Orlando Magic vs Toronto Raptors - Game 1 - Full Game Highlights | 2019 NBA Playoffs

Ximo Pierto
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Toronto Raptors vs Orlando Magic - Game 1 - Full Game Highlights | April 13, 2019 | 2018-19 NBA Season
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Ximo Pierto
Ximo Pierto 12 天 前
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Raymond Rojo
Raymond Rojo 12 天 前
The ref that was calling that Toronto Orlando game is a wack ass refs. keep an eye out on the ball and the ball handler how could he not see that foul, he was right in front of the play! B**** ass, wack ass ref.( number 46) then tries to act like he didn't see the foul f*** that ref
for the win spurs
hope ximo shows more of clutch times or 4th quarter instead of spending too much time on 1st quarter
Educators In Common
whats the music on your intro?
Kawhi _I don't like Lakers_ Leonard
Congrats to Orlando for making it to the second round playoffs!! (cuz Raptors always get swept in the first round, always have, always will :)
Karl patron
Karl patron 12 天 前
Love your highlights man. Wish you did mlb too.
Michael c
Michael c 天 前
Where are the haters now? Haha get fucking destroyed
Mike Wilcox
Mike Wilcox 3 天 前
...........and a week later, the Raps are up 3-1 in the series and the Magic players are planning their summer vacations.
10,000 Subscriber challenge
And yet no hater decides to comment. Smh
Stevie Ray All Day
So Augustine traveled on that 3 to tie it right? He steps his right foot and then plants on his left , makes a third step with his right foot. Not sure if I’m the only one seeing this. Need some basketball knowledge
Skadoosh 7 天 前
What a good fight
des troy
des troy 9 天 前
and the agonizingly result will be 4:1 Raptors.. shhh
Murilo Cruz
Murilo Cruz 9 天 前
Raps need to take care of business in Mickey Mouse land.
lilmarque1 9 天 前
Leonard had it, but they gave it away...GG though
Dark On Me
Dark On Me 9 天 前
It will be crazy if clippers vs orlando on the 2019 finals. Think that it's crazy!!!
10,000 Subscriber challenge
Not a chance
Maya Beniosef
Maya Beniosef 9 天 前
Why raptors why come on leaonard
Dominic Romano
Dominic Romano 9 天 前
I just want the magic to beat the raptors
yesirbilici 9 天 前
KramarkEclipse 9 天 前
What’s up with D. Green’s tomahawk haircut?! 😂
Filipek Cocu
Filipek Cocu 9 天 前
8:15 isaac fail steps
Orlando Gamboa
Orlando Gamboa 9 天 前
YO! That's wild. I'm really out here scoring just as much as an NBA starting point guard. 😎 Draft I'll see ya soon
Unpopular Opinion
Shut up y'all. We all know raptors are going next round. Let's just appreciate Siakam and Leonard looking sharp
bigmac5066 10 天 前
Toronto traded the wrong player, thy should’ve traded Kyle Lowry instead. He never show up in the playoffs check his track record.. GM is a dum dum
Rick Cata
Rick Cata 10 天 前
Why Is vanfleet the backup pg? Lowry should be backup move fleet to start obviously
Murilo Cruz
Murilo Cruz 9 天 前
VV played like shit tonight.
Airdog 456
Airdog 456 10 天 前
Kawhi could be going to the western finals right now but he had to fake a quad (kawuad) injury and abandon the spurs. Karma bitch.
Tijhaye Johnson
Tijhaye Johnson 10 天 前
5:53 they like “ahhh shii d.j. On his shii this season I see...Illuminati confirmed” 😂😂😂
Lloyd 10 天 前
Raptors choke again even if Lebron is not in the east anymore. tsk
Bill Khang
Bill Khang 10 天 前
Lowry was so bad! Should of gave Lin a start!
Piedjge 10 天 前
Lowry Playoffs Mode Activated.... Raptors fans: f**k
Ulysses Mcneil
Ulysses Mcneil 10 天 前
Damn Kyle Lowry ian got not 1 highlight
Allen Russell
Allen Russell 10 天 前
If LeBron missed a shot like Kawhi did in this game, he would be nailed to the no-clutch cross!
Allen Russell
Allen Russell 10 天 前
If they go out in this round, Kawhi is West bound! 100%
Y Hass
Y Hass 10 天 前
VanVleet better be the starting pg next game, Lin should be the backup pg...
Raul Romero
Raul Romero 10 天 前
Baby Raptors back at it again
Michael Nguyen
Michael Nguyen 10 天 前
Drake taking another L.
tra bungko
tra bungko 10 天 前
am i thr only one who thinks this raptor team is overrated? man the nets were always went head to head against them this season.
The Sexy Arab
The Sexy Arab 10 天 前
Clickbait thumbnail. I don't believe Lowry was anywhere to be found
AkzyDkinG 10 天 前
10:55. That travel was magic😂
Barnpicks888 10 天 前
Lin did better than Lowry with 0 minutes and 0 points
Matthew Cao
Matthew Cao 10 天 前
the toronto choketors
Jay Scott
Jay Scott 10 天 前
Where’s Jeremy Lin take the bum ass Kyle out
John-boy 10 天 前
Magic pull off some magic here over Kawaii Leonard Nimoy and the rest of the dinosaurs. This is not logical captain
Agustin Bonilla
Agustin Bonilla 10 天 前
JahMae Co
JahMae Co 10 天 前
Jayden Knowles
Jayden Knowles 10 天 前
Everybody: raptors finna sweep Magic: hold my beer
Colby Douglas
Colby Douglas 10 天 前
All of you who are saying that lowry should have been benched are wrong. He actually played well!! He just didn't score. we have seen many games like this in the regular season, it just looks worse because they lost. He will find his shot, but scoring is not why he is in the starting lineup.
derozanfan10 10 天 前
Raptors SUCK
derozanfan10 10 天 前
I feel like Leonard is leaving
777GOTHVM 777
777GOTHVM 777 10 天 前
Kyle Lowery with his yearly playoff choke.
Demar Derozan
Demar Derozan 10 天 前
Why the fuck start Lin, start Vanvleet
Charalambos G
Charalambos G 10 天 前
Most people in the comments act like the magic have any chance of beating the raptors. The magic had one of their best games of the season and still only won by 3. This shows how stacked the raptors team is, if you wanna see an overrated team go see the 76ers. Only team I am worried about are the raptors, I am a bucks fan btw.
Jerry Long
Jerry Long 10 天 前
I scored more points in my first pro game than kyle
Snowy City
Snowy City 10 天 前
Congrats Savage Leonard, and opportunists Raps. No championship, no ring and no extension agreement that ugly mercenary. Fuck off Raps with Leonard.
Rae Weeks
Rae Weeks 10 天 前
Lowry score 4 points Toronto win this game...he got to go.
Z Rjr
Z Rjr 10 天 前
I’ll comment last March before the playoffs begin that playoffs series are huge different from regular seasons . Don’t underestimated the unseeded teams.
City Hunter
City Hunter 10 天 前
Lowry is better than Lin, Lin good at Defense only at this condition, his offense isnt really good.. He is down start moving at Raptors, he cant enjoy the game as a bench player..
Bummy Davis
Bummy Davis 10 天 前
Defensivly Kawhi isnt that guy anymore ....this isnt the same guy that locked up Bron in the 2014 finals
Yuanhua Gao
Yuanhua Gao 10 天 前
Looks like raptors will get eliminate at first round and Leonardo will moved to the clippers or Lakers. Raptors rebuild.
Dean Randolph
Dean Randolph 10 天 前
Raptors underestimate the magic they've had too much confidence but I know there gonna bounce back.5-1 series toronto
Dean Randolph
Dean Randolph 10 天 前
I mean 4-1
Charles PullieJr.
They gotta move on from Lowry or Leonard will leave after this season... Dude always goes missing during the playoffs... Smh
Kimber Honsayco
Kimber Honsayco 10 天 前
siakam taunts isaac: is that it?
社会のダニ 10 天 前
Aaron Gordon's come a long way from hoop mix tape
Mura 10 天 前
Hasn't Lowry been struggling in the Playoffs the last 5 years or so?
Will D.
Will D. 10 天 前
Orlando wanted the game more. They just outworked the Raptors (48-45 rebounding edge), and the Magic bench outscored Toronto 31-26 as well. Wow.. nice upset for the Magic regardless of the rest of the series
Ring ShinBing
Ring ShinBing 10 天 前
Damn Siakam is scoring
Sierre Celestin
Sierre Celestin 10 天 前
That is sucks. That is why I'm not a raptor fan. They do that every year. They are a regular season team
Ring ShinBing
Ring ShinBing 10 天 前
The Fans Of Raptors are the best
Javian Johnson
Javian Johnson 10 天 前
The Raptors losing Game 1 is literally a sacred NBA tradition
michael acosta
michael acosta 10 天 前
Game 1 is still game 1 not game 7
Kayve Harlem Buyante
Man, Siakam is a freakin Beast. Leonard's game reminds me of Jordan's midrange game. It's okay boys! Bounce back stronger next game! Go raptors!
Lincoln MacEachern
What the hell is wrong with this franchise? Year after year, coaches change , players change, and they come into the playoffs unprepared to play their first game (usually at home).
kay9ine 10 天 前
Kyle L0wry has activated playoff mode.
So glad D.J. Augustine gettin the recognition he deserves, he’s been underrated since he was on the Rockets.
Alvin Lam
Alvin Lam 11 天 前
Where is j lin
hehe asian
hehe asian 11 天 前
Raptors need a comeback
Kyle Hubert Domini Arambulo
Playoff Lowry 🔥🔥
Filomena Mariani
Filomena Mariani 11 天 前
DeRozen was the problem. No doubt! Ho Canada go
BB Highlights
BB Highlights 11 天 前
Another CNvid Channel For Highlights cnvid.net/show-UCPtlRHGYAfUxYO5twVdDxdg
Joao Tenorio
Joao Tenorio 11 天 前
fournier is underrated
serpserpserp 11 天 前
DJ Augustin looking like Kemba Walker out there.
Alfred Dacanay
Alfred Dacanay 11 天 前
Now i see lonzo ball is better than lowry. 🤣🤣🤣
Suprapto Utomo
Suprapto Utomo 11 天 前
That last 3 from Augustin was so smooth, the ball didn't even touch the basket.
XtremezAntonio 1
XtremezAntonio 1 11 天 前
Even when LeBron doesnt make the playoffs and not in the East LeBron still makes k lowry faint
Chill TV
Chill TV 11 天 前
I see MJ in this series.
Ken Ewole
Ken Ewole 11 天 前
Incredible game 🏀🔥🔥
Tristan Phoenix-Walton
Everyone should just stfu, watch the series, then talk. One game ain't shit especially when Magic had luck with Lowry's off night and that 3 at the end.
cozzdaddy 11 天 前
Quit talking about trash ass Lowry we all knew he was trash, how about my guy DJ Augustine!!! 💪🏼
Ernesto Braganza
Ernesto Braganza 11 天 前
Steve clifford was lough out loud on Nick shittt Nurse right now he benched Jeremy Lin wowwwwwww for the first time of Jlin's career in the playoffs hhahahah coz Steve Clifford knows JLin was soo dangerous but Nick nurse made him a trash a piece of shittttt inside the toilet that forgot to flush... Its bullshitttt
Freako VEVO
Freako VEVO 11 天 前
Damn should I bet on Bucks going to the finals or Raptors? Even though they always choke like we seen here.
Tristan Phoenix-Walton
Keep your money on Raps. I promise you all this shit talking about them is waking the beast within.
James Villarruel
James Villarruel 11 天 前
D.J augustine plays like monta ellis... super similar
ELLTONN 11 天 前
rise of underacted teams
Carl Andrei Medina
AJamez 11 天 前
kawhi tryna pull up a lebron like the 2009 east conf finals at the end was kinda cute LMFAO
thereGoMapo 11 天 前
407Khmer 11 天 前
Kyle Lowry is the real agent 0
Mariel Sotto
Mariel Sotto 11 天 前
imagine if theres no Kawai,Green,Siakam in raptors kylr lowry would still be scorless
videopaenguin 11 天 前
Why is Flula Borg playing for the Magic?
jigga_james210 11 天 前
Toronto made a big mistake keeping Lowery
Jj W
Jj W 11 天 前
Lin scored the same number of points as Lowry without playing at all!
Akeem Jones
Akeem Jones 11 天 前
Best game 1
Manny ESCO
Manny ESCO 11 天 前
Lowry always choking
Ednnis Ayukh
Ednnis Ayukh 11 天 前
Yeaaaah. Dis gonna be exciting
Froggy 11 天 前
Y'all doin lowry dirty😂😂
Yangjian Xu
Yangjian Xu 11 天 前
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Domenic Peter Fabula
too long
Lance Carr NATION
Love me and I will love you too..
Lloyd Craft
Lloyd Craft 11 天 前
It boggles the mind
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