NOW is the iPad Pro a Computer??

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We gave the iPad Pro a bit of a harsh review. Does installing iPadOS make it any better as a laptop replacement?
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Kevin K
Kevin K 5 小时 前
what everybody thinking when the ipad pro 2020-2021 has eye tracking?
Melissa Ang
Melissa Ang 21 小时 前
How does he master the art of inserting subtle advertisement?!
AliSot 2000
AliSot 2000 22 小时 前
Apple should have used macOS as a basis for iPadOS!
Casman 天 前
Laptops are compromised desktops, tablets are compromised laptops, smartphones are compromised tablets. Point is, nothing is better for productivity and general usability than a dedicated monitor with a keyboard and mouse despite how good the GUI is. At least until some new revolutionary form of physical human to machine interface is invented like mind control or something. Apple is never going to change what is considered the gold standard for computing unless they truly reinvent the wheel.
Diego H.
Diego H. 天 前
Why do people want the iPad to be a computer though? Let the iPad be... an iPad.
Jason Kaushik
It's mind numbing how foolish it is to buy this product. Deliberately crippled as to not compete with their other flagship products. It's junk folks. Junk! Get an macbook air instead.
chris s
chris s 天 前
They should make a 15” iPad Pro!
Chase Brown
Chase Brown 2 天 前
Great video!!
Xenomorphtime !
Xenomorphtime ! 2 天 前
The iPad is more like a PDA
Ella Jonson
Ella Jonson 2 天 前
Okay so FINALLY someone gets it! Thanks for explaining to to the world!
H.A A 2 天 前
apple claims that ipados apps consume half storage and speed up to twice as compared to previos ios 12.3. is it really true?
MarioOnDemand 3 天 前
bring maxine back for the story clips enactment instead of this ugly fuck
Curtis Womack
Curtis Womack 3 天 前
My iPad Pro mini is the most convenient and hassle free machine I ever had. I swing trade and bank on it. Emails, gaming, social media, fake news, with bluetoof, WiFi and speakers, what more could one want? The mini fits your hands perfect in landscape mode, for two thumb typing, gaming and whatever. The value of my mini is 10 fold, because I invested 1200 in Bitcoin and made 10k. If not for the ease of use, I would have never accomplished that.
Kaustav Kapur
Kaustav Kapur 3 天 前
Curse ios
Kaustav Kapur
Kaustav Kapur 3 天 前
YOu still can't multitask. If you close minecraft or roblox and open safari you quit the game on ipad. On windows you can open a new tab and still have the game running without quitting.
Adam Jenssen
Adam Jenssen 3 天 前
If they wanted to win over Windows users, they should fully make iOS become pc centric features WITHOUT any “Apple” compromises, including the mouse, since Windows 7 is ending this year.
BRTGZ Noob 3 天 前
I hope ipados provide terminal with full feature like mac os terminal or at least for the iPad Pro an IDE is provided for javascript programming or something like that
Rishat Rizatdinov
I knew that Apple sucks
Square Breaker
Square Breaker 3 天 前
device like this are the future. Nobody wants to buy a full flexed PC to get basic task done and for some high end gaming. When these game streaming services start off then the almighty pc kinda becomes useless.
Ibdman2000 3 天 前
I loved the dude dancing around LOL!!!!
Kent 3 天 前
The intro makes it like a boy opening a Christmas present then gets disappointed
Thomas iPad
Thomas iPad 4 天 前
Im so dissatisfied. Was expecting so much from mouse support
Pablo Sánchez Fernández
Thought u were drawing a dick
The Stage Academy Of Music
Know what I love about the iPad?...no Tab on the on-screen keyboard. No tab.
P. 4 天 前
meh, whatever
G Rodriguez
G Rodriguez 4 天 前
Yeh true but just because you stood in poo doesn't mean you need to wash your feet. Marcus loves the time you said it was a good idea to buy that but don't believe everything she says because you might die.
Baogar 4 天 前
I wish you would not made any videos related to apple. No smart person is going to touch any applecrap.
SpeedTech Inc.
SpeedTech Inc. 5 天 前
The drawing of the penis turned into an elephant 😂😂😂😂
RaLLyKaTz OoO 5 天 前
there turning tablets into notebooks and turning notebooks into tablets. lol Tim cook eating his words
qrpnxz 5 天 前
8:18 virgin touch consumer vs Chad mouse user
Asher Wade
Asher Wade 5 天 前
I "just" decided to Subscribe to your channel, ...and I'm met with an insult ("..once you've gotten 'that' through your thick scull ..."); humm(?); {8~( PS/- I 'do' own an iPad Pro {but waiting for the iPadOS 13}, as well as Windows laptop and Android phone, but wanted to hear about what others horrors Apple has in store for me/us.
Lavish Lalwani
Lavish Lalwani 5 天 前
Great video that presents both sides of the argument well. I don't think Apple should ever release a MacBook with touch screen support. People are constantly asking for mouse/keyboard support on tablets for more complex tasks. Well, laptops are designed for more of those tasks. Why would you want to use touchscreens on a product where mouse/touchpad/keyboard is already better for what you're doing on it. Leave it out and keep the laptops less bulky.
barcitaa 5 天 前
I love my iPad Pro (I also love my PC) desktop-iPad is the best combo
fjfjrfjfjr 5 天 前
Well done!! Thanks!!
Gaming Steve
Gaming Steve 5 天 前
Eric 5 天 前
The iPad is a tablet and the Mac is the computer. The iPad has no desire to unify. This is not a Surface, nor does it want to be. I love the iPad as it is. The pro will have more features, but it will never be a Mac. They might as well remove the mouse support. That attempt is just sad.
Mohamed Medhat
Mohamed Medhat 5 天 前
Most of these things my note 9 could already do and it comes with a pen
Mohamed Medhat
Mohamed Medhat 2 天 前
@Kyriakos Aggeli totally the samsung file manger is amazing and also we shouldn't forget dex
Kyriakos Aggeli
Kyriakos Aggeli 2 天 前
and a good file manager as well !
Jake Warsaw
Jake Warsaw 6 天 前
If you can afford two devices, an iPad Pro is a really great assistant or mobile workspace for folks on the go. But if you can only afford an iPad or a laptop, get the laptop. Even if tablets are the future, it will be years before an iPad is more useful or efficient than a laptop.
Todd Omicioli
Todd Omicioli 6 天 前
no it isnt, and iphones are no replacement for a dedicated dslr
Kim Guo
Kim Guo 6 天 前
MAKE THE APPLE PENCIL HAVE A MOUSE FUNCTION (when u move the pencil in the air there is a cursor on the screen, the smooth part of the apple pencil can scroll when you stroke the side)
jeet vashisht
jeet vashisht 6 天 前
I just came back to watch the start of the video
Tyler Hanson
Tyler Hanson 6 天 前
Linus hates Apple. we get it.
Thang Pham
Thang Pham 6 天 前
Just get a damn laptop and call it a day.
Omega Beta
Omega Beta 7 天 前
lol origin pc is the sponsor but they have the worst pre-built pc as per your investigation. they're funny.
"Better late than never, now THAT is innovation" -Tim Cook 2019
Apple products are basically just the jitterbug for people smart enough to be able to flick a light switch, but still too stupid to figure out how to change the lightbulb.
I agree the iPad Pro is not a laptop. But then for a lot of things, it is better. Sometimes, we have to rethink the way we are interfacing with technology. Just like Final Cut Pro X is not a video editor, it is a film editor. Premiere is a video editor. Once I realized this, I fell in love with FCPX.
On Which? IPad Pro is easier than a Laptop for basic computing. Being able to touch the screen is natural compared to a mouse. The operating system does most of the work. It has been made simple because it is based on the consumer IOS. Going to the web, writing email, banking, etc are all controlled by apps that just login by seeing my face. No passwords to use once set up. Everything is smaller and lighter than a laptop with great battery life and much easier to carry. The iPad Pro does not require a track pad or mouse. I do recommend the Apple keyboard as it does not require Bluetooth. I am writing this on it right now on it and it is natural and easy. It suggests words if I want to use them. I like the mail app in that I can just swipe to the left to get rid of an email or file it. Because there are so many apps out there most things can be done with an app with out going to the web on a browser. I can import photos from my camera by a cable or card reader into photos. For basic video editing there is iMovie and these projects can be imported into FCPX. With the new iPad OS coming this fall with give us a lot more functions like working with USB sticks, drives and a host of other features. The downside of using it as a laptop is that there are a lot of applications that don’t have iPad apps yet. The file system is restrictive. I have a Microsoft Surface Go as well and I like the touch part of it but it is more clunky to operate as it is using windows 10 which is not as user friendly.
Grey Lawson
Grey Lawson 4 天 前
Wait what’s the difference, I’m very interested?
Justin Hoskins
Justin Hoskins 7 天 前
Im sorry, but for what I use a computer for I just dont see the functional benefit of having a touchscreen...so to me a touchscreen MacBook makes NO SENSE to me.
Imagine sitting on a chair, with no desk. You gonna use the mouse on your knee? Or, ya know, just buy a real computer/laptop
ubarhd1 7 天 前
Very informative video thanks
John Gonsalves
John Gonsalves 7 天 前
Soooooo, What you're REALLY saying is.... This IOS version "should be hauled away ASSSSS a garbage scow?"?? ... consult other UberGeekenz, should you miss the re... ;) AND, Thank You for Keeping Apple (specifically new iPad Pro's) WITHIN your Scope! This IS helpful for many. ~J
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