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Pacquiao vs. Broner: Highlights | SHOWTIME PPV

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All-time great Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao cruised to a comfortable unanimous decision over Adrien “The Problem” Broner to defend his WBA Welterweight World Championship on SHOWTIME PPV® Saturday night in front of a sold-out MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.
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评论 1 756
chef gusteau
chef gusteau 小时 前
i dont belong here
Jordan Lopez
Jordan Lopez 小时 前
Yeah yeah
NPC #9943
NPC #9943 小时 前
Oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah yeah yeah
xdezakx 小时 前
Pacquiao still got it. Man I want to be that athletic when I'm his age!
MOIST 小时 前
Oh yeah yeah
infinit sky
infinit sky 小时 前
Chicken Floyd vs Manny II.
I love Rykeem Doggy Dogg
I read broner as boner
Duggers 468
Duggers 468 小时 前
Oh Yeah Yeah
Cantteactobe GREAT
The flu fight.
Baptise Muhammad
Baptise Muhammad 小时 前
Adrien Broner what an embarrassment !!!
TheGamer64 小时 前
As I am watching this video, Showtime Sports has 666k subs Coincidence...?
Art Soul
Art Soul 小时 前
Lol...I guess he won't be having that interview with Stephen A.
MissMian 小时 前
Hello please check out my reaction to porno video cnvid.net/show-UCiBsksANKKQYV9ujNDuhR5A i move to USA to be pursue my dream! But I forgot to pick a career choices lol so now I’m doing CNvid video when im bored
Thicc Dogo123
Thicc Dogo123 小时 前
Adrien’s shorts look so bad.
darealist1314 小时 前
Bronner's wack asf
Sean OQuinn
Sean OQuinn 小时 前
Broner a fucking bum. Let old ass pacquiao beat yo ass like you stole from him. 😂
KoolJCTV 小时 前
I glad that arrogant fuck Adrienne broner lost
juan r
juan r 小时 前
Broner is a fucking clown 🤡 he has nothing , since maidana kicked his sorry ASS , hes never been the same. And im not surprised paquiao pacman WON
Cristian Álvarez
Nice fight!
Mark Garduno
Mark Garduno 2 小时 前
Broner needs to get his shit together, before he looses more than a fight. It's affect say his corner didn't know what to do and I think he needs a change of tactics. Maybe Mayweaathers team can being some kind of order, before this guy finds himself back in the hood. Many, you are an incredible fighter, great champion & human being. Congratulations😎👍
Jasmine Grant
Jasmine Grant 2 小时 前
Broner always talking he is a 4 time champ in four different weight classes. Somebody without goggle name me the people he beat. Anybody can get belts these days. He hasn’t beat a top fighter that I seen.
UkNOw Managements
UkNOw Managements 2 小时 前
They couldnt show amything else paq did.. where are the highlights. I wanna see all the landed punches the say paq had
yski Walker
yski Walker 2 小时 前
Ab is a fucking bum
sh09un1 2 小时 前
there were highlights?
PoloTheGr8 2 小时 前
Fuck happened to his beard#? That's why...
Jon Wood
Jon Wood 2 小时 前
ff 1:29
PoloTheGr8 2 小时 前
Now fighting! Main Event#- Trump vs Pacquiao. FortheWALL# 🤣🤣🤣
Tyone Mcneal
Tyone Mcneal 2 小时 前
This dude needs a shrink!
yourgaypleb nomatterwhatudo
Again why he run fight? smh is it the trend to fight like that..
DAYFVE 2 小时 前
pac got strength and foot work!!!!
ARMANI415 GOT EM B 2 小时 前
HTX 713
HTX 713 2 小时 前
Broner is to mentally weak
Makio Mora
Makio Mora 2 小时 前
Boxing is sooooo fucking DEAD!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Broner needs to stop the fuckery and take boxing serious. Stop embarressing yourself, your family, your friends, and your craft which god gave blessed you with. Get with positive people and find your legacy. -coming from an asian fan #SoStopTheBiasBullshit
A.Frank Blunt
A.Frank Blunt 2 小时 前
Thank GOD boner (yes boner) got his bitch ass whooped. Choke in that humble sandwich bitch.
Gilberto Dejesus
Gilberto Dejesus 2 小时 前
Adrien Broner a.k.a. "The walking punching bag"....... Is funny how the only thing being recognized in all his fights Is his strong chin !!! Well I guess after so many hits is rock solid ....😂😂😂🤦🏻‍♂️
SinCityMadman 2 小时 前
Broner is the most famous AVERAGE GATEKEEPER boxer ever!
The Cosa nostra creed
Its funny that broner thought he won
The Lannisters Send Their Retards
Of course everyone is calling Broner a bum now. Lol. So typical. Before the fight he wss a big challenge and pacquiao was gonna get stopped, etc. Now he's a bum because pacquiao made him look like trash.
ualreadynowhatitis 2 小时 前
Mayweather saw round seven and said FTS
ruben camargo
ruben camargo 2 小时 前
MOD 301 Minnesota
MOD 301 Minnesota 2 小时 前
Straight Out The Jungle. Broner Was Not Ready. Jungle Man Put In The Work.
do better get better
Maidana didn't ruin his career, Floyd did when he told broner, "It's not about throwing a lot of punches, it's about throwing less more accurately". Now this dude think he can mimic Mayweather's style and win with it, SMH.
Sincere question: how does AB do anything positive for 'the hood'? He's a sht talkin, self centered clown
xXLilFlipjgx 3 小时 前
Look at manny left hook. GOD DAMN!!!!! That shit must hurt. 😳 @1:40. Agree?
King In The Making
King In The Making 3 小时 前
Even the highlights looked foney
Wellstaylor _
Wellstaylor _ 3 小时 前
I don't know what fight people were watching... Broner clearly won. Broner is Filipino guy that threw and landed twice the punches, was the aggressor the entire fight, staggered the other guy twice, right?
aceman42 3 小时 前
Broner done did it for that $2M check. he isnt into boxing anymore. he is now like the Get out and get done with it fighter. what a bum.
ric Sosa
ric Sosa 3 小时 前
Weak fight
SG. BOXING 3 小时 前
Ass whoop lol good night of Boxing 2019 starting
godsson711 3 小时 前
As much as i wanted to give broner a chance he always finds a way to make me dislike him more
Yallknow Tre
Yallknow Tre 3 小时 前
Manny still ass he lost to a rookie who was 20 years of age
Yallknow Tre
Yallknow Tre 3 小时 前
But he couldn’t beat Floyd hahahah
Silent but Deadly
Silent but Deadly 3 小时 前
Dam broner when u gone win
Dorizsparks 3 小时 前
zepole87 3 小时 前
Rene Digal
Rene Digal 3 小时 前
Broker didn’t win against Pacquiao for a single reason ... His mouth is bigger than his brain . Period.
Samuel Jurah
Samuel Jurah 3 小时 前
Broner gone cry in the car Lol.. sike nah .. I actually wanted him to win. But I know he's emotionally hurt over this loss. But pac Man vs Mayweather 2? I don't think it should happen. You all can be optimistic if you want... Floyd is not losing. He's too smart in the ring. Man I wish broner won.. then we could have seen something we've never seen before " Adrian vs Floyd"
Random Commentator
Random Commentator 3 小时 前
I don't like Showtime's new highlight recap videos they should go back to the old cool recap style like the Broner vs Maidana recap video for example
Nakia Hearlson
Nakia Hearlson 3 小时 前
Should have kept the beard AB
Nakia Hearlson
Nakia Hearlson 3 小时 前
Should have kept the beard AB
Julio Guzman
Julio Guzman 3 小时 前
Bronner..Remember Maidana the Rest of his life...Marcos Maidana is your Boogeyman. Just retire, you are in rhe wrong generation.
Je'Dutt 3 小时 前
And some of yall said this fight was going to be close 😂😂😂
pugalakan 3 小时 前
WBA* not WBC
Jeff Dandridge
Jeff Dandridge 4 小时 前
Mayweather Jr. Vs. Broner would have been = season finally of Dancing With The Stars. Too bad we'll miss it.
DJ Audeze
DJ Audeze 4 小时 前
Broner shouldn't run for office because he will get defeated by all the senators
some body
some body 4 小时 前
All these people saying it’s over for AB and he needs to hang em up are watching his next fight
VanMedia 4 小时 前
Naoya inoue would hurt oubauli or however us spell his name
The giant Troll
The giant Troll 4 小时 前
Soul Assassin
Soul Assassin 4 小时 前
What impresses me most about Pacman is the fact that he is a small dude, 135-140 at best, and competed against naturally bigger fighters. I never thought this man could beat Floyd, a BIGGER ATG fighter. A great big fighter will always beat a small great fighter. And the fact that fans clamored for MayPac to happen is a testament of Pac’s greatness, similar to fans clamoring for Floyd to fight GGG (even when he was damn 40yrs old) Like Duran, Pacqiuao was never the type to stay undefeated. He was too daring, a risk taker, a physical phenom who chose to lay it all on the line each time he stepped in. Floyd is the greatest BOXER of my generation, but Pacqiuao has to be the greatest FIGHTER of it.
Ericston  Sloan
Ericston Sloan 4 小时 前
Broner is washed up
You will forget this
Paquiao is a Legend💯
David Ha
David Ha 4 小时 前
Broners probably very happy because had a chance to fight a legend.
slimmy slime
slimmy slime 4 小时 前
Bronner was just simply advertisement for pacquiao-mayweather you got a thank Bronner for bringing Pacquiao out
Cedric Hunt
Cedric Hunt 4 小时 前
Showtime has something against Broner. The commentators were so against him, they did not show any of the MANY counter punches he landed on Pacquiao.
Toasted Shrimp
Toasted Shrimp 4 小时 前
When a level 2 boxer brag about beating a god. 😂👌realshit man
Aclass 9
Aclass 9 4 小时 前
Same reason Floyd didn't want to let his hands Go! Further, (FRANTICALLY scrambling) away soo un-poetically boxing-wise. How's THAT quote & quote - the Sweet Science. Nope. Now we see how the Pac-Floyd fight really went! though i didn't need a second-look to see. Cause it was the same fight - AB at least didnt run and (frantically scramble) no-where-near as much as Floyd. Pac is waaay ahead of floyd. You have to punch(offense) - take risk - to be Great with defensive. @ Leonard @Ali @ Robinson @ Roy Jones lossess DONT make u lesser of a champion or A Great! Fooling the fans, boxing world & even the boxing alumni with defensive showmanship and watching/playing the clock/lil dirty tricks Does though. heck proves you(Floyd) magician-ed everyone from the get-go when boxing was suffering from a stock-pile of talent. Unlike the 80's. Pac aka A Warrior , fighter of the decade even more solidified as if wasnt before. during. and after. the Floyd fight. Reason why he didn't want an immediate Rematch! and definitely DON'T want 1 now! If No-Smoke was ever applicable it would be now @ floyd
Villan ThaHero
Villan ThaHero 4 小时 前
Broner was to busy disrespecting and dancing around like a fuckin clown in that presser, dumbass. U lost, and deserved it Broner, grow tha fuck up and stop talking shit and dissing ppl, who end up fucking u up. Chump
kmlckd 4 小时 前
Broner taking a page from the trump school of flat out delusional denial and bullshitting.
Andre Cooke
Andre Cooke 4 小时 前
That head butt was BS, he didn’t have a chance after that. Should have scored the fight up until that point or at least a draw
West Side
West Side 4 小时 前
forgot this was this weekend #nothyped
rican2nhd 4 小时 前
Adrien "Great Value Mayweather" Broner
REAL 81 4 小时 前
I knew he would lose if score cards was used to determine the winner God forbid if they fight till someone gets knocked out That’s why I hate boxing It’s always comes down to a scorecard With these weak asses matches No one ever gets knocked out but the score cards get pulled out Fuck boxing it ain’t what it was And that fight came quicker then any fight I’ve seen Floyd and paq fight was another score card garbage ass match
Jermaine Nixon
Jermaine Nixon 4 小时 前
boxing so trash...this setup for rematch or match vs Mayweather. smh.
darcel lockard
darcel lockard 4 小时 前
AB that money stacking up, but them L's stacking up too.....He literally lose 4 out of 5 of his biggest fights in his career and the pauli fight was Questionable. He can't seem to win a really big event fights when it matters.
LoOT NuKe'Em
LoOT NuKe'Em 4 小时 前
Pac is like a Rocky sequel there just might be a good one around the next corner He need to move on from begging for "The rematch" Not a good look for him
king money
king money 4 小时 前
Ab lost for the hood 💯
Franco F6
Franco F6 5 小时 前
"I still got my O"
dianawapooh 5 小时 前
broner got destroyed and his idiotic fans are still coming up with things to say to salvage his reputation. smh. broner didnt let his hands go because he was scared. scared like a litlle child running away from his daddy because he doesnt want to get spanked. thats what happened. the "gangsta" from the "hood" got saved from getting kod by running. if he traded blows agains pac i dont think that chin of his wouldve saved him.
Brian Browning
Brian Browning 5 小时 前
Purchase a ppv for a full card of decisions...boring ass boxing
BrainFuck10 5 小时 前
Broner rocking Fashion Nova hahahaha damn this nigga gay taking another hard ass beating ya bitch
Ant _89
Ant _89 5 小时 前
I wish i knew how to fight like pac-man
andre holliday
andre holliday 5 小时 前
Tell broner go sit down somewere
jakegetscake 5 小时 前
Lmao some of these shorts are real questionable
JBriskoTv 5 小时 前
Woah it’s crazy how they didn’t show all the counter left hooks and straight rights AB landed. And how many times he made pac miss.
Sith Lord
Sith Lord 5 小时 前
Floyd 100 % sure he is saying I’m undefeated and I ain’t going to fight Manny Again. Why gamble when I’m 42 years old. Don’t wanna get hurt.. lmao..
Robert Hendrickson
Robert Hendrickson 5 小时 前
Manny is one of the best of all time. Ageless
Zoe Sh
Zoe Sh 5 小时 前
Congrats to Manny. However that wasn’t a dominating victory by Manny. Broner is just an easy fight being that he’s still scared to throw punches. Manny had a few good moments but for the most part there weren’t many clean big hits consistently landed which is what you consider a dominant fight. If Floyd comes back the exact same way he was last fight against Manny, Manny will lose again.
BigDonta LilDonta
BigDonta LilDonta 5 小时 前
Every hit broner got was meant for maywether