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Taylor Swift
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From Emmy Winning Director Lana Wilson and Academy Award Winning Filmmakers Behind 20 Feet From Stardom. The Netflix Original Documentary is out now in select theaters and on Netflix.
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terceiro_ Da depressão
Genteeeeee eu acabei de assistir e maravilhosooo
Literally x SCARED x
Even for a fan like me, this video hits me hard
2dawgz 4 小时 前
Loved it such a big LGBTQ advocate ..🙅‍♀️
k 7 小时 前
Youdude 11 小时 前
That guy proposing to his sobbing girlfriend in front of Taylor Swift was sooo awkward! You could just tell Taylor knew the girl was just sobbing over meeting her and not the awkward proposal lmao!
alex dyk
alex dyk 11 小时 前
Taylor’s famous songs are about exes. But her best songs are about feelings, that touch your heart. Those are the hidden gems.
Midnxght_Dreams 12 小时 前
I just watched the whole thing. I saw those hate comments. Girl, don't let them discourage you. Remember we are here for you. We love you. Don't listen to those ugly rats who don't like you. Follow what your heart wants. Just remember, they don't care about anything. We do. I love you so much! You are an amazing star, and nobody can stop you from doing that. Keep going, we will always follow you. Lysm!! 😉❤️
Lana Kox
Lana Kox 14 小时 前
Love your voice and your song's!!!! you are genius!!!!!!!
Chris Saari
Chris Saari 16 小时 前
A Little Girl had a Dream to write and sing songs in front on people and make those people happy and enjoy her performance of those songs. Taylor did that and she grew up in front of an audience; she's done a great job and I hope she continues to have fun and make music that she want to!
Sublime Music Channel
Sublime Music Channel 19 小时 前
Watch List
Watch List 20 小时 前
I feel so proud of her I love her
Margareth Rosa Collante Munive
Margareth Rosa Collante Munive
Jack Green
Jack Green 21 小时 前
This literally personifies everything wrong with the planet. Taylor swift is paid hundreds of millions of dollars while tens of thousands of women are homeless in LA alone, and yet you care more about victimising a multimillionaire celebrity. Be ashamed of yourself.
Shiro AA
Shiro AA 21 小时 前
Sub 4 Sub Back
Sub 4 Sub Back 23 小时 前
This video: Miss Americana Me: Miss American
Marília Schacht
I listen to some of Taylor’s songs since 2011, sometimes read about her, but never really put effort in getting to know the real Taylor. I watched the press build her image (in their way) and thought: is this really her? So.. my point is: this documentary made me like her so much, now I want to keep up with her actions and she seems to be so down-to-earth, she stands for what she believes and I’m all for it. Go Taylor! You are making people proud just being your true self!
Jemuel Cervantes
I cried watching this 😥
zaff Suff
zaff Suff 天 前
Imu, TC, ss, kf, gbu
Sophia Willyerd
Love you Tay, you should do a video where you sing one of your old songs, like mean.
darrell hood
darrell hood 天 前
I love taylor but this is just a poor me documentary and yes I watch it and then it turns into a I'm a woman and I have rights political piece...I mean come on there no need for it
simron card
simron card 天 前
Daddy Camper
Daddy Camper 天 前
PlZ come to utah Taylor
Michael Its Mr.C
Shes too skinny lol, what's does that matter
Sassy World
Sassy World 2 天 前
Hit the like button if you love Taylor swift 😊♥️
Rees Empleo
Rees Empleo 2 天 前
We love u always. Stay strong!
Goshh !! Im so excited Like it when your excited too💖
Lakshmi acharya
Lakshmi acharya 2 天 前
This made me cry. So proud of u!❤️😩🌍🥰😍🤩
1 Miguel E Macedo
8 months ago when I heard this album for the first time, .. I said that this whole album is a jewel and it would win ALL the Grammys ... unless ... And it happened ... After watching "Miss American" Now you need to see the other Netflix documentary "The Great Hacking" to understand why she did NOT win or rather .. To know, who did NOT want her to win ... Anyway, the young people ALREADY WAKE UP ... And Taylor won something BETTER than 100 Grammys, .. She won People's HEARTS, .. Thank you Taylor Swift I Love You 100% MORE .. Saludos desde la Ciudad de Mexico
Trisha Kamau
Trisha Kamau 2 天 前
OMG!i l♡ve tailor swift.She does notl deserve hatred from anyone
AA Azrin
AA Azrin 2 天 前
I love you... you are a beauty queen..
Susmita Shrestha
Lucelia Oliveira
Taylor Swift 😍😍😍😙😙😙😙😙😙😙
Heart Xiajie
Heart Xiajie 2 天 前
I will always love you Taylor Swift .
Kayla Hollis
Kayla Hollis 2 天 前
Just watched on Netflixs and I gotta say it makes me respect her more as a person, a woman, and an artist. Ive listened to her music ever since her 1st album. Love this so much. It's letting the world know that even famous people get broken down and go through stuff. She stands for so much.
Ipshita Singh
Ipshita Singh 2 天 前
Tabassum Killer
Tabassum Killer 3 天 前
She is the best
Meghan Modica
Meghan Modica 3 天 前
The part where she is walking with the deer... that place looks so familiar. I think it might be in Wyomissing pa. I live about 15 min away. It looks like a hiking trail I often go on and there literally is no one there at times. It’s beautiful.
Isa Rainer
Isa Rainer 3 天 前
Spolier alert: Taylor Swift is WOKE.
The Mummy Cats
The Mummy Cats 3 天 前
You guys seen Taylor is this last video lol? cnvid.net/video/%E8%A7%86%E9%A2%91-_Enl_ArqiRg.html
Life is Beautiful
I can be the only one that after this documentary could picture Taylor married, living in a farm, with kids and a hippie style
Ocean Cleaner
Ocean Cleaner 3 天 前
I used to feel the same way about her. I'm glad I took the time to watch the documentary. 100% changed my opinion. And I think we can all relate to insecurity and doing our best to be perfect only receive backlash instead. Love your story girl. Can't wait to see what the next year brings for your success and happiness💖💖💖
Marta Krzemień
Marta Krzemień 3 天 前
Huge respect for courage to speak about political views. Only the Young!
Sanobar Imam
Sanobar Imam 4 天 前
I absolutely love her.!
Kaelynn Polo
Kaelynn Polo 4 天 前
You are a great singer. My friend. Is a big fan
allergic to humans not animals
Imagine being so rich you can just upload your own documentary to netflix when u finally wanna let it all out via complaining
Riaan van Rooyen
Thanks for doing this-just finished watching it. Just loved you all over again. Thanks for fighting for what was is right.
Rika Wolf
Rika Wolf 4 天 前
Can we just notice and appreciate how HEALTHY Taylor look now in comparison to her past self? Not talking skinny or not, just healthy glow in both her eyes and body
Dann Broom Broom Musico
I’m hearing her Miss Americana and The Heartbreak Prince Karaoke Version
Anna Nguyen
Anna Nguyen 4 天 前
magggie mgill
magggie mgill 4 天 前
it was so inspiring
Madeline Jackson
Liana Lelkešová
Amazing documentary! It's actually a best documentray about a celebrity that I've ever seen. She is so hardworking, passionate, talented and brave and this film has made me realize it even more. I'm so grateful that she talked about the issues she went through, it just shows that celebrities aren't perfection and they also have problems and ups and downs. Truly an icon. Love her! ❤❤❤
Theo Behrens
Theo Behrens 4 天 前
Go girl !!!!!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Nick Stephenson
Nick Stephenson 5 天 前
What a joke. So many holes in what she is saying. She’s a robot saying what she’s told. Being woke is IN now so now she’s woke. Mouthpiece with no critical thinking skills.
Jhacquie de Ocampo Isaac
The moment I've watched her documentary on Netflix, I subscribed immediately. I just love her!
Glue Stone
Glue Stone 5 天 前
This is why we need to call 'breakdown' in our saddest moment &
Sydney The Kidney
unicorns sizxz
unicorns sizxz 5 天 前
She doesn't deserve all the hate tho
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