Manchester United vs. James Corden & 100 Kids

The Late Late Show with James Corden
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After hearing the news that Manchester United would travel to Los Angeles for preseason training, James Corden and 100 children head to UCLA to link up with manager Jose Mourinho and footballers Juan Mata, Ander Herrera and Chris Smalling, giving them a friendly match unlike they've ever seen.
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2018年08月 7日

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Queen CL
Queen CL 56 分钟 前
Ironic that they're wearing Man City's colour
Lee Hepworth
Lee Hepworth 5 小时 前
Why dont this fat cunt annoying corden just fuckoff
Ly Long
Ly Long 8 小时 前
*101 kids including james corden
luis garcia
luis garcia 19 小时 前
At 4:33 the guy in the backround
Cian Forde
Cian Forde 22 小时 前
Still can't keep a clean sheet...
HyperSF2 天 前
Man U are crap Man City for life
Nick Bandy
Nick Bandy 天 前
Masoumah Abdulraheem
“Where’d you get 100 kids?”
Anubhav Das
Anubhav Das 天 前
No wonder mufc is struggling in premier league😂
Gurpreet Singh
James done well as a football couch Mata might be small but he got skills herrara and smalling are taller just saying.
oscar castellucci
3 -1 what do you mean
Nathan Maddock
Nathan Maddock 2 天 前
Kids wearing same colours as Manchester City LOL
ntuthuko nxumalo
A man who has won 25 trophies with five clubs including two champions league titles...at 2:38 I thought the audience was going to clap their hands for his massive achievement.
JustSomeGinger 2 天 前
Even tho I’m a Chelsea fan and hate Man U but I love this haha
Max Häggman
Max Häggman 2 天 前
When you realise Mata's bicycle kick is staged lol
Wally Wally
Wally Wally 2 天 前
Mourinho is an absolute liability in goal
Jason Hellens
Jason Hellens 3 天 前
79 dislikes from American hand egg fans
RTMS Mo Salad
RTMS Mo Salad 3 天 前
0:21 then you go and get yourselfs thrashed 1-4 by Liverpool while conceding and overhead kick
Susanna Soto
Susanna Soto 3 天 前
idk why but after 4:12 i just broke down with laughter😂😂
Zain Ababneh
Zain Ababneh 3 天 前
“Man child”
Dhawal Sharma
Dhawal Sharma 3 天 前
So this is the reason Man Utd isn't doing well this season.
Amethyst Armadillo
Mourinho is a shit keeper
Thomas Bamford
Thomas Bamford 3 天 前
Should do more videos like this
Chelsea/ Bayern
Chelsea/ Bayern 4 天 前
Best loool
Roky E
Roky E 4 天 前
ok ngl that was funny
Celicia Cordes
Celicia Cordes 4 天 前
i CaN'T bReAThe
akash giri
akash giri 4 天 前
my 3rd favourate club after barcelona and madrid
Dell W
Dell W 5 天 前
Md Ajazuddin
Md Ajazuddin 5 天 前
I dont know james cordon😂😂😂😂😂😂
Khamuki 5 天 前
not man u fan but well done man u.. lovely moments
Chakradhara Chowdary
now we know why man u is in the 10th place in the premier league.
Chapman Alexander
😁 😃 😄 😂 Not even a Messi,Ronaldo and Neymar team can dribble through! Buzima😁 😃 😃 😃 😂 👍 👍 😍 👍
Isaac Burrows
Isaac Burrows 8 天 前
What was that song called in the back ground
xd Brenenfon
xd Brenenfon 8 天 前
i wanna see mu try hard against the kids
Ayush 8 天 前
I don't know James lol
Gwern Ap Rhisiart
James was warering west ham shorts
pHD TanVeeR
pHD TanVeeR 9 天 前
literally they can only win against these kids now :P Jose effect :P
Ikraj Nijjar
Ikraj Nijjar 9 天 前
mr haikal
mr haikal 9 天 前
celebrate with lose team😂
Almost Anything
Almost Anything 9 天 前
Man u Defence still shit
Jude Williamson
Jude Williamson 9 天 前
Enthusiasm favorite abstract photography tape variable feedback specifically rapid target pill edition.
Iota Omicron
Iota Omicron 10 天 前
A hundred kids? Where did they get a hundred kids from?!
Riad Kahale
Riad Kahale 11 天 前
Not up to your standards ? What are their standards ?
Adventurer20 11 天 前
Here when there are rumours of Jose getting... Sacked in the morning🎶 He’s getting sacked in the morning🎶 Sacked in the mooorniiing🎶 He’s getting sacked in the mor-ning🎶
Tony Bower fan page
I think the kids would win in man u's current form 😂 shit club
JEH Ytube
JEH Ytube 11 天 前
Liverpool are so much Better and higher than there standards
Connor Ozsanlav
Connor Ozsanlav 11 天 前
Wow United actually won a game
Zhang Yiming
Zhang Yiming 11 天 前
2:30 west ham pants
Lincoln Smith
Lincoln Smith 12 天 前
4:06 didnthe mean "park the bus"
Dhruv Thakur
Dhruv Thakur 12 天 前
Sack Mourinho pleasseee United lost so many freaking games
Elise’s World
Elise’s World 12 天 前
“Where do you get 100 kids from???” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
lil bean
lil bean 13 天 前
That’s why there at 11th place they have been practicing with kids
Dorothea Karapourtsidou Papazoglou
abhishek patil
abhishek patil 13 天 前
Yo, reds for life
Bryce Heller
Bryce Heller 13 天 前
hm tenth place
Vishva Munasinghe
about the only team united can beat this season
Adrian Ram
Adrian Ram 14 天 前
4:08 was one of the best moments😂
nickwong31 14 天 前
James did a segment with Arsenal, Arsenal screwed up their season that year. Now he's with United this year. Good luck lol
suvir suresh
suvir suresh 14 天 前
Even kids can concede against man United
Jimmy Lucas
Jimmy Lucas 14 天 前
The Bicycle was set up, look at where mata was haha
Nyx the Necromancer
"One of the Andrews"
Sam Fitzgerald
Sam Fitzgerald 15 天 前
Love how they all had numbers 1-100 on there back😂
Pda d
Pda d 15 天 前
4:10 IM CRYING 😭😭😭😂😂😂 the way he bounce😭
lil joey
lil joey 15 天 前
One of the only wins they've had in recent times How's 10th lads?
Sufiyan Soalman
Sufiyan Soalman 15 天 前
I think the score is 3-0 😘
amanda c
amanda c 15 天 前
We all know City dominates in Manchester now....
amanda c
amanda c 15 天 前
Jose is a great guy. The world is wrong!! Lol
CGLOMEGA 111 14 天 前
He might be a great guy but he is not doing good things for United atm
CGLOMEGA 111 14 天 前
amanda c sure..........
laxmidhar bhol
laxmidhar bhol 15 天 前
man united is shit
no u
no u 16 天 前
The reason of why man u are failing this season
Fede FBA
Fede FBA 16 天 前
best things i ever seen
Finn P
Finn P 16 天 前
Manunited are utter shit these days.
Lebron James
Lebron James 16 天 前
mourinho like i should sell all my players and pay these kids with crackers we might have a chance on pml
Ciarán Duggan
Ciarán Duggan 16 天 前
Wait... Which one is man united???
I'm stupid but,
I'm stupid but, 16 天 前
I don't know them too
Mrpolonog 17 天 前
Surpised Adam Johnson didn't ask to join in
Mrpolonog 17 天 前
To be fair, the way MU are going, they'd be better off with some of those kids in their team.
Zomkyi Style
Zomkyi Style 17 天 前
i was dead laughing when the camera showed the goalies XD
Y alexis ? 😠😠
Dark Vader
Dark Vader 17 天 前
Manchester is still blue though
Swagger Swagger
Swagger Swagger 17 天 前
MegaPeterWang 17 天 前
Juan Mata's goal was fake and acted out
amanda c
amanda c 15 天 前
It doesn't mata!
Javier Wong
Javier Wong 17 天 前
Lol look where they are now
Farid Sikder
Farid Sikder 18 天 前
Kids are man city
Avranck Neupane
Avranck Neupane 18 天 前
The only team Man U can beat nowadays
TBN Production
TBN Production 18 天 前
That dive from Herrera tho
Danial Baharuddin
1:17 the single kid was like "wtf am i doing here"
xXPickle BeanXx
xXPickle BeanXx 18 天 前
All these “big teams” vs 100 kids are so stupid. Only a few show up, and they’re the trashy ones! Where’s Pogba? De Gea? Alexis? Rashford? I think these videos are bogus
amanda c
amanda c 15 天 前
Did they make the trip? mata is a big name.
Eemeli Tuominen
Eemeli Tuominen 19 天 前
imply kind nonetheless course able command realistic toss authority.
ayeram J
ayeram J 19 天 前
"Saved by one of the late late show's ten goal keepers" 😭
Hespi 20 天 前
3 player and coach= Man. Utd.
Theoffcialkwebblkop And friends
when u miss your plane 1:16
Mj Mb Hala Madrid!
Por qué sentaron al niño?
Simon Chauvet
Simon Chauvet 20 天 前
Derby county lol
CrappySkills 20 天 前
man utd should blame this for their bad season
gary byrne
gary byrne 21 天 前
I suppose James and the kids won .. Jose out
samuel toluwani
samuel toluwani 21 天 前
How many goal keepers? Funny
Shay Joynes
Shay Joynes 22 天 前
Brighton 😁
Chuk Oezil
Chuk Oezil 22 天 前
if against kids united players cant show up or create chances. sums up our season so far. smh lol
Ruth Newmai
Ruth Newmai 23 天 前
This video is too cute.....