Protesters and police fight at Sha Tin MTR station, after day of protests in Hong Kong

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Police became trapped after a fight broke out between them and protesters in Sha Tin MTR station. This incident followed an arrest in the station where the officers had used pepper spray on the crowd on the evening of September 7. It was the worst incident of violence as anti-government demonstrations entered their 14th consecutive weekend.
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2019年09月 8日






评论 2 659
Steven toho
Steven toho 8 分钟 前
Hong Kong no more protestors, they are violently & brutally attack, no mercy at all. Hong Kong government should stop the terrorisim ASAP.
a l
a l 3 小时 前
So bitter.... Sighs...
阿達 3 小时 前
QI QI 4 小时 前
Jianwen Wu
Jianwen Wu 4 小时 前
ethan ang
ethan ang 4 小时 前
Anna Fu
Anna Fu 5 小时 前
香港仔 5 小时 前
"和平示威"? "無大台"? "自發無計劃"?
香港仔 5 小时 前
"名、電話號碼 ..." 收錢身份證?
疯魔小笼包 5 小时 前
Does democracy and freedom give people the right to break the law and commit crimes? Is it wrong for Hong Kong police to protect the public and maintain order?
Kaipen Yap
Kaipen Yap 8 小时 前
Thomas L.S.
Thomas L.S. 9 小时 前
More proof that the human race is insane !
Chan Him
Chan Him 9 小时 前
暴徒廢青假扮記者到處破壞、放火,妨礙警察拘捕暴徒。 記者有特權嗎?可以橫行霸道大曬嗎?幾拾元就可以辨張記者証做假記者!
jim kowalski
jim kowalski 14 小时 前
If nothing could stop your....whatever it is your doing, just don't hurt the elderly people, they are no threat to you.
Bob Ingalls
Bob Ingalls 15 小时 前
"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.". JFK
Bob Ingalls
Bob Ingalls 15 小时 前
The people of HK don't want to end up in a mainland China work prison waiting to be a donor of body parts simply because they used free speech
快乐无价 17 小时 前
Lachlan Hoskinson
Lachlan Hoskinson 20 小时 前
It's clear that the police have lost the support of the people, they should stand down.
Suzune Hiroyuki
Suzune Hiroyuki 29 分钟 前
Its very clear if the police haven't solve the protestors, the HK government will declare state of emergency, giving a reason for the PLA to deploy in HK.
John Wick
John Wick 21 小时 前
3:08 That guy almost tripped
andrewwaggy 21 小时 前
Protesters fight with olice now they also fight with people
wang强 22 小时 前
The US government also supports these mobs! I want to ask the Americans! Can you fight the police like this?
John A
John A 天 前
Yea baaaaibie.
Anthony London
Looks like police attacking protestors for no cause. This would never be tolerated in Europe.
Jonathan H. C. Tang
How many violent protesters did the police catch?
some one
some one 20 小时 前
Police seem to have arrested a lot of people. I'd put the number at hundreds.
Ravelin Clivens
Best poeple
Gläzech 天 前
Don't censor the words cuz most of us don't speak MC :3
Jimiec 天 前
Dear HKPD please use service weapons to protect yourselves and stay safe. MANY LIVES NEED TO BE LOST for the radicals to stop. Trump would unload his AR15 on all those rioters. Hope they lose there lives soon. We do not need those type of people in this world.
jeff h
jeff h 天 前
These so called fake reporters should all put in jails. They were protecting these thugs. Don't you realize their cameras are only pointing at the cops, but the violent behaviors done by the thugs?
kyt2008 天 前
Support Hong Kong Police ,well done
Bharat Gurung
Hongkong yan ka yoa
Curtis Ho
Curtis Ho 天 前
I live in Hong Kong and it gets even worse
24,000 cops are in Hong Kong killing or arresting true fact
ø Green ø
ø Green ø 天 前
Be More Aggressive, They Say. HK Police Too Soft, They Say. I Don't Think So..
Ron 天 前
this isn't a protest anymore, these people are destroying HK'
Nghia Ly
Nghia Ly 天 前
Hong Kong police are the dogs of Beijing
Peace Please
Peace Please 天 前
many rioters put off the mask acting as citizens and passengers. Hongkonger are threatened by the rioters, they are really playing trick or treat in a violence way to anyone against them. Only police are protecting the silent citizens,we support police. Just like devil holds the cross. Don't believe under their mask.
To the Hong Kong Police, if these rioters don't listened to you just don't waste time holding your baton & waving around bring out the German shapperds & the rod willers these rioters will sure begged you to be arrest them rather than being bitten by these dogs. Nice suggestions huh!
daniel waluyo
Where is the hard boiled cop when you need them
Richard Kong
Richard Kong 2 天 前
Spray rioters with paint that not easy to erase. Catch them slowly like fish slowly.
some one
some one 2 天 前
마에스트로 2 天 前
真他喵的恶人先告状啊 哈哈 无法无天
MHkg 2 天 前
Ivy Fung
Ivy Fung 2 天 前
San andreas: hong kong no earthquake and a lot if violence edition
Ivy Fung
Ivy Fung 2 天 前
And now, An old woman roasts the police. Old woman: walking Police: where do you live?! Old woman: your asking me so you could drive me home, right? Police: ... Old woman: **drops bag** i don’t got nothing im innocent! Police: running away from the conversation Old woman: come back here! You will drive me home one day!!! Come back here!
Zichao Wang
Zichao Wang 2 天 前
these people will be happy when police are hurt or killed by fake journalists, the police are defending themselves. and they are just using pepper spray
Jie Song
Jie Song 2 天 前
Lord, please help people in HK
Jie Song
Jie Song 2 天 前
The most evil regime on earth -CCP
videos azxnesto
videos azxnesto 2 天 前
Protestors looks to be undoing usa flags. Need find some occupation or work. Why broke everything or Hurt cops?
林静岡 2 天 前
Support police
hung pham
hung pham 2 天 前
Hong Kong people needs to declared as a independence country, We America support you all.
gotchie15 2 天 前
protester be like : trow hard objects to police protester caught by police protester : be careful you can break his neck!! chibai, there is no rules when it comes to street fight you morons!!!!
Glenn Wong
Glenn Wong 2 天 前
So police violence?
Iwan Darmawan
Iwan Darmawan 2 天 前
You’re scary like zombies
Ty Beh
Ty Beh 2 天 前
dan xu
dan xu 2 天 前
Lydia Lee
Lydia Lee 2 天 前
If it was US police, they would have shot.
Quan YUAN 4 小时 前
If it was US police, they will probably use bombers
弯弯呱呱 5 小时 前
@Pink Alien u brain is so dead kid
Pink Alien
Pink Alien 6 小时 前
If it was in the US, the protesters would have guns too.
朱丽 2 天 前
mello yellow
mello yellow 2 天 前
Police are so weak. Just shoot them once. Let see they are going to act this way.
一天 2 天 前
Attack police,they would be shot in American
nidaliti 2 天 前
The mainlanders trolls out in force on this thread
莫莫 2 天 前