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Kingdom Hearts fans know that one of the biggest mysteries of the entire series is what the HECK is up with the timeline. There have been many theories out there trying to work out the kinks but today Austin is here to tell you why they are ALL WRONG. The key to this WHOLE THING....is time travel!
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评论 12 148
Giovanny Hiciano
Giovanny Hiciano 2 小时 前
Branch universe much
David Mathis
David Mathis 天 前
I know this is an older video but what if evilmoby is using wormholes
Novas Memoria
Novas Memoria 2 天 前
The orchestral music that begins at 1:39 what is that?
Alfrodo Moya Fernández
Well I got a question (and probably you won't answer since this video is from 8 months ago). I gotta say that even though I freaking love KH and I've watched all the cutscenes of all the games (except KH3 cause I'm still in San Fransokyo) a week ago I didn't even know these games existed. But since I love physics and time traveling (even though I'm not an expert) there's a law in the games that I remember clearly and it says "for time traveling to work there must be already a version of yourself at the source and the destination". I know that the fact he's gonna travel to the past means itself that there's already a version of himself in that time so the problem would be solved. But I think that's not how it works in these games, you know what I mean? So then, how could Master Xehanort travel back in time to be Master of Masters if he needs to be already in that part of the timeline? I don't know if I made it clear but it makes sense in my head (and English is not my language, it would be easier for me to explain in Spanish). Love your videos btw
Emily Ballin
Emily Ballin 3 天 前
This is about the same as what happens when you think about the homestuck timeline too hard.
Z K 3 天 前
So will there ever be an update since KH3 is out with the hidden movie? He was right with almost everything except about Luxu
John Porudy
John Porudy 4 天 前
The one thing I don't understand is why people even still try to explain Kingdom Heart
Xeroc Animation
Xeroc Animation 4 天 前
TJ Jordan
TJ Jordan 4 天 前
One other theory about time-travel is that the person who goes back is like a leaf or a water drop that changes the ripples of the water while continuing to go forward. Meaning that time is aware of the paradox and uses the “splash” as the new timeline so that everything continues moving forward. Also meaning that the person who time-traveled gets to stay to ensure the new timeline.
Aiden Martinez
Aiden Martinez 4 天 前
i love listening to your rants despite i dont know what your saying half the time
Aiden Martinez
Aiden Martinez 4 天 前
isnt timelines supposed to be mat's job
Ahmad Salem
Ahmad Salem 4 天 前
“Luxu” was revealed to be...: Xigbar... So, the Master of Masters was......
Veteran Mojave Ranger
God bless that new Vegas reference
Steve Barnes
Steve Barnes 5 天 前
I love the classical music Austin uses in his videos.
Xianos Witherspoon
So kh3 came out, how is this theory holding up?
I it’s not xehanort he died in kh3 you’d know if you played the game you moron
Blue Scyther
Blue Scyther 4 天 前
Also, he can time travel before kh3 to see the war
Blue Scyther
Blue Scyther 4 天 前
This video is from 8 month ago you moron
Patryn 5 天 前
Why should I trust someone who can’t pronounce the main baddy of the series so far?
shinobimanexe 5 天 前
Lemme help you out bruh...Warning spoilers dont read if you aint ready yet Xigbar...Braig his persona behavior and nuances are just like M.O.M. but at the end of kh3 we discover Xigbar is Luxu. The coat that they wear is made to hide once heart and presence to denizens of the dark. Why then would M.O.M. AND LUXU be wearing this? To "avoid any potential paradoxes" -M.O.M. Thats right Xigbars origin is Luxu whom by some means obtained the coat and met his future self who wore the coat and didnt know he was him until he lived long enough to realize it. Now I have two divergent Ideas I would like some insight on: 1 thought: Xehanort has been Luxu's pawn all along and never realized it. OR When Xigbar became "half Xehanort" he maintained xehanort status post kh3 mortem recieved the no name keyblade and became the master of masters after next game content *rolls eyes but smiles* Norted M.O.M. Xigbar goes back in time to nort his younger self and then incept darkness...HIS DARKNESS back into the beggining. And using an eye forged with darkness onto a keyblade he watched it all and guided it all. The results made all of kh 1 through 3 irrelevant: thus I belive his sinister task was to delete the JESUS of this universe: Sora thats right sora! One of the things we over looked in Kh series is the promise made in the first 10 minuites of gameplay: remember you will be the one to open the door to the light. A metaphor implying Sora who is effectively the Kaiblades master at KH3s ending is to return the world to the age of fairytales using Kingdom Hearts. But he cant because on the eve of the celebration of Kairis retrieval and the felling of Xehanort Sora disappears quite abruptly... Perhaps this is the will of Xigbar who would be the last remnant of Xehanorts darkness. What do you guys think should I make a video?
OokamiNoKishi 5 天 前
So, now that KH3 is out and practically sinks this theory, will we get an update video for it? I enjoy your videos and I love KH so I woldn't mind seeing more videos on the topic. Also, the Master of Masters can only see the future that his Key Blade is present for. Which is why he sends his apprentice with the Key Blade in order to watch all the events happen, otherwise he woun't know what happens in the future if he didn't ensure that his Key blade would be there at the appropriate time. The Time travel in KH is very cyclical.
Fallon Michael
Fallon Michael 6 天 前
Who else got triggered when he called it the x- blade and not the qui blade
GH09159 6 天 前
If you have played any of the games other than kh1, you will know how to pronounce the main villain's name. It is zay-ah-nort. It's not like the games dont say his name.
The Wolf
The Wolf 6 天 前
thats the austin we know and love
The Stig's Japanese Cousin
What happens if the master of Masters is Walt Disney
I am Random
I am Random 6 天 前
1 like=1 prayer for Austin.
tanz448 6 天 前
But what about Young mobe
David Poe
David Poe 7 天 前
It’s basically the time travel of the tv show lost.
Salizaar Blackshadow
Man. It’s gonna suck when he plays KH 3 and learns he’s wrong.
Jared Burton
Jared Burton 7 天 前
As someone who read Homestuck, the concept of stable time loops is pretty easy to follow.
TheRogueGrunt 7 天 前
Well this ended up... Half true?
Setser Aioshade
Setser Aioshade 6 天 前
+TheRogueGrunt Moreover the time travel portion of it was completely wrong from the start due to the already stated rules of time travel
Flurb 6 天 前
+TheRogueGrunt But Luxu is not the Master of Master's. So, either way, it's still wrong.
TheRogueGrunt 6 天 前
+Flurb well Luxu is Xigbar who is half Xeonort so kiiiinda?
Flurb 6 天 前
Nope. Ended up not true at all. Lol
P3rf3ctEdin 7 天 前
God this guys videos suck.
P3rf3ctEdin 7 天 前
R u serious with this video. Dislike.
Mr. Impossibru
Mr. Impossibru 7 天 前
So this is what happens when Tidus from FFX gets really into science..
Harukoon92 8 天 前
Nomura is a character designer, NOT a writer, his narrative is an exemplary example of this in addition to his resume or lack there of considering he needed to be pulled from FFXV for it to see the light of day, and at this rate, maybe even off FFVII.
Setser Aioshade
Setser Aioshade 6 天 前
​+Harukoon92 You realize that Nomura does a lot more for Square than just writing stories? He is their poster child -- their main character artist, one of their favorite directors, and works on many of their in house games -- often at once. He is one of the busiest people working for Square, which is why games that he is working on often take a while to come to fruition because Square Enix keeps putting him on too many projects at once. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tetsuya_Nomura#Works Just look at how many projects come out every year that he has highly important roles on. It should be a no brainer that, when being forced to work on many things, all of those things take longer to get finished. If anyone should get the blame for his projects taking time, it should be the square executives for choosing to put too much on his plate at once.
Gabriel Bennett
Gabriel Bennett 6 天 前
+Harukoon92 I literally JUST explained why those two cases happened. He had too much on his plate. You just repeated yourself. He was "stuck" on the intro because he had KH to focus on.
Harukoon92 7 天 前
+Gabriel Bennett the man kept FFXV in devlopment limbo. There is no denying Tabata salvaged that IP. Nomura was "stuck" on the intro of the FFVII. Nomura is not a good writer. His resume shows it. I'm sure if Hashimoto didn't jump on him there'd be less to show for.
Gabriel Bennett
Gabriel Bennett 7 天 前
-_- He needed to be pulled from FFXV because he was working on other projects at the same time, mainly the KH series. If he were told "Hey, work on FFXV, and only FFXV" with no complications, he would've been able to. Same goes for FFVII. You really expect a man to direct two highly anticipated games at once? Yes, Dream Drop Distance was a little wonky, KH3 even had some flaws, but that doesn't automatically make him a horrible writer. Not to mention, even if he were, that has little to nothing to do with how fast FFVII will come out. It's a remake, it doesn't need nearly as much writing as an entirely new game would need.
Ernie Gonzalez
Ernie Gonzalez 8 天 前
Theory is a bust
Dalton Ortiz
Dalton Ortiz 8 天 前
Luke Jefferey
Luke Jefferey 8 天 前
Are you ok.
yubel uchiha
yubel uchiha 8 天 前
The master of master said he doesn’t want to create a time paradox because of the events he can see he told his student that his student ask him if you can see the future then you know what’s going to happen so why don’t you stop it from happening. I also been thinking that if master xehanort can time travel to get his other self’s then why don’t they have time travel to so I think master xehanort travel to other reality’s to get his other versions of himself different words. I think master xehanort seen a keybalde war on a different reality of the world and wanted to start one in his world dimension so he can reset the world and control it .
Zyanbob 8 天 前
Kingdom hearts makes no sense
Daniel Suzuki Silva
Damn, you scream a lot. Yeah, that's it, nothing else to add. I just had to point it out.
Piat420 9 天 前
Ok so that's easy to explain, the timelime has to not contain future him once, that has to happen, so the guy The Master of Masters gives the keyblade to is young evil mobi BECAUSE the first time round he missed out on the war, he didn't have a keyblade whatever, so he changed it, forever changing the time line, so he gave the seeing sword to himself so when the sword caught up to him in the future the original evil mobi will have that information if his younger self survives the change of the time line or not. The eye blade is insurance because the very first time he goes back he doesn't know what will change
Mirax 9 天 前
LOL this gave me a headache
General Oinkers
General Oinkers 9 天 前
I couldn't make it 1 minute and 59 secs into the video with out going :I wot
Nazuna500 9 天 前
I love just how worked up he gets over this. I could barely understand him half of the time because he nearly forgets to breathe!😂😂😂😂
Silver Tongue
Silver Tongue 9 天 前
Ironically 3 is what got me interested enough to try research and understand the plot of kingdom hearts LOL o even designed my own keyblade XD
VioletWolf Youtube
Have you ever hear of the Pandora's box? I think that what inside of it.
Spencer C
Spencer C 6 天 前
funilly enough no, that is on the hercules world still. unless you just mean the general principle
geoffrey swift
geoffrey swift 9 天 前
So, obvious 'you didn't do your homework on time travel laws' comments aside, who's your vote for the big bad now? You know, since Xehanort is pretty much dead, didn't cause the first keyblade war, failed to cause a second, and MoM is God knows where and intimating that he wants Kingdom Hearts?
Setser Aioshade
Setser Aioshade 6 天 前
Honestly, I feel like MoM is going to be the big bad. it is hinted in the secret ending of KH3 that the box contains a heart (see MoM-like figure looking at the moon, making a box with his hands, followed by a heart), and it is my thought that the box contains the heart of MoM
Lutfi Setia Rafsanjani
I don't like the way you say evilmobi moobee bla bla.. God! just say the regural name
SwaggerSoulS 9 天 前
I know everyone else has said this but the x in x-blade is the Roman or Greek letter x pronounced key
Ali Jeha
Ali Jeha 10 天 前
Why is he using science to explain time travel when they use magic? The science made no sense in regards to this theory
Ric Pendragon
Ric Pendragon 10 天 前
χ-blade, not X-blade. Also, boy you were way off 😂 nice try tho
Johann Ortiz
Johann Ortiz 10 天 前
And 7 months later you where right in some parts
Frozen Alpha
Frozen Alpha 10 天 前
You will be fined by the fandom... it's going to cost you your life
Zach Davis
Zach Davis 10 天 前
I bet my sister that evil Moby is Sora
XNinjaBlueWolfX 10 天 前
LOL I love this comment because your probably right 😂
Maria Roberts
Maria Roberts 11 天 前
complaining about a 'defensive fanbase' is a crappy way of discrediting criticism towards this VERY lazy video...
Poubellelabelle Etsesmacaquesmous
Just finished kingdom hearts 3 and... Well you were wrong ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Thomas Hutchinson
Your wrong
Thomas Hutchinson
Just... no
Sabrina Vetsch
Sabrina Vetsch 11 天 前
poor Austin press f to pay respects f
boopr doopr
boopr doopr 11 天 前
Woah this comment section toxic... yikes
Zerowing 321
Zerowing 321 11 天 前
Your trying to use science to solve videogame logic..
Pokemon Master Michan
Gamagical 11 天 前
The master of masters is Mickey Mouse of course.
Jorden Powell
Jorden Powell 11 天 前
After further listening... you're an idiot and shouldn't cover kh. And it's pronounced zay-ah-nort... God you're annoying
punchparty400 jack love
Most of this is just talking about time travel and paradoxes
Bro Gamer
Bro Gamer 12 天 前
Who is here after kingdom hearts 3
thatguy mitch
thatguy mitch 12 天 前
WRONG!, master of masters is future sora and luxu is true big evil
quincyking010 12 天 前
U wrong in kh you can only time travel to where you already existed
SinistraBoys 13 天 前
Theory busted. KH3 SPOILER -> Xehanort was a pawn and was used by Luxu all along. As it turns out: "evil Moby" has nothing to do with the Master of Masters at all.
isaac sanchez
isaac sanchez 13 天 前
Just as well people being babies again in the comments.
Night flare
Night flare 13 天 前
Mickey killed thousands
Kevin Palmer
Kevin Palmer 13 天 前
This did not pan out as predicted
Raiden Vakarian
Raiden Vakarian 13 天 前
I gotta be honest, this video was so poorly explained that I didn't understand anything you were trying to say about KH OR quantum mechanics. Surprisingly, barely coherent screaming isn't great at getting a complicated point across.
Nyarlathotep 13 天 前
Well as of know that we have KH3 we have the awnser. He travels threw time by displacing his heart in time since a heart exists at all times, so to travel threw time xehanort sends his heart to a time that he wants to be in by sending his heart into a host. Also zigbar is the master of masters and he needed a way to view the war so he created a weapon capable of being there at all times i.e. the wicked keyblade. So I have a theory on this and it goes like this. Xigbar hands off a bugged keyblade so that he can record the events of the future then he infiltrates the world to make sure it goes the way he wants without makeing sure he can tweak the results (this is important for later). He then makes sure that he reclames the keyblade with his eye in it so that he can unlock the chest with the book of Destiny in it, records the new information and then send the book back in time to for his younger version to read. His younger version repeats these actions untill the future xigbar achieves the result he wants or maybe he wants a complete cheat book of the universe. I.e a book of all causes and all there effects.
Nyarlathotep 14 天 前
The master of masters is xigbar
IL TDK 13 天 前
Ehm... it's Luxu....... but in fact there are theories out there.....
Arcane Twickster
Arcane Twickster 13 天 前
Don't we still not k ow who MoM is?
kingdom hearts master osama
bravo your theory got deconfirmed
Setser Aioshade
Setser Aioshade 6 天 前
It was debunked the moment he made it because it inherently breaks the rules of time travel in KH
Ken Bristol
Ken Bristol 14 天 前
boy i love reading the comments section. you got the: 1. people that dont understand a joke (xemanorts name) 2. the die hard KH fans that cant take kindly to Theories (like he said, he predicted the hurricane. GIVE THIS MAN A NEWS STATION) 3 the rare nice commenter. its like a rare diamond amungst the gravel and dirt..... or a stinkin Wyvern Gem in monster hunter (i hate those things. 2% drop rate ARE YOU SERI--Tech crash--) is it so hard to enjoy a video even if it may be wrong or it has one joke being run into the ground? we cant just witness a science man delve deep into his own mind and realize hes a madman but because he tried to understand a Crazy person he became crazy himself. ...im very tired at the time of me writing this
Setser Aioshade
Setser Aioshade 6 天 前
The main problem that I have been seeing in the comments that I read is as follows: He missed a very key part in the in-game explanation of time travel, and it is that key part that completely disproves his theory due to how pivotal it is. The part is as follows: You can't travel back in time unless a version of you exists there naturally (i.e aside from time travel). MoM can't be Xehanort from the future because Xehanort would never have been able to travel that far into the past, as it is canon that he was born way after the Keyblade war. Lastly, he claimed to have "played all the games" and spent extensive amounts of time researching and watching lore videos. If this is true, then he would have known about that rule that completely discredits this theory, as the rule was explicitly said in the same game that made time travel officially canon. A scene during the story of DDD explains that rule, and the scene wasn't hidden behind any secret requirements, so anyone who played the game to completion would have known of the rule. This means he either 1) purposefully ignored the rule, thus making this video intentionally deceiving (which is a bad thing) or 2) he lied about how much research he did (which is a bad thing) either way, he ruined his credibility and character with this one.
Automatune circut
Hold up. This is just a bunch of affirmation to what he was scared of.
happy smiley
happy smiley 14 天 前
I didn’t really understand the time travel movies where they go back in time to kill a professor who creates a zombie virus because if he was an alive to create the zombie virus why would they go back in time to stop him
Ethan Williams
Ethan Williams 14 天 前
You were wrong 💀😂😂
Death Knelle
Death Knelle 14 天 前
Well...considering the ending of KH3...
SirTimidFlash 14 天 前
Someone please reimage the "Do you want the ball duke" gif with Austin and Matt.
HpoloGaming 14 天 前
I enjoyed so much this video. You destroyed my research of lore for the past month for this franchise. I'm totally confused but it makes sense in the same time. How's this possible ? I hate you and love you at the same time. I must have breached the thin line between sanity and madness. Thank you sir ! 🤣
Danny Moore
Danny Moore 14 天 前
Why does one of the members of organization 13 have an eyepatch?
ZedNaffy ÙwÚ
ZedNaffy ÙwÚ 14 天 前
Sooo... are we gonna tell him his theory is wrong?
Reigning Fall
Reigning Fall 15 天 前
It’s funny how all of this is wrong. No spoilers for KH3 but nothing was correct for your idea.
GGKimTaeyeon 15 天 前
Idk who this guy is but i knew within the first 5 seconds that he was going to say something stupid. Lo and behold
Emma Rypka
Emma Rypka 15 天 前
why are you playing music from the nutcracker
Harlequinn 14 天 前
he goes insane every episode
Connor Young
Connor Young 15 天 前
The x-blade is called the key-blade, like the Greek symbol key (might be wrong, if I am plz correct me)
Bob McGuffin
Bob McGuffin 11 天 前
That's correct. The Greek symbol looks almost like an X but is actually χ and spelled Chi but pronounced the same as "Key"
Connor Young
Connor Young 15 天 前
I thought it was Zeh-a-nort, not xe-a-nort.
Caleb Malousek
Caleb Malousek 15 天 前
Shaun Wilcox
Shaun Wilcox 15 天 前
Yup Kingdom Hearts Fans Let’s get him
Gonzalo Fraguas Bringas
Cool theory. Learned a lot 👍
SatanicSwan 666
SatanicSwan 666 15 天 前
But it has been said that in kh time travel you have to leave your body behind this forth your heart would be the thing traveling through time, and since kingdom hearts is made of hearts and is the source of all light in the kh universe a heart should be able to travel at the speed of light on it's own, and since evil moby also has the power of darkness that should be able to give his heart the boost it would need to go faster than the speed of light
Premium Saltine
Premium Saltine 15 天 前
As a lover of this series the lore is basically a fanfic.
ScubaruBanzaii 15 天 前
“It makes no sense but I understand all of it” YUP KINGDOM HEARTS
Daniel Austin
Daniel Austin 15 天 前
This is the 3rd time I've watched someone go insane talking about Kingdom Hearts lore
Minato Namikaze
Minato Namikaze 15 天 前
What's that song at the end?
Robert Harrison
Robert Harrison 15 天 前
Your all wrong Xehanort can you forget his past self got ripped out of his body because he entered a period where he wasn't around and possed riku or did you forget that bit of kh1 he could of ripped his body apart by going to the time before the keyblade war and as a ghost which he was in kh1 posses a person and become the grand master who says the key blade war will happen set the wheels to make it happen fast forward to future and enter a replica body hence the riku replica.
Aaronthetf2guy 15 天 前
then you realize this is broken by the master of masters being revealed in a secret cut scene in KH3. (or i think so? i'm not too sure)
JTUsn12 15 天 前
KH3 just fucked up thy theory
Xxemesxx 15 天 前
I hate this consistent timeline
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