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In today's video I go over an updated list of my must own running backs. I made this video back in early June, but it's been a while, and a lot of things have changed since then. These are now the running backs I view as being the best picks in fantasy football this season...given their current ADP's
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评论 678
Ryan Rajala
Ryan Rajala 12 天 前
Sotd: Ezekiel Elliott
Ryan Rajala
Ryan Rajala 12 天 前
Ezekiel Elliott
lavixl 15 天 前
Jarred Walker
Jarred Walker 17 天 前
I've drafted David Johnson the past two seasons. Sorry, but you couldn't pay me to draft his ass again this year.
Ethan Storms
Ethan Storms 17 天 前
These are my conflicting positions & players of my 10 Player PPR Fantasy League. I have some questions at the bottom if you guys don't mind giving me your opinions RB1: Devonta Freeman RB2: Chris Carson WR1: DHop WR2: OBJ Flex: Austin Ekeler Bench: James White: Put up big numbers last season, but production decreased once his fellow RBs became healthy Sterling Shepherd: Promoted to WR1 for the Giants Emmanuel Sanders: WR1 for the Broncos Marvin Jones: WR2 for the Lions James Washington: Likely to line up alongside Juju as WR2 Tyrell Williams: Likely to line up alongside AB as WR2 Should I put one of my bench WRs at flex? If I do put one of my bench WRs at flex (Ekeler's current position), should Ekeler replace my RB 1 or 2 or should I bench Ekeler? Should I also find a way to start James White? Is Devonta Freeman risky to start based off his history of injuries?
49ersForever #48
49ersForever #48 17 天 前
I drafted kamara and Cohen and Coleman 😎
MattyS 18 天 前
Sotd: Nick Chubb
C00lGuyWithHats 18 天 前
Y’all sleeping on Conner
OurStudio 19 天 前
Broccoli Rob
Broccoli Rob 19 天 前
Wow the 49ers getting love on CNvid wtf!!? Finally lol #goniners
Keith Jones
Keith Jones 21 天 前
Somehow David Montgomery dropped to the 9th round in my league. It’s likely because we do offline drafts and he didn’t have a sticker in the set. I had to write him in once I realized he was still out there.
Julian Seyal
Julian Seyal 22 天 前
I can’t decide freeman, Damien William (cuff with Darwin), or carson
Anthony Gordon
Anthony Gordon 23 天 前
Cardinals have one of the top 4 WORST offensive lines
Daniel Murphy
Daniel Murphy 23 天 前
Lmao if devonta freeman is on this list, dont listen to anything this guy says
R4ym1n 23 天 前
DJ ??? The cardinals have the worst offensive line in the league, new coach, short rookie QB. I dont know man.....
Jamarsharif Bey
Jamarsharif Bey 23 天 前
The Unsettled
The Unsettled 23 天 前
Coleman has struggle in pre season M. Breida is the one to own
jrmendoza7 16 天 前
Breida has been named the starter
The Unsettled
The Unsettled 23 天 前
So this is who I ended up with at RB Kamara,Breida,Michel,M.Gordon and D.Montgomery
Anthony Gordon
Anthony Gordon 23 天 前
Why is Melvin Gordon number 4 on your list
Soldiers United for Cash
Stay of the day: Marshawn Lynch
Josh Sallie
Josh Sallie 23 天 前
I drafted 7th I went chubb damien William's then freeman as a flex if he stays healthy that will be a monster flex
Bailey Peters
Bailey Peters 23 天 前
@Josh Sallie I love chubb, he would have the Heisman if not for that gruesome injury. I'm a rb guy so no hate. Seems early tho! Dede n foles is underrated. Foles made Macklin a beast
Josh Sallie
Josh Sallie 23 天 前
My wr are diggs kupp fuller Dede Fitzgerald Tyrell William's and Hollywood brown
Josh Sallie
Josh Sallie 23 天 前
@Bailey Peters yep except Adam's he went 6th over connor bell
Bailey Peters
Bailey Peters 23 天 前
7 means over Adams Thomas odell hill and gurley!
Adam March
Adam March 24 天 前
Stat of the Week: Saquon Barkley?
JackassHill 24 天 前
Awesome video. Made me rethink some things.
David Niggemeyer
David Niggemeyer 25 天 前
Matt Breida? Matt Breida! Is he a MUST OWN? Why not! It's August.
Bailey Peters
Bailey Peters 23 天 前
Breida seems to be taking over that backfield.
Anthony Dionne
Anthony Dionne 25 天 前
Aaron Jones - GB?!?!
Anthony Reeder
Anthony Reeder 25 天 前
So if you have the first overall pick do you go David Johnson or Saquon Barkley?
Anthony Gordon
Anthony Gordon 23 天 前
Barkley hands down
SavedbyGrace 25 天 前
Anthony Reeder Def. Barkley
Captain America
Captain America 25 天 前
What do you have to say on jay ajayi being signed
Kurtis Lowe
Kurtis Lowe 25 天 前
I don't think he's signed
Nick Smith
Nick Smith 25 天 前
Do you think miles sanders takes over the starting role in Philadelphia
Anthony Vall
Anthony Vall 21 天 前
After a couple weeks but the eagles will still be a committee
David Tingle
David Tingle 22 天 前
Absolutely by week 4
Thomas Jackson
Thomas Jackson 26 天 前
Not sure where you're getting 60 catches from Kerryon Johnson, who he himself admitted isn't a 3 down back.
RyderzontheStorm 26 天 前
I picked up 5 RBs by end of draft now everyone needs a rb
sthao1 25 天 前
@Alexander 3 Face 2nd. loss hunt in the middle of the season due to the video lol
Alexander 3 Face
Alexander 3 Face 25 天 前
sthao1 where did u end up placing?
sthao1 26 天 前
i have 7. last year i drafted 8.
Mitchell Mayhaus
Mitchell Mayhaus 26 天 前
I know this isn’t rb related but would you keep newton with his injury or just keep Lamar Jackson
JackassHill 24 天 前
I personally want no part of Lamar Jackson. I just don't see it. Newton healthy, even with this new throwing motion BS, is going to give you production. I always view quarterback as a "whatever" position though. Consistency is the only thing that really matters to me when it comes to QBs. Some guys have splash games, but turn around and give you crap the next week. Consistently average though, like Lamar Jackson will probably be, is waiver wire fodder IMO. The quickest way to figure out how valuable a fantasy quarterback is, is by looking at how many receivers he makes fantasy relevant. Do you even want to draft Baltimore's tight end? With Newton healthy, Samuel will be a thing, people are taking Moore, and Olsen is still relevant. AND he's got McCaffrey, one of the two best receiving backs in the game. The value of Jackson last year was based on whether or not he would keep in the red zone. Well, he almost ALWAYS did, because Gus Edwards would go for like 150, and have 15 points. lol. I don't see him turning into Tom Brady any time soon. The guy is just not a good passing quarterback. He might improve, but compare where Murray is to where Jackson is right now. It should already be apparent which one has the higher ceiling where being an actual quarterback is concerned.
Mr Coleman
Mr Coleman 26 天 前
I'll personally keep Newton ...I like Lamar but cam even with his injury you gotta go with the vet and track record
Robert Smith
Robert Smith 27 天 前
Im still throwing up from owning Cook last year.
Tyler Burge
Tyler Burge 25 天 前
Robert Smith I haven’t had him before but I might be a tad biased but I think he is the best pick in this draft as in I would take him first overall handcuff him with mattison the massively improved o-line and the fact that they fired their OC because he didn’t run enough says that he will get a ton of carry’s and at least 50 catches and he is very explosive to break long runs as we saw against the cardinals first team defense without half of Cooks starting o-line h broke a 85 yard TD and he is the focal point of the offense
Topher Doucet
Topher Doucet 28 天 前
Do you really think Johnson will have a chance to produce good numbers? I see another year like last year! They're playing from behind to much and can't run the ball, Murray is looking lost in the pre season and not sure if he'll be dependable!! You're reaching there! Barkley or McCaffrey that's who should be ahead of DJ (my mind is trained in a points h2h format though so I'm likely wrong here lol)
Fantasy Football Advice
Don’t evaluate talent based off preseason. That’s worse than a rookie mistake
Squee 710
Squee 710 28 天 前
Topher Doucet those the guys are going way before David Johnson. David Johnson has a off year and still finished 9th in PPR amongst running backs. I think David Johnson having a great year all depends on kyler Murray. But he’s definitely going to get the volume.
Topher Doucet
Topher Doucet 28 天 前
I've been playing head to head fantasy leagues for years!! Seriously, what's so much better, if anything about PPR leagues? Thanks!
2seam_ Highlights
C.J. Anderson
jacob guyerson
jacob guyerson 29 天 前
I was wrong last year about gurley you were right well done
Steve Richards
Steve Richards 29 天 前
Kerryon split carries in week 2 preseason. History of committee with terrible head coach. Still have CJ Anderson and TY Johnson, who are actually both better than backs last year. Not sure why no one thinks this is MORE likely a committee than not...and its a bad offense. Love the player, hate the situation.
curb stomp
curb stomp 个月 前
Murry aint shit lol
Greg Maddux
Greg Maddux 个月 前
Question: I hav Chubb Mixon and Derrick Henry at RB and Thielen and Robert Woods at WR. My buddy wants Thielen and he’d give me CMac. Shld I do that considering one of those backs wld b benched and it wld leave me with Woods as my best wideout? Thanks
Greg Maddux
Greg Maddux 个月 前
Joaquin alright bet thanks
Joaquin 个月 前
Greg Maddux take the trade while u still can bro cmc is a top 5 talent
Greg Maddux
Greg Maddux 个月 前
Joaquin yeah I thought it was weird on his part too cuz I originally offered Chubb for him, still a rip-off but less of one but he wants thielen...
Joaquin 个月 前
Greg Maddux cmac for thielen? TAKE THE TRADE it doesn’t matter if u don’t have good wideouts cmc will double the points that thielen gets
Dave Buford
Dave Buford 个月 前
This is a good video for drafting 2nd/3rd round backs. I wouldn't draft Dalvin Cook, Davonta Freeman, or David Johnson if they came with a $1,000 prize. That's just me.
Michael Schausten
Yeah I'm guessing you don't win often 😂. David Johnson is a fantasy beast, and this year he should see a lot more action
BassSlayers 28 天 前
Dave Buford how can you not pick David Johnson in the second round?😂 that’s crazy
Major Cutz
Major Cutz 个月 前
Nick chubb
TheSdfgfadg 个月 前
NICK CHUBBB!! answer to your question
Go big or go home Productions
Joe mixion? Chris Carson????
Lawrence 个月 前
I'd draft Tevin Coleman but not in the 5th round, his ADP is too high.
JackassHill 24 天 前
Matt Breida's fragile ass is shitting in my Tevin Coleman Kool Aid right now. Nevermind Mostert, who looks like Walter Payton every time he gets run. I hate having to draft 2 running backs to feel good about securing a really good backfield. Almost as much as I hate taking backups with upside late in the draft just to sit on them and pray.
Ryan Cegielski
Ryan Cegielski 个月 前
SOTD: zeke
Andrew Wolf
Andrew Wolf 个月 前
Stat of the Day: Peyton Barber
Rich 2992
Rich 2992 个月 前
The Cardinals OL is terrible l. David Johnson should not be going round one
Black Rogue
Black Rogue 个月 前
Am I the only one that believes Nick Chubb and Chris Carson have incredible upside and value?
Marc Price
Marc Price 27 天 前
No, everyone is on the chubb hype train now.....sucks because getting him late as a steal is no longer in the game plan with drafts =/
Nick L
Nick L 个月 前
The value i see this year is DEEP!! D. Williams - KC, steal. Aaron Jones, steal. Penny, Sony Michel also awesome options.
Morrissey Garcia
Morrissey Garcia 个月 前
I like Penny this list. Cuff him up!
Cold Truth
Cold Truth 个月 前
A current top 5 overall ranked player as a MUST own.. sorry pick 6-12 people
Anthony Vall
Anthony Vall 21 天 前
I'll take DeAndre Hopkins thanks
Bailey Peters
Bailey Peters 23 天 前
@Marc Price O, I get what ur saying! He was just being a smart ass because the title of the video says "must own"!
Marc Price
Marc Price 23 天 前
@Bailey Peters What??? I called him an idiot because he said only people who pick 1-5 have a chance because a top 5 overall pick is a must which is far from the truth.
Bailey Peters
Bailey Peters 23 天 前
How is he an idiot? David is a top 5 pick! Also more leagues are won on the waiver then in draft!
Marc Price
Marc Price 27 天 前
You are an idiot. I have won my last 2 100 dollar buy in leagues and have picked 8th and 10th out of 12 teams in both. It's all about strategy in the middle to late rounds. The first few rounds dont win you games alone.
............... 个月 前
Should I take DJ over Saquan?
Marc Price
Marc Price 27 天 前
Was that a serious question??
Andrew Wolf
Andrew Wolf 个月 前
............... no lol
Trevor P
Trevor P 个月 前
How is Murray an upgrade?? U don’t know that. He could be a bust for all u know
EyeFlankedYou 29 天 前
Trevor P exactly lol
Phillip Harmon
Phillip Harmon 个月 前
Matt brieda
Bax Mrackney
Bax Mrackney 个月 前
The only thing that scares me with kerryon is how much of a dumb fuck his coach is
Mr. Garcia
Mr. Garcia 个月 前
💥Time machine 💥 1:32 David Johnson 3:13 Dalvin cook 5:17 Kerryon johnson 7:27 Devonta freeman 10:22 David montgomery 11:53 Tevin Coleman 13:14 Miles sanders 15:07 Matt breida 16:40 Justice hill
23 Tauf
23 Tauf 13 天 前
So pretty much most teams in a league will have one of these backs. If you get 2 youre lucky. If you get 3 youre in a small league or dumb league.
lavixl 15 天 前
@R4ym1n You're most welcome man.
R4ym1n 15 天 前
@lavixl TY=thank you
lavixl 15 天 前
@R4ym1n TY is a Wr not an RB
Chris Sharp
Chris Sharp 18 天 前
I got three of these guys. David J Sanders Justice also joe Nixon
Jeremiah Watts
Jeremiah Watts 个月 前
You can keep Johnson and Cook.. I dont want either!!! Rather have Freeman, Chubb, or Ingram.
Brandon Sander
Brandon Sander 个月 前
Where are we suppose to answer these questions? 4.4yrds after contact, my guess is Nick Chubb
John Valentine
John Valentine 个月 前
zeke elliot
Hans Klostermann
Hans Klostermann 个月 前
Would you take Kerryon and Cook over the likes of Devonta Freeman and Leonard Fourgette ?
Kevin Wharfe
Kevin Wharfe 个月 前
Which pairing would you rather take with your first two picks: David Johnson and OBJ/Hill or Adams/Hopkins and Conner ? Thanks !
NEPats1289 个月 前
Kevin Wharfe d hop and Connor
Javier Evangelista
I've stopped listening to this clown, pretty much draft everyone if you get them at a good ADP ... pathetic. Just stay away from those guys that haven't proven they are good in the last 2 years.
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