Prank Invasion Gets DUNKED On & DJ Khaled Returns - H3 Podcast #113

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H3 Podcast
H3 Podcast 个月 前
Sorry for the confusion everyone, we had to reupload the video because it was blocked by Ultra & KFC
The Official Brody
0000000on 000000phas
YUNG Bones
YUNG Bones 26 天 前
H3 Podcast hey look up ccunit on Instagram they are working with anonymous to catch child predators in San Diego and he’s caught 34!!! People in a month crazy to think that so many ppl are STILL DOING SHit please spread the word of these young kids !!!! My insta : glicky06
Marcus Radwanowski
Tove Hunneyball
Tove Hunneyball 个月 前
H3 Podcast you really need to feature Shredder on screen waaaaaay more
All Belony
All Belony 个月 前
+Tom Buckley 😬
Royal Wins
Royal Wins 43 分钟 前
Yay happy gun talk
grizzlywhisker 17 小时 前
lol I actually have a Super Mario tattoo I got like 15 years ago but it's pretty well done and I usually get compliments on it.
Mahmood Megharbi
Yso Srs
Yso Srs 3 天 前
Etan, grow some balls, it's not you who is pregnant and Will give birth. For you it was max 1 minute of work with this pregnancy.
GiverOfHarmony 2 天 前
firstly you misspelled his name, secondly, he's preparing himself to care for another human being, likely at least for a couple decades. This entire process that they're both dealing with takes incredible commitment, and work. What makes you fit to judge him?
Qeabo 666
Qeabo 666 3 天 前
A fupa is a Fat Upper Pubic Area. Lol. I love you guys. Basically it's a Flca Fat Lower Chine Area pronounced Full ka. But you guys do you man. Just makes it funnier i.m.o.
Derek Martell
Derek Martell 3 天 前
"Elderly would be dope."
Vendela Venkman
Vendela Venkman 4 天 前
Their light switches just look like they glued three raisins or small rocks to the wall.
Kate Marsh
Kate Marsh 4 天 前
Make a wish edition
Jordan Brazinski
Those buttons in the West's house are an electrician's nightmare. Not even sure how that's legal cause you can't access the connections in the wall 🤷🏻‍♂️
Argy Bargy
Argy Bargy 5 天 前
_"Our bathtub looks like a cardboard box"_
Reed Ophoff
Reed Ophoff 5 天 前
why is no one talking about the stroke Ethan had at 1:02:23
Dee P.
Dee P. 5 天 前
1:28:42 dont worry ethan you made me laugh
Quackin Panda
Quackin Panda 6 天 前
Podcast with screaming baby pls. So no fights.
Nexvox YT
Nexvox YT 6 天 前
Love you guys, but you look for a negative meaning behind eeeeeverything. Can't really blame y'all, I mean... in the US you're made scared and anxious from the get go
CHi 6 天 前
When I was a child with Cerebral Palsy - I had essentially made my family broke by existing, since I needed so much and they literally emptied everything they had for my sake. Make-A-Wish gave them, and myself, a break and covered a trip to Disney World - my first vacation ever that didn't involve a hospital - and helped my parents pay some of their debt and organize a fund-raiser for my first power wheelchair. If there is any organization more real - it's Make-A-Wish.
Paul Blyat Moscow Cop
Douche Sanders looks like a Fortnite skin
M M 7 天 前
that intruder part of the podcast was to let Patrice know he's not getting through that house
Rory Morris
Rory Morris 7 天 前
you look much better with no hat !
FancyXcornXdog 7 天 前
Make a wish paid for my family to go on the Disney cruise when my brother was going there leukemia
Vitaly Floryan
Vitaly Floryan 8 天 前
1:28:58 - 1:31:20 I think I pulled an ab muscle I was laughing so hard! Thank you for bringing this to light!
Millie L.
Millie L. 8 天 前
isn't the lil xans bit exactly the same as the one with the cyrus girl?? i swear the question and even her answers are exactly the same
Lil xan is sober, that's just how he acts
Lainey Bug
Lainey Bug 9 天 前
It would be funny for Ethan to find a body paint artist on the dl to get a fake version of Ben's back tat as a goof for Hila...
Lainey Bug
Lainey Bug 9 天 前
The baby could have hazel eyes... My dad has ice blue eyes & my mom has those almost copper penny brown eyes & mine came out hazel & my sister got dark brown. But my sister has 2 kids & her & her husband both have dark hair & dark brown eyes but their kids both have light blonde hair & my dad's ice blue eyes... Genetics are weird!
Lass Ellie
Lass Ellie 9 天 前
That big cat was actually a mountain lion, not a leopard. Still, really enjoying the podcast!
Klara Van Wyk
Klara Van Wyk 10 天 前
Prank invasion : pet addition
Yolanda Lacchini
Yolanda Lacchini 10 天 前
Those brows dance 💃
Jelly Bean
Jelly Bean 10 天 前
Here's to not pooping during child birth!!🤣😂
superbadgerdoom 11 天 前
I thought that the ancestry ad was romantic. Cheesy but not bad.
Veronica Vazquez
Veronica Vazquez 11 天 前
The dead raccoon omgggggggggggggggggggggg i lost it
Veronica Vazquez
Veronica Vazquez 11 天 前
Hila's spanish was on point
JeanMopis 11 天 前
Is she alrdy on that epidural or is that her normal energy level?
Miguel Ángel Cabrera
So shocked that the Make A Wish guys names were Ross and Jared
Sydnie Andrus
Sydnie Andrus 11 天 前
Maybe the word Prank Invasion was looking for when he was trying to sound smart was logical fallacy? haha but anyways love the podcasts H3 Also I have ADHD and take Vyvanse (a different brand of stimulant) and don't feel cracked out as you did at all, it makes me feel more chill actually, but sometimes I feel like it maybe makes me less creative when I take it
Brendan Cane
Brendan Cane 11 天 前
"What's something I can beat Prank Invasion in?" - Ethan "Comedy...Fupa...Life...Literally anything" - Me
sophie oneill
sophie oneill 12 天 前
Hila is a savage! so much love Papa bless you both! more Hila segments!
Sam Will
Sam Will 12 天 前
Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza is actually really good even though it sounds odd!
Revolvethis 12 天 前
Found you guys from the kill Tony episode you were guests on. Hila you are the sweetest! Love the show, can’t believe it took me so long to find.
Revolvethis 12 天 前
Yeaaa! My son was born 6/6, fantastic day to have a baby.
Invasion Nation
Invasion Nation 12 天 前
Get slammed, Barry.
al dooze
al dooze 12 天 前
Congrats Ela, who's the father?
al dooze
al dooze 12 天 前
Congrats Ela, who's the father?
Cosimo Productions
xan is hella high on lsd Lmfao
Frankie Cedeno
Frankie Cedeno 13 天 前
These plebs haven’t had ranch on pizza? Pitoo! I spit on you!
Rubi Dubi
Rubi Dubi 14 天 前
25:00 Kim Kardashian lost her expensive earing in the ocean and was panicking and crying then the other Kardashian said "kim there are ppl that are dying". I dont know who said it(because i dont watch their tv show) but it was a really popular vine.
KinglyChimera 14 天 前
Watching this a couple weeks late. The ross and jared foreshadowing is real
Mirake Riko
Mirake Riko 14 天 前
Hila speaks better spanish than mexicans
ShinyHookStevens 14 天 前
There's no way a pornstar gets 5k for 1 scene
ShinyHookStevens 14 天 前
12:48 I had the same experience Ethan. We lived in an old house with lots of creaky boards and a really loud water heater. I barely got any sleep until we moved into the house I'm in now
ShinyHookStevens 14 天 前
Night terrors didn't help either lol
zero content
zero content 14 天 前
I love Ian hes hilarious "I adapt and overcome 🤷‍♂️" lmao ded
RandomRed 16 天 前
Why are your eyebrows doing groovy 80's dance moves?
Christina Bugert
Christina Bugert 16 天 前
I feel like Ethan is a bit of a dick to Ian
Terry Prothero
Terry Prothero 16 天 前
I'm not a big fan of tattoos in general. It was definitely dumb for Afleck to have that huge phoenix on his back. But let's be real. It was a much better looking tattoo than the other ones. A phoenix is cooler because it's phoenix alone. Mythical beasts are far better than a cow or Michael Jackson. And the artwork wasn't bad. Being full color and well drawn made it look much better. The other ones were completely terrible on all fronts. The Michael Jackson tattoo was especially terrible because of how badly it was drawn, and the cow was kind of disgusting. Although the nipple thing was weird and unsettling. So it was difficult to say which one was worse. And then the guy with a beat up woman on his neck. It was better drawn than some of the others, but it made him seem like a complete psycho.
Electric Grizzley
49:00 to come back later
T. V. A.
T. V. A. 17 天 前
I love how Ethan has emphasized how beautiful Hila is starting her pregnancy.
Sploop 18 天 前
51:53 Ethan reveals his true elmo laugh.
Michael Rogers
Michael Rogers 18 天 前
Yalls comments about Kim’s house are basically real life CNvid comments
JoshFloor 18 天 前
Prank invasion pornhub channel: Puss Invasion Or poon invasion
james K
james K 18 天 前
y his eybrows doing the mexican wave
Bineapple Bizza
Bineapple Bizza 19 天 前
The part where he has a dream about theodore reminds me of tony starks dream in infinity war
Bineapple Bizza
Bineapple Bizza 19 天 前
I see so many people in my school wearing teddy fresh and i ask them "do you know h3h3" and most of the time they say no
Laurence CaverlyPK
bens tattoo is just a traditional style phoenix, it's done from what i can see well, its an awful picture though, colour is saturated lines are strong, all the others were much much worse. seems like hila just doesn't like traditional style tattoos. it was a post breakup tattoo and the media went to town on him for it hence why he lies about it
ACR EdgeLord
ACR EdgeLord 19 天 前
Zack is a furry 10:51
Infamous Gamer
Infamous Gamer 20 天 前
these shells are SLAMMIN' *BOOM* *BOOM*
MajorLad Nick
MajorLad Nick 20 天 前
Make A Wish Edition Kiss Prank
Mae Edwards
Mae Edwards 20 天 前
Best podcast on CNvid Omg that train part was soo funny lmao .This used to happen like everyday where I live. We had a csx railroad in our town and you could literally use as an excuse for being late to school and work and not get in trouble it happened so much. It was such a problem and our town finally decided to build an overpass but the funny thing about it is they before they got it built csx closed in our town lmao 😂🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️
Gregory Hodges
Gregory Hodges 21 天 前
I hope you guys will have a beutiful baby cheers
NeverMindGaming 21 天 前
How did lil xan past the 5th grade
Mikal Jozeph
Mikal Jozeph 21 天 前
Omg lil xan is literally a r word
Ryan Streeter
Ryan Streeter 22 天 前
Get Lil Xan on the Podcast lol
Möchi Cättö
Möchi Cättö 22 天 前
I thought it was DJ Colins. (Those who know, know)
04dram04 22 天 前
Ethan is a profesional hater
danhi333 23 天 前
1:30:37 I was not expecting to laugh so hard
j jimquantum
j jimquantum 23 天 前
he has one ram in his brain hahaha!! shiiiiiit
Jack Kula
Jack Kula 23 天 前
As informative and intriguing their hosted show can be, I enjoy them commenting on subculture and current events and current memes more. I like to see them bounce back and forth with what each has to say.
Ossy 23 天 前
K.J. 23 天 前
keen oh ah
s *
s * 23 天 前
I laughed.... Roseanne gets me every time 😂
Trayden Morin
Trayden Morin 24 天 前
I laughed, Ethan. I laughed
Jemimacakes 24 天 前
My absolute favorite part of any h3h3 podcast is when ethan makes any joke and someone in the other room laughs real quick like HAHA and its over
LibraryPoliceman 23 天 前
It's in the contract.
Pay The Ghost
Pay The Ghost 24 天 前
Ethan, 00buck shot WILL penetrate drywall! If someone at a gun store told you that, then they are very mistaken.
Jemimacakes 24 天 前
I almost passed out from the thought of taking a needle to the spine.
PowPK 24 天 前
I Agree Hila. Dragons garbage and couldnt overlook it. An asshole would have it
StuntMan Scott
StuntMan Scott 25 天 前
D-Day Baby
Connor Briggs
Connor Briggs 25 天 前
He’s such a sweetheart
Jessi 25 天 前
I need to stop watching these on my lunch break. I almost choked on my food during the train part and the Lil Xan part. Oh. My. God. 😂😂
Gladys Lemus
Gladys Lemus 25 天 前
Why does Ethan change shirts every time they go to commercial??
Savannah Lewis
Savannah Lewis 25 天 前
Gladys Lemus he pre films the commercials
Joshua Hodge
Joshua Hodge 25 天 前
Just fyi but shotgun shot will go through drywall...even birdshot.
Dal Buffo Buio
Dal Buffo Buio 26 天 前
Your son will have blue eyes and will be a Jake Pauler despite your struggle to educate him. Think about that, good night.
Иван Федорович
how train moment still not in the highlights?!
LLIES 26 天 前
I would marry Lil Xan & fuck Ben Affleck. Considering Lil Xan is plant-based, you could keep him in a room and throw manure at him every now and then. And you'd only have to see Ben Affleck once (not from behind where the tat is)
OriginalDrDeLeon 26 天 前
Lil Xan looks like he would smell like a shitty diaper
Tyler Eom
Tyler Eom 26 天 前
god papa john
Derek Landis
Derek Landis 26 天 前
Looks like a Nickelodeon tat!! lol
Spoofy 26 天 前
An experienced intruder doesnt go through the door
GabeFenesse 26 天 前
Quinoa like Quinn-oh-a? 🤔🤔 It’s more like “Keen-wah” 😅😅
T 24 天 前
Quinn-oh-as the proper way to say it I think
MrHothead099 26 天 前
Ian laughs like Young Jamie from JRE.
AlmightyYogurt 27 天 前
TBH I love when Ethan uses the soundboard and makes the songs!
HumanPuman 27 天 前
a gun
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