Manchester United vs. James Corden & 100 Kids

The Late Late Show with James Corden
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After hearing the news that Manchester United would travel to Los Angeles for preseason training, James Corden and 100 children head to UCLA to link up with manager Jose Mourinho and footballers Juan Mata, Ander Herrera and Chris Smalling, giving them a friendly match unlike they've ever seen.
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2018年08月 7日

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Joey Hughes
Joey Hughes 16 小时 前
Now why can't Mata do that in a real match.
AJ Lynch
AJ Lynch 23 小时 前
That was the farthest James corden ran in 20 years
abdisalan abdii
Soccer Brat
Soccer Brat 2 天 前
This is literally the best video I have ever seen
AnnikenMJ 2 天 前
give me pogba, give me marcus, give me jesse
Valery Rivera
Valery Rivera 4 天 前
Juan Mata faces when he so the kids lol
sztama927 4 天 前
02:40 also a man😂😂
Ender Bolt
Ender Bolt 5 天 前
Clickbait it's 101 Kids🤣
jonnicol 5 天 前
its like watching AI learning to play a game
PrettyPairis45 X
I love smallimgs reaction to all the kids lol
joonie shooked
joonie shooked 6 天 前
I kinda agree🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Yellowwood 6 天 前
I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS VIDEO!!!!👶🏻👶🏽👶🏿⛹🏻‍♂️⛹🏽‍♂️⛹🏿‍♂️⚽
- JWIN 7 天 前
Should’ve hired Scott sterling
Qaleef Mikael
Qaleef Mikael 8 天 前
the only time man utD plays well (5 min through video okay nope
Clare Maldony
Clare Maldony 9 天 前
American: *scoffs* "U mean Soccer"
derp1 9 天 前
lol...smalling's face
Shamiza Saad
Shamiza Saad 11 天 前
it for fun
Yaser Osama
Yaser Osama 12 天 前
this is jose's best tactics this season
VoxChambo 13 天 前
Mata's goal was actually nice🤣
VoxChambo 13 天 前
A hundred kids where they get a hundred kids from🤣🤣🤣🤣
MHF 14 天 前
Thank you very much for doing such a beautiful video.
mehrshad goli kenari
next time call Beckham and Rooney ten goalkeeper in the net :)))
False Gods
False Gods 16 天 前
That is more than 10 goalkeepers, we need more team like this.
Amz Kayani
Amz Kayani 17 天 前
4:10 *Chevrolet abuse*
NigelFarage IsGod
Adam Johnson’s wet dream
Aniket Aryan
Aniket Aryan 18 天 前
chingri mungrei
chingri mungrei 19 天 前
Glory glory Man United
Jahseh Forever
Jahseh Forever 19 天 前
Marko Mazalica
Marko Mazalica 19 天 前
James is retarded he subed the kid.
Rakeeb Ali
Rakeeb Ali 19 天 前
They lost to Liverpool so shut the fuck up
Jack Preacher
Jack Preacher 19 天 前
Mourinho is a Genius, he screamed OFFSIDE
Joaquin Arguellp
Joaquin Arguellp 20 天 前
After their season, probably one kid could be them.
Lolo Lahla
Lolo Lahla 21 天 前
Lol the kid came and hugged Herrera when mata scored
Matei Mihaila
Matei Mihaila 21 天 前
i did not expect smalling to have that voice lmao
Юра Гайдар
There’s James Gordon also a man😹😹
Captain AkA
Captain AkA 23 天 前
The video is great and everything, but do you understand actual football? A.C. Milan is a great team, so is Liverpool. All of these teams are playing their second teams, just understand. That all of the teams are usually equally as good because they only play like 1 or 2 starters.
celvin lie
celvin lie 23 天 前
United are in eight place right now because of him😂😂
Arjan J.
Arjan J. 23 天 前
at 5:56 two kids just having a proper chat whilst sitting down - quality LLS FC! love it
Mario Palagi
Mario Palagi 24 天 前
Battle of quantity vs quality. I was dying so hard cuz of what Mourinho said...
josh r
josh r 24 天 前
"what has surely got to be one of the most confusing games in the history of football" 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Tendzz Babesss
Tendzz Babesss 26 天 前
Who else lost their shit when they say all the kids running on the field and saw all the keepers ? 😭😂😂😂
idk idk
idk idk 26 天 前
1:26 The way SMALLING says: *“100 kids! Where'd they get 100 kids from”!!😂😂*
Zo0m Rapid
Zo0m Rapid 26 天 前
Liverpool won them 4-1 🤣🤣
Shurez Channel
Shurez Channel 27 天 前
This guy is amazing
Belia Luedke
Belia Luedke 28 天 前
wonderful. Thanks heaps. :D
Steven Harris
Steven Harris 28 天 前
very funny
Shobhinii Suresh
Shobhinii Suresh 28 天 前
This is the first time I’ve seen any football player and manager smile and laugh throughout a game. Absolutely adorable and incredible
Sameer Kashyap
Sameer Kashyap 29 天 前
I think it was Aristotle who said that ..... Inspiration............. is a .... big deal
Pun Bee
Pun Bee 29 天 前
I don't know james Corden 😂😂
BlueNinja Animations
Where did he get 100 kids??
Freddie Whyte
Freddie Whyte 个月 前
My man James got his West ham shorts on
Flynn Wilson
Flynn Wilson 个月 前
Still my absolute favorite line in the entire video 1:25
Mars Unes_Gamer
Mars Unes_Gamer 个月 前
Omg this was hilarious 🤣🤣
Abdulwahab Issack
Godlight 个月 前
Turnip Boi
Turnip Boi 个月 前
Child passes it to another child who passes it to another child and passes it to another child oh and a child scores
Dimitri Nesbitt
Dimitri Nesbitt 个月 前
This is the funniest thing I've ever seen how did I miss this
Aldo Zilli
Aldo Zilli 个月 前
Only game Man U are going to win but still lost!
Marie Hughes
Marie Hughes 个月 前
Ismael Abubeker
Ismael Abubeker 个月 前
I support MAN CITY
Icon Livin
Icon Livin 个月 前
James has the hammers shorts on XD
varun dhar
varun dhar 个月 前
This looks like a nightmare ! Waking up and being surrounded by 100 kids 😱😰😨😱
Skills Squad United
Mata goal was fake because when Smalling hit the cross bar he was on the edge of the box
rishik jha
rishik jha 个月 前
Loved it just pure joy
Sonix petethepossum
FIFA 2020 coming soon...
Leonardas Kazakova
wait jose did not park the buss WOW
Dylan Nation
Dylan Nation 个月 前
Where is pogba ?
I would have loved to see Messi there
Mrmoneyforfun 个月 前
Actually that wasnt offside, the players where behind the Ball...
hugh mccormick
hugh mccormick 个月 前
Wtf is this
Delia 个月 前
i'm so disappointed. all this time i thought james and his team came up with this idea, i always thought it was creative and original. but then i finally knew they copied this game from a chinese game show. a chinese show did this with Luis Figo earlier in 2018. they even copied the 10 David De Gea joke! a credit to them would be nice, people are so mislead by this as if you came up with the original idea. if anything, i must confess, the chinese/original version is funnier. cnvid.net/video/视频-ZkMvz94cRVQ.html
SamuelKinte 个月 前
Man United are shit
Samia Jawid
Samia Jawid 个月 前
Man U suck honstely
Eylon 07
Eylon 07 个月 前
Liverpool aren’t going to give them a test??? 😂😂 Like what
Zachary Levi Esqueza
Hahahahahahhhaahah 😂😂😂
Thịnh Nguyễn
Thịnh Nguyễn 个月 前
Fuck man city
Rhys 个月 前
Nicksterv Hater
Nicksterv Hater 个月 前
I bet if u put 11 kids vs man united and the kids will win
Kimsamjack1 Gaming And More!
2:31 are those west ham shorts😂😂😂😂😂
chronicle 7 gaming
I love Manchester United
Ranjitha Nayak
Ranjitha Nayak 个月 前
Laughed so hard at 3:08
Leothegreat 个月 前
Catherine Wilson
Catherine Wilson 个月 前
Manchester United it is the best team and go away void
HYperi 个月 前
Siddely111 个月 前
United is cool and al but City 4Life bois!
Kk G
Kk G 个月 前
"They are not up to your standard" Lose to Liverpool 4-1
RedMatzer2006 个月 前
Hendo XD
Hendo XD 个月 前
I'm I the only one thinking that was unfair?
Stiporattoi 个月 前
Honestly not that surprised. Fuck MU
Farhan Mohammed
Farhan Mohammed 个月 前
Only team man utd can beat though
heated killer 025
Liverpool is better
Vanlalnghaka Khiangte
One of my favourite videos
Prasham Kumar
Prasham Kumar 个月 前
They will still loose😂
Rishav Adarsh
Rishav Adarsh 个月 前
The Commentary Though 😂😂😂
Verix FTW
Verix FTW 个月 前
Lol 2nd division Team
Michael 个月 前
This is the greatest thing i've ever seen
Abhishek Bajaj
Abhishek Bajaj 个月 前
I couldn't stop laughing
BlahBlah Blah
BlahBlah Blah 个月 前
As 17 players in offside😂😂
Nika Katavic
Nika Katavic 个月 前
Why don’t you do the same thing but with Croatian team or Luka Modric!? Is it because we beat you at worlds?😂