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Apparently there's no lyrics 03:00 - 3:21 & 10:41 - 11:09 I'm really sorry about that, something must have gone wrong while rendering the video. or it's because of copyright reasons.
I'll try to fix it. for now you can just skip the parts. you rap gods don't need it anyway
Original video: cnvid.net/video/视频-uv_1AKKKJnk.html&t=11s
Oh I know how to levitate up off my feet,
And ever since the seventh grade I learned to fire-breathe,
And though I feed on things that fell,
You can learn to levitate with just a little help,
Learn to levitate with just a little help.
Come down, come down,
Cowards only come through when the hour’s late,
And everyone’s asleep, mind you,
Now, show up, show up,
I know I shouldn’t say this,
But a curse from you is all that I would need right now, man.
Danger in the fabric of this thing I made,
I probably shouldn't show you but it’s way too late,
My heart is with you hiding but my mind's not made,
Now they know it like we both knew for some time I'd say.
They’re smirking at blood, they're circling above,
But this is not enough,
Yeah this is not what you thought,
No, no we are not just graffiti on a passing train,
I got back what I once bought back,
In that slot I won't need to replace.
This culture is a poacher of overexposure, not today,
Don't feed me to the vultures, I am a vulture who feeds on pain.
Sleep in a well-lit room, don't let the shadow through,
And sever all I knew. Yeah sever all,
I thought I could depend on, my weekends,
On the freezing ground that I'm sleeping on,
Please keep me from, please keep me down from the ledges,
Better test it, wooden wedges under doorways,
Keep your wooden wedges under doors.
Chorus, verse, chorus, verse,
Now here comes the eight. Wait, habits here too,
You're the worst, your structure compensates,
But compensation feels a lot like rising up to dominate,
By track two, at least they all know all they hear comes from a place.
Oh I know how to levitate up off my feet,
And ever since the seventh grade I learned to fire-breathe,
And though I feed on things that fell,
You can learn to levitate with just a little help,
You can levitate with just a little help.
Full Trench tracklist:
01) Jumpsuit
02) Levitate
03) Morph
04) My Blood
05) Chlorine
06) Smithereens
07) Neon Gravestone
08) The Hype
09) Nico and The Niners
10) Cut My Lip
11) Bandito
12) Pet Cheetah
13) Legend
14) Leave The City
Pre-Order TRENCH bundles here: www.twentyonepilots.com/#merch
twenty one pilots music video for "Levitate’’ from the forthcoming album TRENCH, available October 5th on Fueled By Ramen. Pre-order available now.
#TwentyOnePilots #Levitate #Trench
-Learn How To RAP Levitate (EASY)-
Have a nice day :D




2018年08月 9日

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Apparently there's no lyrics 03:00 - 3:21 & 10:41 - 11:09 I'm really sorry about that, something must have gone wrong while rendering the video. or it's because of copyright reasons. I'll try to fix it. for now you can just skip the parts. *you rap gods don't need it anyway*
og jenny
og jenny 27 天 前
PILLOW PILOTS thanks for this.im super late to the party. I dont know barely any lyrics from the whole Baum,and is have only 7 days to learn all of them.is keep procrastinating have spent most time just learning about what this whole album is about. Album is out and I still cant find anywhere,explaining the facts and meaning of dema and its characters.do you know where I can find all this info? Trying to learn everything from the beginning to the present,but all I can find are snippets One thing is I still dont know who Clancy is. I also dont believe nico is blurryface.borbouky is a PSUDONEM of the mathematicians.how can a whole group be blurryface?blurryface is just one person. Plz help
Tobeyyy 个月 前
Please upload an updated version where the lyrics are on screen every time and where it actually says "they're smirking at FIRST blood"
PowerWatts 8
PowerWatts 8 个月 前
I got an ad at EXACTLY 10:41
Pehel Kaur
Pehel Kaur 2 个月 前
I actually liked that because it tested if i knew the song well! If you want to fix it you can, its your video anyway.
Nargiza Z
Nargiza Z 3 个月 前
From 4:19 to 12:04 the quality is really bad. It's 720p but feels like 240p.🙄
Chance 1994
Chance 1994 17 小时 前
Going on an 8 hour drive, the concert is tomorrow and high key stressed; I only remember bits and pieces.. send advice please?? email: joshuachance2002@icloud.com
Alina Mena
Alina Mena 3 天 前
I feel light headed
Rachel Crosby
Rachel Crosby 5 天 前
ii Axria
ii Axria 7 天 前
I already knew how to rap it....! -levitate-
Irusya Milky
Irusya Milky 7 天 前
Wendell O. Costa
The lyric is wrong on the second verse. "they're smirking at blood", the right is "they're smirking at fresh blood".
Vicky Tsak
Vicky Tsak 9 天 前
3/4 : I got back what I once bought back in that slot I won't need to replace. Normal : I go ba wadggsgj bo baihgdg slotawon eetrpgsace
somerandom _person
I can even rap the fast version
somerandom _person
*oh I know how to rap levitate*
Kylee Snarr
Kylee Snarr 12 天 前
I don't know why but i have this anxiety thing with sound when its slightly slower than the normal audio. And it really makes me feel weird and bumps up my heart rate instantly. I used to affect me alot more when i was a kid. So the 2/3 and 4/5 ones really got to me.
CJ Moore
CJ Moore 12 天 前
Yo wtf this is so damn helpful thx man
anna v
anna v 13 天 前
bitchh, only the real OGs can do it without a tutorial
Renato Betancour
Renato Betancour 13 天 前
jhoan perez
jhoan perez 14 天 前
Puta yo soy latino y ni haci puedo rapearlo
Lexie Scaramuzzo
Lexie Scaramuzzo 17 天 前
Mau River
Mau River 18 天 前
0:42 Tyler sounds drunk, VERY DRUNK.
It's a COW Luke
It's a COW Luke 18 天 前
Now all I need is to ACTUALLY LEARN THE LYRICS so I can rap it without looking at them 😂
kaeri 665
kaeri 665 18 天 前
Empezamos verdaderamente mal cuando tu vocabulizacion no es buena y ni hablas ingles
Мэйбл Бец
ура у меня все получилось
Steppenwulfer 19 天 前
1 / 4 1 is impossible OMG
Paola Espinosa
Paola Espinosa 19 天 前
*cries in Spanish*
Mihaylo Ovchinnikov
alonso francisco
alonso francisco 19 天 前
anonymer Anonymos
Bethisnotediting 20 天 前
i've legit spent an hour trying to learn part 3. i'll make progress and learn the first bit, start to learn the second bit. I'll then go back to see if i memorised it all and then realise i've forget the first bit again. this has been a repeating process for the past hour.
Gab Gaby
Gab Gaby 21 天 前
Learned it day one lmao
Thanks helped me subbed
Ebiliang 21 天 前
But kitchen sink is more difficulty
Bryan Orozco
Bryan Orozco 22 天 前
the lyric should read they're smirking at fresh blood but you wrote they're smirking at blood
Levi 23 天 前
Y soy español que paso xd?
Mapleshade 23 天 前
Patty Pavon
Patty Pavon 25 天 前
Es triste porque a parte de que no sé inglés la canción es rápida:( solo me sé un minuto de canción xdxd
Tam 25 天 前
Does anyone else have the problem where u rap faster then Tyler on nearly all the songs even the songs like HeavyDirtySoul, which are fast as hell
Isabel 26 天 前
IDK why I'm watching this, I learned the rap when this song first came out
Joshephine 28 天 前
SHow Up SHow uP
Challenging Fire
Challenging Fire 个月 前
Thanks for this video
Purple Journey
Purple Journey 个月 前
4/5 speed "oh wow I think I am actually gonna make it!" 5/5 "Oh I know how totaldsladsac,asoa odwoew olsadsadas with just a little help.. with just a little help, yo..."
MellowDash 个月 前
aaaaaaaa i give up
joan wooliver
joan wooliver 个月 前
*me on 1 1/4 speed:* OhI know how to levitate up off my feet powdvbwqrbuvwbivwqbiwqvbhcwqvbfvwqbiprvrbupvrbupvrbvebuovewbuvebg ebwbou
I am Lola
I am Lola 个月 前
How to learn Levitate EASIER: Sacrifice your lungs to Nico.
Madelaine Morgan
Madelaine Morgan 个月 前
Loving the fact I get a trench ad before
Ryan Ross
Ryan Ross 个月 前
Normal speed: yayy i got it finally 1 1/4 speed: DFGHJHGGHFG
Panic! At The Twenty Øne Crybabies
Normal speed: Phew I did it 1 1/4: kshxnsbsbxv
Kaybear *
Kaybear * 个月 前
rainydreaming aj
rainydreaming aj 个月 前
This is helping
AshleyAngT 个月 前
You should do neon gravestones
Digital Explosion
Literally, the only line of the first part that I can’t get is the “and though I feed on things that fell”. I learned the rap pretty quickly and just now found this video, so I’m using it to better remember the few lines I can’t get.
Clara Jones
Clara Jones 个月 前
this is 14 minutes l on g
Gabriel Clemente
Gabriel Clemente 个月 前
That help me a lot s2
CrimsonRed Animations
Alright, well I guess I can do 1 1/4... this is the only song I can go faster than the singer on
Lexi D
Lexi D 个月 前
i can *probably* rap this but the problem is i have braces with elastics so all youll hear is sixbebsksisbebdix levitate dixhebsjsh .😂
leon struckmeier
leon struckmeier 个月 前
The parts 1,2,3 and 5 I am now able to sing. Part 1,2 and 5 even on 1 1/4 speed.... Part 4 though... >->
Alicia Garcia
Alicia Garcia 个月 前
nopety nope i cant do it
MahirIsHere 个月 前
part 4 is hard
MahirIsHere 个月 前
I need to practice this song for school talent show and this is perfect
Julia Montesino
Julia Montesino 个月 前
This the kind of family👏friendly👏alternative👏content👏 we r looking for shister
Banditø! At The Black Parade
You should have titled this “How to Rap Levitate with Just a Little Help”
carlos 个月 前
lo vuelve facil
proschnapp 个月 前
I LEARNED 1:51 YAY oh there is more parts fuck
Shiden Trouble
Shiden Trouble 个月 前
6:53 11:14
proschnapp 个月 前
1:28 is easy oof
Grey the wolf therian
The editing is brilliant
Adrian Torres
Adrian Torres 个月 前
When you speack spanish but even you try it :c
allow_the_space 个月 前
Without this I wouldn't be never able to rap this, so thanks a lot
I did it, finally, after 20 days of trying to rap, I did to
Ali T
Ali T 个月 前
When am i supposed to breath??
Sofa_Kay 个月 前
John 37
John 37 个月 前
I put how every single fucking time he says learned
Gerald Highway
Gerald Highway 个月 前
Okay i think this is crazy but im in 7th grade so love this song And i can rap really well
Muffin Marie
Muffin Marie 个月 前
I Can Already rap all Their songs
Danaila L.
Danaila L. 个月 前
If for you americans it is already difficult, imagine to me, I am brazilian and I speak portuguese. My english is not very good but I am learning.
Sofa_Kay 个月 前
Same, but I'm from Ukraine and speak Russian...
AldianYHS 个月 前
Learn to levitate with just a little help.
Vannesa Herrera
Vannesa Herrera 个月 前
I'm always scared to click your videos everything I see them XD
Easter Astride
Easter Astride 个月 前
Want to learn how to rap better in 5 minutes? Check this out: tinyurl.com/ybv9r39h
_ Ruby
_ Ruby 个月 前
2:59 это конец для русских
Tyler joseph
Tyler joseph 个月 前
This is great!
Danny Devito
Danny Devito 个月 前
I'm the only one in my friend group who can rap this
Manal Qureshi
Manal Qureshi 个月 前
Can you please make one with the whole song at once. I can rap all the individual parts but can't put it together. It would be cool if you did.
capitán América.
sigo sin poder JAJAJA
jose Vergara Jr
jose Vergara Jr 个月 前
The 2 time I heard I had it in my already
bananaisland 17
bananaisland 17 个月 前
Thank You so much this actually works!!!
Stay for the peel porn Pls
This actually works really well!
Min Yoongi
Min Yoongi 个月 前
4/5 speed: ok ok EASYYY Normal speed:. TYLER HOW DO YOY BREATH!!!!
Blurry Face
Blurry Face 个月 前
I’m a Person
I’m a Person 个月 前
I already knew how to rap this it wasn’t hard
xzzy xg
xzzy xg 2 个月 前
top ad
Ella sad
Ella sad 2 个月 前
-le agarra un ataque de asma-
It’s 2 个月 前
bruh i can barley talk
Sofia &
Sofia & 2 个月 前
OH C'MON! 10:50 too WITHOUT TEXT! how the hell could I learn if I cannot read the freakin lyric?! 🙁
LFCFifaLuke 2 个月 前
Got the twenty one pilots rocksound ad before this
Khang Hellcat
Khang Hellcat 2 个月 前
1/2speed: not that hard. 4/5speed: got it. normal speed: *excuse me wot the fuq?*
Ajim Afiq
Ajim Afiq 2 个月 前
Nextt how to play drum
Rebeca Aguilar
Rebeca Aguilar 2 个月 前
*-WeLcOmE tO tReNcH-*
Marina Honeysett
Marina Honeysett 2 个月 前
Thanks for posting this! I really wanna be a LeAd SeEnEr
I Bagigey
I Bagigey 2 个月 前
Amazing! Thank you
Kwonz Geodesic
Kwonz Geodesic 2 个月 前
This is so funny video..
Icéane Paturel
Icéane Paturel 2 个月 前
me: * crying because can not rap this song * oh, this method is not good for rapping, this video is useless, I lost my time, the lyrics are too complicated, tyler is really a god to succeed in rapping this. oh, wait, THE PROBLEM IS THAT I AM FRENCH AND THAT MY ENGLISH LEVEL IS AS LOW AS A CHILD OF EIGHT YEARS
Tracer xd
Tracer xd 2 个月 前
For people that can't remember the lyrics and for some reason the lyrics are gone on the second part and stuff... The lyrics are in the description... Just saying 👌👌👌👌 don't @ me xd
twenty øne panda pillow pets last name
This actually very helpful
It's Laura :3
It's Laura :3 2 个月 前
This is too easy =))