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Kingdom Hearts fans know that one of the biggest mysteries of the entire series is what the HECK is up with the timeline. There have been many theories out there trying to work out the kinks but today Austin is here to tell you why they are ALL WRONG. The key to this WHOLE THING....is time travel!
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Amy Carter
Amy Carter 14 小时 前
Ninety percent of comments: 'This theory was all wrong/bad joke' Nine percent of comments: 'Purely a fanbase bashing' One percent (or maybe just mine): 'My ears once again are hounded by Austin's therapeutic screaming as well as classical music, and that classical music piece is Sir Spork's Hall of the Mountain King. Yeep!' (okay, maybe I've seen/heard too many Clone Hero meme videos, but who asked you!?)
Samuel Lyall
Samuel Lyall 19 小时 前
Sorry to say, this theory is big oof. First not pronouncing Xehanort correctly on purpose, second talking about formulas and quantum physics within a fictional game, third having a theory that can be debunked by understanding the events of 3D, and fourth completely (and rather annoyingly) freaking out at the end. KH has complicated lore, we know, take it down a few decibels. I’m sorry, but this theory video just isn’t good. I understand that there was a lot to cover in 16 minutes, but slow down and take a breath, I could barely follow along.
Music Musician
Music Musician 19 小时 前
So in other words.... You don't know... what a waste of 16:31min.. go back to doing movie theories.. smh
Armando Leger
Crazy xd
BlackKat 13
BlackKat 13 天 前
I understand the struggle of pronouncing Xehanort's name. I've found a way around it. I started calling him Saiyan Snort. Somehow, fellow fans have always figured out who I'm talking about. It's like the Bourgeoisie Cragglethatch thing.
Andrew Roberts
Dont really care story will be good and gameplay will be good just like the last to
Gamelover254 2 天 前
It always hurts so much when it’s obvious they didn’t actually do any research, watch any cutscenes, play any of the games, know any of the characters and then have the balls to call the story “convoluted” or “confusing”. Games are not meant to be read as bullet points. Games are basically a movie that stretches to about 30-50 hours. If you don’t play it, and simply look up summaries by people who probably have it wrong too, how do you expect to understand even the basic plot of the story? Not to mention the fact, what is the point of trying to go deep into the lore of something you obviously don’t care about. I’m pretty sure this vid was meant as a cash grab and just a middle finger to KH fans everywhere.
Zachary S.
Zachary S. 2 天 前
lol nah, he gotta be there first to time travel there, dummy.
Aidyyk GameON
Aidyyk GameON 2 天 前
With all due amount of respect, what a full buttload of crap!
Bon bon
Bon bon 3 天 前
BioHazarD 3 天 前
this is wrong, xehanort needs a version of himself to travel back to, where he cant have a material body. Which means that he couldn't've gone back to where he didn't exist lol the rules of time traveling on the KH universe are clear
Angelo Martires
Angelo Martires 2 天 前
Check and mate. Sorry you wasted 2 weeks of your time, Austin.
Anthony Milana
Anthony Milana 4 天 前
I was onboard and understood everything until the last three minutes... which I listened to six times... and still don’t understand lol!
Ggskyrunner78 4 天 前
this aint it, chief
MyRageness 4 天 前
I’m hoping a really good theory for KH will come out after 3 releases.
Wrin7 5 天 前
This was just the best. It made me laugh so hard it hurt a little, but I still want to watch it again!
Insurgent Paradox
My head just exploded.
NeonNote 6 天 前
i just looked at the comments section and austin was right...so much unresearched hate
Elhuggante 6 天 前
I thought the X-blade was pronounced as Chi(Ki)-Blade for the greek letter X.
XAceX 7 天 前
This is like IGN's review but as a theory lol in short, pretty bad... :0
Ryan Armenta Trujillo
Wait, wait, wait, I just have one question for you... WTF?!?!
Michael Horton
Michael Horton 8 天 前
Bring that I barely understand the story now hearing his version pissed me off cus it threw my whole understanding off. I just know he’s wrong at parts but now can’t explain why.
YepYepWAKA 8 天 前
Wait doesn't Xigbar only have 1 eye? and so far no one else has been missing one. Xigbar is master of masters! Confirmed!
Agent Hollands
Agent Hollands 8 天 前
anthony bolling
anthony bolling 10 天 前
IT'S XEHANORT! PRONOUNCED (ZaY-Uh-Nort)! jesus it's not that hard lol
Joepokemon 11 天 前
Everyone know already
Victor Robin
Victor Robin 12 天 前
Trying too hard
HetaliaRussiaFan 01
TBH i doubt the master of masters is xehanhort and sure the evidence might point to being so but i doubt it...tbh w u i think master of masters is an entirely different person that is not xehanhort at all.
Gechiko Gaming
Gechiko Gaming 12 天 前
But wait what happened to master of masters? Why did he vanished? So he returned to his time line I supposed?
Jeremy Hughes
Jeremy Hughes 13 天 前
Tommy Jabczynski
Tommy Jabczynski 13 天 前
I definitely think The master of masters is from the future or will be. But it's not xehanort. Especially if the idea that the master of masters put his heart into the box. Wich could give all kinds of ideas. Like the assassin who took down zstrelitzia could of been the master of masters in his early age and is posing to be a dandelion. Since ventus and marluxia and larxene were from that time as well. It's safe to say he figured out how to get through the timeline similiar to how those three did. But it's possible that ephemor is the master of masters and didn't assassinate anyone. And his future self came from the past.
themuffintoptv 14 天 前
Yeah, I like closed time curves, and it works for the episode, but how do we know that there’s not a different form of time travel that doesn’t incite continuous principles?
themuffintoptv 14 天 前
In fact given what you said about particle position, there’s not really a way you can say there isn’t another form of time travel like that
Elroy Johnson
Elroy Johnson 14 天 前
The question is not who But how and when
Dominc Gruver
Dominc Gruver 14 天 前
The game litterally say you cant go back in time only forward if you are trying to apply science to this game it leads me to believe you have never played it in the first place this is one of the most unscientific games ever lol
Barry the Berry
Barry the Berry 15 天 前
No just a pancake references in the comments?
Alex Veron
Alex Veron 15 天 前
but if xehanort is master of masters,who is masters of masters of masters,xehanort? or is it master of master of master of master/SORA??? edit:or is it master of master of master of master of master of master of master of master of master of masters/xehanort
Lil 16 天 前
seriously y’all complain about how we get mad when u don’t play the side games and then come out with this? i haven’t even watched passed 3 minutes and i know this is gonna be whack bc of “zee ha nort”.
Lindsey Lewis
Lindsey Lewis 16 天 前
Given how the Mandela Effect basically proves multiverse theory, the grandfather paradox and all scientific timeline continuity arguments, are rendered completely moot. That said, it has no bearing on Kingdom Hearts, which clearly bases its time travel on predestination.
21flores lizviolet
*Please make Guardian Fairy Michel theory?*
S B 16 天 前
Can you run that by me again?
Matthew Eakin
Matthew Eakin 17 天 前
Austin I'm sorry but you overlooked the fact that in kingdom hearts to travel through time you need a past you there so while the master of masters might be xehanort to time travel he has to be born before the first keyblade war
Zediah Timmons
Zediah Timmons 18 天 前
The Master of masters is Accel
alois trancy
alois trancy 18 天 前
Damn so many little kids got triggered 😂😂
Tiffany Mauer
Tiffany Mauer 18 天 前
You sound like me and my buddy talking Dr WHO timeline lol.
xerolife666 18 天 前
The x-blade is not called the "ex" blade. its the greek letter "chi" (pronounced: key) so the original keyblade is literally called the key-blade.
Faux - tographer
Faux - tographer 18 天 前
You need a version of yourself in the time period in order to travel there Luxu = the real young Xehanort Or The box = the version of Xehanort that allows him to travel at any point in the timeline
Djinn Gang
Djinn Gang 19 天 前
Xahenort isnt tha Master cuz tha master can see into tha FUTURE, and Xahenort cant, or else he wud have kno Sora was gonna stop him all tha times he did...........plus Xaneort can only go into tha past as far as tha day he was born and cannot change events set in stone, he can only go thru tha motions and go back to tell himself in tha past how he fail, and a clue of how not to fail.........plus, tha Master is missin a BLUE eye, and Xahenort has BOTH his eyes, which are YELLOW.......
Faux - tographer
Faux - tographer 18 天 前
He was trying to explain that he universe has continuity. So Xehanort can still be the mater and know that Sora will stop him because that’s how the universe is supposed to play out
russianred128 19 天 前
My video froze and wouldent play after he finished saying "as long as i can get my message across"
russianred128 19 天 前
My video froze and wouldent play after he finished saying "as long as i can get my message across"
russianred128 19 天 前
My video froze and wouldent play after he finished saying "as long as i can get my message across"
Exxotik Wolf
Exxotik Wolf 20 天 前
Who else would we think is the main villain????????? EXPLAIN
Roxas Blanchard
Roxas Blanchard 21 天 前
Yo man, you forget that in kingdom hearts, the rule of time travel is that you can go back to the past but your past self must be there at the other end. Meaning u can't go back to the past, past the point of u not being born.
Elijah 21 天 前
I’m not saying this is entirely impossible. But please take consider of how time travel actually works in THIS GAME UNIVERSE. I...doubt the Master of Master is the case, because the interview has already made it clear that he won’t be in KH3. And KH3 is the end of Xehanort saga.
Jeronis Leror
Jeronis Leror 21 天 前
I actually agree with this theory.
ψ 22 天 前
okay i believe you
The Sonic Geek
The Sonic Geek 22 天 前
TL;DW Xehanort has tapped into the power of Steins;Gate
Above Average Gaming
Can we all stop pretending that pronouncing Xehanort’s name is difficult? It’s said a bunch of times across the games. It’s not rocket science...
Maki Harukawa
Maki Harukawa 23 天 前
What if the master of masters, was referring to a 2nd futuristic keyblade war, than the one that happened 100 years ago. The keyblade that was given to "hot topic boy" Was to see THAT war happen Kh3 needs to answer this, or im kms
Alex Ramsey
Alex Ramsey 24 天 前
See the master of masters made the keyblade to see the future and he knows it works because he sees the future, by making the keyblade he guarantees that he sees the future to write the book of prophecies by that he himself is set in a type of infinite loop of making the book and the keyblade to see what happens and write it down and by causing the conflict to make the keyblade war possible basically setting things in motion for the whole series.
Nickduwop Inc.
Nickduwop Inc. 25 天 前
I never subscribed to a channel so fast
Ms Harp
Ms Harp 个月 前
Holy crap. I had to pause before I had a brain anurism. Tetsuya nomura, what were you thinking making something this convoluted!?
Carnage Superior
Carnage Superior 个月 前
You forgot the fact that to time travel in kh you have to A have lived in that era and B destroy your own body. It's said in multiple places that he and Eraqus are the same age, around 45, and we know from flashbacks that he hadn't destroyed his body before the end of birth by sleep as shown in dream drop distance when he explains his first encounter with himself. So he could not go back that far because he just not that old.
Tristan Matthews
Tristan Matthews 个月 前
Did u know according to kingdom hearts lore and xehanort himself you can only time travel to a point where you where alive.
Hero Storm
Hero Storm 个月 前
Ok its possible he's high on all his medication
thaygayshykid 个月 前
*Giggling* three /key/ points
green black
green black 个月 前
Time travel according to light speed and science is bogus..the character is using magic no logic needed. -ps Einstein was wrong-
personalx2244 个月 前
Bro you sound like an idiot spouting facts about irrelevant and inconclusive information on a topic your vastly unprepared to discuss MATT PAT WHO IS THIS LOSER
personalx2244 个月 前
personalx2244 个月 前
Me being a KH nerd dued....... Your an idiot all of this is told to us SIMPLE AND CLEAN through out the games your literally just saying what the games have already said WORST GAME THEORY EVER!!!!!!!!!!
Rascharn Antonio Chatterton
Here i am watching all these video's on kingdom hearts. I FINALLY unterstand the story enough to enjoy kingdom hearts 3 and here you are, DROPPING THIS
Jacob Dorazio
Jacob Dorazio 个月 前
Jacob Dorazio
Jacob Dorazio 个月 前
I have 2 gave sgons s with astons name on it if says rip the thery killed this man by time trAvl
theTerrabull 个月 前
So you know Time Travel exists in Kingdom Hearts, but you don't know the biggest fundamental rule about it, that says you can only travel in your lifetime?
JediTesloG 个月 前
Dude... just stfu and talk about the subject at hand.
chung lam
chung lam 个月 前
Sajirou Plays
Sajirou Plays 个月 前
Also tie in the fact that KH3 is the end of Xehanort's saga and KH4-6 is coming out after that.... clearly the whole v ideo is wrong from the getgo.
Julian Garcia
Julian Garcia 个月 前
It clearly explains in DDD how xehanort travels in time. He either just wanted to make money from the view or is just didnt pay attention to the gameplay in DDD. So unless the master of masters has his heart in the box and xehanort manages to open and the M.O.M just jumped out and pulls an orichamaru bs on him there is no way in hell that xehanort is the M.O.M
Magnus Cholok Mauser
It's bullshit but I believe it
Agel1ic 个月 前
Xehanort explained how he time travel to the past in the 3ds game.
gerrod powell
gerrod powell 个月 前
sooooo... good theory, but for one teeny tiny problem.... it's stated that you need to already be alive in the time that you're travelling to... sooo....
CrazyDoggo68 个月 前
Such confuzzled
Jesse Schoedel
Jesse Schoedel 个月 前
So, you think Xehanort didn't exist in the time before the Keyblade War, yet was able to travel back in time to that point? That breaks the rules of time travel in the Kingdom Hearts. He can only travel back to a point where a previous version of him already exists.
Mythical Monster
Mythical Monster 个月 前
“I love it but screw it!!!” Is now my favorite sentence
Daenym 个月 前
This video was pretty disappointing, but the comment section is on point.
Jayden Yang
Jayden Yang 个月 前
i think i heard one of vivaldi's seasons
Arielle Gonzalez
Arielle Gonzalez 个月 前
Don’t use terry
NightLifeGames 个月 前
...four minutes in, and even we me TRYING to be open-minded and patient, I'm disappointed and have lost all respect for Game Theory. Persona 4 "Fear the Bear" and this "Xenhanort is the big bad" theories are absolute trash. Sorry, but I just can't believe that you thought these two BELOVED series were O.K. to actually try to theorize without really playing them. KH was my first game so this video hurts to see this happen to it. makes me wonder just how much "research" you guys actually put into these theories and then slap a video on them.
FiNiSH Random
FiNiSH Random 个月 前
please delete this
Gian Carriedo
Gian Carriedo 个月 前
Dayna Hart
Dayna Hart 个月 前
STOP! everyone click away from this video and go watch Everglows kingdom hearts timeline series here on youtube if you want to understand this game!
Kikolito 个月 前
Still need to finish KH, so nope!
Ninja_5tyl3 个月 前
If he gets the sword from "hot topic guy" then goes back in time to give the sword to "hot topic guy", where does the sword come from?
KingsHeart 01
KingsHeart 01 个月 前
Xehanort: (zay-ah-nort)
Briana Leslie
Briana Leslie 个月 前
Yooouuurrrr probably gonna have to do another one. You left out some major plot points and hints, especially from the secondary Unions forged by the Dandelions. This was a lot worse than expected...
Briana Leslie
Briana Leslie 个月 前
Like... They're probably not even in the keyboard war world. This whole situation is probably taking place in the dream world that the Dandelions took refuge in, and the real master is just watching from the outside.
Xehanort is not the Master
Hiren Bhavsar
Hiren Bhavsar 个月 前
This video made absolutely no sense
Lachlan Jones
Lachlan Jones 个月 前
I can sum time travel up in two words MULTIVERSE THEORY!!!!
Treemonk 64
Treemonk 64 个月 前
Cool... Now try organizing the Homestuck timeline!
Ghostnut 个月 前
You know that your helping Nomura, right?
Christina 456
Christina 456 个月 前
I clicked on this thinking it would be good.... I was wrong and now .... I am sad :(