Manchester United vs. James Corden & 100 Kids

The Late Late Show with James Corden
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After hearing the news that Manchester United would travel to Los Angeles for preseason training, James Corden and 100 children head to UCLA to link up with manager Jose Mourinho and footballers Juan Mata, Ander Herrera and Chris Smalling, giving them a friendly match unlike they've ever seen.
A special thanks to Euro Soccer USA for having #MUFC's 100 opponents ready for a great match. Learn more: www.eurosoccerusa.com/
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2018年08月 7日

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GamergirlOMG 小时 前
This was beautiful
Áron Udvardy
Áron Udvardy 小时 前
You are wearing a west ham united short😩😂
Efren Ramirez
Efren Ramirez 2 小时 前
MANCHESTER UNITED !!!!! the best club taking time to have fun with the kid's. Great episode James .......👍
John Kerr
John Kerr 3 小时 前
Watched the Chinese version , but all the kids looked exactly the same
Tas At
Tas At 5 小时 前
This video actually kills me😂😂
MiaRicia 5 小时 前
That's a lot of cute goal keepers😂😂😂
Shriraj Reddy
Shriraj Reddy 8 小时 前
Gabriela Velasquez
Gabriela Velasquez 10 小时 前
I'm crying of happiness
Christian Lanach
Christian Lanach 12 小时 前
So good he called it "FOOTBALL" ! is James from UK?
Patrick 6 小时 前
Yes he is from London :)
Ada K.
Ada K. 13 小时 前
I thought this would be overly silly to the point it's no longer entertaining, but I was wrong! James delivered, so did the Manchester United. It was a good (albeit strange) match. I enjoyed it.
Davin Gonzalez
Davin Gonzalez 13 小时 前
BVB vs Manchester United!! cnvid.net/video/视频-Z22FP8auqWo.html This is just random. srry. But, it has something to do with Manchester.
Devin Syhanath
Devin Syhanath 14 小时 前
Props the the kid who made a great cross for the first goal for LLSFC. What a play!
Anastasija Kostojcinoska
Herrera thooo ❤❤❤❤
chocolate egg - isap
chocolate egg - isap 15 小时 前
This was so cute 😂😂
teresa sofia
teresa sofia 16 小时 前
Not gonna lie, I loved this!!
T2 Savage
T2 Savage 16 小时 前
it really cracked me up when James said "they can't even spell off-side" LOL
Selina O'Reilly
Selina O'Reilly 19 小时 前
James cordon nice west ham shorts
Bob Meyers
Bob Meyers 20 小时 前
0:39 small xD
Hristijan Talevski
Hristijan Talevski 21 小时 前
17 players offside xD
sonia harlin
sonia harlin 21 小时 前
This is amazing
pred 21 小时 前
Yessss it was the late late show FOOTBALL CLUB they said FOOTBALLLLLL
William brook
William brook 22 小时 前
matthewk55 22 小时 前
That was great!
A Ismail
A Ismail 22 小时 前
Smalling lost the ball after 3 seconds? Coincidence?
Irma Rizqi Taufika
Irma Rizqi Taufika 22 小时 前
How sweet this match. I love this
Ryan Bartlett
Ryan Bartlett 23 小时 前
5:21 awww I feel so bad...:(
Adrian Korndogs
wot only 3 from man u?
realniggazshootcum d
Getting coached by a fat west ham fan is probably the best thing thats going to happen to united this season
Javan Andre
Javan Andre 天 前
Ander's passion!!! haha
Noah Piltie
Noah Piltie 天 前
Anyone else realised James was wearing west ham shorts
Toan Nang Do
Toan Nang Do 天 前
"Where did they get a hundred kids from?" lmao
That exactly means that you're ManU fan
James Corden and I have the same thinking when the numbers of people are not equal😂
Jamie The Weeb
You should do the same with more teams
Jamie The Weeb
We need this for west brom big Dave would be the only one bigger than james
Darlene Lesmana
i'm about to piss myself laughing holy shit
Erfan Yahyai
Erfan Yahyai 天 前
Mata ie such a gent
Silva 天 前
Yassssss *_*
Joel Nixon
Joel Nixon 天 前
Think mata teleported for his bicycle kick lol
Blena Yohannes
Should’ve got my husband lingard
Ankur Singh
Ankur Singh 天 前
MU had a very poor defence. I wonder how they won. LLSFC was clearly the better side.
B Kelly
B Kelly 天 前
Big up James representing West Ham on his shorts. #coyi
Trilochan Pokharel
You Don't Say Channel
The only way for them to play attacking football
Loku Pun
Loku Pun 天 前
Loved Manchester United play
Joli Acosta
Joli Acosta 天 前
I love this!!! 😂😂😂
Mk 天 前
First time the players were actually trying and not letting the children win ahah
tbmixer 天 前
It’s kids v kids
Maire Morigan LaTania
Love them all them in the city blue ❤️
Abdulahi Xassan
Man united trying to park the bus
Henrik Sjensse.
Utd sucks
Yahqoob Ali
Yahqoob Ali 天 前
I like the bicycle kick Shaqiri (I'm a Liverpool supporter)
Josh Harrison
The Liverpool one was better
Harry Curzon
Harry Curzon 天 前
Corden stole this idea from GAKI the japanese gameshow Hes certified dweeb
Jessica Xo
Jessica Xo 天 前
“None of these are gonna give us a real test” Liverpool beat them 4-1 and man u’s manager Moreno then said fans are wasting their time and money watching them. Brill manager
DevilGames 17 小时 前
Jessica Xo He don't care about preseason results.
Lilia Lyly
Lilia Lyly 天 前
That's just so much fun to watch
If mourinho managed the kids they´d be all in goal
EloquentTiger 2 天 前
3:57 I'm laughing so hard.
The se7en
The se7en 2 天 前
Do a vid with the Liverpool bois
The se7en
The se7en 2 天 前
Jose banter on point
William Sahlin
William Sahlin 2 天 前
Loooool Manchester is blue
TSLstudio 2 天 前
woooow Mata !!!
Dhimas Pratama
Dhimas Pratama 2 天 前
You rude
You rude 2 天 前
I don't know who screams louder. Mourinho or James Cordon
You rude
You rude 2 天 前
Mourinho's gk coach must be Neuer ;)
juan lopez
juan lopez 23 小时 前
You rude -Karius-
Kim Jong Un
Kim Jong Un 2 天 前
Yo. Did Man United actually play ultra attacking football?! Wow.
Royalty Jackson
Royalty Jackson 2 天 前
"17 players strayed offside" lmaooo
Money Weed
Money Weed 2 天 前
Smalling giving the ball away for the first 😂
Doskoi Panda
Doskoi Panda 2 天 前
Man Chest Hair
Elise Dobre
Elise Dobre 2 天 前
Where’s Rashford, I need him to be on the show
Jasmine 2 天 前
1:10 - 1:14 running out school on the last day like... 😂
Hey. Boo
Hey. Boo 2 天 前
Kean316 Kean
Kean316 Kean 2 天 前
My fave football game ever
Maryam Awad
Maryam Awad 2 天 前
this so fucking adorable
Anthony Audas
Anthony Audas 3 天 前
Liverpool - not a good enough challenge? 4-1 mate
Loro L
Loro L 3 天 前
I mean, how cute is this? Lol
Tasneem Khan
Tasneem Khan 3 天 前
Sofe Rahman
Sofe Rahman 3 天 前
100 kids?! Where did they get 100 kids from? 😂😂 oh Chris
Kane Zagar
Kane Zagar 3 天 前
These kids are lucky DDG wasn’t in goal ..
MERcurialKG 3 天 前
Thats how you end up 6th in epl
Melissa Elena Sofia Lee
‘And there’s James Corden, also a man’ 😭 LMAO
Fuck Off
Fuck Off 3 天 前
I am big fan of United I have kit hat and scarf and went to stadium for my birthday I went to Man United museum
ke vin
ke vin 3 天 前
They stole this from the chinese running man
SJaddy 3 天 前
Brilliant ☺️👍.
Darcy Brown
Darcy Brown 3 天 前
Real Madrid 'not up to your standards' its like saying Arsenal winning the Prem
Ryan Mccoy
Ryan Mccoy 3 天 前
mourinho has been teaching diving tactics because that dive by Herrea was very convincing
deima judah
deima judah 3 天 前
Love this! 😂
-:The Skywalker!-
Bet messi could dribble through them all lmao.
Daniela J
Daniela J 3 天 前
This cracked me up
Lillie Mouatt
Lillie Mouatt 3 天 前
when they all gathered in the middle ha
Lillie Mouatt
Lillie Mouatt 3 天 前
i love love love love love man u
Reinis Kārlis Rutkis
05:26 nice cross tbh
Ola Bonias
Ola Bonias 3 天 前
This is hilarious 😂
Charlotte Rivera
And there is James Corden. ...Also a man. 😂
Nomqn Solonbrag
Nomqn Solonbrag 3 天 前
4:10 that dive lol
Rachid Khamlichi
that bicycle kick was fake if you see when it came off the bar mata was far away then all of a sudden it skips a frame and he teleport's next to the goal and does a bicycle kick
A guy from Nowhere
Imagine Ronaldo is back to United and is playing with these children
Marcelino Molina
All you can do is smile and laugh throughout the whole video honestly