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Bud (Ivan Dorschner) is part of the US Army reservists that were sent to other countries during the Vietnam War. While residing in the Philippines, he found it hard to live alone. This led to him meeting Gloria (Denise Barbacena), a Filipina who was hired as a maid to do household chores for him. Bud soon develops feelings for Gloria while being taken care of his maid despite his parents' disapproval and because of her inability to communicate well. How will their feelings for each other break the stereotypes of falling in love for a person with different ethnicity?
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2019年09月 6日






评论 3 906
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mahed 185 mahed09070
@Ronilo Rañises ~a\a
Carmen Baclay
Carmen Baclay 个月 前
I did🤗🤗🤗
Ronilo Rañises
Ronilo Rañises 个月 前
Alliah Rañises ????????
gwen dalia cerna dela
Minsan mayroon din psgkukulang ang magulang sa anak insted na turuan pinapagslitan
secret folders
secret folders 23 小时 前
Bi ako pero dahil dito i think magiging straight uli ako arghhhhhh kakilig. Lalo na sa part na yung tinuturuuan sya and yung part na pumayag syang mag pakasal..... Aghhhhhhh
Arselita Ferrere
Grabe nkkakilig nmn ang storya nila.
lin koko
lin koko 天 前
Did they have kids or not
John Paul Limas
Argghhh May God bless you both!!
Ivan Eccles
Ivan Eccles 天 前
I need a pinata lover and future wife
miles Longno
miles Longno 2 天 前
Sana all😍😍😍
Sofia Harid
Sofia Harid 2 天 前
I was crying when watch this love story 😪😭 kilig much I hope someday I get a man like you bad
Tabitha Muiruri
Tabitha Muiruri 2 天 前
Ganda ng story Love from kenya
before the technology exist..its difficult to communicate someone you love...but now verry convinient..na..but scammers are fast...before know thenn if the love is true kasi babalikan.. ka.
Andrei Gonzales
Andrei Gonzales 2 天 前
Sobrang nagustuhan kotoh!!❣
Purisima Boyo
Purisima Boyo 2 天 前
They respect each other so much the way bud hugs her is so sincere it’s so rare nowadays
2 天 前
Bagay sila
George Custodio
George Custodio 2 天 前
Lage ko tong paulit ulit pinapanood😍😍😍😍
Rose Baraquia
Rose Baraquia 2 天 前
Purisima Boyo
Purisima Boyo 3 天 前
Irish Selga
Irish Selga 3 天 前
Ay bagay kau superrrr nkaka kiligggg much
Jenjen Dela Peña
Erica Casantosan
Bud genuinely loved her wife ! So touched
Grande Bieber
Grande Bieber 3 天 前
Aweee I'm in love with this na😍😭💖💖💖
Juvilyn Sanao
Juvilyn Sanao 3 天 前
MarkLeeGEND 3 天 前
Nakakinggit ❣️
Kristine Deles-Sepe
Love wins!
Grace Murani
Grace Murani 4 天 前
Dito sa States kahit Christian sila or born again pro ugali nila subra nkaka disappoint but I know they are not real Christians only for a word...
Grace Murani
Grace Murani 4 天 前
Watching January 18, 2020....I'm very thankful that my parents inlaw and sister inlaw very supportive to me and they love me so much...
Candy Jean
Candy Jean 4 天 前
She is a good actress
HeyItsMae 4 天 前
Grabe noh? May mga true love story talaga na First and last yung isa’t-isa, Mapapa-amaze ka nalang na “wow, may ganito palang story, akala ko sa fantasies, disney stories, wattpads and etc lang meron.” Super nakakaamaze si Lord. Kahit anong pagsubok basta kumapit ka lang sakanya, He will give everything that you need and lalo na yung unexpected na mangyayari sayo. This story is so inspiring. I love it!!
Jules Dmb
Jules Dmb 4 天 前
It’s the Forest View!!! I stayed there where they had filmed. Miss those apartment homes. It’s in Subic. I’m in love because of this true story love affairs! I’m married to a white guy half my age. 😘
Merijie Hamac
Merijie Hamac 5 天 前
Nakakaiyak po talaga dapat Respect your self before other's .sana lahat ng tao tanggap ang ating personality kung ano man tayo..☺☺
Elfie mae Quilaton
Pag c God na talaga wow nman ang ganda ng story
Julhiet Bheltran
Sobrang napaiyak ako dito natouch ako Isa din ako katulong
love from the sky
Very inspiring love story, ang saya panoorin! God is good at the time .
blesila santonia
Wow very nice tue story mayron pla 4ever
League Master
League Master 6 天 前
She's so lucky
Gengen Suitas
Gengen Suitas 6 天 前
Why am i watching this knowing it makes me cry. Single life sucks 😥😥😥💔if there is any commenter who's single here please kindly ping my phone I'll be waiting 🙈😂
june grace
june grace 4 天 前
Gengen Suitas Hello..
Xeisha Retuya
Xeisha Retuya 6 天 前
Jeneth Jaropojop
I was smiling for the whole episode 💕 thinking to have also Bud in my life who will take care of me no matter what it takes..
Joji WoW
Joji WoW 6 天 前
Her parents was mentally abusive and no respect at all. I hope that she would not help them in any ways. I'm just that person who wouldn't give any favor/ Financial if someone or family treated me so badly. For they weren't there 90% of her life. She had to survive to live the way she went thru. She's very lucky to had met the American/ Military guy.
Cris Gerodias
Cris Gerodias 6 天 前
Saan na nga ung pamalo ko but ako kinilig😁♥️♥️
Joynamae Unabia Velasco
As an American I hope to meet a wife like this. Even if she is not the most attractive, or the smartest but she takes care of her husband. I would marry her very fast. That guy was very lucky.
Jezavel Fabular
Jezavel Fabular 7 天 前
So touched. Real LOVE really conquer it all. Race and age really doesn't matter. LDR are not bad at all.
carmena suites
carmena suites 7 天 前
So much kilig haha nice
Juliet Delgado
Juliet Delgado 7 天 前
Gloria and Bud thanks for sharing your Inspiring love story nakakaiyak. At sa pang aapi ng mga familia mo see god is good now you have a good loving husband until now your still together forever. God bless to both xxx
Salamatu Sesay
Salamatu Sesay 7 天 前
Catherine Egameno
Ang ganda talaga nang love story nila.....😍😍😍
IreneTivz 8 天 前
I watched this twice and I love the story💞💞💞
Judylene Lamban
Judylene Lamban 9 天 前
Eeehhhhh kinikilig akooooooo. Potiiikk. Hahahahaahahahahaha
Jennifer De jesus
Kasal agad agad🤣😂
Melisha Bautista
Sana all may happy ending.❤
Angelica Anos
Angelica Anos 9 天 前
true love exist 😍
rahinatu adam
rahinatu adam 8 天 前
Den I wish to find one
Quen Deguit
Quen Deguit 10 天 前
Am I the only one na notice na kamukha ni ateng naka red na kaibigan ni ateng maid si Catriona Gray? Hahaha ganda ni ate girl
Quen Deguit
Quen Deguit 10 天 前
Am I the one na notice na kamukha ni ateng naka red na mga kaibigan nya si Catriona Gray? Hahaha ganda ni ate girl
berna pino
berna pino 10 天 前
naiiyak ako na natatawa may kasama pang kilig to the bones😍😍😍😍
Diana Bhadbabe
Diana Bhadbabe 11 天 前
I’m really going to cry 😢
Malyn Baroga
Malyn Baroga 11 天 前
Akoyy kilig ba hehe bagay sila duha
JayK Salmeros
JayK Salmeros 11 天 前
Ledita Lockeby
Ledita Lockeby 11 天 前
Kahit matagal natu kinilig pa Rin ako at parang ako Lang napakaswerte ko rin SA Asawa Kung kano Kasi Mahal na Mahal nya ako, kahit pangit ako SA paningin Ng iba pero Asawa ko gandang ganda sya SA akin.God will make a way na matagpuan Ang true love 😍.I'm so blessed!
aNn LagOs Quimno
aNn LagOs Quimno 11 天 前
Nice stOry..love it..Im so kilig😍😍
aNn LagOs Quimno
aNn LagOs Quimno 11 天 前
Be proud filipina hre