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Apparently there's no lyrics 03:00 - 3:21 & 10:41 - 11:09 I'm really sorry about that, something must have gone wrong while rendering the video. or it's because of copyright reasons.
I'll try to fix it. for now you can just skip the parts. you rap gods don't need it anyway
Original video: cnvid.net/video/%E8%A7%86%E9%A2%91-uv_1AKKKJnk.html
Oh I know how to levitate up off my feet,
And ever since the seventh grade I learned to fire-breathe,
And though I feed on things that fell,
You can learn to levitate with just a little help,
Learn to levitate with just a little help.
Come down, come down,
Cowards only come through when the hour’s late,
And everyone’s asleep, mind you,
Now, show up, show up,
I know I shouldn’t say this,
But a curse from you is all that I would need right now, man.
Danger in the fabric of this thing I made,
I probably shouldn't show you but it’s way too late,
My heart is with you hiding but my mind's not made,
Now they know it like we both knew for some time I'd say.
They’re smirking at blood, they're circling above,
But this is not enough,
Yeah this is not what you thought,
No, no we are not just graffiti on a passing train,
I got back what I once bought back,
In that slot I won't need to replace.
This culture is a poacher of overexposure, not today,
Don't feed me to the vultures, I am a vulture who feeds on pain.
Sleep in a well-lit room, don't let the shadow through,
And sever all I knew. Yeah sever all,
I thought I could depend on, my weekends,
On the freezing ground that I'm sleeping on,
Please keep me from, please keep me down from the ledges,
Better test it, wooden wedges under doorways,
Keep your wooden wedges under doors.
Chorus, verse, chorus, verse,
Now here comes the eight. Wait, habits here too,
You're the worst, your structure compensates,
But compensation feels a lot like rising up to dominate,
By track two, at least they all know all they hear comes from a place.
Oh I know how to levitate up off my feet,
And ever since the seventh grade I learned to fire-breathe,
And though I feed on things that fell,
You can learn to levitate with just a little help,
You can levitate with just a little help.
Full Trench tracklist:
01) Jumpsuit
02) Levitate
03) Morph
04) My Blood
05) Chlorine
06) Smithereens
07) Neon Gravestone
08) The Hype
09) Nico and The Niners
10) Cut My Lip
11) Bandito
12) Pet Cheetah
13) Legend
14) Leave The City
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twenty one pilots music video for "Levitate’’ from the forthcoming album TRENCH, available October 5th on Fueled By Ramen. Pre-order available now.
#TwentyOnePilots #Levitate #Trench
-Learn How To RAP Levitate (EASY)-
Have a nice day :D




2018年08月 9日

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Apparently there's no lyrics 03:00 - 3:21 & 10:41 - 11:09 I'm really sorry about that, something must have gone wrong while rendering the video. or it's because of copyright reasons. I'll try to fix it. for now you can just skip the parts. *you rap gods don't need it anyway*
og jenny
og jenny 9 个月 前
PILLOW PILOTS thanks for this.im super late to the party. I dont know barely any lyrics from the whole Baum,and is have only 7 days to learn all of them.is keep procrastinating have spent most time just learning about what this whole album is about. Album is out and I still cant find anywhere,explaining the facts and meaning of dema and its characters.do you know where I can find all this info? Trying to learn everything from the beginning to the present,but all I can find are snippets One thing is I still dont know who Clancy is. I also dont believe nico is blurryface.borbouky is a PSUDONEM of the mathematicians.how can a whole group be blurryface?blurryface is just one person. Plz help
T0b3yyy 9 个月 前
Please upload an updated version where the lyrics are on screen every time and where it actually says "they're smirking at FIRST blood"
PowerWatts 8
PowerWatts 8 9 个月 前
I got an ad at EXACTLY 10:41
Pehel Kaur
Pehel Kaur 10 个月 前
I actually liked that because it tested if i knew the song well! If you want to fix it you can, its your video anyway.
Nargiza Z
Nargiza Z 11 个月 前
From 4:19 to 12:04 the quality is really bad. It's 720p but feels like 240p.🙄
House Rat
House Rat 6 天 前
Okay _seems easy_ *bUT HEAVYDIRTYSOUL THO*
question mark
question mark 19 天 前
3:50 *cowards*
Jenna Winchester
Jenna Winchester 27 天 前
1 1/4 speed I literally almost died from running out of breath
My school went to space
After real months of doing this (of course, since I comment now) I realize that I can do up to 3/5 in 2 speed with the yt speed changer. AND I NOTICE N O W 12:23 AT NIGHT.
My school went to space
Dont listen to the time stamp it will leave you in the dust
BarnyDrogosaurio :v
I learned to rap this but i still can't levitate :(
Pocky Bean
Pocky Bean 个月 前
1/2: oh this is so freaking easy 2/3: still easy lol 4/5: uh haha okay uhm.. a little helo here? normal speed: soisjdjkakdjsjfjs mom I need heeeelp 1 1/4: >>cries in gibberish
Stephanie Berry
Stephanie Berry 2 个月 前
alternatively, literally just keep replaying the song until you get it.
The RoBuX
The RoBuX 2 个月 前
Am I the only one who likes vulture sounds in the songs
Deanna Hernandez
Deanna Hernandez 3 个月 前
On the first part, the 1 1/4 speed is totally heavydirtysoul 2.0.
Niamh Ramsay
Niamh Ramsay 3 个月 前
ive already learnt it bc i find rapping easy and im obsessed lol, but for me this would make it harder cos the most difficult part for me is the breathing, and when its slowed down u need to breathe inbetween words more often, so my breathing would just be messed up for when its quicker but its good that it helps other STAY STREET FRENS
bmlre dun
bmlre dun 3 个月 前
Смотрю видео тупо на скорости 0,5. КАК КАААК?! TYJO ISN'T REAL
Devin Shaine
Devin Shaine 3 个月 前
you can learn to rap levitate with just a little help. edit: i came here just to say that.
Supreme Hawk
Supreme Hawk 3 个月 前
This really helps a lot and it works actually nice vid!👌
Super Yay
Super Yay 4 个月 前
6:53 7:17 7:41 10:41 9:56
Ban Y E E T os
Ban Y E E T os 4 个月 前
Am I the only one who thinks normal speed is faster than it should be? 😂
Just Maja
Just Maja 4 个月 前
Honestly in my opinion levitate is not that hard in comparison to other Twenty One Pilots songs. The hardest part is to remember the lyrics and figure out when you take a breath. I think that the beginning of heavydirtysoul is way harder for me or the second verse of ode to sleep, but that also can be just because I'm from Poland and you know English and Polish are so different and it's hard for me too say some words when they're next to each other and that are similar
Emmy Flick
Emmy Flick 5 个月 前
you forgot the first in smirking at first blood in 4:47
madison 5 个月 前
ishiriyu 5 个月 前
1:50 3:49 7:46
Albino Cockatiel
Albino Cockatiel 5 个月 前
it easy bro
Marcos Gonzalez
Marcos Gonzalez 5 个月 前
YES! After four day i finally did It OMG i feel like Eminem bitches
Cienna Winternose
Cienna Winternose 5 个月 前
Part 1 1/2: 0:14 2/3: 0:54 4/5: 1:25 Normal: 1:46 1 1/4: 2:03 Part 2 1/2: 2:17 2/3: 2:55 no lyrics 4/5: 3:24 Normal: 3:45 1 1/4: 4:00 Part 3 1/2: 4:16 2/3: 5:43 4/5: 6:50 Normal: 7:40 1 1/4: 8:18 Part 4: 1/2: 8:45 2/3: 9:52 4/5: 10:36 no lyrics Normal: 11:09 1 1/4: 11:36 Part 5 1/2: 11:58 2/3: 12:40 4/5: 13:09 Normal: 13:31 1 1/4: 13:48 ||-// hope this helped
Aldi Achmad
Aldi Achmad 5 个月 前
Then play it 2x speed
ines nannousa
ines nannousa 5 个月 前
Huge thanks I can rap the entire song now that was so helpful😊😊
ines nannousa
ines nannousa 5 个月 前
In the description box of levitate in TØP channel they're writing " They're smirking at fresh blood" you missed (fresh)
Alyzza Cervantes
Alyzza Cervantes 5 个月 前
I got the hiccups...
Natalia Villalobos
Natalia Villalobos 6 个月 前
This actually helps Bc I’m going to a Tøp concert and I know what they are saying I just can’t rap to it but it’s actually helping! Thanks so much!!💓💓
Fernando the Drummer
It's "They're smirking at FIRST blood", not "They're smirking at blood".
Amaulanayy 6 个月 前
it helps a lot, thanks. SUBSCRIBED.
A Wild Geierkatze
A Wild Geierkatze 7 个月 前
I could sing most of this song pretty well without help, but some parts got me, 6:08 - 6:45 and 10:47 - 11:09
Luz Amelie
Luz Amelie 7 个月 前
amber .doesart
amber .doesart 7 个月 前
0:17 playing this at 0.25 speed curred my depression
amber .doesart
amber .doesart 7 个月 前
14 minutes of me hating myself because i cant rap "i got back what i once bought back in that slot i wont need to replace"
linae 7 个月 前
alternatively you can also just listen to it on repeat for 50 hours.
helena nimocks
helena nimocks 7 个月 前
The lyrics are "smirking at fresh blood" not "smirking at blood"
JoshDunWithYou 7 个月 前
My lungs hurt
JoshDunWithYou 7 个月 前
I can now say I’m the 99c store version of Tyler
baby ollie
baby ollie 7 个月 前
I can rap, all of it, in 1 1/4 speed, someone call 922
Lexi G
Lexi G 7 个月 前
Coming back to this after I learned to rap it it’s so easy to now 🤦🏽‍♀️
Jakhow 7 个月 前
It’s already pretty easy tho
Sarah. Z
Sarah. Z 7 个月 前
avd-7 7 个月 前
me nailing the 1.25 speed: “where’s my grammy”
MEFHS awesome
MEFHS awesome 8 个月 前
Also i can rap heavydirtysoul
MEFHS awesome
MEFHS awesome 8 个月 前
I already knew how the second i heard it
brendon urie
brendon urie 8 个月 前
i can rap the whole song
Pan Cake
Pan Cake 8 个月 前
They're smirking at first blood at First blood at FIRST blood at *FIRST* blood FFffIIiaioararRrarWaA sTTTTt
AldianYHS 8 个月 前
*Learn to levitate with just a little help*
JiMiN's JaMs
JiMiN's JaMs 8 个月 前
Normal speed: IMA BOUT TO KILL IT INFIRES MAN YEAHHH then a ad....... Hajsjsndjddjjeshed....i forgot th e lyrics 11:15-11:35
Beensbear 8 个月 前
This helped me a lot. Yay
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