel despair oh science guy, become here comes the fan boys!
Diego Lomba
Diego Lomba 4 天 前
You know what the funny part is? Kingdom Hearts 3 proves his theory wrong 😂
Bernie Broig
Bernie Broig 4 天 前
Thank you for giving lore context in this one. It would have been impossible to properly put together the whole video otherwise.
Jessamyn Roguski
2:13 Me: I KNEW IT The whole time i played Kingdom Hearts 3 i called it Every time Mickey was on screen i went "im secretly the bad guy a-huck!" EVERY TIME
Aaron Street
Aaron Street 6 天 前
Absolutely ridiculous and entertaining, thank you! 😁👍🏻 the darkness are fools, all of them. The basic tenet, and also absolute from kingdom hearts, light and darkness is this: light will always be stronger than darkness; however, there will always be more darkness than light. Plenty of examples of it, 13 dark wielders vs 7 light wielders, Sora BY HIMSELF riding a river of light keyblades to smack down a gigantic heartless tornado. Totally badass and symbolic. It’s like Star Wars, just keeps going. Go, light! Lol
ridley almanson
ridley almanson 7 天 前
Evil Mickey is actually more plausible than the actual theory he has here.
AmpharosNinja 9 天 前
What this comment section forgets is that namura could do this and the community would say it makes scene.
AnonymousWyatt 10 天 前
To pronounce Zay-A-Nort
Daniel Saenz
Daniel Saenz 14 天 前
Now play kingdom hearts 3. Your ENTIRE video...is now going straight in the garbage. BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD
Xeno V3
Xeno V3 14 天 前
If I Kill My Granddad Then I Just Created A New Timeline I Won't Be Erased Smh
Skorrah 14 天 前
man, this video was never good, nice job blantantly messing up kh lore and not getting a name that is stated in game right
Renella Matrix
Renella Matrix 15 天 前
I am confused but I believe you.
Mindy Auron
Mindy Auron 5 天 前
He can’t even pronounce the villain’s name right. Which is said over a hundred times across the games Trust me. He is not even remotely close to knowing what he’s talking about Plus the one game CLEARLY says one can’t time travel further than when they existed. So yeah he didn’t do as much research as he claims
jpizzle 17 天 前
now that khIII is out, crit mode and all. I finally see this in my suggestions and am so happy I came to this conclusion as well. ">runkeybladewar.exe" I LAUGHED SO F'n HARD
SYKO GenEsis
SYKO GenEsis 18 天 前
Endgame dissaproves of your grandfather theory, austin
YoungFox 21
YoungFox 21 19 天 前
Ok, I believe you
Jayce Todd
Jayce Todd 24 天 前
It cant work because when you time travel in Kingdom Hearts you aren't literally there, and you can't cause or stop concrete events that already happened. All you can do are kind of like in inception out thoughts into your past selves mind. THEORY DISPROVED
S A N D 26 天 前
Apparently it was Braig....
Quen LeShore
Quen LeShore 27 天 前
Lulu/Xigbar was Norted so is Now Evil Mobe!
Juan Gonzalez
Juan Gonzalez 29 天 前
Speed up the sped up part
Rainbow Candy
Rainbow Candy 个月 前
I wanted to hear MATPAT!😡😠This guy is soooo Annoying!😡
Isaac Yi
Isaac Yi 个月 前
I watched this video several times and it feels like Austin flips between MoM is Xehanort and the MoM is not Xehanort because of what he researched. Soooo I'm confusing because Austin is confused. Not sure what he was arguing for now.
Ben Korpella
Ben Korpella 个月 前
Austin baiting MatPat away with FNAF, priceless
ReduxEpix Gameplay
We already knew everything in there my guy
Máté Csóka
Máté Csóka 个月 前
Are you ok Austin?
J VG 个月 前
Late to the party. In any case it makes no sense to apply our physics to the physics of kingdom hearts when that universe so clearly does not abide by our physics. :/ usually these kind of theories ask “would it be possible for this to happen in our reality?” Like Chung-Lee’s kicks or something. But no the reverse. You have to assume it’s just possible and explained by the metaphysics that is espoused in that universe (which the game certainly spews a lot of). So. No not buying this.
TYPING M111 个月 前
Hey can you retry that theory the new game just came out not too long ago
Sky The.Reaper
Sky The.Reaper 个月 前
Nice try 😂😂😂 It was possible before KH3 BLEW IT UP IN YOUR FACE! 😂😂😂😂😂
1Scook 个月 前
Eeyore was behind it all
Maverick Magic
Maverick Magic 个月 前
Listen I'm a kh fan like everyone else but you all need to chill.... This video was made for fun, and I never took this video seriously as you need to remember this video is also just an idea.
Trollinator 2000
Trollinator 2000 个月 前
When it’s actually Xigbar
Lighter_even 个月 前
Luxu is using braig as a vessel
Sir Blader
Sir Blader 个月 前
To be honest this would be a much better motivation than the way things turn out in the third game
かげのもり 个月 前
Then KHIII came out.
Thai'Asia White
Thai'Asia White 个月 前
I'm still confused.
* Photogramagic *
Juan Gonzalez
Juan Gonzalez 个月 前
1:29 Best excuse ever
Timothy Banjo
Timothy Banjo 个月 前
its 2019...and i think we can safely say, this theory is wrong :)
Alejandro Quintero
i am an 11 year old and I understand and play these games and trust me the plot is actually very simple If I can understand it you can also do it and also my favorate game is final fantasy 7 so yeah
Frankie Browneagle
"so they went to the moon" walks slowly away from marluxias
John Short
John Short 2 个月 前
Wow a lot of butthurt babys commenting about the way he jokingly produced xehanort
Miguel Perez
Miguel Perez 2 个月 前
That moment it’s xibarg
Stevepocalypse Animations
Norm Rayos
Norm Rayos 2 个月 前
Every time ‘Evil Moby’ pops up all I think of is Grant Morrison. Anyone else?
colorful rainbow
colorful rainbow 2 个月 前
After turning off microphone: AAHhhHHHhhh!!!!!!!
Tucker Thomas
Tucker Thomas 2 个月 前
Hot topic boi is a man named Luxu who in KH2 takes on the name Xigbar and in birth by sleep this explains why Evil Moby and Luxu,xigbar,braig what ever you want to call him seem to already know each other.
Lego Gamer
Lego Gamer 2 个月 前
False theory, the master of master a.k.a luxu is xigbar not xehanort, confirmed in the epilogue of KH3
Luxu and the Master of Masters are two different people. Good try, you're right that he's wrong but you should really check yourself before calling someone else out.
Nabbit Go home
Nabbit Go home 2 个月 前
11:20 Ed and Edd and Eddy put x25 to see it. (Or not)
Dumb Person
Dumb Person 2 个月 前
U can also just pause it
Its JustBrunoTV
Its JustBrunoTV 2 个月 前
One of my favorite games
21flores lizviolet
21flores lizviolet 2 个月 前
15:35 *When I can solve some theories finding the real story about Christine Silawan's death* (plz tell the song's name for me?)
sadface loser
sadface loser 2 个月 前
i think the pronunciation thing might have been a joke, but if he really didn’t know how to pronounce xehanort, i don’t think it really matters that much (laugh)
Miraculous Kingdom Hearts
Boy you need the books I need in kindergarten When it said a word you didn’t no hoe to pronounce here is yours ( zay-un-ort) kay no can you please pronounce it PROPERLY
Miraculous Kingdom Hearts
The end tho 😂 XD
andrew the animator
andrew the animator 2 个月 前
This franchise was not made to last this long making it complicated as they add more sequels
Kyle Hoopes
Kyle Hoopes 2 个月 前
TwiztiD DieseL
TwiztiD DieseL 2 个月 前
The Master of Masters is Xigbar from Organization XIII. Just listen to the voice closely. MIND BLOWN
sharks 10803
sharks 10803 2 个月 前
Kingdom hearts 3 made this theory completely false.
Salty Shunk
Salty Shunk 2 个月 前
doodle mcscrub
doodle mcscrub 2 个月 前
It's xigbar
Brock Billings
Brock Billings 2 个月 前
You’re so close but so far, the reason the master of masters knows the future is because of the sword. The sword can allow the master to see events unfold through the eye, despite time. Therefore he can see the future events since the sword in the future has seen them. Besides, in KH rules you can only time travel to a point where another you already exists
BOGG flamingo
BOGG flamingo 2 个月 前
Cooper Griffiths
Cooper Griffiths 2 个月 前
Little does he know that Kingdom Hearts is anime... and anime can do anything.
joshua clare
joshua clare 2 个月 前
My friend, you’ve lost me. Go have a lie down, and just forget this mess ever happened.
Robbie&Jamie Rowlett
I bet the master of masters is Sora.
Miraculous Kingdom Hearts
Robbie&Jamie Rowlett someone play the dramatic music
ıllıllı sʜɪʙᴏᴜ ıllıllı
Xehanort ( Zay - a - nort ) It's not that hard dude
g2akashi 2 个月 前
I would love to see another KH vid that has your thoughts now that III has been out for weeks now
Johnjohnbro 06
Johnjohnbro 06 2 个月 前
It’s not the x-blade It’s the Roman numeral key-blade The symbol looks like an x but it’s not
Young Legacy
Young Legacy 2 个月 前
Who else is watching after kh3 came out??
Guro93HO 2 个月 前
plot twist; it was Sora all along. Cuz he randomly get mojo jojo powers. Who knows what he can do.
Samantha Gelpi
Samantha Gelpi 2 个月 前
Wrong with the master of masters
John Forni
John Forni 2 个月 前
So, if Xehanort has the ability to move through time, and he's presumably the only person capable of doing so, that means that he could potentially have visited all the key points in the timeline and rigged everything to go the way he wants it to, and even if Sora and friends manage to flub something up for him, he can still go back to that point and re-edit it to work out anyway, so how exactly do you defeat someone who has absolute control of the situation?
Sora-Rex Kairi-Pyra Naminé-Mythra
He doesn't have absolute control of the situation, as he can't just re-edit events to his liking while time traveling. There are a couple of rules Xehanort has to abide by when time traveling: 1. You can only go in one direction, either forward or backward: When you gain the ability to time travel you have to choose whether you want to go to the past or the future. If you go to the past, then you have to live it out until you reach the present. If you go to the future, you can make continuous jumps forward, until you've exhausted your time and have to return to the present. 2. There must be a version of yourself waiting for you at the destination: Basically, you can't go to a point in time where you weren't alive. 3. You can't change what's destined to happen: If you travel to the past, you can't undo any of the things that happened in the past, because you were already there. If you go to the future, you can't prevent what you witnessed from happening and to ensure this, when you return to the present, your memories of the future fade away into your subconscious where it guides you into the future you saw. These rules prevent Xehanort from just being able change events to his liking, but it also ensures that he has at least one chance to succeed, in case his other plans fail.
John Forni
John Forni 2 个月 前
Xehanort split his soul into a bunch of horcruxes and is trying to gain the ultimate power in order to become the supreme being and master of his realm. Xehanort... Voldemort?? Jesus Christ... It's Jason Bourne!
Leo Cav
Leo Cav 2 个月 前
Why tha f people dislike this guy vídeos..he is brilliant
Eairy Guy
Eairy Guy 2 个月 前
Because MANY of the arguments he made in this video are very easily debunked.
DeltaAmalia 2 个月 前
Your voice is so annoying
GoldenChocobro 2 个月 前
I like how people say they played the games, yet they don't know how to pronounce Xehanorts' name. Even though each character said it ten times, every other minute. It's Ze-Yah-Nort. Pay attention.
connor carrera
connor carrera 2 个月 前
Guido Falconi
Guido Falconi 2 个月 前
Goon back to this video after beating KH3 this makes much more sense. It could’ve easily been that MX was the master of masters and transferred his consciousness over and over. We’ve seen that he can do it and that hard enough trauma can make him forget his memory. This would’ve made much more sense than the crap ending we got with Xehanort getting redeemed and everyone forgetting he had just killed a major character.
SoGames Pro
SoGames Pro 2 个月 前
I really laughed at what you said evil Micky mouse joke I laughed so hard
soulless01475 2 个月 前
Any time I click a game theory video and it starts "dear..." I just stop the video, because it's always garbage. Here's a theory for you, Matpat only keeps this guy around because it makes literally every video on youtube look better by comparison >.>
Kamoshun 2 个月 前
soulless01475 I love these videos.
Giovanny Hiciano
Giovanny Hiciano 3 个月 前
Branch universe much
David Mathis
David Mathis 3 个月 前
I know this is an older video but what if evilmoby is using wormholes
Novas Memoria
Novas Memoria 3 个月 前
The orchestral music that begins at 1:39 what is that?
FriedFwsh 2 个月 前
it's the third movement (presto) of vivaldi's summer concerto :) hope that helped
Alfrodo Moya Fernández
Well I got a question (and probably you won't answer since this video is from 8 months ago). I gotta say that even though I freaking love KH and I've watched all the cutscenes of all the games (except KH3 cause I'm still in San Fransokyo) a week ago I didn't even know these games existed. But since I love physics and time traveling (even though I'm not an expert) there's a law in the games that I remember clearly and it says "for time traveling to work there must be already a version of yourself at the source and the destination". I know that the fact he's gonna travel to the past means itself that there's already a version of himself in that time so the problem would be solved. But I think that's not how it works in these games, you know what I mean? So then, how could Master Xehanort travel back in time to be Master of Masters if he needs to be already in that part of the timeline? I don't know if I made it clear but it makes sense in my head (and English is not my language, it would be easier for me to explain in Spanish). Love your videos btw
Emily Ballin
Emily Ballin 3 个月 前
This is about the same as what happens when you think about the homestuck timeline too hard.
Z K 3 个月 前
So will there ever be an update since KH3 is out with the hidden movie? He was right with almost everything except about Luxu
John Porudy
John Porudy 3 个月 前
The one thing I don't understand is why people even still try to explain Kingdom Heart
Xeroc Animation
Xeroc Animation 3 个月 前
TJ Jordan
TJ Jordan 3 个月 前
One other theory about time-travel is that the person who goes back is like a leaf or a water drop that changes the ripples of the water while continuing to go forward. Meaning that time is aware of the paradox and uses the “splash” as the new timeline so that everything continues moving forward. Also meaning that the person who time-traveled gets to stay to ensure the new timeline.
Aiden Martinez
Aiden Martinez 3 个月 前
i love listening to your rants despite i dont know what your saying half the time
Aiden Martinez
Aiden Martinez 3 个月 前
isnt timelines supposed to be mat's job
Ahmad Salem
Ahmad Salem 3 个月 前
“Luxu” was revealed to be...: Xigbar... So, the Master of Masters was......
Veteran Mojave Ranger
God bless that new Vegas reference
Steve Barnes
Steve Barnes 3 个月 前
I love the classical music Austin uses in his videos.
Xianos Witherspoon
Xianos Witherspoon 3 个月 前
So kh3 came out, how is this theory holding up?
I it’s not xehanort he died in kh3 you’d know if you played the game you moron
Blue Scyther
Blue Scyther 3 个月 前
Also, he can time travel before kh3 to see the war
Blue Scyther
Blue Scyther 3 个月 前
This video is from 8 month ago you moron
Patryn 3 个月 前
Why should I trust someone who can’t pronounce the main baddy of the series so far?
shinobimanexe 3 个月 前
Lemme help you out bruh...Warning spoilers dont read if you aint ready yet Xigbar...Braig his persona behavior and nuances are just like M.O.M. but at the end of kh3 we discover Xigbar is Luxu. The coat that they wear is made to hide once heart and presence to denizens of the dark. Why then would M.O.M. AND LUXU be wearing this? To "avoid any potential paradoxes" -M.O.M. Thats right Xigbars origin is Luxu whom by some means obtained the coat and met his future self who wore the coat and didnt know he was him until he lived long enough to realize it. Now I have two divergent Ideas I would like some insight on: 1 thought: Xehanort has been Luxu's pawn all along and never realized it. OR When Xigbar became "half Xehanort" he maintained xehanort status post kh3 mortem recieved the no name keyblade and became the master of masters after next game content *rolls eyes but smiles* Norted M.O.M. Xigbar goes back in time to nort his younger self and then incept darkness...HIS DARKNESS back into the beggining. And using an eye forged with darkness onto a keyblade he watched it all and guided it all. The results made all of kh 1 through 3 irrelevant: thus I belive his sinister task was to delete the JESUS of this universe: Sora thats right sora! One of the things we over looked in Kh series is the promise made in the first 10 minuites of gameplay: remember you will be the one to open the door to the light. A metaphor implying Sora who is effectively the Kaiblades master at KH3s ending is to return the world to the age of fairytales using Kingdom Hearts. But he cant because on the eve of the celebration of Kairis retrieval and the felling of Xehanort Sora disappears quite abruptly... Perhaps this is the will of Xigbar who would be the last remnant of Xehanorts darkness. What do you guys think should I make a video?
OokamiNoKishi 3 个月 前
So, now that KH3 is out and practically sinks this theory, will we get an update video for it? I enjoy your videos and I love KH so I woldn't mind seeing more videos on the topic. Also, the Master of Masters can only see the future that his Key Blade is present for. Which is why he sends his apprentice with the Key Blade in order to watch all the events happen, otherwise he woun't know what happens in the future if he didn't ensure that his Key blade would be there at the appropriate time. The Time travel in KH is very cyclical.
Fallon Michael
Fallon Michael 3 个月 前
Who else got triggered when he called it the x- blade and not the qui blade
GH09159 3 个月 前
If you have played any of the games other than kh1, you will know how to pronounce the main villain's name. It is zay-ah-nort. It's not like the games dont say his name.
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