Need for Speed™ Heat Official Reveal Trailer

Need for Speed
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Hustle by day and risk it all at night in Need for Speed™ Heat, a thrilling race experience that pits you against a city’s rogue police force as you battle your way into street racing’s elite.
Launching November 5 on Origin Access Premier/Play First Trial and November 8 Worldwide.
Stay up to speed: www.ea.com/games/need-for-speed/need-for-speed-heat
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Performed by NGHTMRE & A$AP Ferg










评论 34 253
Bashar Abdalhai
Bashar Abdalhai 4 小时 前
I need ps4 😪😍
David Nunes
David Nunes 6 小时 前
Please ghost bring back the track width option please! It was in nfs 2015 and y think its very important!
Lucky Strike
Lucky Strike 8 小时 前
With the exception Nfs undercover (because it sucked major balls), I enjoyed pretty much all other Nfs games. Always guaranteed light hearted racing fun. Always a buy for me. Love the serie. Especially 2015 was super good.
Delfira Febrianti
Delfira Febrianti 9 小时 前
Сергей Кучумов
хуета детская
T -30
T -30 14 小时 前
I just want a most wanted cameo that's it
Chicken Hashbrown
Chicken Hashbrown 18 小时 前
I already watched this and it's in my recommendation page?
FaZe_ SkyPR
FaZe_ SkyPR 21 小时 前
I would like to see the Turbo option from NFS:Hot Pursuit back in this game!! Loved that option so much!🙌🔥
dejayn Genhu
dejayn Genhu 天 前
Love how at 0:24 it’s just an off brand version of sombra from overwatch
Chico Silva
Chico Silva 天 前
Pease put the old Toyota Supra mk4
Jasper Zuidervliet
1:03 that skyline sound tho😍
T RawW
T RawW 天 前
Петр Петрович
Всё понятно, опять гавно. Желаю авторам окончить детский сад.
El Pichi
El Pichi 天 前
Tremendo juegazo :v
M0nday 天 前
КОгда в первый раз смотрел у меня были муражки по коже) Щикарно!
安仔 天 前
Cj D’Alessio
Cj D’Alessio 2 天 前
Is this going to be as good a Forza Horizon 4?
Professor Shekelstein
I like how they think those people are the typical car scene people lol
Ash Klmepton
Ash Klmepton 2 天 前
0:21 , Dude sounds like Michael from GTA 5.
Sam Cyanide
Sam Cyanide 2 天 前
include some fast SUVs like forester XT please
I want this game right now I SAID RIGHT NOW!!!!
ЮНДИ 2 天 前
мне кажется или это голос Васса из Far Cry 3? 0:21
терминатор видео
наконецта русский
Ethan 2 天 前
YhelloWish 2 天 前
Aku 2 天 前
That Spanish chick sounds awful...terrible voice acting
AXL163 5 小时 前
@Aku Well If asked to me of what are the descent but chessy characters from the actual Underground universe (in the HD/Ghost era) I will pick-up is Travis from NFS 2015 and Mac from Payback (which reminds me a lot to Neville from Carbon with its absurd but honest sense of humor which its the ONLY descent playable character from the main trio).
Aku 5 小时 前
@AXL163 even if it's cheesy decent voice acting is always needed
AXL163 5 小时 前
Yeah, yeah, let me guess the idiotic edgy gangsta rap-talk from Underground 2 characters was "funny" huh? NFS from 2003-2008 and from 2015 til present; it ALWAYS was all about Fast & Furious ripoff stories with chessy and cringy MTV jokes, so dont expected to have a "Masterpiece GTA style seriousness storyline".
Its Erik
Its Erik 2 天 前
SPLiT//S3C0ND 2 天 前
NFS Underground 2+NFS Carbon+NFS Prostreet+NFS Payback Looking forward to it... *after* it releases and I see how much EA fucked this one up.
Marcus Ramon Ronnie Tuco Bender O'Soolivan
Nfs Revolution 😂
Chris Taylor
Chris Taylor 3 天 前
That transition with the yellow GTR is goosebumps
FoLs SkRiM
FoLs SkRiM 3 天 前
лучшая игра и её знают все!
Максим Чиханов
просто пушка!
TheMax 3 天 前
EA, please!!! Don't contact with SJW during development the new NFS!!!
izzat 9988
izzat 9988 3 天 前
no one: Lifeline: Mozambique ‘ere
HYDRA V12 3 天 前
Will it be story trailer NFS Heat
Fladio that Grinding Derg
Nigga just remake NFSMW2005
AXL163 5 小时 前
just go to NFSCars and STFU. or you didn't just learn the lesson of the MW2012 case that wasnt the same crap like MW2005 was?
MetroidMan64 3 天 前
EA: Pre-order Need for Speed Heat, right now! Me: I rather stay with Forz- EA: I SAID RIGHT NOW!!! 0:21
AMFT gans
AMFT gans 3 天 前
You know if you please you get plEAse
Project GFX
Project GFX 3 天 前
sooooooooo.... just out of curiosity, whens underground 3 coming out? i mean its kinda the game everyones been waiting for since underground 2
Дама Пик TV
Лайк если ждёшь игру
Ovidijus kneizys
looks good i hope so it will be like this
Kevin M plug
Kevin M plug 3 天 前
NFS: *releases nfs heat* R.I.P my PC
Cassandra Calavera Catrina
Soooo true....😂😂👍
فباهقل تلاخفا
منين شريتو الملابس
Will Watson
Will Watson 4 天 前
It's impossible to find a version like this that has a Mexican guitar, boy!!!!!
Aku 2 天 前
She sounds awful
Fidel Hernandez rivas
Need for speed please is the game for wii u too?
TheCarSpec 3 天 前
No it's only for Xbox One, PS4 and PC
Pioneer Leo
Pioneer Leo 4 天 前
Я один пытаюсь найти русские комменты?
Alien Xenomorph
Alien Xenomorph 10 小时 前
Art Of Games
Art Of Games 4 天 前
Me : I don't to shutdown Pc My mom: 0:21
Shun Kurosaki
Shun Kurosaki 4 天 前
GTA 5 Need for Speed Version
Saçma sapan oyunlar yapacağınıza hikayeli güzel oyunlar yapın. Bu grafik motoru nedir allah aşkına. Underground serisindeki sürüş zevki bile daha iyi. Ve birde Sgt. CROSS Geri gelsin.
Junior Jaw
Junior Jaw 4 天 前
small little fast fact : The time on the cop camera is the same as CNvid at 1:07
Kdawwg net
Kdawwg net 2 天 前
Junior Jaw woahhhoq did you even catch that👀
Jokers Demieyn
Jokers Demieyn 4 天 前
Kann das bitte für die switsch raus kommen plese
Youtube Pills
Youtube Pills 4 天 前
Have to ask how ghost games really could put nfs payback out. Ok graphics, boring map, i dont even know right now what happening in strory lines that supposed to be like action film. no police in free roam. and i dont wanna this new game.
Finesmokey 78
Finesmokey 78 4 天 前
Back 2 the drawing board EA!!!! Take it back to the roots!! You been slipping EA !!!#Hotpursuit
John Vlad
John Vlad 2 天 前
Nah. They're doing fine... For now
56M views 4 天 前
Disliked by cops 😂
Manuel Ramirez
Manuel Ramirez 4 天 前
Haven’t played a nfs since most wanted, just got back into gaming a yr ago so since the last ones were few years old I passed in hopes thier would be a new one, hoping this ones as cool as I reamber nfs on ps1 and most wanted and because I’m passing up grid for this
DOOMSDAY is here
All I want is the 2fast 2furious sound in the R34
Oscar Pozo
Oscar Pozo 5 天 前
The Deluxe Edition will be physic format?
Jaziel Mireles
Jaziel Mireles 5 天 前
omar Morcy
omar Morcy 5 天 前
I already pre ordered the game's deluxe edition
omar Morcy
omar Morcy 5 天 前
@KingofGames I know it's not worth it but I hope this game will be than payback
KingOfGames 5 天 前
With deluxe edition you only get 4 characters and money / rep boost not even worth it
AlterableBat 10
AlterableBat 10 5 天 前
Officer : do you know how fast you were going. Me : no because my speedometer is broke from when I ran from the cops last night.
julian duarte
julian duarte 5 天 前
Cuando va a salir el juego ?
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