Learning How To Dance in 24 Hours

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For a total dance noob how did I do!!? Megan was such an amazing teacher and probs won't be learning choreography again anytime soon, but had so much fun attempting to give this little routine my all!! I'll see you on Wednesday for a special mid week valentine's day DIY and then on SATURDAY for an even mooooreeee special collab hehe
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Courtney Bryant
Courtney Bryant 小时 前
Your so gorgeous!!!!!
Jul' Bae
Jul' Bae 小时 前
I love how you are so nervous about dancing as if we don't already love you
Macey_ Elle
Macey_ Elle 4 小时 前
that room is weird lighting so it gives off an orangey vibe.
irene cole
irene cole 4 小时 前
my favorite asian girls
Manar Alsharifi
Manar Alsharifi 5 小时 前
Btw what song is that
Manar Alsharifi
Manar Alsharifi 5 小时 前
I tried learning it... I see why u struggled
Bear Bear
Bear Bear 5 小时 前
I love how her emotions change
Veni Vidi Amavi
Veni Vidi Amavi 6 小时 前
*And I love Megan so much!!! Just, my pinger sibling said I have Megan’s body type and I was so happy!* 😤🧐🐎🙏
Veni Vidi Amavi
Veni Vidi Amavi 6 小时 前
*sis looking a little orange but she did so well!! I love video experiments like this!* ☺️👌
GISAWSOME Adventures2
No hate or anything I think that this dance was just walking No hate!!!
Amaya Myers
Amaya Myers 6 小时 前
OMG Meagan at 2:56 LOL
DJ Shadow
DJ Shadow 7 小时 前
4:27 and 8:09 Andrew is shook😆❤️ (only Shane watchers will understand)
Katia Ramos
Katia Ramos 7 小时 前
You danced really good but your expressions weren’t 🥴
Tempe moua0126
Tempe moua0126 8 小时 前
Is she talking with Andrew shane camera man
Emily Rivera
Emily Rivera 8 小时 前
Jordyn Hughes
Jordyn Hughes 9 小时 前
At 10:57 her face looked really orange
Gigi Muscarella
Gigi Muscarella 11 小时 前
Ok but what is the name of the song in the glossier ad cause WOW A BOP
GAN NEW 15 小时 前
I love your channel it's cool it's creative and I love your DIY
Isha Apte
Isha Apte 16 小时 前
I'm sad that she's already dating someone else😞, but of course happy for her :))
Queen Alien👽
Queen Alien👽 22 小时 前
jazzyboopoo booopoo
jazzyboopoo booopoo 22 小时 前
What’s the song called
Nathy Marrero
Nathy Marrero 22 小时 前
That was actually good 😊
Hieu Nguyen
Hieu Nguyen 天 前
FangirlLivy :
I live how enthusiastic she is
Welcome to the Dancer Club where we all love to danceee!!! It is made up of every dancer in the world,
Was that dance really that hard... it was like three seconds long 😑😐
astethics 天 前
Christina Leanne
U almost look like star in the beginning
Émily´s diy´s
is she no longer brunette
Milk and Cookies
andrews date
Charis Brown
Charis Brown 天 前
All of us dancers go through the “idk what I’m doing” phase 😂 but you did amazing ❤️
Pineapple 20
Pineapple 20 天 前
When she did the final dance it lasted like 2 Seconds😂😂😂love you Lauren and you did great
Janet Lloyd
Janet Lloyd 天 前
What is the song called?? I need to know
UnicornLover 123
Do u guys know the next step I used to watch the same dance for like 5 mins then I used to dance it until I get it so yh I guess ik how to dance
what song is that
Holly Ann
Holly Ann 天 前
What ended up happening with Andrew and Megan?
Ellie Bobsxx
Ellie Bobsxx 天 前
This was amazing😚I love you so so much and I want to be you your so pretty LaurDIY
Elmeirra Chelsea
Ahhhhh my two favourite in one video😍😍😍
GCE 天 前
On day 2 when she was in her blue fluffy thing, did anyone else think her face kinda looked orange
The Vibe Tribe
The Vibe Tribe 2 天 前
So good keep going #prettylittlelaurs🥳🦄
Robert Kirby
Robert Kirby 2 天 前
I did remember when you were dancing with D-trix.
Hai Gurl
Hai Gurl 2 天 前
0:02 I thought she was learning the choreo to BOOMBAYAH by Blackpink for a sec
Wolf love
Wolf love 2 天 前
I've been dancing for 7 years I do 9 dances
Korr Mc
Korr Mc 2 天 前
This looked like an amazingly fun time!!
Tati Anna
Tati Anna 2 天 前
Who else knows Megan Batoon from Team Edge?
GraceAction 2 天 前
*I wish I didn't quit dancing in 5th grade*
Anna Huynh
Anna Huynh 2 天 前
MEGAN I miss her opening Pokémon cards!
Pancho Villa
Pancho Villa 2 天 前
I love Asian women that look like her!
elise cox
elise cox 2 天 前
when during the routine the camera continuously cuts to different angles, you know they tryna create an illusion
ItsTimeForSome Tae
Ok but she a little orange
Anna Hendry élève
the collab i never knew i needed until now
Musical~Love~ 2 天 前
Oh no! Lauren why the orange? :(
The slime Queen
The slime Queen 2 天 前
1k views and 48k like umm 😐 CNvid is high
a clever and witty username
Yo I might be like a little in love with Megan
a clever and witty username
Megan is so good at explaining like wow her analogies are on point
joanne reverlindi ramos
New subscriber here! Love love love from Dubai 🥰 By the way, the dance is soooo hot 😎😱😍
Lollipop 2 天 前
Lauren looks completely cool in 10:59 XD
Brookelynn Kimmey
Brookelynn Kimmey 4 小时 前
Lollipop it’s black......
Lexi Rollins
Lexi Rollins 2 天 前
good job
Heyits LY
Heyits LY 2 天 前
Is this your first time dancing in a bra🤣🤣🤣
Riley Nicole
Riley Nicole 2 天 前
Dalesha's Life
Dalesha's Life 2 天 前
I would’ve been so nervous, you did it way better than I could do LOL
Dj smiles
Dj smiles 2 天 前
Lauren looks so happy 😀
Meira Starita
Meira Starita 3 天 前
You killed that but it was like 15second long.
Elissa Ward
Elissa Ward 3 天 前
Please collab with James Charles!!❤️#prettylittlelaurs
Mackenzie Lundy
Mackenzie Lundy 3 天 前
OMG that was amazing, so so so good! You go girl!!!!
Zoë Rose!
Zoë Rose! 3 天 前
Ok but... BODY GOALS! 💖
Bittersweet Charity
You did well! I think your movements could have been sharper, but that’s about it!
Keirstin De Borja
10:39 , she is looking a little more orange than usual
Jordan Gerardy
Jordan Gerardy 3 天 前
Why did I get Trisha paytus vibes from her performance at the end? Anyone else?
Just Rose.
Just Rose. 3 天 前
Emily Pollard
Emily Pollard 3 天 前
Why can she dance better in 24 hours than me in 6 years😂😂
Purple Berry
Purple Berry 3 天 前
Omg this was amazing
ananya tomar
ananya tomar 3 天 前
Slay it gurrrrrllllll
Keira Summers
Keira Summers 3 天 前
seriously this is what you had to do to get attention on youtube dance around in your bra. You should just stop seriously because you have a younger audience and no one needs to see this ok thanks!
iiSuper_Toxic 0623
she danced with her friend a lot though?'
Daniela Garibay
Daniela Garibay 3 天 前
She’s ORANGE 🍊
Aislyn P.
Aislyn P. 3 天 前
What’s the song??
The teachers got all the cakes and the legs perfect shape
Riya Patel
Riya Patel 3 天 前
What is the song??
Karemy Reyes
Karemy Reyes 3 天 前
When I watch this after I learned the dance
Sidney Keller
Sidney Keller 3 天 前
Constructive criticism: this video was very interesting and Lauren is a good dancer but she was hyping up the end to much just for a silly, short, little 15 second video
Norman The hamster
Yassssssssssss Queen 👑
Xiktlali Macias
Xiktlali Macias 3 天 前
Queen 👑
iLuvCookie 3 天 前
Oh mah gaaawwwd!!! U can dance giiiiirrrll~~ those moves on fleek!
Sofia Nunez
Sofia Nunez 3 天 前
3:46 me too sis
Sparkels9999 3 天 前
Do another songs with her
pg muan
pg muan 3 天 前
I feel saaxxxyyyy 😂
slime.by. mampa
slime.by. mampa 3 天 前
11:04 Lauren looked like Donald Trump (cause she was orange)
Madeeha Tariq
Madeeha Tariq 3 天 前
Sis u changed since the breakup. More loose?
Zee Dallas
Zee Dallas 3 天 前
Just stick with DIY 🤣
Pavithra Prabhu
Pavithra Prabhu 3 天 前
inflexible is a word
wild and free
wild and free 3 天 前
Yasmin’s Corner
This is a professional waste their time on Lauren
Melannie Nieto
Melannie Nieto 4 天 前
What is the song called
Maia Ogiyama
Maia Ogiyama 4 天 前
I learnt this in ten minutes
Taylor McCoy
Taylor McCoy 4 天 前
4:38-4:42 was *SO GOOD!!!* 😍😍👌
Christy Morris
Christy Morris 4 天 前
Ilysm Lauren you did so awesome and you should dance. 💝❤❤this was amazing
Diana Reyna
Diana Reyna 4 天 前
Lmao I love Megan batoon
Fizzy Pop
Fizzy Pop 4 天 前
They say the hip roll is sexy, me thinks of spongebob "bring it aaaarrrrooooouuunnnnd town."
Marjorie Donovan
i think ur sooo good u should do more dancing and im a dancer too
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