SCARY STORIES TO TELL IN THE DARK (2019) Ending + Monsters Explained

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In SCARY STORIES TO TELL IN THE DARK, the long popular and controversial horror books for children is brought to frightening life on the big screen - unleashing the terrifying creatures from the books into the real world. Lean all about the monsters and their original appearances in the series, along with the tragic story of troubled spirit Sarah Bellows, as well as explaining the ending that sets things up for sequel.
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Corman Bates
Corman Bates 6 小时 前
please do parasite 2019
Isabel Becker
Isabel Becker 6 小时 前
I legit almost threw up at the toe being eaten. That part got to me so much lmao
Snail Car
Snail Car 6 小时 前
love how since pale lady wasnt really the antagonist in her story she doesnt seem malicious she just kinda Bear Hugs chuck out of existence
ShopKeep Magolor
ShopKeep Magolor 6 小时 前
f org
f org 6 小时 前
im still fucking pissed about chuck
Ce 7 小时 前
Always enjoy your videos. Could you think about a video about the movie Sunshine....
Layla Dai
Layla Dai 8 小时 前
You and dead meat should do a video together, I would love that.
Renee Cheung
Renee Cheung 8 小时 前
This was fuckin childhood
Remina Leighton
Remina Leighton 9 小时 前
This movie got me fucked up. Even as an avid lover of horror at a young age, there's something so viscerally terrifying about seeing something you'd rather forget in your past, in motion, converging on you in a POV scene involving the fat pale lady. I could never fully look at it when I was younger and even now it's one of the things that lie in my darkest nightmares.
mr nippy nelson
mr nippy nelson 9 小时 前
Spiders sucked...
Am i the only person who felt bad for chuck and aggie when they died
Chantz Mcafee
Chantz Mcafee 9 小时 前
I suggest you keep your political view's to a minimum maybe I don't see the reason you had to throw that in there.
sarah Harris with love
Theres one story they left out though that is called the windigo
Steamer Guy
Steamer Guy 10 小时 前
Could you explain the banana splits? I know it's a shite movie but it's ending is confusing
Pauline Art studio
Pauline Art studio 10 小时 前
What would you guys do if you saw those scary monsters thing for me ill be running
†JΔE †
†JΔE † 11 小时 前
You knew this was a good movie because Guillermo del Torro was part of it
Zach Gibson
Zach Gibson 11 小时 前
So the pale lady basically ate a child
CarolinerITM 11 小时 前
I liked how Sarah goes after the people who were rudest to her memory first. It allows us to remain somewhat sympathetic to her story until she gradually moves to the kids who weren't disrespectful to her memory, then we have to come to terms with the fact that she has become a monster, even if she seemed justified to begin with. It's a good level of bad guy complexity that we have to wrestle with sympathizing or treating her like the monster she was treated like in life.
11 小时 前
This may be off the point but I gotta pee
ElectricTimeline101 11 小时 前
Bruh this is just a more mature Goosebumps Movie.
IDRAHAJE dan 12 小时 前
Paranormal activity, anyone?
cyka blyat
cyka blyat 12 小时 前
i remember reading this in elementry school
Stephanie Colclough
Stephanie Colclough 12 小时 前
This is what goosebumps wanted to be
Piggy Blitz
Piggy Blitz 12 小时 前
I enjoyed this movie, it wasn't campy or for a quick buck, they really put care into this movie
Monica Rizo
Monica Rizo 12 小时 前
Can you please do the new child's play movie please!!!
4thcoming 13 小时 前
Also yes my teacher's assistant in 1995 would read these books to me and my classroom.
Digital Boy
Digital Boy 13 小时 前
You don't watch the video The video watches you
Prometheus 1518
Prometheus 1518 13 小时 前
I loved it and Harold obviously 🙄
Mister Pro
Mister Pro 13 小时 前
I liked it, i grew up reading these books and they did an amazing job bringing those haunting drawings to life. The movie itself was well balanced, not too scary or too funny. For a pg 13 they actually pushed some boundaries. Its worth watching in my opinion.
Focke Wulf
Focke Wulf 13 小时 前
Can I just say that as a kid the illustrations fucking terrified me, and I'm glad to see that they've done those justice in the movie.
Northern D&D
Northern D&D 14 小时 前
I wish there had been a way to include the story “room for one more” into the movie, that one is very chilling
The New Packed Entertainments Zone
I loved this movie 🎥 I think it’s one of the most scariest movies 🎥 of 2019 it’s even way more scarier than Annabelle Comes Home But the scariest scene from the movie 🎥 for me was the missing toe lady scene
GrantAtTheMic 14 小时 前
This might've been better as a Netflix anthology.
4thcoming 14 小时 前
Remember buy the 80s books by Alvib Schwartz and Steve Gammel....
4thcoming 14 小时 前
Xvip09 14 小时 前
Well i laughed a lot watching this movie 😂
ZbruhPlayz 15 小时 前
I loved the movie and I was hoping that they would make another movie for all the other books 2,3 but with the same or new group.
Anthony Hernandez
Anthony Hernandez 15 小时 前
I thought it could've been better. Funniest part was "Who took my toe" I was dying of laughter in the theater while my friends tried to shut me up 😂
mia houghton
mia houghton 15 小时 前
Kinda reminds me of the first Goosebumps how they made the movie about every book\story coming alive at one time
Teddy.Yellow Buckets
Teddy.Yellow Buckets 15 小时 前
That mash potatoe lady was mad crazy 😂😂
Emo Bool
Emo Bool 15 小时 前
Cough cough goosebumps the movie cough
DToTheB 16 小时 前
whenever i hear ramon i just think of instant ramon *c h i c k e n* flavor
Elijah Bradshaw
Elijah Bradshaw 16 小时 前
"You don't read the book,the book reads you." Damn this book must have a strong punish game then,taking stocks here and there,why isn't this book making it to Grand Finals? Fatality beware,Cursed Book is coming for your head and it's taking the crown that rest on it.
thatsjimbo 16 小时 前
everybody gangsta until the girl from "the dream" enters the room
Bonbonthefurret 276
Bonbonthefurret 276 17 小时 前
The thing (2011 prequel remake)should of done 90% real 10%cgi
lilY G
lilY G 17 小时 前
Can i point out this was almost entirely filled in Ontario’s drug capital AKA my city hamilton ontario. BUT they made this movie absolutely amazing for being filled in a shitty town, kudos to them! 😭😂❤️❤️ I loved the movie though for real it was amazing
Draco Malfoy
Draco Malfoy 17 小时 前
This movie sucked. sure, it's for kids but for people who grew up reading these books, like me, I wanted more gore and death like the stories. Scary movies these days are so damn tame that I don't even want to watch them. Like the train wreck 2018 Halloween. Yeah, people died but it's wasn't as gorey as the Saw movies or the 2003 and 2009 Texas Chainsaw movies.
Lacey Luke
Lacey Luke 18 小时 前
Goosebumps ain't got nothing on this movie
Skanque 18 小时 前
There were images in those books that kept me up at night as a kid
Anne Griswold
Anne Griswold 19 小时 前
Considering there are two more books, I am hopeful there is at least one more movie where she figures out how to save her two friends. But its like yeah, screw the jerk he can be a scarecrow for all she cares. Unless they make it so she has to save all the ones that got trapped, and not just her friends. At least not all of them wound up having a bad fate of disappearing into the told story apparently, sort of balanced it out which I liked.
PlushieMovie Productions
I wanted chuck to live
R I L E Y 19 小时 前
If goosbumps the movie was actually horror
Danny DeCheeto
Danny DeCheeto 20 小时 前
Dream: *Warns boy of a red room.* Boy: "Haha, no lol."
Osmitic 20 小时 前
The Pale Chick Hugging Chuck was actually the scariest part of the movie, No CG needed.
Earl Sweatervest
Earl Sweatervest 21 小时 前
So it's gonna be chapter 2 ?
TheHomelessLady 22 小时 前
I just want to thank FoundFlix for all his amazing video reviews and excellent commentary. I am too squeamish to actually watch horror movies but I have always been interested in their plot. This channel really helps me out a great deal, thank you so much
EdyTheBoss78 23 小时 前
_eatin' dem toes_
ArtisticPixie 23 小时 前
I love how the monsters are done almost entirely with practical effects, those costumes look DOPE
Mgmabone 23 小时 前
PLEASE take a look at Possum.
Ram Ranch
Ram Ranch 天 前
Could you do horns?
19:27 meow
The incredible Horseman
so I know I'm late to the party on this one but why does he just show screenshots of the movie instead of little clips anymore
Anissa Leyba
Anissa Leyba 天 前
The incredible Horseman i think it’s maybe because of copyright. stuff has gotten pretty crazy with youtube and copyright right now, so i think this is the safest bet.
Teoman Kamadan
The bloodcrafter sounds like an edgy villain in a horror movie
OPTiMiS 天 前
Wow, this brings back memories, especially the toe story. I told that to soo many friends when I was younger and each time I scared them all.
MC Cooper
MC Cooper 天 前
I dont think it was dog crap. they showed him fishing in his toilet earlier.
i went to go see this movie with my best friends and we LOVVVEEEDDD it. the acting could’ve been better but other then that amazing. i haven’t been scared from a movie in a long while and then caused me to actually fall out of my seat....but yeah
GRAM H0L0 天 前
Chuck and Auggie’s story was so scary, I watched the movie last night at the cinema Edit: also Tommy’s (p.s who thinks he’s an idiot ;0)
Lúcio Main
Lúcio Main 天 前
Anyone else hiding in the comment section
Joy Cooper
Joy Cooper 天 前
I was a little disappointed that Harold turned Tommy into a scarecrow rather than skinning him like the original short story, but I suppose it makes sense for the pg-13 rating!
Brian Boyer
Brian Boyer 天 前
Do 2:22 !!!!!
Hey man you should do gehanna on Netflix
efeek77 天 前
The bag of flaming dog turd was actually a fished our turd from the toilet in the beginning of the movie.
Libby Love
Libby Love 天 前
this is goosebumps but less childhoody
Liz O'Donnell
I’m bummed to hear they left out the part of Harold’s story where he runs back and forth across the farmers’ roof - I always thought that was the most unsettling part.
Ken 123
Ken 123 天 前
Do" mara" ending explain
Melissa Acevedo
I hope you will do ready or not when it comes out! I want to see it but looks to scary. I love your videos allows me to vicariously watch scary movies lol
Doctor Richtofen
the part where they listened to sarah being interrogated by her brother was the worst part for me...just. hearing that kind of torture was scarier than any of the monsters in the movie to me.
Bigboiii 10
Bigboiii 10 天 前
The axiom ending explained
Nicole M
Nicole M 天 前
I read these books over and over as a kid. I memorized the page the illustration shown at 0:58 was on so I could cover it with my hand and wouldn't see it while I was reading. For some reason none of the other pictures got to me, but that one was just so terrifying. Seeing it now still makes a little shiver run down my spine...
Rickity Rock
Rickity Rock 天 前
Me sitting in the theaters, waiting for the movie to start: “finally! After watching the hunger games and divergent movies, I can have a break from cheesy roman-“ (Sees Ramon’e and Stella talking) Me: “no... don’t you dar-“ (Sees the letter at the ending of the movie) Me, screaming: “WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.”
Ana Ortiz
Ana Ortiz 天 前
I love how no one gave a fuck about bringing back Tommy at the end of the movie 😂
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