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My Chemical Romance - Famous Last Words [Official Music Video]

My Chemical Romance
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My Chemical Romance - Famous Last Words
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Claudia Jade
Claudia Jade 3 天 前
I wanna see them get back together 💕💕
Patrick Diy
Patrick Diy 4 天 前
Disclaimer : *No guitars or other musical instruments were harmed during the filming of this video*
ThatshowI Roll
ThatshowI Roll 4 天 前
But gerard leg was hurt
Linsey Vandegriffe
My parents think mcr supports death even though this song says “I am not afraid to keep on living”
Gonzalo Robles
Gonzalo Robles 7 天 前
It's about to end the year and I'm still here...
Ugh another Phangirl
Why did they burn the float? (I love MCR but I never figured out why? For aesthetic? Who knows)
U N N A M E D 7 天 前
I miss MCR ☹️☹️☹️ 2018
ThatshowI Roll
ThatshowI Roll 4 天 前
2019 ☺☺☺
pablo power johns
alguien en 2100?
Joanna Sturdivant
In 2011 I heard MCR on the radio and became a huge fan My parents didn't really agree I was 4 I was an emo four year old
Leah Wagner
Leah Wagner 10 天 前
Then throw his guitar and all the shots of just him being spastic
Leah Wagner
Leah Wagner 10 天 前
I honestly love frank’s leg in the corner of the stage then him struggling to stand back up
Carlee malbeck
Carlee malbeck 11 天 前
Pause at 3:57 your welcome
Pualei 11 天 前
We need a comeback!! The angsty emo teen in me is screaming for it. 😂
Zanuar Zee
Zanuar Zee 12 天 前
2018 02/11/18 stay
The Sinning Riddler
Why does singer look like Selina Kyle from Gotham
Piano Made Of Noodles
Ray and Bob are such troopers they got burnt so many times while filming this but they kept playing lmao
Aquino Nerdy nummies
2018 anyone? MCRX is the best band ever!!! They're better than those kpop groups that had gone famous! MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE THE KINGS!!!
Purple Ramz
Purple Ramz 18 天 前
wondering if anyone here uses the MCR amino app Haha :D
ayy lmao
ayy lmao 19 天 前
Cristianutuber anyone?
Chung Hoàng
Chung Hoàng 20 天 前
Anyone still hearing this song?
Ruth Willis
Ruth Willis 20 天 前
When it's 2018 and you still can't get over how great this song is.
Danilo Ernesto Guaji Gil
12 years ago, The Black Parade
Meor Muhd
Meor Muhd 21 天 前
My favourite band and still liking
Sam Stuart
Sam Stuart 21 天 前
finally a band that are actually good at what they do.miss then so much.id do anything to bring them back
Snowy Owl
Snowy Owl 23 天 前
my role model is definitely normal
bobbytaterable 23 天 前
seeing that guitar in the dirt at the start hurts me a little
sad boi
sad boi 23 天 前
XXXTentacion Fan
XXXTentacion Fan 24 天 前
I ♥️♥️♥️♥️ FRANK IREO
XXXTentacion Fan
XXXTentacion Fan 24 天 前
I was in the mall and someone seen my MCR shirt and said MCR is not a thing any more I said fuck you they are the greatest band ever
voz cosmica
voz cosmica 25 天 前
Jess Rose
Jess Rose 25 天 前
2:54 is Gerard's thumb okay, or has he been soaking in the bath for too long?
Wahyu Firmansyah
Wahyu Firmansyah 25 天 前
20-10-2018 Indonesia
Amethyst Smith
Amethyst Smith 26 天 前
2018 anyone. I wish they made more songs l
CeCe Fazbear
CeCe Fazbear 27 天 前
It’s Me
It’s Me 28 天 前
I needed this right now so badly. You guys will always be my favorite band I’ve been there since there since the beginning and everyone always says this but you guys literally saved my life. Thank you for making music we love you❤️
JazzToe Explicit
JazzToe Explicit 28 天 前
I can't sleep lol. i miss my emo past );
enanooooou ndeaaah ahre , che cuando vuelven ;,c ?
Jason Del Rey
Jason Del Rey 29 天 前
2018 my ass! MCR never fade i always listen to their music
Amber Fallen
Amber Fallen 29 天 前
Now I know.. that I can’t make you stay... but where’s your heart! But where’s your heart! But where’s your... & I know... there’s nothing I can say... to change that part... to change that part... to change..!!!!! 💔🖤
i have no name
i have no name 个月 前
Sad when I have to celebrate my birthday is the day they broke up
Alejandro Dela cruz
Mcr is the best band in my highschool life. The fame even here in the philippines.
Purple Ramz
Purple Ramz 18 天 前
Sonia N Villafañe
paulina ramirez
paulina ramirez 个月 前
Los amo
Cesar Ingaruca
Cesar Ingaruca 个月 前
Cuando se vuelvan a juntar 😉
sirada praderm
sirada praderm 个月 前
I discovered them in 2014 When I looked them up to read their history i CRIED of course they had breakup. . #toolate
Kennedy Chambers
Kennedy Chambers 个月 前
i was three when this was made
I am An
I am An 个月 前
I worship Halloween because of Frank and why did my birthday have to be five days after Halloween
no name
no name 个月 前
Umm I'm confused why is he cuckoo cuckoo
Vixen Athena
Vixen Athena 个月 前
This is a go to song when I find myself wondering why. The lyrics lift me up and the song takes me back to my blissful middle school days and in a sense I am trying to relive the time when this was just a good song and not when it spoke to me on a personal 'this is my life and lifeline song'
jair garcia
jair garcia 个月 前
I love my chemical romance
Abigale Hess
Abigale Hess 个月 前
pause right at 2:25
Abigale Hess
Abigale Hess 个月 前
just, all of his actions like, just , well, amaz-, just, um, wow!
renee bianco
renee bianco 个月 前
I love this band! I remember when this came out. So sad they won't be making anymore music 😭
Alina Emelianova
Alina Emelianova 个月 前
Fabulous Killjoy
Fabulous Killjoy 个月 前
Gerard is me listening to this song..,,
andrea oros
andrea oros 个月 前
hey i want to die
jhoasie mhirdoxx ameustin
I hate myself for being a fan just august 2018.. I've been missing out so damn much..
Akani And Charlie
Me: dad listen to this! Dad: wow! Thre good! (A month later ) Dad: Hey, Akan I! When is mcr on tour? Me: ;----------; I'm SORRY
maria mendes
maria mendes 个月 前
The amount of money I would pay for a reunion tour....
Nelly Juárez
Nelly Juárez 个月 前
I miss you so much ):
Zarina Salleh
Zarina Salleh 个月 前
I'm 13 and when MCR was around I was learning the alphabet and singing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and when they went away, I was 8 and learning about multiplication I WASTED MY TIME IN LIFE
Chris Beard
Chris Beard 个月 前
Gerard looks better with blonde hair
Alina Temirova
Alina Temirova 个月 前
October 2018. Why am i here. Please no. Please no..no..pl..WHERES MY EYELINER
lluismolon 个月 前
2:54 I look at my finger to see if mine is weird too.
Spacy Platypus18
Spacy Platypus18 个月 前
Wish they would get back together
The Lax
The Lax 个月 前
Gerard Way the only singer that write some Spider-man comic book XD
Remynx 个月 前
3:49 ... try not to cry...and try not to put your eye liner...
Badkittymia meow
Badkittymia meow 个月 前
Clara YAY
Clara YAY 个月 前
To mom: Yea I'm over my emo phase (HAHA NOT A PHASE) *hears song and aggressively smears eyeliner*
Elliot Carbajal
Elliot Carbajal 个月 前
That Potato
That Potato 个月 前
This quilatiy is like 2017 level, my god
Adrianna Guzman
Adrianna Guzman 个月 前
3:49 is me when my shit don't come out and hurts my booty hole
revoltin85 个月 前
OMG Gerard got All Might's eyes
Bree Robertson
Bree Robertson 个月 前
My friend and I got to listen to music in homeroom and we blasted mcr and Panic! We legit left class screaming I'm not okay...
Ángela Díaz
Ángela Díaz 个月 前
What is this MCRmy thing? I always thought MCR fans were called Killjoys ;-;
Three Cheers for Emo Tears
Both but before the Danger Days they were always called MCRmy I think ... (not sure)
Spewn Disaster
Spewn Disaster 个月 前
i am not afraid to keep on living *dies
leo kun
leo kun 个月 前
One of the best song I ever ever heard.
Gary Arsenia
Gary Arsenia 个月 前
MCR is the reason i made dark theme comics
Yves E
Yves E 个月 前
Luis Villarruel
Luis Villarruel 个月 前
eres miroquero faborito
Luis Villarruel
Luis Villarruel 个月 前
eres miroquero fa
LMMSkits 个月 前
perhaps dead
perhaps dead 个月 前
me: ik that i cant make u stay me: but wheres ur heart mcr: me: i get so weak mcr: me: u said u werent afraid to keep on living me:SO Y DID U DIE
Serj Inkz
Serj Inkz 个月 前
Sill one of my favorite songs👍💯
Kitanaoraidar's 个月 前
Still Alone And Listening to MCR Nah Black Parade is not dead
ali houssa
ali houssa 个月 前
i still listen to this every one or two days
Kanot Otida
Kanot Otida 个月 前
Who's still stuck in this kind of music?
Johendry Fereira
Johendry Fereira 个月 前
2018? Anyone?
Xander Roberts
Xander Roberts 个月 前
I love your songs
That_one_Emo 个月 前
Wasn't this video at almost 100 million views wtf
Jordann Pastel
Jordann Pastel 个月 前
9 year old me had a huge crush on Mikey lmao ... & 17 year old me still does too uhh 0_o
rico eka prasetyawan
26 sep 18
Kailey Bitch
Kailey Bitch 个月 前
There’s an epidemic spreading, the real cost
Lyris Solís
Lyris Solís 个月 前
In 2010 this song touched me so deep and now I keep that feeling with me every time I hear this❤
TrashHybrid 个月 前
when your friend closes your locker after you just opened it
Marie Anime
Marie Anime 个月 前
jessica arguijo
jessica arguijo 个月 前
I love this song
alexia ireland
alexia ireland 个月 前
Still the best jam never gonna change
Stuart Miller
Stuart Miller 个月 前
It’s annoying it’s not the whole song but I’ll allow it with the music video
naming atang
naming atang 个月 前
lady gaga.
Marshall Laflamme
This song is about anxiety attacks and a feeling that you are going crazy. Lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong suffered from various panic disorders while he was growing up - he would sometimes wake up in the middle of the night with a panic attack and walk around his neighborhood to settle down. "Basket Case" was a cathartic song and personal song for him. "The only way I knew how to deal with it was to write a song about it," he explained.