Prank Invasion Gets DUNKED On & DJ Khaled Returns - H3 Podcast #113

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H3 Podcast
H3 Podcast 3 个月 前
Sorry for the confusion everyone, we had to reupload the video because it was blocked by Ultra & KFC
Leonardo Saenz
Leonardo Saenz 3 天 前
H3 Podcast Ethan for the love of baphomet grab a barbell stop with the limp wrists and look into trt lol looking like a ✡ Michelin man
The Official Brody
The Official Brody 3 个月 前
0000000on 000000phas
Nick Sylva
Nick Sylva 3 个月 前
H3 Podcast hey look up ccunit on Instagram they are working with anonymous to catch child predators in San Diego and he’s caught 34!!! People in a month crazy to think that so many ppl are STILL DOING SHit please spread the word of these young kids !!!! My insta : glicky06
Marcus Radwanowski
Marcus Radwanowski 3 个月 前
Tove Hunneyball
Tove Hunneyball 3 个月 前
H3 Podcast you really need to feature Shredder on screen waaaaaay more
Drane Games
Drane Games 3 小时 前
hila looks so goofy at 0:12
Shifttube 4 天 前
FATHER OF ASAHD YEA IS THAT THE SAME DUE THAT DROPPED BOMB'S ON HIS OWN PEOPLE IN THE MIDDLE EAST WHERE ISIS IS FROM OR WAS LOLOLOL THIS DUDE WELL LEAST HE IS A NICE GUY /..... The only reason this dj whatever sells any music is because he has really famous rappers and artist on his shit he cant rap or sing........................
Shifttube 4 天 前
dude the chick with the monroe tat that shit looks like the McDonald's clown lolshit
Tiff Roundy
Tiff Roundy 7 天 前
1:40:58 KEY-NO-EE ?? I know u didn’t just pronounce quinoa like that 🥴
Panda man
Panda man 11 天 前
Ethan’s hair looks like the soft side of Velcro
vapor 14 天 前
I feel bad for that guy wHEEZE
Empty_Content 16 天 前
almur alshehhi
almur alshehhi 20 天 前
"get slammed Barry"
Luigibro 5021
Luigibro 5021 20 天 前
Prank invasion kissed “his mom”
Bear Centeno
Bear Centeno 20 天 前
1:02:26 Ethan glitches out for a sec
ttv xingmangogreentea
can you believe that Make a Wish Foundation is on the same plane of existence as the godforsaken UMG
Juuso Pylväläinen
You get to know how the Kim Kardashian's sink works at 23:00. You're welcome
Ally 24 天 前
Isnt that quote from the episode where kim loses her earring
Zak D
Zak D 26 天 前
Colonel Sanders looks like a sims character...
WutTheDeuce 28 天 前
Listening to this at work, the "train" segment was so hilarious I had to come and actually watch it. I've listened to this so many times, it still kills me.
Bear Centeno
Bear Centeno 个月 前
“That’s why i bought a shotgun! Because in THAT situation I ALWAYS WI... well, I at least have a 50% chance...” Hahahaha highlight moment for sure
Aiden fucking Obrien
Yall are so fucking beautiful i love yall so much
Good day
Good day 个月 前
Fuck Papa John but great monologue at the end
Poppa 13ear
Poppa 13ear 个月 前
Man you are Slaying keep it up...
Matthew James
Matthew James 个月 前
They let anyone into college these days..where's the logic?
Zacyfarms22 个月 前
please to god say "Vape Naishh yall" when you're about to shoot someone with a shotgun.
Andrew Luke
Andrew Luke 个月 前
Ethan: you can shit yourself and they’ll clean it up Hila: you’re...not wrong...
Tyler Gibbs
Tyler Gibbs 个月 前
Love u Ethan and Hila! Great Vid!
Dipped In Sea Men
35:06 you’re welcome
Cheesy Poofs
Cheesy Poofs 个月 前
Disappointed in that khaled fight. Should have been Khaled vs Fupas Maximus from the screaming pizza delivery video. Pay per view.
The shenanigans of a Platypus
Hila judging every single detail is mood. More please.
battleguy 402
battleguy 402 个月 前
"He's barely sentient, he's almost a plant" LMFAO THAT GOT ME SO GUD, I WAS LAUGHING FOR 10 MINUTES LOL
Rubber Band Man Destruction
1:28:00 lol 😂
Farva 个月 前
Adderal can cause face twitches I wonder if your face stops or doubles :P
Judea Dumont
Judea Dumont 个月 前
"so this one is up there" - Hila after viewing the tattoo that made me stop eating my delicious steak.
Judea Dumont
Judea Dumont 个月 前
shortly followed by a cow's gaping ass hole
FatherGarfield _____
His catch phrase should be “You just got maximust, foopus maximust”
charlotte graham
charlotte graham 个月 前
Hila Kleiners represent!!
Cassidy Andriea
Cassidy Andriea 个月 前
the way this dude says quinoa...
gilesezra 个月 前
who else cryed at the end
BlueBubble9 个月 前
ohl 7 years ago
ohl 7 years ago 个月 前
shut up crime
Jules 个月 前
This late but Hila was glowing in this video😍
Itsyaboi Lifesupport
love how she was due the day like 15,000 allied soldiers died on normandy
Kelly Bishop
Kelly Bishop 2 个月 前
For Papas sake would someone get Ethan’s mic on a suspension mount and tell him to stop touching it 😂
Aaron Wrecks
Aaron Wrecks 2 个月 前
I'm so tired of people comparing chess to their intelligence, it's just a fucking game, I could mop the fucking floor with Chris Monroe then beat the shit out of him and my highest education is G.E.D.
Solemn Mojo
Solemn Mojo 2 个月 前
Post Malone again would be great. love those ones the most. Great chemistry.
I‘m not Chinese
I‘m not Chinese 2 个月 前
1:19 why does he always do that with his eyebrows
Trump 2020
Trump 2020 2 个月 前
409 people are retarda
Ingrid 2 个月 前
I always thought it was a bad idea to announce to people that you keep a gun in your house.
Sadie Spenneberg
Sadie Spenneberg 2 个月 前
Did you guys not notice that colonel sanders had two pairs of hipsters glasses in the Dr Pepper commercial? Wtf does he need two pairs of glasses for
Christian Bishop
Christian Bishop 2 个月 前
It has been weeks and the Papa bit music from the end is stuck in my head. I need a song name. Papa bless
Rotem Takele
Rotem Takele 2 个月 前
1:02:00 Worst thing about this is that michael died in 2009 not 2008🤣
Bannanstrand ff
Bannanstrand ff 2 个月 前
I saw this video june 6 hope it goes well......
catinthemfhat 2 个月 前
i laughed when no one did ethan
l zara
l zara 2 个月 前
The napkin quote was from the time Kim was crying over an earring
sulfuric acid
sulfuric acid 2 个月 前
Today is June 6th good luck
SirLancelotized 2 个月 前
I live by a train track and a gravel refinery. In Texas, they can block junctions up to 15 minutes. I honk to let them know, then I have to wait up to the last second sometimes. But they always moved within 15 minutes. They do it middle of the day like at lunch every day and around 4 am.
Kaitlyn Cole
Kaitlyn Cole 2 个月 前
Omg I was the same way when I was younger! Terrified of someone breaking in. I would build a mountain of stuffed animals around me & hide in them.
Sheep 2 个月 前
Sheep 2 个月 前
J W 2 个月 前
hey man, keep up the great work! i was absolutely dying at this episode. love the show!
Rice Benderson
Rice Benderson 2 个月 前
GUCCISUPREME your comment sux
Marcus Antonio
Marcus Antonio 2 个月 前
22:21 Whole bit here is GOLD
Marcus Antonio
Marcus Antonio 2 个月 前
I'm joined by the Ever-Beautiful, Pregnant.. Luscious?
Julian Needs Blood
Julian Needs Blood 2 个月 前
Ian would grab the hot coffee then immediately get shot dead...then the gunman would proceed lol jk!
andi 2 个月 前
So excited for y'all!!!!
Ghelma 2 个月 前
Ben Afflecks tattoo is technically way superior to the other ones and its quite beautiful on its own. Maybe not on his back? The cow hole and controller were joke tattoos and therefore the scale should be different. They're not supposed to be beautiful. MJ and Marilyn Monroe on the other hand are just pure incompetence. They were supposed to be beautiful but were badly done.
Versaro 2 个月 前
Prankinvasion: His spermatozoon: 37:34
*~smol cream puff~*
*~smol cream puff~* 2 个月 前
Congrats y’all!! I am happy for you
Професор Бучков
u can tell ian is a nasty kardashian fan. he didn't want to ridicule anything with them
Versaro 2 个月 前
26:01 I've seen this before right
Catherine McClain
Catherine McClain 2 个月 前
Personally, I would have a Remington 22 because there is little to no recoil, and it is only deadly if you hit the person in juuuuuuuuuuuuuust the right spot. It's a great beginner's rifle as well. I know my dad has one. My grandfather also used to work for Remington Arms. As for ADHD, yeah, I take Focalin which is a Ritalin based medication. I take it every day during school season. When on spring, winter, fall, or summer break, I don't take it unless I have to. When I was 9 years old, I took 15mg of Ritalin in the morning, 10mg at lunch, and 5mg after school. I never got a high. If you feel cracked out when you take an ADHD med, you probably don't have ADHD. Also, self-diagnosis is not what you should do. I recommend spending the money to go through a professional analysis. There is so much to ADHD that people don't think about. I was professionally diagnosed twice and years apart.
Joshua Minkin
Joshua Minkin 2 个月 前
The baby is gonna have Ethan’s eyes and eyebrow movements
Schembri _
Schembri _ 2 个月 前
That's how the couple the cars he isnt fucking with people. It's just how it works those trains can be long as fuck. Well I didn't make it to when they explain but I worked for the railroad also and have seen this done in the middle of the day and some of the trains are more then 1/2 a mile long.
Big Chops
Big Chops 2 个月 前
Ethan's the master of calling people's bullshit and honestly that's all that needs to be said
carlos 2 个月 前
dog edition coming next
keyblade zero
keyblade zero 2 个月 前
Will Wade
Will Wade 2 个月 前
Rep that 2nd amendment Ethan baby, Yeah!.
Royal Wins
Royal Wins 2 个月 前
Yay happy gun talk
grizzlywhisker 2 个月 前
lol I actually have a Super Mario tattoo I got like 15 years ago but it's pretty well done and I usually get compliments on it.
Mahmood Megharbi
Mahmood Megharbi 2 个月 前
Yso Srs
Yso Srs 2 个月 前
Etan, grow some balls, it's not you who is pregnant and Will give birth. For you it was max 1 minute of work with this pregnancy.
GiverOfHarmony 2 个月 前
firstly you misspelled his name, secondly, he's preparing himself to care for another human being, likely at least for a couple decades. This entire process that they're both dealing with takes incredible commitment, and work. What makes you fit to judge him?
Qeabo 666
Qeabo 666 2 个月 前
A fupa is a Fat Upper Pubic Area. Lol. I love you guys. Basically it's a Flca Fat Lower Chine Area pronounced Full ka. But you guys do you man. Just makes it funnier i.m.o.
Derek Martell
Derek Martell 2 个月 前
"Elderly would be dope."
Vendela Venkman
Vendela Venkman 2 个月 前
Their light switches just look like they glued three raisins or small rocks to the wall.
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