Manchester United vs. James Corden & 100 Kids

The Late Late Show with James Corden
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After hearing the news that Manchester United would travel to Los Angeles for preseason training, James Corden and 100 children head to UCLA to link up with manager Jose Mourinho and footballers Juan Mata, Ander Herrera and Chris Smalling, giving them a friendly match unlike they've ever seen.
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2018年08月 7日






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Nitish 小时 前
Give Herrera the new contract and the wages that he's asking for. He celebrated a United goal with passion even against kids. That's how much he loves the club.
Brandon Cox
Brandon Cox 2 小时 前
No rules mode fifa 19 😂
Brandon Cox
Brandon Cox 2 小时 前
I find James corden funny than some comedians he’s a joker
Ankur Phadke
Ankur Phadke 天 前
Still parking the bus
VK Haarrison Ntim Amoah PedersborgSkole
Best commentary ever!!!😂😂😂
Aristak Nagarajan
More entertaining than United playing under Jose in PL
Lincoln City Fan Reviews
This is why Mourinho was sacked 😂
Saif Khan
Saif Khan 2 天 前
Let's be honest that commentating was world class
babucarr juwara
babucarr juwara 2 天 前
🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 I love this damn
HenZoid 2 天 前
Why were the legit players kicking the ball so light? they really could have just spanked it in the kids wouldnt have a chance in saving it
TabCon 2 天 前
This probably explains their start to the season
The Sprawl
The Sprawl 2 天 前
3:56...look at Herrera, a total gloating shithouse, even when the opponents are six year olds...I love it.
The Sprawl
The Sprawl 2 天 前
2:35 - if you can't hear it properly, Jose's shouting 'park the bus'.
Ben Davies
Ben Davies 17 小时 前
What the fuck drugs you on cause he said more than three words. He said like 50 million more words
Frank Wong
Frank Wong 2 天 前
I wanna see 100 man united players vs 7 kids
Brian MFP
Brian MFP 2 天 前
I dont know but this channel CC always late for me (no pun here)
Spaghet Tacos
Spaghet Tacos 3 天 前
Quality vs quantity
인천 서울 직거래가능
맹구 man gu
Nicholas Hogan
Nicholas Hogan 4 天 前
I bet a pony on Liverpool.
Kitty Kat
Kitty Kat 4 天 前
Those goalkeepers were hilarious
Kiprono Kenneth
Kiprono Kenneth 4 天 前
The commentator is sooooooo funny....I laughed all the time 10 goalkeepers, 40 defenders, 30 midfielders and 20 strikers... And finally 17 players caught by the offside trap
Aidel Muzaffar
Aidel Muzaffar 5 天 前
Guiness World Record 17 players offside
Francesco Savarese
Omg these kids suck
They can't even spell off side
Holly Johns
Holly Johns 5 天 前
this was so funny I can’t
Skeet Clan
Skeet Clan 5 天 前
Liverpool is better than Man UTD
Napster __
Napster __ 5 天 前
Herrera is doing his shithousery even here😂😂😂
Chhuantea Chhakchhuak
"The goal is disallowed as seven kid are straight offside"😆😆😂
Chhuantea Chhakchhuak
Best commentator ever, we need him in pl😁
Life Shortcut 101
No. 7 kid so adorable at 6:08 her shirt is below her knee 😂😂
Ismail Hanif
Ismail Hanif 6 天 前
Llls fc were so depressed
Shubhrit Shrivastava
Still better than real football match 😂😂
Wallace Clery
Wallace Clery 7 天 前
This fat prick is not funny any more
100 Subscribers with no vids
James is probably a better manager than mourinho
Tej Regmi
Tej Regmi 7 天 前
Oh yeah yeah Yeah
3:18 James corden is Jose mourinho all the time
QS 2C 7 天 前
6:10 Kid: If cant beat them, join them
vishawjeet rathore
Corden is wearing hammer's ⚒ shorts. 😅
Hazim Muzhaffar.
even they don't need a forward
Cold TV
Cold TV 8 天 前
Man Utd vs FC Terry
shakil Ahmed
shakil Ahmed 9 天 前
17 players offside 😭😭😭
Murtaja Al Maliki
I feel sorry for the kid that got subbed out... I mean out of 100 players.. damn
Viraj Awate
Viraj Awate 10 天 前
how united actually gets its fans
YourAsianComrade 27
4:50 Herrera is being legend
Allan fortnite
Allan fortnite 11 天 前
4-1 lose to Liverpool not up to your standards
Akshay Jain
Akshay Jain 11 天 前
this guy is wearing west ham shorts and shooting a video with united. 1:20
Korina Protsyuk
Korina Protsyuk 12 天 前
“In fact we have like 17 David’s actually...” 😂😂
Christopher L. Brown
5:26 nice pass young fella!
there are so many laughing emojis in this comment section
FONDER 13 天 前
Imagine being one of a 100 kids to play against Manchester United players and getting placed on the bank.
Ian Cole
Ian Cole 13 天 前
I want to see 100 kids vs Zlatan
Carolijn Kwezi
Carolijn Kwezi 13 天 前
This is so cute
Joey Hughes
Joey Hughes 14 天 前
CMON UNITED!!!!!!!!!!
Prithvi 14 天 前
The pre season training didn’t work out
Zombsroyale TEDDY
100 Bots,1 man,"The Special One",3 man unites players
Bishal Buddha Magar
DAMNN.. That jersey no. 7 kid 😘😘❤ 6:12
Pramana Adi Samudra
So cute though
Engage Master
Engage Master 15 天 前
a couple month later Jose has been sacked
Supersaiyan Thanos
What mourinho allowing fun what is this
Bro The Boss
Bro The Boss 16 天 前
Chelsea better
Lord IceWing
Lord IceWing 16 天 前
How low were those kid's shorts!?
annie 17 天 前
the title alone omg
CaptainHerrera21 17 天 前
We would have still parked the bus then
Habyara M. Alphonse
I am surprised asf no one is talking about Mata’s bike-kick finish. That was absolutely amazing. Anyone who’s here after man utd vs psg miracle?
McMahon143 18 天 前
All those kids still probably have a better touch than Lukaku
Queen Styles
Queen Styles 18 天 前
And a child,passes it to a child and then passes to another child
srtareh 18 天 前
Awesome! Lool
EpicFrank V
EpicFrank V 19 天 前
Epic battle simulator
Blessing Iroro
Blessing Iroro 19 天 前
I can never get enough of this football match...... Hilarious. 17 kids off side
Avuzwa Khumalo
Avuzwa Khumalo 19 天 前
"And also there's James Corden, also a man."😂😂😂😂😂😂
Local U2ber
Local U2ber 19 天 前
I bet if Mourinho will walk on the streets of LA people will probably think he's a hobo 👀😂
Den Mar
Den Mar 20 天 前
This was awesome lol
Danah Almaraghi
Danah Almaraghi 21 天 前
Luckyyyyyy i love man utd im a HUGE fan. I wish i could meet them. My biggest dream......
Stephen Fowler
Stephen Fowler 21 天 前
Shayan Ahmed
Shayan Ahmed 21 天 前
Before Jose was sacked...
Jay NICHOLL 21 天 前
2:30 James is wearing West Ham shorts
sneh shah
sneh shah 23 天 前
This is one of the best Football matches I have ever seen.........
Nabilla Rizkiana
Nabilla Rizkiana 24 天 前
i love this game😂❤️
Maureen Lurare
Maureen Lurare 24 天 前
Who misses Jose
Nasif 25 天 前
D'lisa Gaskin
D'lisa Gaskin 25 天 前
This was cute
Fatima Mulla
Fatima Mulla 25 天 前
The little kid who join in on the celebratory hug made me just aww my heart out
Caco !?
Caco !? 26 天 前
Mehdi Khadem
Mehdi Khadem 26 天 前
omg! all of those little goalkeepers :D hahaha
Anand Shrestha
Anand Shrestha 26 天 前
This is the Reason Why Mourinho Got sacked😂
One piece Anime
One piece Anime 27 天 前
I love kids
N'is Oz
N'is Oz 27 天 前
Those are actually 100 kids lmfaao
Jake Leslie
Jake Leslie 27 天 前
This was the downfall of Jose Mourinho. Lol.
CaptinBlode - بلود
“Correction” it’s 115 kids
Isheanesu Karoro
Isheanesu Karoro 29 天 前
Man u for life
yo daus
yo daus 29 天 前
4:06 "PRESS THE BALL!!!" definitely the rarest quote ever spoken from Jose Mourinho
Jenina Cusay
Jenina Cusay 个月 前
james is actually wearing westham's haha
Bread 个月 前
Where did he get the kids
Anna Ndege
Anna Ndege 个月 前
the children are many
Eric Bumbera
Eric Bumbera 个月 前
Love the shithousery from Ander Herrera 😂
extreme gamerrr7
extreme gamerrr7 个月 前
Quite funny how Liverpool beat them 4-0
DirtyMoney Narctisss
That was a great mwtch🙌🏼❤️❤️❤️
Haider Suleman
Haider Suleman 个月 前
I'm surprised That Mourinho won
Special Dude
Special Dude 个月 前
Who’s watching this after Jose
SDMN Dolan
SDMN Dolan 个月 前
Liverpool ain’t gonna give them a test: loose
Man Utd Lists
Man Utd Lists 个月 前
James Cordon playing with kids again
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