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Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper - I'll Never Love Again

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Music video by Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper performing I'll Never Love Again. © 2018 Interscope Records










评论 42 873
DAlU DALS 18 分钟 前
This had me in tears ☹️
Claire Caylaluad
Claire Caylaluad 48 分钟 前
kahit bumitaw ka na... di ko pa rin kayang ibigay sa iba ang puso ko... dahil ikaw at ikaw lang ang mamahalin ko... kung mabasa mo man ito.. sana maging masaya ka...
jay miller
jay miller 小时 前
Kenzie Rae I love you I’ll never move on babygirl. I promise my hearts yours forever I’m waiting with arms wide open
Nicole Maralit
Nicole Maralit 4 小时 前
One of the best songs ❤️❤️❤️
Tadokaki 7 小时 前
Who's fuckin doesn't
Codera Marrow
Codera Marrow 7 小时 前
When i hear this song im crying why Gaga i love uou verry much from phil🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘
adrianina 8 小时 前
It's perfect
P C 9 小时 前
Lady Gaga can sing.......
Su Kwt
Su Kwt 9 小时 前
Her voice her feelings !!!! 💔
Jim Bo
Jim Bo 10 小时 前
Her voice is a perfect fit for the song
Derek James
Derek James 10 小时 前
Lady Gaga is phenomenal, OMG so beautiful
Derek James
Derek James 10 小时 前
This song is so beautiful, I'm at a loss for words and teary eyed, all I can say is WOW, totally outstanding!!!
Dhug Ghawe
Dhug Ghawe 11 小时 前
Mr. Cooper's Voice, Sexxxxxyyyy!😹
JohanneMSP dk
JohanneMSP dk 12 小时 前
I find myself crying after I listen to this aong
Darren Evans Zemonologist
I could rest in that woman's busom for a thousand years and wake up gagagaga
Darren Evans Zemonologist
This song makes me thankful to be alive and there for my girls.
Ferdy an
Ferdy an 13 小时 前
I'm not crying, you are crying !
gimmigota1 13 小时 前
Oh boy, can't describe what I feel after listening to this beautiful song. Man, she's got an absolutely stunning voice.
Angelica Teles
Angelica Teles 14 小时 前
Ela é shou
juliakaya 14 小时 前
For you my sweet Angel I dont want to know another love it's impossible. You took à part of my heart when you l'épave me alone for join the others stars. My most beauriful star. I miss you so terrible I love you forever
Darnell Williams
Darnell Williams 16 小时 前
Lady Gaga channeled her inner Whitney Houston on this one. Well done.
Zahia Bouakkaz
Zahia Bouakkaz 16 小时 前
It is very beautiful ❤❤❤
Luiz Felipe
Luiz Felipe 16 小时 前
Melhor que Shallow ❤🇧🇷
Thùy An Phạm
Thùy An Phạm 17 小时 前
willi yani
willi yani 18 小时 前
sakit hati gue dengernya
Donna Kalziqi
Donna Kalziqi 18 小时 前
This song made me melt. Thinking it's the song I'll play when my husband passes, he he goes first ;)
Yetty Herawaty
Yetty Herawaty 18 小时 前
😭😭😭 It's me ....
Marc van den Oord
Marc van den Oord 20 小时 前
Dear people check this from my home country the netherlands Glennis Grace beautifull cover....cnvid.net/video/%E8%A7%86%E9%A2%91-DsYFjIhPrmM.html&start_radio=1
Karine Buinier
Karine Buinier 21 小时 前
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Karine Buinier
Karine Buinier 21 小时 前
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irahsolon 21 小时 前
I just realized that this song is the "I Will Always Love You" (by Whitney Houston) of this generation. The melody, Lady Gaga's voice and how it was beautifully written give me that I Will Always Love You vibe.
Lorena Paladino
Lorena Paladino 21 小时 前
Genia ... no puedo escuchar la cancion sin emocionarme
Orinda Elza
Orinda Elza 21 小时 前
Great song
Ashley Cardenas
Ashley Cardenas 23 小时 前
I’m in my feelings all over again
Sean Flower
Sean Flower 23 小时 前
Melissa Bourgeois
Goodness this hits home
Jas Ting
Jas Ting 天 前
Thanks to IN2IT members Inho Inpyo covering this so that I have a chance to know and fall in love with this song. cnvid.net/video/%E8%A7%86%E9%A2%91-Eh1og10e9ik.html
Joe Rodriguez
This is simply fukn gorgeous
Tim Moses SR
Tim Moses SR 天 前
gaga throws down a huge performance in this one ,she makes your eyes well up , your hair on your neck and arms stand up,a lump in your throat. this whole movie is award winning and the songs that go with it,you want to hear them not just once but over and over ,i knew she had talent but not like this. lady G you are amazing thank you for entertaining me ever since you first hit the stage i give you a "10" in my book for sure "MO"
Steve Bertrand
Absolutely Incredibly Beautiful Song , Colleen McKibbon I miss you more & more everyday . Exactly why I will never love again , you were my absolute world .
Dwi Budi
Dwi Budi 天 前
2019 anyone?
Aiman Nazih
Aiman Nazih 天 前
where can i download this movie?
Michelle Ator
okay so overnight lady gaga just became Whitney Houston
Irina Thompson
Imelda Fuentes Atienza
Wendell Erllen
I was ok in my bed, then I came here to listen to this song one more time before sleep and here I am... crying again. This song touches me. Thank you for that.
Raonny Ramos
Raonny Ramos 天 前
Ha Nien Ko Sa
So good! I love this song so so much!
min thaw nyo
min thaw nyo 天 前
I wish you listened to this everyday when im gone.
Daniela Fredes Santos
Donde esta subtitulada al español?
Craig Green
Craig Green 天 前
Better than Shallow! Although that his awesome too!
vinicius Gabriel
Algum Brasileiro que ama essa música?
Anastasia B
Anastasia B 天 前
Lady Gaga sang this song after she learned Zombie Boy died. Y’all she was feeling real pain during the song.
Daniela Torres
My eyes are red
cristov dumitru
Lady Gaga very good voice! Brawissima!
Fatima Nasseer
DJ Nemisis 608 Freestyle
***I Know the feeling all to well! I almost lost a Dear Friend in a Stunt Accident..^*^^**. cnvid.net/show-UCMfRgwsdU4sv-9hCW-0mVOQ. We got most of it on Camera l..
Absolutely the most perfect love song ever ! So beautiful
Prince A
Prince A 天 前
Dutch version 🇳🇱❤️😍 cnvid.net/video/%E8%A7%86%E9%A2%91-qEG_-DUuz8I.html
Prince A
Prince A 天 前
Dutch version 🇳🇱❤️😍 cnvid.net/video/%E8%A7%86%E9%A2%91-qEG_-DUuz8I.html
dana ortiz
dana ortiz 天 前
Asong Jamirtsur
Best song ever in my life....❤❤❤💞💞
Rodolfo jr. Pineda
Kevin Milton
Kevin Milton 天 前
Love it
Damone PJones
1 of 2 movies I cried to. The other was the Lion King
E L 天 前
I stil cry😭😍❤️
Justice Empire
I never thot dat Lady Gaga was the one who sing dis song. My heart aches when I first heard dis song & was wondering who had sang dis. This feels so painful 4 the one who can relate 2 dis. It's not surprising 2 know since Lady Gaga is a Multi-Talented Guru.
elisa 天 前
From Indonesian?
Jesus XCX
Jesus XCX 天 前
141 Millions
a_ hvt
a_ hvt 天 前
Worst moment of the movie 😭
Phillip Brewster
Its amazing how this actor really fools people into believing he is a woman i do gotta give him props that estrogen really does have him singing like a woman
Phillip Brewster
Phillip Brewster 13 小时 前
+Rick Mendez he admits to being a transgender in the lyrics of multiple of his own songs its ok I completely understand i was fooled for a long time too. In the videos where he looks stunningly sexy and curvaceous they are very photshoped and many are greenscreened you can't watch his videos to really research you have to watch paparazzi videos and non photshoped or candid videos to see it. I never believed it either until i met him in new York i have zero and i do mean zero doubt that he was born a man. I think he may have gotten a full change surgery when he gad his hip surgery several years ago so im not sure if he is an anatomically correct man but i am certain that he was born a man and probably chopped it off a few years ago. Hey he has a great female singing voice and its very difficult to tell what he used to be so i can completely understand when you criticize my knowledge
Rick Mendez
Rick Mendez 14 小时 前
Phillip Brewster you’re a grown man saying this? Really I thought its was the little kids who passed the rumor around haha grow up. Women can have beautiful strong features too.
reyna putri
reyna putri 天 前
april 2019??
Jim Wave
Jim Wave 天 前
Same chords as 'I can't live if livin' is without you. by AIR SUPPLY - WITHOUT YOU cnvid.net/video/%E8%A7%86%E9%A2%91-IjxEB-oM2WQ.html
bossi holden
bossi holden 天 前
Rocket rackon?
lul7wow 天 前
This song is about one special and real love between 2 people 💗
Almost 150M views for this beautiful song.
Phương Su
Phương Su 2 天 前
the voice in VietNam bring me here
Calta Nissetta
Calta Nissetta 2 天 前
Respect for Lady Gaga from Germany Hamburg !!!!!!
gustavo salazar
gustavo salazar 2 天 前
I'm not crying , You're crying 😭😭
Bts Army
Bts Army 2 天 前
I love this song so much 😭😭
Sybnakila purnomo
Crying bcos this song.. Suddenly remember u 😢
Mr Holland
Mr Holland 2 天 前
Gaga, Why did you do that to me?
Israel Hmr
Israel Hmr 2 天 前
Belleza Me encanta😊😊
afiqq kamal
afiqq kamal 2 天 前
Till today .,I'm stil crying when I heard this song... 😭😭😭
CHIMIN - style
CHIMIN - style 2 天 前
This movie😭😭
Brian Maxwell
Brian Maxwell 2 天 前
The love my life just left me
Witch UE
Witch UE 2 天 前
I never had a boyfriend but this made me feel like I’ve been through the worst break up
María Alba
María Alba 2 天 前
Pathy Angel
Pathy Angel 2 天 前
Só eu que choro quando escuto :(
billy Montana
billy Montana 2 天 前
Simply wow 😮
Ellen Thornton
Ellen Thornton 2 天 前
This is a wonderful song thank you gaga for singing and wrighting this song. Thank you for little or no make up, thank you for street clothes and thank you for brown hair. I think I will always appreciate seeing you the way I had seen you in a star is born.
Lady Gaga que cantora magnífica!!!
Yasmine Costa
Yasmine Costa 2 天 前
Só eu choro muito vendo esse vídeo ? 😭😭
ZhanRose Abear
ZhanRose Abear 2 天 前
Everytime i hear this song ..i cant stop my tears
Anony Mouse
Anony Mouse 2 天 前
I prefer the music industry's original product Madonna from the good old days when I still was young and silly enough to listening at radio music ,then I grew up !
Đức Con Official
Vẫn mãi yêu bài hát này 😢
crtclub30 .20
crtclub30 .20 2 天 前
Sí 😭😭 Sí
Gnosis Reyes Quan
literally me
Isabella Maria
Isabella Maria 2 天 前
If you have no idea about how is really fall in love or how is feel true love, this song describe this in a perfect way... So good and so deep. Is the best feeling...