NikkieTutorials' Transgender Revelation: Says She Was Blackmailed Into Coming Out

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The 25-year-old Dutch makeup artist opens up about her transgender journey, whether her boyfriend knew, and why she felt it was time to share the personal information.
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Robin  Boots
Robin Boots 3 分钟 前
There are fans out there that put a lot of trust and belief in you. I'm glad you are finally able to be free, but the lies are hard to understand. As an influencer, I thought truth was part of your cause. What you do is your business, but remember you have a lot of fans that trust you, and I feel some of that trust my be lost now. As for the blackmail, awful.
Janiheartz 5 分钟 前
Y’all congratulating her for telling her story which she had too because somebody else was gonna leak it uhhhh no she dead ass wrong for not telling her husband
Mini Liebenberg
Mini Liebenberg 小时 前
The fiancé was not told!!??!! How selfish, how shallow! Wow this person is just all about me me me. This world is so messed up that the poor guy will be seen as homophobic if he doesn’t want to get married now. And all you folk who are “oh it’s so wonderful you came out” go suck on “its” middle finger. It has destroyed someone else’s life!!!!!! Sick sick person this 🤮
I feel like I’ve been lied to tbh... feel more crap that a guy is better at makeup than me... lol
Thomas Saba
Thomas Saba 8 小时 前
its áll propaganda to get more watchers!! bah,bah
Gaby Gonzalez
Gaby Gonzalez 8 小时 前
Nikki is not brave he is a liar & should’ve been honest from the beginning. Nobody likes being lied to so why start off a relationship on a lie? Everybody that is praising Nikki is wrong! Doesn’t matter how much surgery was done on the outside DNA does not change. Facts over feelings.
Patrick Star, but gay
Nene Ramirez
Nene Ramirez 8 小时 前
Wow no way thats mean. If this is true who ever is black mailing her is evil
toslo24 9 小时 前
She is only 25? She looks so much older.
Lia Rose
Lia Rose 9 小时 前
I am so upset! Shame on you Nikki! In this day and age you could’ve said something WAY sooner! You purposely let things go until it would make a bigger impact. Shame on you. LIAR! 😭
MR. 9
MR. 9 9 小时 前
SORRY WOMEN SHOULD BE UPSET WHEN MEN PERPETUATE TO BE THEM...👊🏿 Because later in the future real men will hesitate to approach real women....Just saying 😎
Patrick Star, but gay
What about gays
MR. 9
MR. 9 9 小时 前
Women can’t complain if the GUY’S they like start asking for PROOF!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣😳
MR. 9
MR. 9 9 小时 前
Sorry Ladies Don’t be surprised if REAL MEN ask for proof that your a real WOMAN!!😳😳😳😳😳😳
Patrick Star, but gay
Please define a REAL MAN
Rawhealthbitch 10 小时 前
So Nikki catfished her boyfriend smdh. I don’t even have the words for this type of shit.
Mark AndJessica
Mark AndJessica 11 小时 前
Men are not women. I'm pro-woman and stand for woman's rights. You can change your body but you can't change your gender.
Patrick Star, but gay
Ok feminazi
kookie kookeen
kookie kookeen 12 小时 前
So it's mean..she was boy b4 this?
kookie kookeen
kookie kookeen 5 小时 前
@Patrick Star, but gay is she boy? Like...what was she meant by transgender
Patrick Star, but gay
Before what
adiamondsmile 13 小时 前
He’s wicked. PERIOD. Y’all acting like this is ok. Not cool. These are the last days for sure.
WellActually 13 小时 前
Something about her was very masculine
Kayla Smith
Kayla Smith 14 小时 前
Genesis 1:27
Nikki Marie Therrien
Nikki Marie Therrien 14 小时 前
Nikki I love you even more now!
Naturally Gifted
Naturally Gifted 14 小时 前
She do not have to tell the world about her sex change but she needed at least to be honest with her boyfriend. She tricked him!
em 15 小时 前
For all of you saying it was wrong she didn't tell her fiance until recently I'm?? What?? Nobody is entitled to know!! If he loves her, he'll stay with her even if she's trans!! If she wasn't ready, she wasn't ready! Again, nobody is entitled to know when someone's trans. So stop hating her for not telling him.
No One
No One 16 小时 前
Nikita Dragon is showing nipple through the dress. If a biological woman did that would it be indecent exposure 🤔
DirtyBird760 17 小时 前
imagine ur gf telling you shes a dude, i'd probably puke for 5 hours then beat the shit out of him for not telling me
Alissa Spencer
Alissa Spencer 18 小时 前
Bravery? Lmfao it’s not like she fought for our country or anything really that’s brave. All she did was admit she was really a man hiding behind the image of a woman. Congratulations.
Paula Pedolu
Paula Pedolu 18 小时 前
Thank you for sharing this with us Nikkie ! Love you ! Take care ❤️
Maria Zamora
Maria Zamora 18 小时 前
Klara Petrasova
Klara Petrasova 19 小时 前
So you are want to be boy or you was boy ?
Patrick Star, but gay
She is a woman
_Geegee_75 19 小时 前
i dont know if I’d just want to share that with EVERYONE it’s a very sensitive subject but I’m not mad at Nikkie yea of course your partner needs to know this but if your not serious yet not having sex I think it’s that point where your getting to know eachother and when she was comfortable she told him. I don’t think she was being Malicious in any way.
Hannah S
Hannah S 19 小时 前
She didn’t tell HER fiancé that she was trans that’s kinda messed up
Sherry Gang
Sherry Gang 20 小时 前
I mean it’s pretty obvious 😁
Dz Vid27
Dz Vid27 20 小时 前
This person was hoping to cruise along undetected. The fact that this person hid the truth to its fans is, disgusting. Tell the truth, be honest.
Chrissy Chanel
Chrissy Chanel 21 小时 前
Dylan should sue this man
Patrick Star, but gay
Kim Smith
Kim Smith 天 前
ok I don’t know much but how would her fiancé not know she’s transgender
Patrick Star, but gay
He did
adam zarbon
adam zarbon 天 前
If you lied to your fiance about actually being a dude, then you deserve no sympathy.
adam zarbon
adam zarbon 56 分钟 前
@Patrick Star, but gay A man in woman's clothing is not a woman. What part of that sentence is difficult to understand?
Patrick Star, but gay
She isn't a dude
kells18 天 前
The story is wrong on both ends. Blackmailing people is a bs thing. Also not telling your spouse who you truly are is a bs thing. Was Nikki waiting till the honeymoon, that’s how people get killed. Be happy with the one that know who you really are, instead of the ones that don’t.
Kylie Moore
Kylie Moore 天 前
I kinda had a feeling she was but after not hearing anything about it I Just dismissed it
The Wanderer
The Wanderer 天 前
First off this is a HE!! Male chromosomes don’t change!
Patrick Star, but gay
DopeBangin Junt
She should of told her bpyfriend before they got engaged
Patrick Star, but gay
She did
mykala bradford
I dont think she was trans. i just have a feeling shes not trans she is beautiful and im not trying to hate. But come on how did she have all that money to change her features into a girls. Because she looks like a straight up girl and if she was supposedly not making a lot of money back when she started youtube how is there no signs she was a trans. When someone is changing you can tell that they were trans or you can tell that they’re gay she completely looks like a girl
Alex Miller
Alex Miller 天 前
So she is a liar . Kind of seem its much easier to blackmail a liar. But please continue .
Simon Sloototter
The Netherlands has changed considerably due to imported insights, mainly from the Middle East. I know enough countries that are not bothered by it.
John Briglin
John Briglin 天 前
This is gay.
John Briglin
John Briglin 2 小时 前
@Patrick Star, but gay I see what you did there.
Patrick Star, but gay
This is straight
Ashitaka 天 前
Im sorry but if she didn't tell her boyfriend, that's abuse and if she had sex with him without telling him, that's sexual abuse; and some people wouldn't take it as well as he did.
Patrick Star, but gay
She told him Educate yourself
Alyssa Powers
Sorry if this is ignorant does that mean she was born a boy?
Daily Reminder
Daily Reminder 21 小时 前
Taekookie jenlisa
I didn't even know. I truly believed she was born a girl. I'm glad she's happy in her body now
Susana Lopez
Susana Lopez 天 前
Wthhh ... literally wth. I would’ve never thought
leon lacroix
leon lacroix 天 前
Look a dude!
Andrea lee
Andrea lee 天 前
I'm not against transgenders or a hater of nikki. But whoever u plan on being intimate with whether it's a night or for the rest of ur life has the right to know.
Michael 天 前
Kind of messed up that his mom just let him at 6 years old decide to be a girl ....what does that say? That it's mental. A developed illness because of bad parenting .... terrible.
Liam Patrick
Liam Patrick 天 前
So basically, this person's been lying, not just to the fiance, but to the fans, since day one; and strangely enough, most of said fans are perfectly fine with it :/
adiamondsmile 13 小时 前
They’re just as sick as he is.
Choa South God Queen
Choa South God Queen 18 小时 前
It’s her choice if she didn’t want to tell people lmao stfu
Margo Channing
The Power of Makeup?! How hollow and superficial.
Mar Mar
Mar Mar 天 前
So becoming trans is bravery wtf! 🤦🏻‍♀️
Lord Vader
Lord Vader 天 前
g mat
g mat 天 前
While this was sad. Nikkie should have been honest from the start. There is fault in her side too. It's almost like the relationship was built on a lie. It must have been hard for her though. Still love
Haneefah Moore
Wowww!! She's so beautiful💞 ❤ ❤
diana williams
We Love You! I'm so proud of u!
C D 2 天 前
I always thought his appearance was a bit off like not fully female but not fully male either. His boyfriend must be pretty gutted
Ruzanna Pogosian
She was man ????
Lucia Krowski
Lucia Krowski 2 天 前
Am I the only one who finds everything about her really cringy?
Commenttube 2 天 前
How is this news, the fact that people or the fans couldn't tell is the most shocking part.
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