Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Impressions: 108 Megapixels!

Marques Brownlee
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Galaxy S20 Ultra is the "pro" of Samsung's lineup.
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Irfan Mohammed
100x zoom & 5000mAh battery!! I hope it doesn’t blow off. By the way, you guessed it right, I’m an iPhone user ✌🏻
GOAT 天 前
We need a camera test
WhizFizz !
WhizFizz ! 天 前
So Samsung makes an expensive phone, people stress.. yet Apple has been selling over priced rubbish for ages.. hypocrites.
GOAT 天 前
1:15 I want this wallpaper
Stoianov Adrian
Please make a video for the best bang/buck phone, which one is worth the money in reality. Thank you!
Its_me Penelope
Ohhh I hear the Xiaomi mi 10 pro is the highest ranked phone on DXO marks at the moment, hope this phone'll beat it!!!
M J 天 前
With 100x zoom, that actually works, we're getting well into the zone, I think, that not too long ago would have seemed impossible for a smartphone camera. This is an area where competition is driving ridiculous improvements.
Hamzah Yasin
Hamzah Yasin 天 前
So this is bigger than any note. Will the the note still be relevant? How can they make it different to this
Yaqoob Zaffar Ali Gopang
Nobody got time for that , I'm skipping your this video now .
Robert Halterman
Attach the phone with high zoom to a drone: pervs and pedophiles getting excited.
michael bautista
Marques The G.O.A.T.
Carolina arias
This guy only likes Samsung and iphones if it was Lg with that bump in the back...
dueeh nyyu
dueeh nyyu 天 前
He seems salty he doesn't have 5G yet 🤣
Mitko Minchew
This phone got more RAM than my both laptops COMBINED...
Carolina arias
Design mmmm going backwards...
dueeh nyyu
dueeh nyyu 天 前
Lagai from Syria lost my family in the war and needed help
Daniela Gonzalez
a whole stove top on that phone 🥴🥴🥴
Kilian Seibl
Kilian Seibl 天 前
The Galaxy S20 Ultra cannot do 960FPS super slow mo, but the normal S20 and S20+ can.
Shane Jossart
Your intro's always wake my kid up. -.-
Parrish Thomas
I went to watch the other video then came back to "ok welcome back" Right on time 🕺🏾
appleplastik 天 前
I like your rainbow carpet
Lethal Dose 69
Dont tell me what to do, bitch!
Thomas Fish
Thomas Fish 天 前
Isn't it funny how they have such a massive jump in name from s10 to s20, yet it's the smallest innovation since the s series of phones 😬
Flan 天 前
but muh 16gb of ram
It doesnt automatically mean the camera us better but it is better
Billy Chen
Billy Chen 天 前
Do you allow to record 4k video longer than 5 minutes?
Raphael Rusamu
The phones are fantastic yet i'm still using a 512MB RAM, 4GB storage phone and i believe its the slowest "smart"phone in the world!!!
Kristian. B
Kristian. B 天 前
i am buying the ultra
Jaken 天 前
S20 Ultra vs ROG phone II???
سلطان الزمان
Lagai from Syria lost my family in the war and needed help
Dillon Johnston
He seems salty he doesn't have 5G yet 🤣
diego saavedra
i love samsung
Naz K
Naz K 天 前
I kinda like my "old" s10e, I mean I use the backpack for the laptop and all I have left are regular pockets...
Giany Morandy
The S20 ultra's display is 1 sq inch smaller than an ipad mini's Let that sink in
Knight Templars
When note 20 ultra flip?
Hatedheretic π
Can't wait to see what OnePlus comes out with this year
Bipram Kumar Chourasia
Can you give me that phone
Like Flossy says...the price IS TGH 👊🏼 for me 😟
Matías Macotinsky
I'd stilkl choose my all screen mi mixx 3
Bank Akinmola
In hopes that Samsung's software is even remotely close to the Pixel's, I'm going to pick up the S20 Ultra... I may wait to see some camera comparisons though.
Kalpesh Wani
Kalpesh Wani 天 前
How about a telescope instead of 108 MP camera😇 & Encyclopedia ^Encyclopedia instead of 512/T....😈 & & ∞
Omar F. Issa
Omar F. Issa 天 前
This phone already scores more than I did in my 14 years in school and 5 years in college
I have been there!
This dude is boring.... 🤷🏻‍♂️
Chris 天 前
"It's a 6.9 inch [...] display, which is *_nuts_* ... It's just _absolutely massive_ to have that nearly 7-inch screen in your pocket." Oh, Marques. 😏
avinash reddy
In future we may have a phone that can zoom into other Galaxies
Sarbast Ezat
Sarbast Ezat 天 前
camera pixel 108 fake pixel just number I think huawei p30 pro camera is mach better 😏
What the money
The 108MP camera on Huawei is made by Samsung.🤣😅🤣😅🤣
Skeptical on the MP counts about how they perform. In-camera composites? Either way, it’s still on in a camera phone. Not going to look at good as interchangeable lens cameras for DOF.
I didn’t know cameras came with phones!
K M 天 前
Why stop at 4 cameras? Just go balls out and make the entire back a camera.
Technical Mirza
Technical Mirza
Vincenzo Mario Saltamartini
Ultra forever
Dedi Arinata
Dedi Arinata 2 天 前
We No need 100x zoom
Conor Burke
Conor Burke 2 天 前
Kyle Casey
Kyle Casey 2 天 前
I disable Bixby over Google
Rana Ali
Rana Ali 2 天 前
Nokia, Motorola did mistake not switching on anoroid. Samsung IPhone took all market.
Muhammad Akbar Baig
This man is Anti Samsung
박건우 2 天 前
RAM byte is the same as my desktop...
ashraf alex
ashraf alex 2 天 前
jheng nazal
jheng nazal 2 天 前
I lovd samsung brand the best .but my money only cam afford a midrange Samsung phone
Matheus Abrahão
i guess this is the first phone that actually looks huge in marques hands
Huy Dang
Huy Dang 2 天 前
1399 usd for a phone: No, thanks!
bssni touir
bssni touir 2 天 前
2020: How many phones does your camera have?