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Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper - I'll Never Love Again (A Star Is Born)

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Music video by Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper performing I'll Never Love Again. © 2018 Interscope Records











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Miss Right
Miss Right 14 分钟 前
Am I the only one who thinks that Bradley could have cut his own scenes by 30mins without it effecting the movie?
A- Sin
A- Sin 22 分钟 前
Only you met true love before , then you can understand the lyrics .
Maxi van Joy
Maxi van Joy 25 分钟 前
🎶❤🎶 love it 🔥❤🔥
yedija ukurta
yedija ukurta 28 分钟 前
this movie is not available in the cinema in my city but im really want to watch this movie so bad just by seeing the trailer and these beautiful soundtrack
Dena Paramita Rustandi
I'll never love again 🐻
Anonymous Singer
Anonymous Singer 37 分钟 前
Mutiara Chalisha
Mutiara Chalisha 39 分钟 前
Simona Montanaro
Simona Montanaro 44 分钟 前
best movie ....best song ....
Fray Uribe
Fray Uribe 44 分钟 前
37,564,511 vistas
Daryl Haggerty
Daryl Haggerty 46 分钟 前
Remember when Madonna called Gaga ‘reductive’. I hope your watching this Madonna
michael CARROLL
michael CARROLL 25 分钟 前
Daryl Haggerty Madonna called Lady gaga reductive because she copied everything Madonna did. This movie has nothing to do with her comment
帥哥 53 分钟 前
is very great
Cleo Patra
Cleo Patra 54 分钟 前
This song is everything ❤️❤️
marsela giovani
marsela giovani 小时 前
Enclee S
Enclee S 小时 前
It was amazing 😎
Adya Singh
Adya Singh 小时 前
Too much botox...why???!!!
Joe Ali
Joe Ali 小时 前
It's aashiqui 2 as hollywood version
Darío Luján
Darío Luján 小时 前
Célio Rocha
Célio Rocha 小时 前
O Oscar vêm ❤️
Gooo 100m
Lauren Taylor
Lauren Taylor 小时 前
I cried 😂
Elle G
Elle G 2 小时 前
I knew Lady Gaga from her viral pop songs and crazy costumes and performance. But for me, the raw performances of her singing Shallow and I'll never love again were ones that made me see her soul as a singer. I hope she makes more music in this direction because her voice is so raspy, beautiful and unique. And her message comes across deeply. I am amazed with her exceptional talent. Thank you for creating such a powerful and emotional song!
Vladimir Kovac
Vladimir Kovac 2 小时 前
I like old Gaga, her old music. This new botox aged lady NO!
eka malinda
eka malinda 2 小时 前
Love u lady gaga!!!! 🌸
吳宜芳 2 小时 前
Burigadang Padam Sakdang Bulawan
She is becoming a class act now 😍😍😍
Yusran Abhirama
Yusran Abhirama 2 小时 前
From indonesia likes 😊
reyshiify 2 小时 前
Never been a fan till I heard this song and rendition
WeirdoowithABeardoo 2 小时 前
Beautiful song sang by a beautiful lady.
Dessi ayodya
Dessi ayodya 2 小时 前
no tattoo? but this is sooo amazing song.. tumb up Gaga
Mr Clamity
Mr Clamity 2 小时 前
This song will be a nightmare on Karaoke, lol.
Anton Nazam
Anton Nazam 2 小时 前
Narrowly GT
Narrowly GT 2 小时 前
Use me as a "goosebumps every second" button!
Mustafa Agus
Mustafa Agus 2 小时 前
Awen Amparo
Awen Amparo 3 小时 前
Ethan Drumz
Ethan Drumz 3 小时 前
Loppy Naung
Loppy Naung 3 小时 前
Our Monster Mother
Marc van den Oord
Marc van den Oord 3 小时 前
The feeling......the emotion in this song in this voice....is so deep, true in has a eternal value
Martyna Lubaszewska
Martyna Lubaszewska 3 小时 前
She finally looks good and beautifull, without that all shit on and around her. And her voice.... ❤️❤️I am so impressed, why can't she look and sing like that all the time 😍
elftimes 3 小时 前
Don't know why but this performance reminds me of Whitney Houston.
Cate Wairimu
Cate Wairimu 3 小时 前
I cant have enough of this song.
Jayjay Clarianes
Jayjay Clarianes 3 小时 前
why am i crying right now? 💔
M M 4 小时 前
they can only end up with death cuz nothing else can save the movie... the plot is pathetically boring and cliche
M M 4 小时 前
pretty much a shallow Korean drama, trying so hard to be deep and artistic but it is just so so so shallow and cheesy. there are so many real world issues, and this guy is just drug abused for some emotional things? and lady gaga's performance... no real sparkle and intensity of love at all, no depth , nothing, cmon...
Proud Indian
Proud Indian 4 小时 前
why should every movie be about those issues going in the world... bradley never claimed he is gonna include the global warming and world war chapters in his film about 2 lovers. U are an idiot
M M 4 小时 前
cheesy shallow superficial shit
Nicky Styles
Nicky Styles 4 小时 前
God, why wont he go away. I thought after the third album bombed, Gaga would just retire and stop polluting the airwaves, and yet he has returned yet again... :(
Crystal McCann
Crystal McCann 4 小时 前
She is a beautiful woman... She needs to loose the blonde it is so unnatural. Gaga please go natural or even the red. So much better than blonde you have beautiful eyes. they get hidden with the blonde so much talent
dil Bahar
dil Bahar 3 小时 前
Hi dude can we become friends reply
Jean Hubsch
Jean Hubsch 4 小时 前
This song and film is to the current day what I Will Always Love You and The Bodyguard was to the 90's. Just a shame it will never have that recognition.
Jorelle Camento
Jorelle Camento 4 小时 前
This song+ the scene legit made me cry 😭 it's so beautiful 💕
Elaine Hu
Elaine Hu 4 小时 前
Something about this movie is very special. Not many movies can stay on my mind after days of watching it. It's odd in a good way...
meriem beniddir
meriem beniddir 4 小时 前
I like ......it's amazing !!
Indigo Inception
Indigo Inception 4 小时 前
I really cannot remember how many times this song has made me cry.
dil Bahar
dil Bahar 3 小时 前
Fuck your pussy idiot
L.E._Carotte 4 小时 前
Didn’t watch the movie yet but still couldn’t resist to cry. Such an incredible performance
Rifdania Putri Destrinita
Wish I could, I could've said goodbye I would've said what I wanted to Maybe even cried for you If I knew it would be the last time I would've broke my heart in two Tryin' to save a part of you Don't wanna feel another touch Don't wanna start another fire Don't wanna know another kiss No other name falling off my lips Don't wanna give my heart away To another stranger Or let another day begin Won't even let the sunlight in No, I'll never love again I'll never love again, oh, oh, oh, oh When we first met I never thought that I would fall I never thought that I'd find myself Lying in your arms And I want to pretend that it's not true Oh baby, that you're gone 'Cause my world keeps turning, and turning, and turning And I'm not moving on Don't wanna feel another touch Don't wanna start another fire Don't wanna know another kiss No other name falling off my lips Don't wanna give my heart away To another stranger Or let another day begin Won't even let the sunlight in No, I'll never love I don't wanna know this feeling Unless it's you and me I don't wanna waste a moment, ooh And I don't wanna give somebody else the better part of me I would rather wait for you, ooh Don't wanna feel another touch Don't wanna start another fire Don't wanna know another kiss Baby, unless they are your lips Don't wanna give my heart away To another stranger Don't let another day begin Won't let the sunlight in Oh, I'll never love again Never love again Never love again Oh, I'll never love again
Vegard Nilsen
Vegard Nilsen 5 小时 前
I love bradley cooper and i want him in my life
Loan Ngô
Loan Ngô 5 小时 前
When we 've just been out of a relationship with someone, we think we can't get over it. We couldn't love another one. He is the only one. Well, yeah it might be fucking true and full of pain the first days after break-up. Then, time flies and u r self-aware that we couldn't die without someone, we just die because of the lack of food, air, water. That's life. And this song damn kills me these days. Hmm i'll be alright, i know it.
Fatima Hussein
Fatima Hussein 5 小时 前
I dedicate this song to my mother. I left home so young without saying goodbye.. I'll never dedicate the same time & effort to anyone that I would for her, just to earn her trust back. She can have it all, all of it.
dil Bahar
dil Bahar 3 小时 前
Hi are you Muslim from where you are reply
allan zen
allan zen 5 小时 前
Mendengarkan lagu ini cara dia menyanyi untaian syair yg indah puitis membawaku ke era 80s 90s dimana Withney Houston,Mariah Carey,Wendy Moten seoalh hadir di udara sekitarku,,,kemudian yg sangat hebat ternyata Lady Gaga bisa nyanyi lagu indah macam ini dengan penampilanya yg wajar dan matang. sekarang saya menjadi penggemar Lady Gaga
Colleen Richardson
Colleen Richardson 5 小时 前
...Lady Gaga's music has changed so much, it's amazing
Will I Be Heard
Will I Be Heard 5 小时 前
I actually just "know" the name "Lady Gaga" but never really searched for her for years but since these heart warming songs appear, especially 'I'll Never Love Again', I started loving her so much.
김보미 5 小时 前
노래 진자 멎져용!!!!!!!
Caio Oliveira
Caio Oliveira 5 小时 前
Dadi Puzzangara
Dadi Puzzangara 5 小时 前
Bass Mainer
Bass Mainer 5 小时 前
Lady Gaga, an understated vocalist. I mean she's no Whitney Houston, but the girl can sing more than just bubble gum music. She has soul.
Kim Kaira
Kim Kaira 6 小时 前
I Will Always Love You of 21th century
Ashraffe Salléh
Ashraffe Salléh 6 小时 前
Who's still listening to this in 2020?
ClemROwens 6 小时 前
These are the days (Years!) of Lady GaGa (Christina).
Joyce Li
Joyce Li 6 小时 前
What kind of vocal skills or singing styles are used from 2:00 onward?
Тарас Глудик
Гага - ти молодець
farhan iddin
farhan iddin 6 小时 前
I love you this way
Scarlett O'Hara
Scarlett O'Hara 6 小时 前
Its really good, but I think "Never Enough" from The Greatest Showman is better and more emotional ❤ What do you Think? PS. Sorry for mistake, I learning English
Simply amazing
Yadu Karu
Yadu Karu 6 小时 前
Codie West
Codie West 6 小时 前
Does anyone else hear similarities to Whitnay Huston - I will always love you in this song? Follow my insta too! codiewest_
Vincent C
Vincent C 6 小时 前
People have placed her with Madonna, Kylie Manogue,,,,, Diff is ... Gaga can realllllly sing...
Mitifly 6 小时 前
kylie can sing, madonna can but doesnt and also theres nothing special about her voice or music.
Marti Talavera
Marti Talavera 6 小时 前
Cœur d'Améthyste
Cœur d'Améthyste 7 小时 前
I'm...depressed (I saw the movie last Sunday and I didn't expect the end AT ALL)... but Lady Gaga's interpretation was amazing.
Aat Sholihat
Aat Sholihat 7 小时 前
gabyenbsas 7 小时 前
the chemistry in this movie is way past acting.. I think these two belong together.
LadyHeathersLair 7 小时 前
When Lady Gaga first came out with her song "Let's Dance" I just blew her off as another weirdly dressed pop star. But I have (thankfully) been proven wrong. I don't know what is more impressive: this, or her performance at the Oscars doing selections from the Sound of Music soundtrack, which even impressed Julie Andrews. And I am not even into diva music. (Oh, and her duet with Tony Bennett)
Cœur d'Améthyste
Cœur d'Améthyste 7 小时 前
Wisnu Prayudha
Wisnu Prayudha 7 小时 前
Mantap betul😍
Leo Joey
Leo Joey 7 小时 前
no. stop 😭 don't stop....
Şarkı çok çok güzel ve içten olmuş. her dinlediğimde tekrardan hayallere dalıyorum. bana kendimi hem iyi hem de üzgün hissetmemi sağlıyor ama yine de vazgeçemiyorum. üzülen ama güçlü kalmayı başaran biri olduğunu insana hissettiriyor. Lady Gaga muhteşem yorumlamış. :)
Jana Simmons
Jana Simmons 7 小时 前
Lady G ROCKS!!!! And she is such an awesome singer. I believe people have underestimated her for a long time.
pedraooh 8 小时 前
Eu chorei no final do filme
brooke snack
brooke snack 8 小时 前
The new i will always love u
Azy Satritama
Azy Satritama 8 小时 前
kapan tour ke indonesia ? saya sangat menunggu anda konser di indonesia :)))
Rizki Putra Prastyawan
watching 10 time a day push view lol
Mazahery Ahmad Reza
Mazahery Ahmad Reza 8 小时 前
I am a dude, but I could not help my tears by the ending of the movie. This song just made the experience a lot more painful. I myself have dealt with drinking issues, so I related so much to the character. I understood what someone like that goes through. From the outside looking in, of course all that drinking really messes you up and makes you unable to live your life properly. But from the perspective of the drinker, the bottle is actually the only thing thats keeping you from wanting to kill yourself. Its the only way you actually endure the emotional and physical pain. I remember during those times when the only thing I could be excited about was being beside that bottle so I can drown all the pain away. But.... It also made me appreciate that I was able to make it out of that place thanks through the positive people that sorrounded me. This is why the ending got me all pissed off. Jackson was already getting better. He was in a good place. He had Ally who will supposedly care for her. He did what he did because he did not want to hold Ally back. Also I wanted really to beat Ally's manager to a pulp! That guy was such a dick
Anna Nurjanah
Anna Nurjanah 8 小时 前
This song can easily turn my happiest mood into blue
dil Bahar
dil Bahar 3 小时 前
So why you are watching this reply
Dee Kim
Dee Kim 8 小时 前
Wow, used to see her in her extravagant attires... She looks amazingly beautiful with this plain looks... She's Gaga, oh well, she looks amazing in everything she wears.
Alexis Jade
Alexis Jade 8 小时 前
my friend she didnt like this movie at all and i was like “WHATTTTT”😑......i sobbed for about 20 minutes listening to this song
yudikanandi 8 小时 前
Wow...i love this song😙
Binocent Senopile
Binocent Senopile 9 小时 前
All I could find on my mind was "WOOOOWWWW😥".
Jun Dellamas
Jun Dellamas 9 小时 前
Chills are real ...
владимир дубинин
Вообще ужас! Тошниловка!
Joanne Soriano
Joanne Soriano 9 小时 前
i love you Lady Gaga.
Armand Hammer
Armand Hammer 9 小时 前
Seven million of these views are mine.
Alessio Perticara
Alessio Perticara 9 小时 前
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chandy atmaja
chandy atmaja 9 小时 前
Dalem amat borrrr liriknya 😭