Marvel Studios' Black Widow | Special Look

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“Family. Back together again.” Watch this brand-new special look at Marvel Studios’ Black Widow, in theaters May 1.
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评论 7 579
Gabriel Pino
Gabriel Pino 12 小时 前
so does this take place after Civil War but before Infinity War?
Sampson Ray Simon
Sampson Ray Simon 13 小时 前
Hunter Cohen
Hunter Cohen 14 小时 前
Is the enemy of this movie Task Master?? If so I’m so down for that!! 👍👍👍
Evan Smith
Evan Smith 14 小时 前
Why do people care that this movie takes place before endgame? I dont get it.
Brevin Floyd Catinsag
Brevin Floyd Catinsag 15 小时 前
Please, don't kill Taskmaster. He's my favorite Marvel villain.
jv America
jv America 16 小时 前
See you in a minute 😀
Toxic 17 小时 前
Toxic 17 小时 前
I forgot tony stark is going to be in this movie and NOW IM MORE HYPED FOT THIS MOVIE
PRO AS F**K! 20 小时 前
00:14 waitt... Are those Pim particles in Natasha's right hand (slow to 0.25×) 😲
Nikola Kungulovski
Nikola Kungulovski 21 小时 前
ahhh that fake Russian accent ruined everything...
1 CrimeDrama_Girl
1 CrimeDrama_Girl 21 小时 前
Vormir is the 2.1k who disliked.
Sophie 21 小时 前
When does this take place again? And why is it only coming out now? 🤦🏻‍♀️
Victor Aguilar
Victor Aguilar 21 小时 前
Plot twist they brainwashed jim hopper and had a mk1 Captain America serum that made him aged slowly
Why can’t they gender swap Black Widow? Can’t she become a guy?
siddhanth guha
siddhanth guha 21 小时 前
No special powers no super suit Black widow is the real deal❤️
Joshua Baratheon
Joshua Baratheon 23 小时 前
Florence Pugh ❤
R!L'M 天 前
A human wearing heavy metal armor and a hood, so it's gotta be the Taskmaster huh ? Ya'll do know there's another character who fits that description other than Taskmaster, right ? I think this "guy" right here is not Taskmaster, but it's actually Iron Maiden. But i dunno, for now it could be anyone. It could be Clint Barton because he could use the bow in superhuman accuracy just like him and this could possibly explain the whole Budapest thingy, it could be the Iron Maiden because she's also a Black Widow and hence why she could "copy" Natasha's move. Or maybe, it could be all three of them. But let's be real tho, it could just be Tony Masters the Taskmaster himself 😆
Samid Dadashov
0:56 pubg mobile 😎😎😎
Mustafa Lokhandwala
Purple gacha Girl
*when 2 days after bw release is ur moms birthday* HAALLEELUYAA
The Man vs PC
Never thought black widow was a spider
Andrew Douglas
Taskmaster will be female. It’s just a matter of who in the cast is playing the character. Rachel Weisz maybe?
Meena Raj Sharma
Taskmaster looks so cool
K Nichole N
K Nichole N 天 前
How the hell did I miss this?!
Ali khan
Ali khan 天 前
Pym Particles in Black Widow Hand Any one notice ??? 0:13 play
Andre's 天 前
Who the hell is that girl*
Andre's 天 前
Who the hell is that girl*
ศุภณัฐ พงษ์ปรีชา
I do want to see how Nat defeats Taskmaster. Though Taskmaster can imitate her styles of fighting, there must be some weakness Nat can identify. For example, While fighting with Taskmaster, she calls Steve. Nat: Cap, how do you use your shield? Captain: I bla bla bla Nat: Oh, I see. Come on Task. I'm ready!!!
Jerry Gilbert
What timeline is this movie took place? Is it before Avengers 2012?
uncanny dcmarvelous
uncanny dcmarvelous 13 小时 前
After Civil War (maybe specifically after Natasha leaves Tony) and before Infinity War.
Riley Royer
Riley Royer 天 前
Has anyone forgotten the cool fake face device that BW had in CAWS to look like one of the Council ladies? Maybe this could tag along with the theory floating around that her sister could have taken her place in Infinity War.. hmmm.....
Madhav Khandelwal
0:14 Are those Pym particles in Natasha's hand ?
Rajput Boy
Rajput Boy 天 前
Fabulous treailer of black widow
Rajput Boy
Rajput Boy 天 前
Superb look
somu singh
somu singh 天 前
I think taskmaster is the villain from her past. The man with the shield is probably the Taskmaster... You know the symbol on his shield...Right?
somu singh
somu singh 天 前
@READ Comics Sarcasm...
READ Comics
READ Comics 天 前
Oh wow you are so intelligent to figure out that Taskmaster is the villain. That is general knowledge that it’s Taskmaster einstein. Anyone can tell it’s Taskmaster
somu singh
somu singh 天 前
somu singh
somu singh 21 小时 前
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 天 前
Dead avenger has a movie Hawkeye: I'm gonna end this man's career
anwar muhammad
Everybody know this is just an illusion she's actually in the Soul Stone
Aivin Sastrillas
taskmaster 64
She has pym particles right on the trailer
Chris CaMo
Chris CaMo 天 前
Natasha 💔😢
Beast Boy Sumit
Spoiler alert: Black Widow wins
Burnin In Texas
Sick and f*cking tired of marvel movies....
LEGO Kid 101
LEGO Kid 101 天 前
I guess Red Guardian is like the newest hero to appear live-action
acematthew01 天 前
Tf did you do to taskmaster?? Like what is that?? A silver motorbike helmet wtfff Edit: Dude looks like a power ranger.
Daniyal A
Daniyal A 天 前
This looks so good! Not what I was expecting. Like a mix of Salt and Atomic Blonde, not your typical cgi-cartoony Marvel movie.
Abbagayle Long
0:14 look closely she’s holding PYM PARTICLES. THIS IS AFTER ENDGAME!!!
uncanny dcmarvelous
uncanny dcmarvelous 13 小时 前
They already confirmed back in Comic Con that this is set after Civil War and before Infinity War.
Emily An
Emily An 天 前
may come back.
Sakib Wasif
Sakib Wasif 天 前
Emily An
Emily An 天 前
Black Widow may not stay "permanently" dead. With beings such as The One Above All, The Living Tribunal, Infinity, Eternity, The Beyonder, Hela etc in the Marvel Universe, sh
You know how Taskmaster gets his powers from watching his opponents fight? With the internet, how does that work now? Can he search iron man or hawkeye on youtube and instantly get their fighting style? What about people like Thor, Loki, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver or Doctor Strange? Does he inherit their magic abilities? Does that mean if he was watching Thor or seeing him in New York or Sokovia he could hold Mjolnir?
Greta Woelke
Greta Woelke 天 前
bucky & nat just assassian tingz
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu 天 前
Dead avenger has a movie Hawkeye: I'm gonna end this man's career
Zod Zoe
Zod Zoe 天 前
A film about natasha romanoff in her quest between the films civil war and infinity war. IMDB PLOT!!!
Kaitlin Kraus
Since this movie will take place after Civil War and before Infinity War, I wonder if we'll see Nat's reasoning for changing her hair to blonde
A bunny that will chew on your cables
*So this is what Hopper has been up to after the Russians got him...at least he's not stuck in the upside down...*
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu 天 前
I think that sheild one is taskmaster
Pedro lins
Pedro lins 天 前
Pottur Raghu
Pottur Raghu 天 前
Super mem
Thanos 2 天 前
Therapist: Captain communism isn’t real, he can’t hurt you Captain communism:
Zeus69 19 小时 前
Thanos I heard thor is looking for ya
Thanos 2 天 前
Therapist: Captain communism isn’t real, he can’t hurt you Captain communism:
Spidey Fan 3000
Spidey Fan 3000 2 天 前
*nAAAtaSa MAiii SisTArrR*
Kunuga Sjs
Kunuga Sjs 2 天 前
Natasha say im on the run Spongebob : im on the run What xdd
Harmanpreet Dhariwal
Play it in 0.25x speed and see at 0.12-0.14 There is a red cubic thing in Natasha's hand Please like