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One dish. Two days. We challenged super taster Chris Morocco to blindly taste a dish made by Andy and then reverse engineer it as closely to the original as he can. The challenge this episode: Jamie Oliver's Insanity Burger.
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Recreating Jamie Oliver's Insanity Burger From Taste | Bon Appétit

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Jamie Oliver
Jamie Oliver 个月 前
Nice job Chris!! Got there in the end! x
ArmouredUnicorn 17 天 前
@coloredglass he only disliked the lettuce mayo on the bottom, which tbf lettuce goes ontop. I guess jamie used it as a barrier so the bottom doesn't get soggy
coloredglass 17 天 前
How does it feel to have your burger roasted by Chris Morocco
kooblikon 9 小时 前
9:22 - 9:26 true that
WinnieRacer 14 小时 前
No Chris, lettuce goes on the bottom to protect the bottom bun from the burger's moisture. Though I will say mixing it in mayo negate that effect.
Tal Shlomper Shachar
Tal Shlomper Shachar 14 小时 前
make more of these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Claire 19 小时 前
layer of sadness xd
Nick Hiniker
Nick Hiniker 20 小时 前
That would’ve been hilarious if they tried to pass off an impossible burger 🍔
AeJylhis 22 小时 前
I'm just amazed with how Chris can tell when he's got something wrong (like the cheese) or when what he's making is lacking something (the sauce and burger), and it's just mind-blowing. It's inspiring, as a budding chef, Chris's gifted palate is just W O W
Mari Hove
Mari Hove 天 前
14:52 well now they have!
Alex KarlssonTyrefors
Chris is an actual artist
Skillet 天 前
He should've taken a picture of the burger and looked at the picture
天 前
天 前
*rubs finger in actual ketchup* “That tastes like straight ketchup” Me: Wow hes good
Uncle Fjester
The meat is not cooked properly.........its raw!
Volrad 天 前
Love this series
Metromancer 天 前
sad boi burger
Avery Armstrong
Avery Armstrong 2 天 前
andy loves this power trip hahahaha
Saad Ali Shaikh
Saad Ali Shaikh 2 天 前
Great 👍 Chris great 👍 damn great 👍 I mean I was just thinking how good this guy is investigating that burger lol
hapabassoon 2 天 前
Can Claire choose something for Chris to cook? Preferably something with tempered chocolate.
Daniel Choi
Daniel Choi 2 天 前
Impressed, but i thought he’d eat it before he completely destroyed it with his hand
Margaret Beyer
Margaret Beyer 2 天 前
can we get 1000000 more of chris doing these?
Alana Muir
Alana Muir 2 天 前
Having lived in the UK for 14 years, if you have a burger that has been ruined, assume it was a British chef. (Obviously there are exceptions. My personal signature burger technique is loosely from Heston Blumenthal.)
Scott Summers
Scott Summers 2 天 前
"Layer of sadness" kills me everytime 😂😂😂
Jerry Onmalm
Jerry Onmalm 2 天 前
No one commenting the dog-eyed eyecover? Totally distracted me :D
Erik Lundqvist
Erik Lundqvist 2 天 前
This was fun. More of this please :)
Late Night Cereal
Dig on the saftey goggles
ALEX Smith
ALEX Smith 3 天 前
My goal in life is to get a compliment from Jamie Oliver.:)
BadgerBills 3 天 前
This mans taste buds are OP
Victoria Ahmed
Victoria Ahmed 3 天 前
Why is it completely raw 🤢🤮
RTD's Channel
RTD's Channel 3 天 前
Arty Dragon
Arty Dragon 4 天 前
watching him be so meticulous is really interesting tbh. favourite people at ba for me are claire and chris at a close second
MyEnime 4 天 前
you put letttuce on the bottom so bun doesnt get soggy , smart boy
Djawn Sjhilson
Djawn Sjhilson 3 天 前
that bun is noticeably soggy! i think it is because heat rises and you get slimy lettuce. i don't think a bottom bun can stand up to the layer of sadness though.
DialDominic 4 天 前
Chris you are amazing
M Slaughter
M Slaughter 4 天 前
A celebrity chef being called Guy Fieri has to be the biggest insult
Knesquik 4 天 前
Rosie Olivia
Rosie Olivia 4 天 前
"The crunch does go? The crunch does go"
em 5 天 前
i can’t stop watching this channel
Joseph Becker
Joseph Becker 5 天 前
Bro, more like this please. K thanks broheim.
Art Dysart
Art Dysart 5 天 前
More of this please
Jack Evans
Jack Evans 5 天 前
Wait, is that a rare burger? Apparently Jamie Oliver failed food safety. For those who don't know because it's been minced any bacteria will be mixed throughout unlike a steak where it will only be on the surface.
First Last
First Last 20 小时 前
you know jamie oliver didn't actually cook that burger right?
Croft 5 天 前
Interesting that he was trying to recreate some of the hallmarks of the ketchup before going with actual ketchup (acidity from vinegar, sugar).
Croft 5 天 前
"The layer of sadness" 😂🤣 Oh dear, poor Jamie.
FabricFest 5 天 前
I felt like I was watching an Olympic event. They needed to hug at the end because it was emotional. We must have more of this with Chris, PLEASE!!
FabricFest 5 天 前
I have binge watched the videos featuring Chris. I wish we could be friends.
Jon Fulkerson
Jon Fulkerson 5 天 前
Why did I sit through this whole video?...
PrincessKevin 6 天 前
If only we could feel colors
Heather M
Heather M 6 天 前
Bon Appétit! We want more of this!
W. Alex M.
W. Alex M. 6 天 前
The gods tongue has been put to the test.
Ludvig Dahlberg
Ludvig Dahlberg 6 天 前
I would love more of this wiih chris
Noah Endreny
Noah Endreny 6 天 前
I thought he was gonna be blindfolded the whole time... disappointed
QuietStormX 6 天 前
Real Meat, not a plant that is not Meat or a Burger.. ;-D
Regina Billotti
Regina Billotti 6 天 前
The next installment should feature recreating a soup or stew with flavors more blended together rather than discrete layers of flavor.
Ka Ri
Ka Ri 7 天 前
There is a German TV Show called "Kitchen Impossible" where Chefs send each other to different kitchens around the world and they have to replicate a dish by taste in the original kitchen and will be judged by a local jury. Chris should participate!
Sarah Swea
Sarah Swea 7 天 前
please make this a regular series!!!
Chris Trajectory
The beef is not cooked. For steak, it's OK for it to be red in the middle, but not mince.
Brandon Slaa
Brandon Slaa 7 天 前
This would be the best series after Claire's "Recreating Gourmet Foods" one. Super fun to watch and extremely informative for someone who likes knowing what ingredients bring to a dish. Good episode
Miriam Figari
Miriam Figari 8 天 前
jamie oliver puts worcestershire sauce in everything and it’s not really a thing in america. any brit could taste it from a mile away.
samoanboxersav1 8 天 前
Isn’t the lettuce on the bottom so the heat of the burger doesn’t wilt it
Jose H.
Jose H. 8 天 前
I literally gagged seeing how raw that burger was like eww
Pete Artieda
Pete Artieda 8 天 前
Is it the new haircut or the glasses he kinda looks younger. Also I live for the unintentional trash talk about Jamie in the beginning.
TheChunkysoup23 8 天 前
jeez 90% is an A minus student? lol it's an A plus here, so great job Chris!
Hannah Broadbeans
You should totally try and get Gordon back so him and Chris can do some sort of showdown 😂 like a palette test or even who can cook a better burger 😂
NM 9 天 前
I hate rare meat 🤢🤢
Tiffany Lastinger
Layer of sadness is honestly my favorite new phrase
Mat CYSTM 9 天 前
Chris is the Rainman of food
Tiffany Lastinger
I love that chris shops in like an average grocery store and shows it... idk makes it feel more obtainable and real
Tiffany Lastinger
Honestly Chris is such a cute personality
chris chulo
chris chulo 9 天 前
I'm with you Chris not much Insanity but sadness going on there.
Chef Kendra Nguyen
"If I don't get the right cheese I'll still love myself." lol Words to truly live by. :)
Santo Volgasts
Santo Volgasts 9 天 前
Sylvain Pitre
Sylvain Pitre 9 天 前
you should do it with an Impossible or Beyond Meat burger... that would be an interesting challenge.
Liam Andrews
Liam Andrews 9 天 前
Chris "LIKE" Morocco
Maks Boetefuer
Maks Boetefuer 9 天 前
This grown man with a Pug sleeping mask on, touching and feeling a Burger
Bill Kenney
Bill Kenney 9 天 前
I thought the onion would be the easiest to determine.
Annaleebie 10 天 前
"Big bun, big meat" is now my personal catchphrase
SF Evinn
SF Evinn 10 天 前
Andri Ramirez
Andri Ramirez 10 天 前
This man is a legit food scientist!! I love this show:)
Lara D
Lara D 10 天 前
Wait... Americans don’t know what Red Leicester is?? Like my favourite cheese ever (yes I am from Leicester but...)
Cool Breeze
Cool Breeze 7 天 前
Never heard of it.
Daphné 11 天 前
also am i wrong or was chris roasting jamie oliver (not knowing it was jamie fhkhh)
Daphné 11 天 前
why do americans pronounce leicester "lester",,, literally its : leicester "laïcEster" and sue me i’m nobody but fjbgjgh britain’s prononciation is the best
First Last
First Last 20 小时 前
it's pronounced lester
Claire Barzan
Claire Barzan 11 天 前
😂 the crunch does go.
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